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FFNID 1153120, 4969653, 10493351, 11162115 - [Active][Repeat offender][Account deleted]
M RogueMudblood

Account #4 has now been deleted by admins.

5/25 #91 Report

Ugh I haven't been active on here in forever, and this is what greets me after rising from my coffin. And to think a part of me gave her the benefit of the doubt when she said she was done stealing. At least the account is down. Wonder when the next will pop up now

5/26 #92 Report
Beautiful Phantom



Here we go once again. She is not a smart cookie, isn't she? 159 plus fics in past two days. Kurisuta's name showed up *again*. And to think I wouldn't notice her in my fandom. Again.

Nuke this entire planet.

Edit: oh and I reported her new ao3 account under the same name. Anyone know how a03 approached ban evaders? Their tos is confusing to me so I couldn't be sure, not an expert on legalese.

edit 2: she openly admitted her previous alias. Yet I still see the same stories from before. Good grief.

edit 3: her claims on 'I do not copy!' is proven false when I looked through Rogue's post on 'Timeless' (same fic, same title on new account, Kuri didn't bother trying to rewrite a single word) and found much of the same proofs they found—for example, ch. 9's 'horrid spirits' in particular still existed. I see very little evidences that Kurisuta even -tried-, plus she was invading new fandoms as well from the looks of it.

8/3 . Edited 8/4 #93 Report
Beautiful Phantom

She's still active.

9/3 #94 Report
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