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This topic Contains Information about Canon/Original Character/MUC Character Information.

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Canon Characters: (These Characters are right out from the Pages of Twilight, the source was Twilight Saga Wiki) The Olympic Coven,Quileute Wolf Pack, Volturi, Denali Coven, Egyptian Coven, Amazon Coven, Irish Coven, Romanian Coven, American Nomads, European Nomads, Mexican Coven, French Coven, Quileute Humans and Imprints, Humans,

MUC Characters: (These Characters were mentioned yet, had not played a Part in the series) German Coven, South African Coven, Australian Coven, Western Coven, Arctic Coven, Southern Nomads, Volturi Guard, hybrids, Children of the Moon, Quileute Shape Shifters, and other MUCs.

Original Characters (OC): (These Characters were made by Role Players and not mentioned in the book)

The Olympic Coven ***

*Isabella Marie Swan-Cullen

Bella was born on September 13, 1987 to Renée and Charlie Swan, a young couple living in the small town of Forks, Washington. Her parents divorced when she was only three months old, and Renée took Bella with her to Downey, California to live with her difficult grandmother before moving to Riverside after her mother got her educational degree and landed a job. When Bella was six years old, they moved to Phoenix, Arizona. During most of her childhood, she would visit her father in Forks for one month every summer, and spent time with Rachel Black, Rebecca Black and Jacob Black, the children of Charlie's best friend, Billy Black. Bella found the climate in Forks to be unpleasant, though, and from 2002 onwards, Charlie visited her in Phoenix, instead.

Bella briefly took piano lessons, which she complained about until her mother let her discontinue them, and owned a few pet fish. It is also known that she used to take ballet lessons in a studio near her house, and that she wasn't much good; she was always placed, to her relief, in the back at recitals. Bella never quite fit in with her peers in California or Arizona. She had always had the feeling of being out of place with people - even her mother, the one person she was closest to, due to their opposite personalities. At an early age, she took over most of the household responsibilities. When not being the adult, Bella preferred quiet pastimes like reading, in part because her extraordinary clumsiness discouraged more physical pursuits. Her naturally responsible nature carried over into her schoolwork, where Bella usually received A's. Renée's career was the one thing that Bella truly respected about her mother, and Bella planned to get a degree in education and follow in her mother's footsteps, though, rather than become an elementary-school teacher, she intended to teach at the high-school level instead.

When Bella noticed that Renée felt lonely due to the lack of romance in her life, she encouraged her mother to go on more dates. Eventually, Renée fell in love with and married a minor league baseball player named Phil Dwyer. While Phil traveled for his job, Renée stayed home with Bella; however, Bella, noticing her mother's unhappiness with this arrangement, chose to move in with her father in Forks, so that Renée could go on the road with Phil during baseball season, leading into the beginning of Twilight.

Bella is a vampire, and is a member of the Olympic Coven. She has the power of a mental shield, and is mated to Edward Cullen. After being changed she became extremely beautiful with even paler skin, straight waist-length hair, and golden eyes. She has a heart-shaped face with a wide forehead. Her eyes are large and widely spaced. Her nose is thin and her cheekbones are prominent. Her lips are a bit too full for her slim jaw line. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair and are straighter when they are arched. Bella has a small, crescent-shaped scar on her hand where she was bitten by James. Bella mostly prefers to wear shirts, jeans and sneakers everywhere she goes, as she lacks the interest of fashion.

Bella is quiet, hates being in the center of attention, and likes to keep thoughts and feelings to herself, but, at the same time, she is very kind-hearted. She has been very mature from a young age as a result of always caring for her mother, and hates to see the ones she loves in pain or danger; she'd do anything to keep them out of harm's way. Her style shows that she is a tomboy, insecure and not seeing the reason for fancy or expensive items. She isn't very skilled in communication or lying, but is very stubborn. Bella also has a brave side as well as a sarcastic sense of humor that is rarely seen.

