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TAPIR Admin Announcement Thread: Beware of TAPIR Impostors posting anon reviews! (They are not us)
M RogueMudblood

And yes, know Rogue is an obvious choice here. The problem is, not sure if she would accept due to her other commitments, but if she does, it being her idea after all, the position is hers.

Agreed. May have days when not as able to post as others. Other commitments no longer an issue, PM if you want more info.

Please suggest who you trust who has exhibited a good knowledge of copyright law.

Sherman also a good choice.

Would suggest Warty for the first, if she is willing to take on the post


The only thing that bothers about this sub forum is that the category for the forum would not be correct, but not able to create 2 general forums due to FFN restriction

Forum shows listed as general here: https://www.fanfiction.net/myforums/HorusTheAvenger/936483/

If not showing that way for you, would suggest that forum can be under HorusTheWroth. Would suggest same for C2.

As to procedure:

Can have a thread for posting correct party to contact for each author/group affected. Already have generic e-mail I send out (except to Blair, since I'm on good terms with them - those aren't generic anymore) that can be pasted to thread. Also have a statement that has been sent to three individuals on site regarding CI and why it is dangerous for fan fiction in general that I will be happy to share in a "general discussion of CI's ills/why is it important not to infringe on copyright in fan fiction" type of thread.

Will need to split forum into obvious known issues: songfics, RTBs, "fanmakes" (please note any others)

Will need to make separate thread in both forums (TAPIR and CIR) for users who do both (we have a few cases of that - marluxiasgirl as just one example).

Will need to make sure notation is made in CI cases where no citation was done. That raises it from just CI to blatant plagiarism. Reference Kisses as just one example.

Will need to pin a general rules/how-to-post thread, as well as a "fandom consultants" thread there as well.

May need to change fandom consultants thread here to be those areas in which one often reads - say this because would be more likely to be able to spot plagiarism within fandom, or if someone takes from Harry Potter and posts in Gakuen Alice.

You know I feel about the 25/33. Concerned about using entire scenes and claiming as one's own. Example would be for just one. Can cite others, but trying to keep this clear of any ill-feelings.

Would, of course, be remiss if did not point out site regulation on copyrighted material. Citation would be fine on other sites for copyrighted dialogue, but not something FFN allows per TOS/Guidelines. Not talking about common phrases/catch-phrases. Would need to make that clear in a general thread as well.

Thinking four general, pinned threads:

Procedure: Identify material infringing on copyright. Notify active posters via review or PM. Have generic review that I use:

Re: [#51766] Query regarding novelizations and quotation of copyrighted dialogue in fanfiction
.Net Support 8/01/13
To: horusavenger
To be safe, we do not allow any inclusion of copyrighted passages within fanfictions.
Please help us spread the word.
Unfortunately, the presence of the copyrighted content endangers the site. Being a violation of item 6.D (don't post it if you don't have the rights to it) and item 4.F (don't use the site to do anything illegal), the site has exercised their right to delete accounts without warning in cases where things like this have come up.
Please remove the copyrighted material.

Inactive poster will need to simply be reported. Do not need to bombard review board/PM box. Have accidentally found a few forums today; biggest complaint on groups reporting is that violating users are bombarded about issues. (Not saying this applies to blatant and malicious plagiarism. Bombard that all you want with civil commentary that the work is stolen and needs to be removed).

Report CI to site and copyright holder by e-mail (if possible). Where not possible to send e-mail to copyright holder/designee and must be sent via USPS, note to site e-mail that this is being done. Question here is if there is to be a time between review of material and report of material how long it should be. This should be standard and in the procedure thread so that there is no question. Granted we have no control over what other users choose to do, but if we make a procedure that the individual should be allowed five days to remove infringing content (a song in a story that has significant other content allowing for the marjoity of the days to be work/school days), that needs to be universal.

