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Dragonheart Of Ireland

Guys check this YouTube video out: "BAD PILOTS - Star Wars Fan Film - Tie Fighters - Not Rogue One, or Han Solo's Solo movie" by Starfried Films. For a Star Wars Fan film it's not that bad... well the acting isn't completely terrible anyway. The film's length is 29:06.

6/17/2018 . Edited 6/17/2018 #2,791 Report
Moonlight Butterfree

Huh... So there's also a forum for stolen stories as well? Neat. Is it member only or can anyone help out?

8/17/2018 #2,792 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Welcome to Tapir Moonlight Butterfree. Anyone can help out. Just report a stolen fic to the tip thread.

8/17/2018 #2,793 Report
Moonlight Butterfree

Ah, okay. Will do if I see one

8/17/2018 #2,794 Report
Dragonheart Of Ireland

Does anyone know of the EU's proposed copyright law? Here are some YouTube links (including a link to a relevant question I asked on the help desk):

Europe's Proposed Copyright Law Could Screw Up the Whole Internet

EU Parliament to Wreck Internet with Copyright Law Reform Article 13 & 11

Update on EU's Copyright Reform Proposal #DeleteArt13

The Biggest Threat To The Internet As We Know It Article 13

The EU is About to Destroy The Internet #DeleteArt13

How will the EU\'s proposed copyright law affect this site or others?

9/12/2018 . Edited 9/12/2018 #2,795 Report

The legal department of the AO3 site has written an interesting article on their news page, this is part of it. Go and read the full article yourself!

Articles 11 and 13 impose new requirements on sites that host user content, like the AO3, Tumblr, YouTube, and the like. In the United States, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act protects these sites from some kinds of copyright liability, so that the sites aren't responsible for infringing content posted by their users unless the sites know it's there and that it's infringing. That's why most sites have "notice and takedown" policies: if they're warned about infringing content, they have to take it down -- and they're allowed to take fair use into consideration when they decide whether or not to take a work down. Articles 11 and 13 put the burden of preventing infringement on sites, rather than users, and make some very incorrect assumptions about the ability of algorithms to identify what uses infringe and what uses are non-infringing fair uses.

Why are these Articles bad for fans? They make sites liable for infringing material that their users post. They also create new copyright-like rights for press publications, and they make sites liable for "snippets" of press publications that their users post. These rules expect that instead of waiting to be warned about infringing material, sites would have to put in filters that prevent the uploading of infringing material. There is no exception for user-generated content, and as we've seen in other settings, the sort of algorithms that upload filters would have to use are notoriously over-inclusive. That means that the filters would often not be able to tell the difference between transformative fanworks (which generally don't infringe, often because of fair use and related principles) and piracy (which does infringe).

The language that was passed on September 12 contains nonprofit exceptions, as well as exceptions for small businesses. Based on these exceptions, the AO3 would not have to engage in filtering -- so nothing is likely to change around here! -- but other sites that fans use, like Tumblr, YouTube, and Wattpad, will be affected. And despite the exceptions, nonprofit sites (like the AO3) and small businesses that use commercial cloud-based services like AWS (Amazon) or Google's Cloud for storage could still face massive increases in the cost to stay online, get server space, etc. It's impossible to predict the impact on sites like Goodreads and Pinterest. YouTube has posted a statement on the problems posed by the law, and it looks like they're going to keep fighting against the worst possibilities for its implementation.

So this is bad news. But it's also not the end of the story!

The Articles are not law yet. There are still opportunities to fight them. They go up for a final vote in January, and there are opportunities for change between now and then. If the Articles do pass in January, the process of "national implementation" would then begin: each country in the EU would begin to make its own laws based on the Articles. Every country's laws might implement the Articles quite differently -- some good, some bad. There will be battles over specific wording in every country.

So if you're a citizen or resident of an EU country, reach out to your MEPs. This chart shows how each party voted. The SaveYourInternet site has an interactive tool that shows how MEPs in each country voted, and how to contact yours. This page explains how to see how your particular MEPs voted. If they voted against Article 13, contact them to thank them for doing the right thing! If they voted for it, tell them why they made the wrong choice and should change their mind when the January vote happens. Explain to them how this law will impact you personally; tell your story. Get involved with a national organization that is fighting against this law, and one that's ready to push back against it in the courts – especially where it can curtail free speech, which is a fundamental right held by all EU residents.

As our friends at FYeahCopyright put it: "Pushing against this Directive doesn't mean you support piracy or counterfeiting of creative works like films, books or photographs. It means, though, that you want creativity, science, communications and education to thrive online, just as they have for almost thirty years."

