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Chat Thread - Non-case-specific discussions, off-topic chats and socializing (tema de chat)
A HorusTheAvenger

Este tema es para conversar y socializar. Preséntate y habla sobre otras cosas aquí.

También puedes hacer publicidad de tus fanfics si lo deseas (solo en este tema)

NO spam.

1/4/2013 . Edited 11/25/2013 #1 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Our friend 4fireking still hasn't gotten over getting caught. Saw him badmouthing us over at Writers Anonymous forum.

He also accidentally admitted to being Firekid23 there.

The Avenger is going to get popcorn.

1/6/2013 #2 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

There's no excuse for plagiarism period. It's very simple to ask permission and credit the original writer(s).

1/8/2013 #3 Report

I agree. Sometimes the original author goes to the story and only asks to be credited, when he could just claim their right to have the story removed. Then, the stubborn plagiarist doesn't and complains when they get their stolen story deleted.

I'm always respectful with people, except when someone doesn't deserve the respect. And a plagiarist, someone who can't even respect someone else's work, just doesn't.

1/8/2013 #4 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

I'll admit that I took over a story from an author who discontinued the original story. I asked him/her permission a few times and I credited him/her for writing the original version.

1/9/2013 #5 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Find it sad whenever plagiarist try to make self sound like victim.

Also notice that plagiarists always like to put "It's my first fanfic!" on every story. Also, "PLEASE REVIEW!". Always get suspicious when see those.

1/10/2013 #6 Report

Plagiarists also usually write either no author notes, or very long author notes. When there are no author notes (not even a disclaimer) is usually because the author just copy pastes. When they're long is because they just want to write something random, and those author notes usually show a writing style very different than the story, and, if they don't have a beta-reader to have an excuse for the difference, that is very suspicious.

1/17/2013 #7 Report
A HorusTheAvenger


Another dead giveaway is number of stories and rate of updates. A new account, under 2 years old with 10-20 long stories always suspicious. Especially if has unrealistically fast updates.

1/17/2013 #8 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

I will say this: the plagiarists on this site have a long way to go to sink to Dopestrong's level.

1/19/2013 #9 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Who is Dopestrong?

Most infamous plagiarist in personal experience is PlagiaraPolgarawolf. That one left FFN years ago.

1/19/2013 . Edited 1/19/2013 #10 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Dopestrong? Lance Armstrong. He's not a plagiarist, but he is a fraud.

1/20/2013 #11 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Oh. Him.

Not the first athlete who built a career out of doping. Will not be the last. But was one of the most famous, now most infamous.

Must be fair: he was not the worst of the dopers either. At least he did direct some of that fraudulent fame to good causes. And did have the guts to admit openly it at the end, unlike many of the plagiarists we encounter.

Feel sorry for the people working for LIVESTRONG. They did good work and helped many people, but now the name LIVESTRONG will simply be remembered as a lie. Very sad.

1/20/2013 #12 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Must be fair: he was not the worst of the dopers either.

Dopestrong didn't just dope. He pressured other cyclists into doping. He ran a sophisticated doping scheme. He's worse than the worst dopers.

At least he did direct some of that fraudulent fame to good causes.

True, but it's still fraudulent fame. Good causes don't outshine bad deeds. He could have supported good causes without the fraudulent fame.

And he did have the guts to openly admit it at the end.

It took him too long though, so it's about time he admitted it. He should have admitted it from the start.

1/21/2013 #13 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Note: Not defending Armstrong. Can understand the anger of those who placed Armstrong on pedestal. Many people believed in him and saw him as a role model. Feel betrayed.

But also believe in fairness. Just as good deeds do not outshine the bad, bad deeds do not outshine the good. Man did his share of both good and bad. Was revered for the people he helped. Now getting the backlash for the people he hurt. One does not cancel the other.

Do not see point of personally jumping on bashing bandwagon to continue flogging dead horse. Man has been defeated and in disgrace. Already killed his own rep and career on public television. World reviles him. His family will bear the mark of shame for rest of their lives. Already gotten his comeuppance. What difference will one more voice on the internet decrying his name make?

What would be the point of kicking a fallen opponent other than to exhibit one's own cruelty?

No. Believe that those of us here are better than that.

1/21/2013 #14 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Well said. No need to rub salt in Armstrong's wounds. I used to be a huge fan of his, so I'm one of those who feel betrayed.

I was only making a comparison. Besides, there are plenty of people out there worse than him.

1/21/2013 #15 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

By the way, can I become a mod?

1/25/2013 #16 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Thank you for your interest, Gigatron. Appreciate your contributions to combating plagiarism.

However, we are not big enough to require more moderators just yet. Would need to expand more before increasing number of mods justifiable.

But once TAPIR gets more active cases and more than present mods can handle, will probably recruit more mods in future.

Will announce requirement on How To thread if recruitment for more mods is open. Always welcome as member of TAPIR, however.

1/26/2013 #17 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Hey Izraill! I didn't know you were part of Critics United. I won't hold it against you, even though I oppose CU with a passion.

I've actually been banned from CU for trolling.

1/28/2013 #18 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

As long as everyone stays civil while here and individual group politics do not interfere, is fine.