  1. RTB/full "fanmake" gets a review/PM, allow two days for response/negotiation. If going nowhere or user refusal, or simply no response - report at will.
  2. Songfic with no other significant content (Gangsta Smurfette has one that qualifies there), same rule.
  3. If issue like with Masked Bard where user is attempting to resolve and willing to re-write, then obviously allow time in consideration of bulk of material. Four stories, total of 228,998 words would take considerable amount of time. Best suggestion to author in that type of situation having more than what MB does (more along the lines of what MN had) would be to re-write first chapter, leave story up and replace original 1st with new 1st and remove all other chapters until work can be fully re-written.

Suggest also concrit be given on stories where songs are used that do not actually add to the story - only serve as filler. Examples: https://www.fanfiction.net/r/8716084/, https://www.fanfiction.net/r/9860660/

Follow-up on authors to ensure no further CI would be required periodically (AlucardsCountess and MN prime examples). Also to ensure no socks created to continue CI (vickydd, HTPBE/StarLover'sLife).

Also have a generic review for those who have not yet infringed on copyright but intend to do so. Have had good response with it on RTBs:

At the risk of alienating you, which is not my intention, I want to advise you not to include the copyrighted text of Ms. Rowling's works. While you may not be aware, in October, more than 500 stories which were of the "read the book" genre were deleted from the site. The reason that the site administrators did so was because it is copyright infringement, and illegal.
By posting material on the site which the users did not themselves own the rights to, they placed the site itself in a precarious position. Should the site be sued, however, the indemnity clause included in the contract (terms of service agreement) that was agreed to when the material was posted does allow the site to pass those fines on to the users themselves.
While I recognize you may not be maliciously intending to defraud Ms. Rowling of her profits, by posting her copyrighted content on a free website, you would be doing just that. You have not yet done so, and I would simply ask that you continue to keep this story free of the copyrighted material. Writing character reactions to summarized events is fine; including the published text is not.
Numerous users engaging in that practice, intent on having their way, re-posted the deleted material. As a result, their accounts were permanently banned. One such user was just banned November 30th: MzPeachesMellark (FFNID 3723675). I do not wish to see that happen with anyone who is actually making an effort to write their own material and not acting maliciously, which is why I've chosen to pen this word of warning. (She ignored the warning I provided her.)
I do wish you the best with writing your own material, and hope that you will consider not including the copyrighted work.

Wording allows open discourse on the subject.

For consideration: Where would be more effective to place cases such as mx.alyce? (

Changing only the name/gender of original character and posting entire text of published novel as one's own would be plagiarism, clearly. But is also CI. Do not wish to crosspost when unnecessary, but falls under purview of both forums.

I don't think I missed anything, but if I think of anything else, will post. :)

(edited for typos - blast my bad keyboarding skills)

12/21/2013 . Edited 12/21/2013 #91 Report


Didn't know where to post this message so sorry if it isn't the right place. I have a question about copyright. This seems pretty complicated. So i wanted to know if it's okay to use dialogues from a TV show in a story if we provide proper attribution on every use of the content and link back to the original article.

Thanks again in advance.

12/21/2013 #92 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

No worries. Next time post in the chat thread please.

It's okay to use portions of dialogue, but not the entire dialogue of a TV show.

12/21/2013 #93 Report
M RogueMudblood

It's okay to use portions of dialogue, but not the entire dialogue of a TV show.

Legally incorrect. Also, not the position of the site administrators.

(c/p section three)

One is not required to make a profit to infringe on someone's copyright.

Fanfiction can be permitted as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of the original creator. By using the copyrighted material, one would be infringing on those rights. It endangers not only this site, but fanfiction as a whole.

If enough original creators were to see fanfiction as a threat, then they could, conceivably, report fanfiction sites to the FBI.

This page - www [dot] fbi [dot] gov/scams-safety/peertopeer - will give you some more information, and of specific interest is this section:


Copyright Infringement: It is a violation of federal law to distribute copyrighted music, movies, software, games, and other works without authorization. There are important national economic consequences associated with such theft. The FBI has asked industry associations and companies that are particularly concerned with intellectual property theft to report to the FBI—for possible criminal investigation and prosecution—anyone that they have reason to believe is violating federal copyright law.


By copying the lyrics, dialogue, plot, etc, those individuals who are professing to do this as part of "keeping in character" or for whatever other reason are infringing on the rights of the original creators. They are distributing material that is not their own without authorization to do so.