I was happy to see most Dutch EU representatives voted against this, even if the complete CDA contingent (5 people) did not.

9/25/2018 #2,796 Report
Dragonheart Of Ireland

I was happy to see most Dutch EU representatives voted against this, even if the complete CDA contingent (5 people) did not.

At least there are people that stand against this idiotic law! I genuinely am concerned that if this law fully goes through that this site is finished or at the very least go on life support. we need to stand against this moronic law in solidarity. I personally believe these politicians that support (as well as the ones that even conserved of this idiotic law) should be voted out of office.

9/26/2018 #2,797 Report

Report from ff.net's twitter. I guess this is a good thing?

Pest control update: over 200K bot accounts have been removed thus far. We will be introducing defenses to make it harder for the spambots to survive.
1/16/2019 #2,798 Report
Wildebunny the Eternal

They took out maybe ONE account spamming my reviews. Not really?

1/16/2019 #2,799 Report
Dragonheart Of Ireland

I'm glad that UchihaMadara1997's account was removed by the admins. I honestly was beginning to think the admins turned a blind eye or something. I'm glad I was wrong. A brief update on what I've been doing: I'm now a YouTuber (have been for a few weeks) My user name is Dragonheart of Ireland (same username as this site). By the way, did you know that you can subscribe to a YouTuber even if your not a YouTuber yourself? All you need is a Google account. I actually talk about this site in the video's: Fanfiction and Articles 13 & 11 #SaveYourInternet (The Draconic Inquisitor) and FFN. Net & AO3 (The Draconic Inquisitor). I also decided to try to become a voice actor. All my attempts at being a voice actor are organized in a playlist. I have no idea if I'll be successful or not.

Edit 1: Sorry for the audio for Fanfiction and Articles 13 & 11 #SaveYourInternet (The Draconic Inquisitor), Until recently I was using a decades old microphone (until I became a YouTuber, I had no use for a microphone (never mind a new one).

Edit 2: The Draconic Inquisitor is a news series/playlist... actually I'll use my own words located within The Draconic Inquisitor's description:

The Draconic Inquisitor is a news series dedicated to bringing important information to people without the sensationalist or dramatic garbage found in other "News Media." If people wish to listen sugarcoated garbage or drama, go somewhere else. I wouldn't post a video in The Draconic Inquisitor if I didn't think it wasn't important. Of course If I post a video in this series, it's important.

Edit 3: I posted this on Pyrocynical's video as a joke: J.K Rowling just ruined Harry potter:

Nobody: Breaking news! J.K. Rowling reveals that Voldemort is Harry Potter's real father! #Harrymort.

Edit 4: When I was talking about the problems with the recaptcha on the Help Desk, I came up with an idea (Location: GENERAL FAQ: Got a problem? Check here first. page 136, post #4,051):

Will this idea work?: (As a Youtuber, voice your (generalizing) YouTube video's to bring attention to this site's problems. After you upload your video, tell people about your video so they'll know where to go. By the way, did you know that you can subscribe to a YouTuber even if your not a YouTuber yourself? All you need is a Google account. FFN users (as long as they have a Google account) could use this feature to keep up to date on the situation on this site.
4/5/2019 . Edited 4/5/2019 #2,801 Report
M LadyRainFeather

Anybody still hanging around? Or did I come back to try and run this place by myself? :P

11/11/2019 #2,802 Report
M RogueMudblood


Am intermittent in responding, posting, updating threads. But do continue to report those things brought into forum. Have to be careful in managing time. :)

Feel free to post up new threads from what's reported in tip thread and update older threads as needed with new accounts/stolen content, etc.

12/2/2019 #2,803 Report

Ugh. This sucks. That Shadow Fueher guy from the previous chat just posted a bunch of the exact same review (a section of whatever Nazi bs he was preaching in the stolen story chat) on every single chapter of my story, including my new one that didn't have any reviews yet. And then he sent me a PM that basically said "I noticed one of your stories didn't have any reviews. No need to thank me."

12/14/2019 #2,804 Report
M RogueMudblood

Well, he's been ban-hammered now, so the reviews should be invisible/deleted. Hope that helps.

12/16/2019 #2,805 Report


Permaban - RMB

12/24/2019 . Edited by RogueMudblood, 12/30/2019 #2,806 Report

Dude, you're not gonna get any thing but bad reviews with those insane demands. Especially since the only stories on your account are Dragon Tails, Caillou, Clifford,, and a bunch of other random nonsense.

12/25/2019 #2,807 Report
M RogueMudblood

Brief note: ignore the MGS troll - they're literally trying to bring the site down on a particular individual with their trolling. I don't know why, but it doesn't involve us, so the links they left to that profile were all removed.

