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Character Fight list!!
Blue Birdy934

Character fight list.

Yes yes yes....the time has come!! The battle. YAY!!!!

Carlisle Cullen: Fights with...Valerie- (Kills her)

Esme Cullen: Fights with Isobel- (Kills her) Halley (Kills her)

Jasper Cullen: Fights with Xena- (Kills her), George- (Kills him)- Kayto (Gets away) Maria. (Kills her)

Alice Cullen: Fights with Freddie- (Kills him), Jasmine- (Kills her)- Kayto (Gets away)

Rosalie/Emmett Cullen (Fight pretty much together): Ruby- (Kills her) Corry- (Kills)

Alfie Cullen: Rebecca (Kills her)

Aeryn Whitlock: Xander. (Kills him) Phoebe (Kills*

Renee Whitlock: Clover- (Kills) Chandler Kills)

Kate: Brittney- (Kills her)

Demi: Katie- (Kills her)

Darien: Nate- (Kills him)

Drake- Danny- (Kills him)

Dimitri- Jay (Kills him) Jimmy (Kills him)

Julia- Abby (Kills her)

Daphne- Callum (Kills him)

Katie- Harry (Kills him)

Lenka- Milo (Kills him)

Noel- Jason (Kills him)

Chris- Caddie (Kills her)

Korra- Jessica (Kills her)

Roxie- Rachel (Kills her)

Alec- Hakori (Kills)

Fiona- Serenity (Kills)

So these are all the newborns!!! As for the werewolves. They will jump in and help others Like Jasper and Alice and Renee when they get to many. As well as any others that haven't got many people that they need killing.

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