Basing a story in someone else's world using someone else's characters is considered Fair Use and compliant with section 107 of US copyright law in so far as it passes the four-point test.

Posting the stories on a site such as this one, which receives revenue when the stories are viewed from the ads at the top and bottom of each page, violates item one of the fair use doctrine - there is a profit made. The users don't receive one, but it makes them no less culpable because they are the ones posting the material in the first place.

Posting the material verbatim (RTB and "fanmakes" in particular) with little to no change in the original content violates point three.

Finally, all copyright infringement violates item four if it is a "significant" portion - which would have to be determined by the courts. After all, why would someone buy a copy of Rowling's books when they can read them here for free? Or buy a copy of the Twilight Saga when they can read that here for free? Or the Vampire Academy, the Maximum Ride series, The Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments - the list goes on.

While the site has the TOS agreement in place to protect itself, it will not be protected as long as users continue to violate copyrights and post material that is not theirs. If the original creators perceive a threat, they can come after all fanfiction, not just this site.

Everyone is so afraid of SOPA in the US, and what they don't seem to recognize is that it's the piracy of the scripts of movies and games being posted as "fanfiction" and the piracy of novels being posted as "characters read" that will ultimately be the downfall if any law like unto SOPA should ever pass. Those very users who are quick to spread mass hysteria are generally the ones who are also causing the problem by violating copyright.

Using a catchphrase is considered a popculture reference. But using wholesale sections of dialogue from a movie, cartoon, TV episode is not.

Fan fiction, simply put, is fiction based in the worlds and/or using the established characters of someone else's imagination. It can be licensed - Star Trek and Quantum Leap novels are good examples of this. But taking someone else's dialogue isn't fan fiction. That's theft.

For FFN, citation is not the issue. It is simply not permitted.

Re: [#51766] Query regarding novelizations and quotation of copyrighted dialogue in fanfiction

.Net Support 8/01/13

To: horusavenger

To be safe, we do not allow any inclusion of copyrighted passages within fanfictions.

Please help us spread the word.


Section 6.D of the TOS supports this

D. In connection with User Submissions, you further agree that you will not submit material that is copyrighted, protected by trade secret or otherwise subject to third party proprietary rights, including privacy and publicity rights, unless you are the owner of such rights or have permission from their rightful owner and the necessary consents from any individuals whose personally identifiable information is contained in such material to post the material and to grant FanFiction.Net all of the license rights granted herein.

FFN does not allow it to be there simply because of citation. FFN says no copyrighted material. Therein lies the question of what falls under copyright.

Copied from here:

The information you want on the topic is here:

Copyright law does not protect names, titles, or short phrases or expressions.

Even if a name, title, or short phrase is novel or distinctive or lends itself to a play on words, it cannot be protected by copyright. The Copyright Office cannot register claims to exclusive rights in brief combinations of words such as:

• Names of products or services

• Names of businesses, organizations, or groups (including the names of performing groups)

• Pseudonyms of individuals (including pen or stage names)

• Titles of works

• Catchwords, catchphrases, mottoes, slogans, or short advertising expressions

• Listings of ingredients, as in recipes, labels, or formulas. When a recipe or formula is accompanied by an explanation or directions, the text directions may be copyrightable, but the recipe or formula itself remains uncopyrightable.

Subject Matter of Copyright

Under section 102 of the Copyright Act (title 17 of the U. S. Code), copyright protection extends only to "original works of authorship." The statute states clearly that ideas and concepts cannot be protected by copyright. To be protected by copyright, a work must contain a certain minimum amount of authorship in the form of original literary, musical, pictorial, or graphic expression. Names, titles, and other short phrases do not meet these requirements.

Accordingly, short phrases like "Oh boy!" or even well-known catchphrase of a character such as "[Something] sense is tingling!" cannot be copyrighted, Therefore "no copyrighted lines" directive from admins cannot apply if the suspect text itself is too brief and cannot be copyrighted..