Query for general discussion:

Would it be beneficial as a whole to those leaving tips / frequenting forum if I were to reorganize some of the opening posts in threads to link at the top to significant information?

For example, the opening post to the "How to" thread would include a link directly to the template's post for authors/owners of the original work so that scrolling/using the find function in the browser weren't necessary.

Would that be useful? It will take me a little time, and I would like suggestions (real ones) as to what should be included if you think it would be helpful. This might enable us to unpin some of the threads that generally fall into disuse but might be important for individuals first entering the forum.

Please let me know and I can get to work on it later this week/early next week.

(Normal lurker input is welcome in this - you all see more how folks act/react and maybe even read on other forums/sites whether folks coming in here find this forum difficult to navigate.)

1/1 #2,808 Report

@RogueMudblood: Regarding the troll from December, I would have notified you much earlier when the troll started posting (in fact, it was the first thing I tried). However, for some reason, I am on your ignored list (and I still am), which meant I couldn't directly notify you at all. I tried notifying OLongJohnson and Horus of the troll, but neither of them are active.

2/2 #2,809 Report
M RogueMudblood

They may have personal issues ongoing. I know I do.

Am recovering from two surgeries thus far this year. A third is scheduled and another procedure after that. So I will be in and out.

Edit: In other news, FFN admins deleted 3 accounts of pedophiles who were using FFN as a hunting ground.

In the event they're lurking: Thank you, Xing and Zack!

3/16 . Edited 3/16 #2,810 Report
BEST OC Maker or Gigabyte

So, pleasure to meet you all, just wish it could have been in better circumstances. I go by Gigabyte or Giga for short and I got a fic plagiarized recently by an old troll who's been a pain many rpers over the years.

3/22 #2,811 Report

[troll content removed.]

Permaban. - RMB

4/8 . Edited by RogueMudblood, 6/26 #2,812 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

I'm back! I hope everyone is staying safe and sound!

6/15 #2,813 Report
Tyrant Overlord Killidia

I'm safe. Kept busy because of work, but safe.

6/26 #2,814 Report
M RogueMudblood

Am very glad to hear you are safe. Was unaware you were in danger, but still glad to know you are safe. :)

Edit: Hi, Mach! *waves* I too have pulled myself from the primordial ooze.

6/27 . Edited 6/27 #2,815 Report
M RogueMudblood

Curiosity question: has anyone else seen the rant against the mirror sites? Basically, it reams Xing and co. for not preventing the world at large for scraping everything from FFN.

What I'm wondering about is this: in the rant, part of the complaint is that Private Messages are scraped as well. I can think of two ways they might know such a thing:

  1. They logged in to the scraper site. (Ironically, Google will show results from fanfiction.ws before FFN.)
  2. They provided personal info in their PMs which was then used by the scrapers to contact them (personal e-mail? I'm hoping no one's giving real world info, but I know it's a naive hope).

The problem with theory #2 is that it indicates there's someone who has so little to do with their day that they created a code to scrape FFN, then another to scrape through the leavings to find any instances of e-mail addresses, then likely a third bot to send some message to that e-mail.

But I am a bit baffled by the thought process behind this rant. "We know you don't police your own site, but we expect you to police the entire Internet!" ???

(The irony in this case was that the rant also included a bit about plagiarism ["They're plagiarising our stories!!"] when the individual posting it is, herself, a plagiarist.)

6/28 #2,816 Report
Dragonheart Of Ireland

What does scraper site, scraping mean? Until now I never heard of that terminology before. Also, what is Fanfiction.ws?

6/28 #2,817 Report
The Warty Hogg

Mirror site. They scrape the content off the original site where the authors posted it and then create a duplicate site that the authors know nothing about. AO3 gets scraped by someone who then posts the stories on app and the owner of the app profits off the stories. World is full of low lifes.

6/28 #2,818 Report

The rant might be an attempt to draw user attention to alternative reading sources.

I once mentioned that this site was under attack. I still stand by that comment. I now believe that everything happening here is an attempt to steal the user-base and views / clicks.

I'm now firmly under the impression that the people running this site don't really know too much about PHP at all. If this site is running WordPress; I might understand better. That thing is horrible.

But what do I know? I mean really...

6/28 #2,819 Report
Dragonheart Of Ireland

Mirror site. They scrape the content off the original site where the authors posted it and then create a duplicate site that the authors know nothing about. AO3 gets scraped by someone who then posts the stories on app and the owner of the app profits off the stories. World is full of low lifes.

Thank you for letting me know.

6/28 #2,820 Report
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