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Unfamiliar fandom? Need a translator? Ask the Consultants for help! (volunteer to be one here too)
M RogueMudblood

Query above has been answered - thanks!

12/11/2013 #31 Report

I sent you a PM

12/12/2013 #32 Report

Debochira here, offering my services:


Halo. Games only, no books.

The Legend of Zelda. Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, and my specialty is Twilight Princess.

God of War. All games except Betrayal.

Dead Space. All games except Extraction and Ignition.

Crash Bandicoot, up to Wrath of Cortex.


Super Smash Bros.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Mortal Kombat.



1/26/2014 #33 Report

I'd love to offer services, considered I've gone through some pretty vague things (Candymakers or Jack the Reaper, anyone?), and I don't mind being contacted. Sorry for such a late offering, but I guess when you need to know about a fandom, you need to know about a fandom.

Movies : Scream, various misc movies (mostly horror), High School Musical

Books : Holes, The Hunger Games, Warriors, Candymakers, Harry Potter

Western Animation : My Little Pony : FiM, Happy Tree Friends

Games : Toontown, Minecraft

6/6/2014 . Edited 6/7/2014 #34 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Thank you, SayItFox. Every bit of help is welcome, never know when such information could be useful.

6/7/2014 #35 Report
M RogueMudblood

I need someone familiar with Disney's Frozen to look over this please:

the ice prince. The author has left a review on her own story:

extremist chapter 8 . Jul 15

Okay this is officially the lamest story ever nothing is happening except u copying from frozen.. I hate it..
7/18/2014 #36 Report

I need someone familiar with Disney's Frozen to look over this please:

the ice prince. The author has left a review on her own story:

This user has mostly plagiarized verses from songs from Frozen and changed a few words around, but they're basically the same as the original. The fact they outed themselves indicates they're probably a troll.

This chapter contains lyrics that is a total rip-off from the song "Do you Want to Build a Snowman" by Kristin Bell, only with atrocious spelling.

Especially these verses:

Do u wanna have a snow fight Come here and lets play I dont see u anymore Come where ever u are its like u have gone away We used to best buddies and now we r not I wish u will tell me where u are Do u wanna have snow fight it does not really have to be a snow fight.

Its get a little lonely waiting for u As the hours tick by Tick tock tick tock

Jack, please i know u r out there Guardians r wondering where u been They say I have hope And I am trying to I am right here for u

I only have u as best friend Only u for me What am I gonna do? Do u wanna have a snow fight ( sniff)


This chapter contains a song that rips off the song "For the First Time In Forever" from Frozen by Idina Menzel with Kristen Bell:

For the first time in forever I will see something beyond the ice for the first time in forever I would be dancing with the wind Dont know how much I waited but now its finally here And for the first time in forever I would be free

Elsa: Dont let them know dont let them see be a good mom and dont let them close to him conceal dont feel Let him go or the guardians will know But its only for today exacly the way TELL THE ICE GUARDS TO LET HIM GO


7/18/2014 #37 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Ugh. Have headache after reading that.

2nd chapter is a non-story chapter.

The songs are taken from Frozen and modified.

BTW anyone notice the report abuse option is not working or is it just our computer?

7/19/2014 #38 Report
M RogueMudblood

My thanks; posted CIR thread

7/19/2014 #39 Report
Fallen Angel of Slovakia

@Horus: lol, you mean the 'send-your-complaint-to-unused-email-adress' button? Jokes aside, I have actually had problems with it cca 3 months ago, captcha didn't work...

7/20/2014 #40 Report

I volunteer as a consultant for the following subjects:

Games: Minecraft, Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, Half Life

Comics: Batman, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Justice League and most other products of DC comics.

TV shows & Cartoons: Doctor Who, Arrow, MLP:FIM, Young Justice

Films: Star Wars, The Avengers, The Dark Knight trilogy.

8/26/2014 #41 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Seiren-dit-pity is a french speaker who has offered to help over in this CI thread.

10/20/2014 #42 Report
Lady of Ice and Snow

I would like to offer my services to TAPIR, if you will have me.

I am quite well versed in the following fandoms:

Books: A Song of Ice and Fire, House of Night, Harry Potter, Septimus Heap(First Five Books only), Twilight(Though I wish I wasn't), Dragonlance(Original trilogy and The Majere Twins Trilogy) and Percy Jackson

TV Shows: Game of Thrones (First three seasons), Spartacus (First two seasons), The Vampire Diaries (First four seasons), Supernatural(Seasons 1-7), How I Met Your Mother (Seasons 1-7), The Big Bang Theory (S1-5) and Merlin.

Games: Final Fantasy X, X-2, XII, XIII, XIII-2; God of War 1, 2, 3; Saints Row 1 & 2; Fable 1 & 2

-The Faerie Hunter

(I just found out that my username Faerie is filtered out on most forums, quite unorthodox, am I right?)

1/26/2015 #43 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Glad to have you. Faerie!