This is also why short pop culture references or quoting of brief catchphrases that may be in any of your works not an issue. There may be issue if catchphrases are trademarked, but that is different topic entirely and very unlikely to apply here. It is when it moves beyond "short phrases" into whole lines of dialogue is when it crosses the line into danger area.

Of course, if authors quote whole lines/paragraphs of dialogue, they do put themself in danger because of admin/copyright rules. If they really have to reproduce whole sections of dialogue from original for story to make sense, can still be avoided by author paraphrasing or summarizing original dialogue. Most of the time however, CI of a few lines, especially if attributed, actually too minor for TAPIR to bother with as they do not negatively impact original source. That is why we have 25/33% rule, to make judgement calls on how much is too much.

It is consistent with the main objective of TAPIR: protecting and helping the writers, amateur or published, from being victims of plagiarism and CI. Unlike other reporting groups, our purpose is not upholding FFN admin rules to the letter. That's the job of FFN admins. Our job is to get them to do their job when them not doing it infringes on the rights of writers who have had their work stolen.

TLDR; short phrases are not copyrightable and therefore ok. Whole lines of dialogue longer than short phrases, no.

12/21/2013 #94 Report

Thanks for all this information. I just wanted to know if it's the same with the permission of the original writer, author etc..... If they agree to let us use their work if we credit them, that we mentionned them properly is it still the same?.

12/21/2013 #95 Report
M RogueMudblood

I would want to be perfectly clear on the wording of the permission granted before I answered that question.

There is a world of difference between "Can I write fanfiction based on Harry Potter's reactions if he were to read about himself?" and "Can I use your copyrighted text in my submission to a fanfiction site allowing them royalty-free license to distribute it worldwide?"

When obtaining permission for use it is imperative that one be very clear what the individual is granting permission for. If that was not made clear, then the holder can pursue legal action against the poster.

12/21/2013 . Edited 12/21/2013 #96 Report
M O Long Johnson

I'm fine with the idea of a copyright infringement forum; it was getting crowded in here and want to prioritize fanfic plagiarism, esp the older cases. Also, find a distinction between C1 and plagiarism cases too. I'm not sure if I have the time commitment to run the forum. TAPIR does need more staff. Sherman and Warty are good choices; I'd also recommend AnimeGirl and Gokiburi Prince if they're interested.

12/22/2013 #97 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Good suggestions. Keep them coming in. We have the holiday season to come up with a proper agenda. No point rushing. We will discuss all that is necessary before we start so that things run more smoothly.

The only thing that bothers about this sub forum is that the category for the forum would not be correct, but not able to create 2 general forums due to FFN restriction

Forum shows listed as general here: https://www.fanfiction.net/myforums/HorusTheAvenger/936483/

If not showing that way for you, would suggest that forum can be under HorusTheWroth. Would suggest same for C2.

Hm. Did not expect that to work. Used a placeholder category and changed it to General afterwards, but got an error message saying it could not be done. But must have been some error in forum coding, category ended up changed anyway. Works out, then. Looks like that is settled. CIR sub forum shall be used. Now to figure out how to move all the CI posts.


Don't expect you to take responsibility for the CIR forum. Do not worry, understand RL always must come first. Appreciate what help you are able to give just on TAPIR main forum. Once the CI cases are split out the workload should be more manageable. Will be looking for an additional TAPIR mod in addition to CIR mods as well. Have someone in mind. Will see how that works out first.

12/23/2013 #98 Report
M RogueMudblood

Now to figure out how to move all the CI posts.

Manually copy case data, link to threads here, lock threads here with a link to new case thread. Do not believe site allows for moving of threads from one forum to another at this time.

Still for discussion:

For consideration: Where would be more effective to place cases such as mx.alyce? (

Changing only the name/gender of original character and posting entire text of published novel as one's own would be plagiarism, clearly. But is also CI. Do not wish to crosspost when unnecessary, but falls under purview of both forums.

12/24/2013 #99 Report

If you're looking for advice, I'd give priority to CI in the instance Rogue suggests. Taking her example, I'd post the case to the CI forum but link it to the plagiarism forum and tag it CI. It acknowledges the fact that this is plagiarism, as well as helps out those who might not know of the CI forum at first.

