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You're welcome!

Happy Holidays to all who are currently here. Hopefully the New Year will be better for some, if not all, of us on this site.

12/8/2015 . Edited 12/8/2015 #31 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Happy Holiday to you too Kinola.

12/20/2015 #32 Report
M Jeremy Hillary Boob

Got this thank-you PM today:

I appreciate your diligence. I'm sure so do others. Keep up the good work.

It really feels good to get some encouragement after fifteen or so anon flames in a row. ;)

1/17/2016 #33 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

The praise always tastes sweeter after the spice of angry incoherent flames ;)

1/17/2016 #34 Report
Empty Promise

I'll be fair, i just come here to read of your deeds good sirs and ladies, because you are REAL heroes, keeping the land safe from asswipes who would steal others ideas for themselves, slaying trolls and so on, to quote a great Poet:

"Come By Latter and i'll buy you a beer"-Barney Calhoun, Half Life

I'd by any of you (21 or older mind you) a Beer any time :) Thanks.

9/26/2016 #35 Report
Corporal Tommy

I agree, if I could I would treat you guys to something, afterall you guys help stopped someone from plagiarising my story, Once More Upon the Breach. Thanks for the help.

10/26/2016 #36 Report
Ten ways to spoil dinner

This will be a little out of left field, but recently I was deleting some anon-reviews from my stories and came across a particular troll that linked to this forum (attempted to, anyway; I had to google bits of the mangled link to find anything). The anon-review, which was from a few years ago, seemed to implicate me as the very troll that's spammed all my stories. So I came here, curious as to what the review was on about. It gave me a specific thread and post numbers, and I saw a little discussion about me.

I'll get to the point and just thank HorusTheAvenger for diffusing that situation tactfully. I don't remember much about the particular conversation I had that was referenced, it was almost four years ago, but since I only just found out about this I figured it wouldn't do if I said nothing. I suppose some troll was trying to instigate drama, but Horus didn't let that happen. I will assume the same troll reviewed my story in an attempt to bring my attention here and create some inter-forum drama. Obviously things didn't go that way.

And since I looked around here, I also noticed a few accounts using my penname, or rather variations of it, that were banned or deleted. I guess a few of them link, or linked for the deleted accounts, back to my account. Though I think the vast majority already know so, I'll simply take this moment to clarify that those accounts are not associated with me, nor do I review anonymously. Though I have side accounts, they have been in disuse since 2010/2011 and were only ever used to circumvent forum bans because I was, and am, kind of a huge dickbag. :P

tl;dr Thanks for something that happened years ago that I only just found out about! Cheers, TAPIR.

7/10/2017 #37 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Ten, you're not alone. There's been a huge spike in impostors on this site. Let us know if there are any future impostors to take down. We're happy to help.

7/11/2017 #38 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Empty Promise, how does a bottle of Gatorade sound? I don't drink alcohol. :)

3/13/2018 . Edited 3/13/2018 #39 Report


Permaban - RMB

12/24/2019 . Edited by RogueMudblood, 12/30/2019 #40 Report
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