Why would Faerie be censored from forums? *puzzled*

1/26/2015 #44 Report
The Warty Hogg

I get Faerie censored in emails. The ways of Xing are mysterious.

1/27/2015 #45 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

I blame Urban Dictionary. The FFN mods probably consider Faerie to be a homophobic slur.

1/27/2015 #46 Report

I'm not a big fandom follower but I'm pretty well versed in the Wrestling category if anyone needs a hand when the rare fic pops up

2/12/2015 #47 Report

I would be able to provide assistance in the following fandoms:

Stig Larsson The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo, both the Swedish and the English version.

Oh and both the original movie and the books as well as the US version with Mara and Craig.

Just realized they are refered to as Millenium Trilogy.

I'm a fluent in Swedish.

The Swedish sci fi series became a huge success so much so that the creator has been commissoned to do US version of it.

Swedish title Äkta Människor, creator Lars Lundgren English version True Humans.

My favorite series I might be able to help with that since I am a huge fan of the original Swedish version.

The US version is supposedly being created...

6/9/2015 . Edited 6/16/2015 #48 Report

When it comes to The Divergent Trilogy, I can be of assistance. I own all three books including the Four novella. I own the first movie as well.

6/16/2015 #49 Report
Iudex Mortem

I can volunteer my services for

Assassin's Creed

Pokemon (Games and Manga only)

Jurassic Park series

7/27/2015 #50 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Thanks to all who have volunteered so far!

7/27/2015 #51 Report

Crisis here, happy to help volunteer for the following few Fandoms

All from the Anime/Manga category-


-One Piece

-Fairy Tail

-Prince of Tennis

-Kuroko no Basuke

10/22/2015 #52 Report

I only write a little bit, but have read a decent amount of the stories.

Can moderate Yu-Gi-OH, Monsuno, Harry Potter, Winx, W.I.T.C.H.

10/31/2015 #53 Report

I can help out.

Anime: Naruto

Books: A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl

TV: Game of Thrones

I also have passing knowledge of Yu-Gi-Oh, Bleach, Soul Eater, Axis Powers Hetalia, Hunger Games, Sherlock (books, movie, and TV), and South Park.

1/9/2016 #54 Report
Iudex Mortem

I can add Dark Souls to my list

1/10/2016 #55 Report
Zero Phantasm

I'd be happy to help out with this as well, if it's alright.

Zero Phantasm

It's frustrating that this kind of thing is actually a warranted suggestion nowadays... But, if it means helping out in some way to increase prevention, I'll do my best.

6/14/2016 #56 Report

I Would love to help out you guys if I can. The fandoms I know pretty well are:


Death Note Manga, Anime, and the two companion novels

Kuroshitsuji I'm not the most dedicated fan but I have enough knowledge about both the manga and the anime to be helpful and I noticed that no one had this series added to their list.

Ouran High School Host Club I am pretty immersed in this fandom although my knowledge of the manga's may be slightly rusty now.

Skip Beat! Like OHSHC I'm pretty interested in the fandom and have a pretty good knowledge base of the series but I'm not a obsessive fan that could recite the story backwards. I would be able to help with any questions though:)


Aveyond I have the storylines for Aveyond 1, 2 and all of the Orbs of Magic saga memorized. I could probably recite the stories backwards.

Book Series:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus: I know this series inside and out and could recite character profiles. I'm a huge fan and can definitely help out with any questions anyone might have about this fandom

Hope I can help out in some way:)

9/7/2016 #57 Report
M RogueMudblood

A question for our numerous Naruto experts here: https://www.fanfiction.net/topic/124913/155275182/1/Report-FFNID-3595186-Alexandra-Ashford-Naruto-NSFW-Fanwork-CI

9/10/2016 #58 Report

Does anyone know the book version of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? I know the Harry Potter books in both English and French, but I am not so familiar with the latest book that came out this year.

Since I am not sure if I could post links here, I will send a PM directly to a mod with the story that gained my interest in the first place.

9/19/2016 #59 Report
M RogueMudblood

Spanish assistance requested.

profile: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5986891/Zeroki-Uchiha

posting: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13220589/1/5

1st chapter ends with notes that it came from a "Lestat Lamperouge".

Blogger: www.blogger.com/profile/02402243615047366917. Have a couple of links, don't know if material from either is included in this horrendously long posting that looks like it might be straight CI:

  1. www.academia.edu/13716179/Lestat_Lamperouge_Traducción_y_Edición
  2. www.scribd.com/document/377387267/Index-NT-17-Lestat-Lamperouge

2nd chapter ends with note "Oda Nobuna no Yabou Vol. 06 1P Traducciones Página 242 de 248". Near the top is the note "Oda Nobuna no Yabou Vol. 06 1P Traducciones Página 3 de 248".

Possible link to translations? 1ptraducciones.blogspot.com/p/oda-nobuna-no-yabou.html

3rd chapter might come from Sword Art Online? Some of the text returned this link: www.scribd.com/document/407041002/SAO-PROGRESIVE-5-pdf

Assistance in verification requested.

5/29 #60 Report
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