For the current crop of CI cases, it would be easier to post a link to the original forum than to move data and all responses. What I would move are the actual stories themselves to the new C2, which shouldn't take too long. Once the holiday is over and you've decided which to do, I would be happy to help with this.

12/24/2013 . Edited 12/24/2013 #100 Report
King Spritzee

Just got a PM about an anti-plagiarism C2. The only entry is one from this case, but it's a start.


12/31/2013 . Edited 12/31/2013 #101 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Well, holidays coming to end. Hope everyone had good rest. Let us begin with preparations then.

List of things to do for Plag/CI forum split:

  1. Create new C2 for CI cases (Only 1 user allowed to create each C2. Someone, perhaps Rogue or Warty or dummy account needed to be able to create this 2nd C2)
  2. Decide on and appoint moderators for new forum (Warty and Sherman/AnimeGirl...?)
  3. Lock all existing CI cases on TAPIR forum and move to CI forum
  4. Create new thread for CI forum case and link to original TAPIR thread
  5. Move all CI only cases from TAPIR C2 to CI C2
  6. Rewrite TAPIR policy and descriptions
  7. Create CI policy and guide
  8. FAQ for authors who wish to know more about CI?

Points needing confirmation and clarification on CI forum policy

  1. Main objective of the CI forum function must be very clear. (Suggestion: Protecting copyright of published creators)
  2. What extent of copying counts as reportable CI. What threshold? Needs clear examples of which counts and which doesn't.
  3. For picking up cases, should we only pick up cases were it can be shown there is negative impact to creator?
  4. Should posts follow TAPIR format?
  5. Cases with both Plag and CI elements. (Follow Tikatu suggestion of having 2 posts)
  6. List of services provided: (Inform user, Inform admin, Inform copyright holder, guide user if they are willing to rewrite to remove CI elements)
  7. Procedure and expected conduct for handling a case
  8. Template for reviews to prevent misunderstandings
  9. Template for admin emails
  10. Template for emails to send to copyright holders

Please add any points we missed and yours truly will update the post. Once all is done, will appoint people and divide up tasks so we can make this shift in coordinated fashion.

1/1/2014 #102 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Gokuburi prince: The another anti-plagiarism C2 is good news. The more the merrier.

1/1/2014 #103 Report
M RogueMudblood

Create new thread for CI forum case and link to original TAPIR thread

Suggested modification: copy user profile link, story links, originals - then link back to original thread. Makes it easier to report.

Create new C2 for CI cases (Only 1 user allowed to create each C2. Someone, perhaps Rogue or Warty or dummy account needed to be able to create this 2nd C2)

Only issue there is that the C2 on my account already has 577 stories infringing on copyright in it that aren't catalogued in TAPIR. Give me a couple days and can copy list to a file and wipe the C2 out, rename, and add staff in. Just tell me who to send staff requests to.

C2 is ready for use. https://www.fanfiction.net/community/Copyright-Infringement/109230/

Let me know when forum is prepared to have new posts added and will begin filling the C2. It does show 58 in the cache - those have been deleted by admin.

Protecting copyright of published creators


  1. What extent of copying counts as reportable CI. What threshold? Needs clear examples of which counts and which doesn't.
  2. For picking up cases, should we only pick up cases were it can be shown there is negative impact to creator?

These points require us to interpret US Code Title 17, Chapter 1, section 107

(3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole

Obviously, one line of dialogue from an episode of the Simpsons in a 20,000 word story isn't a blip on the radar. Whereas this story copying

Data started whistling Pop goes the weasel, the song was a little pitchy and had to much air to it, but he was better from the last time. He was about to finish when he got stuck on a note. Before he could get it right the tune was finished by someone on the opposite side of the tree. I poked my head around to see it was Commander Riker! He smiled at the both of us. I smiled back.

"Marvelous. How easy humans do it. I still need much practice" Data said. I came around to their side.

"There are some puzzles down-" Riker started but stopped when Data jumped out of the tree. He smiled and continued. "-down on the planet that the Captain, he suggests that I take the both of you with me on the away team that I am leading.

