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The Wedding of Alexander Jason Carter & Daphne Esme Cullen.
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

***************The Wedding Of Alexander Carter and Daphne Cullen******************

# Two Lives, Two Hearts #

Joined Together in Friendship

United Forever in Love.

It is with Joy that we,

Alexander Jason Carter


Daphne Esme Platt-Cullen

Invite you to Share

In a Celebration of Love

as we Exchange our marriage Vows

On Sunday twenty-second of December

Two thousand and thirteen

at seven O'clock in the Morning

Cullen Main House Meadow

Calawah River Road, Forks, Washington.

The Time : 7:30 AM EST

Date: 22nd Dec, 2013

11/29/2013 . Edited 12/19/2013 #1 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

Wedding Information:

Bride: Daphne Cullen (Rania)

Bride Groom: Alex Carter (Pix)

Maid Of Honor: Renee Whitlock (Morgan) and Rosalie Hale (Av)

Best Man: Alfie Cullen (Blue)

Flower girl: Eliza Cullen (Rania)


Other VIP List Invites....

Esme Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Alice Cullen, Jasper Whitlock, Emmett McCarty, Rosalie Hale, Edward Cullen, Isabella Cullen, Renesmee Cullen, Tanya Denali, Kate Denali, Garret Denali, Carmen Denali, Eleazar Denali, Maggie, Adyna Cullen, Roxie Cullen.

12/19/2013 #2 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

The Wedding is about to Begin. (or do I have my calculations incorrect)

12/22/2013 #3 Report
Blue Birdy934

(I am here but I don't know what time it is and were everyone is?)

12/22/2013 #4 Report


12/22/2013 #5 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

(I know, It's past the correct time.... guess it was too early for everyone *sigh* Maybe we should post-pone this, even the bride isn't here!)

12/22/2013 #6 Report
Blue Birdy934

(Maybe we should :D)

12/22/2013 #7 Report
A twillandbonnie

(The maid of honor is!)

12/22/2013 #8 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

(Hello AV, half of the people aren't here.... I am good at 9AM.... Rania Can't be on... I say we do Normal RP till anyone comes on)

12/22/2013 #9 Report

(*sighs* Well... it's 9 in the night for me...)

12/22/2013 #10 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

(I'm here! I'm here! Giving my mom a massage!)

12/22/2013 #11 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

(Rania isn't on either... you can't have a wedding without a bride... nope sire...)

12/22/2013 #12 Report
A twillandbonnie

(I agree and I think the time is wrong because it is 7:30 for me and I'm in CST. Either way we need a bride to say I do.)

12/22/2013 #13 Report

(Lol ;p Maybe the bride ran away...? Jk)

12/22/2013 #14 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

(Ha! Finally... Welcome Rae... we need Emily, Korra, Mel, Lamb, Angel, Korra and who else?)

12/22/2013 #15 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19


12/22/2013 #16 Report
A twillandbonnie

(Everyone basically. I'm terrible for not knowing who plays most of the characters.)

12/22/2013 #17 Report
A twillandbonnie


12/22/2013 #18 Report
Blue Birdy934

(It is 1:30pm for me here so Im on for a while but also writing a chapter so I don't know how quick replies might be. :))

12/22/2013 #19 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

(I SEE YOU Rania! shall we just sub or whatever...? BE ON YOU BROTHER PUCKING PEOPLE!)

Jasper: *walks in with Cam holding his hand to the meadow which Alice has decorated in purple and blue flowers, soft silk hanging around the now planted trees* *white chairs were sitting in rows* *the smell of lilies in the air* *the buzz of people of the Cullen family talking*

12/22/2013 #20 Report

Rosalie@All: *hanging up small balloons in purple and blue colors, smiling to herself*

12/22/2013 . Edited 12/22/2013 #21 Report
Blue Birdy934

Cameron: *Fiddles with his tie uncomfortably not really happy about being here or wearing the icthy suit but clutches his Dad's hand tightly and looking around at the rest of the family nervously and shyly, stepping slightly behind Jasper.*

Alfie: *Stood with his hands down at his sides, Aiden and Ralph at his sides both annoyed at the suits that he made them wear but they just smile and muck about when he isn't watching.* *Watching the other's arrive*

12/22/2013 #22 Report
A twillandbonnie

(*sigh* Probably have to. The turn out is somewhat good.)

12/22/2013 #23 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

Daphne: *in her room, getting ready with her wedding dress* --- Esme: *holding Eliza in her arms, smiling at as she inspect the decor* --- Carmen: *holding Suzanna and Lazarus*

12/22/2013 #24 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

(Eliza's Dress:

12/22/2013 #25 Report

Emmett@all: *using all of his will power so he wint go play with the kids, and run around*

12/22/2013 #26 Report

Rosalie@All: *finishes up with the hanging and walks back to the house, planning to get dressed*

12/22/2013 #27 Report
A twillandbonnie

Alice: *making sure everything is perfect for the wedding, inspecting it all as she shoots a smile towards Cam and Jasper*

Renee: *tells Daphne through the door as she looks out the window* Nearly everyone is here. Nearly. *smiles*

12/22/2013 #28 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

(someone be with the bride!!!)

Jasper@Alice/Rose: Don't mess that up Cam *says to him* Hey, *kisses Alice's hair* you both looking good *smiles* Have you seen Alex?

12/22/2013 #29 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

Daphne: *nods and took a deep breath* My wedding... My day. I can do it. Right Renee?

12/22/2013 #30 Report
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