TAPIR is not exclusive in membership. Is acceptable to be member of other critic group and be affiliated with TAPIR as well. We exist more as a supplement to other critic groups, since we specialize in plagiarism only.

Curious: Gigatron, are you involved with other groups at the moment? Have recollection you used to have some affiliation with the Eliminators.

1/31/2013 #19 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

I've only informed Eliminator of plagiarists because I like their reactions to plagiarists.

I've been banned from Eliminator and I don't know why. I've always been civil to them.

As of now I'm against Eliminator because of one of their mods.

2/4/2013 #20 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Horus, I've been reading your profile. I like your responses to the unoriginal excuses. Here are my responses to the unoriginal excuses:

1. You don't have any stories!

Me: Nice try. I have 8 stories. I wrote 7 of them on my own and received written permission from another author to continue his/her story. My blood, sweat, and tears went into them all to varied extents. You may have more stories than me, but you didn't write any of them.

2. This is a free country! I can write anything I want!

Me: Go ahead and write anything you want, as long as you write what you want on your own. Plagiarism is not writing what you want. It's theft.

3. You have no right to judge me!

Me: Oh really? You are correct in the sense that I don't have the right to judge you, but how about you look in the mirror. You're judging me to be a gullible fool when you steal work from others. Ergo, I'll judge you back for judging me.

4. Plagiarism is fan fiction!

Me: On the contrary, there is a fine line between plagiarism and fan fiction. One is an original spin-off(s) of canon by a fan. The other is equivalent to taking money out of someone's wallet.

5. You are wrong! You have no proof!

Me: If I am wrong, then I apologize. Having said that, I always have proof if I am right.

6. Plagiarism isn't against the rules!

FYI, it is against the terms of . Have you read the copyright policy? Besides, plagiarism goes beyond violating site guidelines. Plagiarism violates literary integrity and just about any common code of ethics that a person observes.

7. Screw the guidelines!

Me: I dislike many of the guidelines as much as you do, so we're in the same boat. However, plagiarism violates integrity, never mind the guidelines.

8. Everyone else borrows text and plots from one another, so why can't I?

Me: Unlike you, we always ask permission and credit the original authors. If you had the decency to do both of those things, I wouldn't be pestering you.

9. I'm sorry! I forgot it belonged to someone else!

Me: Don't apologize to me. Apologize to the author you stole from. In addition, don't give me the lame excuse that you forgot. You had plenty of time to ask permission and credit the original author(s) before you got caught.

10. I couldn't help myself! I wanted attention!

Me: If you want attention, then be original and write your own story. People will appreciate you more that way.

11. I'm just figuring out how to post stories!

Me: You can do so by writing a trollfic instead. In fact, you're better off writing gibberish.

12. I didn't steal jack squat! (Insert original author) stole my work!

Me: Then why is your date of upload later than the original author's publishing date of upload? Hmm? If you can find a way to prove me and the site wrong I'll change my mind. I doubt that'll happen because the site is pretty accurate with its dates of publishing/updating.

13. It's only a joke!

Me: Plagiarism is not a prank, joke, or thrill. It's a crime. In some places it can get you sued and jailed.

14. You have no life!

Me: Your words aren't sticks and stones.


Bottom Line: If you committed plagiarism on accident and it was truly an honest mistake, then do the right thing and come clean. Take your copy down while you're at it.

2/9/2013 . Edited 2/9/2013 #21 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

12. I didn't steal jack squat! (Insert original author) stole my work!

Nice, missed this one. This one is very common as well. Cannot understand why they think anyone would believe it is coincidence the story they posted was word-for-word identical to someone else's older one that they apparently "never read before".

Have a few more old messages like that to add to the Hall of Shame later.

2/10/2013 . Edited 2/10/2013 #22 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

So your pen-name is came from the Egyptian God Hor? I like it.

2/12/2013 #23 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Yes, Horus of Egyptian mythology. Quite suitable for present context.

Seems to really annoy plagiarists and their defenders. Every hate PM received from them so far has tried to attack the name. Very amusing.

2/14/2013 #24 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

There's this white supremacist on the net called Horus the Avenger. I know you're not one and the same, but plagiarists might discover this and use this against you through deliberate misunderstandings.

2/17/2013 #25 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Your concern is appreciated, Gigatron, but personally do not see much reason to worry about this. Have had this handle for well over a decade, predating this supremacist's online existence. Also, am not the only one online called HorusTheAvenger, and there appear to be many others who have adopted this name as their online handle. Alas, am not unique enough.

Would be quite amused if someone used this account against the supremacist, however. Imagine someone laughing at him because they think that he reads fanfiction and has account on FFN.

2/17/2013 #26 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Re: Would be quite amused if someone used this account against the supremacist, however.

That would be amusing indeed.

2/18/2013 #27 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Here's a funny video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aErK6R9QxTM

Misheard Brawl Lyrics by Linkzcap. Tell me which line you think is best.

2/21/2013 #28 Report
A HorusTheAvenger


Another day, another author pulls out of FFN because of rampant plagiarism.

3/11/2013 #29 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

FFN admins can be so inconsistent. They remove petty violations such as chat format, but they don't tackle the plagiarists.

3/12/2013 #30 Report
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