"I endeavor to function adequately, sir." Data said. Riker raised an eyebrow and looked at me. I shrugged, Data said stuff like that, Riker would just have to get use to him.

"What Data means is that we will come."

Riker nodded. "Yes." He motioned for us to walk ahead. On the walk to the holodeck exit an... interesting conversation happened.

"When the Captain suggested you I looked up your record." Riker started.

"Yes, sir. A wise procedure, sir. Always." Data said.

"And your Starfleet rank of Lieutenant Commander is honorary."

"No sir," Data said. "Honors in probability in mechanics and exo biology."

"Your file says that you're a -" Riker continued only to be interrupted, again, by Data.

"-machine. Does that bother you sir?" Data asked.

"Too be honest, yes, a little." Riker answered. At least he was honest, but it still made me narrow my eyes at him.

"Understandable, sir. Prejudice is very human." Data said. I was interested in hearing Riker response to this one.

"Well That does trouble me, do you consider yourself above humans?" He asked. I held back a snort.

Data stopped and looked at Riker. "I am superior in many ways. But I would gladly give it up to be human."

Riker smiled. "Nice to meet you, Pinocchio."

Data looked confused. "A joke." Riker explained. And an old one. I thought.

"Ah, intriguing." Data said with a nod of his head.

Riker smile widened. "You're going to be an interesting companion, Mr. Data."

A section consisting of 395 words which draws direct plot and dialogue from the pilot episode of ST:TNG with no citation. The chapter as a whole is 1762 words, making the plagiarised - and in this case CI - portion of the story only 22.42% (There is additional CI in chapter two of this story.)

Would suggest that if plot and dialogue are clearly recognizable (there's a transcript linked in this user's thread) such that it is obviously not the material of the poster, a thread be created with the portion supporting CI claim so that a full percentage comparison of the work can be done.

Having said that, I would include all songfics and all RTBs as CI. Most songfics aren't even cited, and the RTB is intent to defraud. Still recommending full concrit on songfic issues. Found one today that had song lyrics in it that serve absolutely no purpose - the story is over 25,000 words, with only one song in it. Inclusion of the lyrics wholly unnecessary, and only serve to get the story reported on this site.

-As to the second point - when to pick up cases: we cannot viably show "negative impact" with sales graphs or any other such. Though we see how many times a story has been favorited, we have no means of identifying those who did so. Therefore, we have no evidence it is not the same individual with five accounts favoriting their own story. We do not have a means of knowing how many times any given story has been viewed on site.

Besides which, sales are not the only negative impact. Creativity can be stifled or even obliterated by having one's work taken repeatedly by those who find it "fun" to do so. Remember that while the CW owns a show, the corporation doesn't write the script, and new writers are hired all the time when a writer's creativity is stripped from them.

Should posts follow TAPIR format?

Have reconsidered on the thread title issue. Including the fandom stolen from works for RTBs and "fanmakes" - but not at all for songfics.

Perhaps just Report FFNID 123456789 randomusernamehere - [active] ? Limiting the title to fanmake/RTB/songfic inclusion indicates would need separate threads for each.

This also brings up previously suggested idea of forum division. This came to mind because of recent findings ( for one) and because of things which don't fit into suggested categories, such as SI into Vampire Diaries scripts ( Perhaps just labels of active and inactive? Hate to be that generic, but users posting songfic will also post RTBs, users posting RTBs will also post SI transcripts, users posting SI transcripts will also post fanmakes, etc.

As to format within the thread, think it should be listed as

user [URL]

story [URL]

work infringed [title, URL if available]

[section for comparison if not lifted in its entirety or RTB/songfic/fanmake with proper noun/gender changes only]

[any other notes we may need - hostile; no story content, only song lyrics; etc.]

Inform admin, Inform copyright holder

I do those at the same time via e-mail where possible. Have only had to send two via "snail mail" thus far. Xing may ignore me, but at least I have evidence I informed him. And when.

