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Hall of Shame and Infamy - List of Deleted Accounts, Notable Cases and Messages From Plagiarists&Co.
Make FFN Sensible Again

@E-Dett: Windiken01 and Windiken are one and the same.

@Jeremy: Entry 475, MzVishous (FFNID 2527007), redirects to the wrong thread. Oh, and MissCullen1990's UserID is 1655696.

5/18/2018 #721 Report
M Jeremy Hillary Boob

Fixed. Thanks for the catch.

5/18/2018 #722 Report

Uchihamadara1998 is another one.

5/18/2018 #723 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Thanks for the fix Dr. J.

E-Dett, UM1998 hasn't bit the dust yet.

Never mind. He did! XD

5/18/2018 . Edited 5/19/2018 #724 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

713. Aubergine14 (FFNID 10758669)

5/19/2018 #725 Report
arc angel michael

Batman of FFN

5/25/2018 #726 Report

We are well aware of this nut and his sock puppets: Deadpool353, Zombie334 and chelseyb (fraud).

5/25/2018 #727 Report

Too bad that you can't file harassment charges on idiotic trolls.

5/25/2018 #728 Report

There's a troll called Rise of the Radical Feminists. While not a plagiarist, she should be banned. Also, see this: https://m.fanfiction.net/topic/215719/173557317/95/Talk

9/16/2018 #729 Report
Dragonheart Of Ireland

I looked into Rise of the Radical Feminists yesterday, she's just... yah... Also I wonder why the admins didn't remove UchihaMadara1997's stolen content yet?

9/17/2018 . Edited 9/17/2018 #730 Report

No idea why the admins haven't removed/banned UchihaMadara1997. And I have the distinct feeling that I'm glad about blocking the psycho.

9/17/2018 #731 Report
Dragonheart Of Ireland

MovedDeadAccount: Same here.

9/17/2018 #732 Report
M RogueMudblood

This is why FFN needs to go back to letting authors choose not to allow anon reviews. We shouldn't have to sift through threats of sexual assault and murder.

Received anon review message 21 May - the day that this plagiarist removed a lot of his/her c/p postings:

Guest chapter 1 .May 21

You [redacted] I will [redacted] you and kill you

-sigh- Seriously?

Possibly could have been a couple of other threads recently resolved, but the coincidence is a bit much. Especially since he/she then changed their user name and erased their profile, only leaving "Yolo~" as their bio. BTW, that report came in via the Tip Thread, not my sifting through the site. And why do I think it's most likely this one? Because this: rainbowserenity.tumblr.com/post/185026835449/i-just-got-contacted-by-an-absolute-angel-on. No, I wasn't the person who Tweeted to RainbowSerenity. I asked someone I know to.

And folks wonder why I block plagiarists in threads I post in. smh.

The idea that anyone is willing to murder someone (and the other thing he/she said they'd do first) over fanfiction baffles me.

(Yes, I took a screen shot. No, I didn't leave it up. The admins should still be able to view it on their end of the database, pull an IP and help me report to the authorities.)

Edit: Second verse, same as the first (with the threat in reverse order - apparently a necrophiliac?). 28 May 2019 10:38 AM Pacific (FFN time). Becoming a pattern of harassment.

5/26 . Edited 5/28 #734 Report
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