Question on this one is whether I need to change that. This is where the procedure for handling a case comes in. Should there be a time between when a review is left/PM is sent and when report is sent in to admin to allow for correction? Because, as we know, we can post the thread and within 24 hours, the user's account could be removed (it has happened - during the fanmake purge especially).

FAQ for authors who wish to know more about CI?

Likely copyright FAQ won't be read by those who wish to send such messages as what I received yesterday, or those who only want to argue to hear what they want to hear, but, yes, would recommend an FAQ. But like I said, someone needs to come up with a better title than "copyright infringement and you."

Can't think of anything that you missed at this point, though.

1/1/2014 . Edited 1/1/2014 #104 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Excellent, thank you Rogue.

Sending out Mod invites to help with move. Some are temporary for moving purposes.

Consolidated the to do list and discussions in the CI forum.


Ok need a break, will continue later.

1/2/2014 #105 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Clarification to all mods, the procedure to move CI threads should be:

  1. Copy first page of TAPIR CI case containing the vital information and paste as new thread in CIR forum.
  2. Thread title format should be Report FFNID XXX - NAME - [active/inactive]
  3. Include link to original TAPIR thread in the CIR thread.
  4. Include link to CIR thread in TAPIR thread.
  5. If this is a CI only case and there is no plagiarism involved, LOCK the TAPIR thread and redirect all new discussion to the CIR forum. If it is both CI and plagiarism, leave the thread open.
  6. Remove CI only cases from the TAPIR C2 and add to the CI C2.
1/2/2014 #106 Report
M RogueMudblood

I can't lock TAPIR threads, so if you'll go through and lock the ones I've already moved that don't have plagiarism too? Thx

1/2/2014 #107 Report
M O Long Johnson

Yep, I'm on top of the locking bit. :-)

1/2/2014 #108 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Also, A Wild Tapir has appeared!

1/2/2014 #109 Report
M RogueMudblood

LMAO - I noticed. :)

Need opened because they have plagiarism:


https://www.fanfiction.net/topic/124913/101976902/1/FFNID-4050105-Here-s7to6never5growing4up-Multiple-Fandoms-Copyright (possible - no response yet from OA)


1/2/2014 #110 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Threads have been reopened

1/2/2014 #111 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

For CI only cases that have been resolved, it should be acceptable to just lock them without copying to CIR forum. We can always start a new thread at CIR forum and reopen/edit the existing TAPIR one if they repeat again.

1/2/2014 #112 Report
M RogueMudblood

Taking a break - will pick up moving chores anon.

1/3/2014 #113 Report
M O Long Johnson

I'm calling it a night. Will finish later.

1/3/2014 #114 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

That was a lot of locked threads.

Thank you for your hard work, everyone. Pace yourselves. Remember, we have time.

1/3/2014 #115 Report
M RogueMudblood

https://www.fanfiction.net/topic/124913/101892983/1/FFNID-4878790-IceFloo15781-Harry-Potter-Active-Copyright - existing stories on that profile are MSTs of other fan works - author claims permission; have not verified. Details in CIR thread.

1/3/2014 #116 Report
M O Long Johnson

Thread has been unlocked. Topic at CIR has been removed.

1/3/2014 #117 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Just updated How-To thread. If anyone sees any errors, let us know.

1/8/2014 #118 Report
M RogueMudblood

needs to come out of optional tags listing.

Other thing I noticed is separate threads for multiple plagiarists - because snowy.mkc has made her socks obvious, I included babyd0ll.MK and sn0wy.mk24 in the same thread. I consider them to be the same user - same plagiarist - though she is spreading her theft across multiple accounts.

1/8/2014 #119 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Ah. Knew we missed something. Many thanks, Rogue.

As for combining different accounts in one thread- listing the socks is ok, but if the multiple socks are also plagiarizing, better to open a new thread for new ones. Reason: the thread title plays a very important role in determining whether report has been already been filed for that same account before. Problem is: forum titles have limited length. At most can probably fit in 2-3 UserId/Name combos, so would say anything more than 2, create a new thread for the sock and mention it is a sock of the other thread.

The existing ones are fine for now. No need to go back to change them.

1/8/2014 #120 Report
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