Role Play History (Changes) : Bella, it was revealed had sex with Edward in Newmoon Before he left and she had a son, Edward Jacob. (EJ) but scared of raising him alone she gave him away, however Edward found out about this and was very angry and resentful. Though they made up a few weeks after their Fight. Bella also adopted a little abused girl named Esyle with Edward who has Cancer.

*Edward Anthony Masen-Cullen

Edward Anthony Masen was born on June 20, 1901 in Chicago. He is the only child of Edward and Elizabeth Masen. His father provided Edward with many advantages as a successful lawyer, including music lessons and the opportunity to attend private school; however, he and his father were rather emotionally distant due to his busy career that often drew him away from home for business. This absence was made up by his relationship with his mother; he was the center of her life.

Edward excelled at his studies and became an accomplished pianist. As he grew older, Edward became enamored with the life of a soldier. World War I raged during most of his adolescence, and Edward dreamed of joining the army as soon as he turned 18, saying that his love for his mother was the only thing that made him reluctant to the thought other than his underage. That changed, however, when he and his parents became sick with the Spanish Influenza in 1918. His father died in the first wave of the influenza. Edward's mother later contracted the Spanish Influenza and begged the doctor who was taking care of them, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, to do everything within his power to save her son. (Elizabeth: "You must do everything in your power. What others cannot do, that is what you must do for my Edward.") Carlisle acted on her wishes when Edward was near death himself. Shortly after Elizabeth died, Carlisle took Edward from the hospital, brought him to his house, and there changed him into a vampire.

Edward formed a deep bond with Carlisle, who became a father figure to him, gaining Edward's trust and love the way his natural father never had. It was Carlisle who first realized Edward's telepathic abilities; he noticed Edward answering questions that Carlisle had not asked aloud. Edward had always had a knack for reading people; after his transformation, this ability blossomed into a true psychic talent. In 1921, Edward gained a mother when Carlisle changed Esme into a vampire to save her life after her suicide attempt. Edward was still young enough to appreciate a mother's care, and Esme gave it to him.

Edward had a rebellious period at the beginning of his vampire life and left Carlisle and Esme in 1927. During his alone time, he used his mind reading ability to attack the worst people of society, thinking that, as long as he was serving justice, it would not matter that he was feeding on humans. His first victim was Esme's abusive ex-husband, Charles Evenson. A few years later, he regretted this decision and returned to Carlisle's family and their diet of animal blood in 1931. In 1933, Carlisle changed a would-be socialite named Rosalie Hale into a vampire after finding her left for dead by her fiance. Carlisle and Esme were sometimes concerned that he had no romance in his life, which was partly what prompted Carlisle to change Rosalie. However, as stunningly beautiful as Rosalie was, Edward could not stand her shallow and self-absorbed mind, and the two became nothing more than siblings, and weren't always on good terms. Emmett Cullen became Edward's adoptive brother when Rosalie found him near death from a bear attack in 1935. Already vampires, Jasper and Alice, sought out and found the Cullens in 1950, and adopted themselves into the family after both escaping their tragic pasts. The moment they arrived, Alice moved into Edward's room, much to his dismay.

When the Cullen family were living in Alaska, they encountered the Denali Coven, the only other group that shared their diet of animal blood. Tanya showed affection toward Edward, but he did not share that interest.

By 2005, he had attended several colleges and universities, earned two medical degrees and studied several subjects. With his natural parents both passed away, he inherited the Masen house in Chicago, and about every 50 years, he would inherit his family fortune from himself, pretending to be a new heir.

Edward is noted to be extremely attractive. Bella has often described his appearance as similar to the mythical Greek god, Adonis. His facial features are described as perfect and angular - high cheekbones, a strong jaw line, a straight nose and full lips. His untidy hair retains the unusual bronze shade that he inherited from his biological mother. His eyes are topaz unless he is thirsty; then they darken to black. Edward stands at 6'2", and has a thin and lanky but muscular body, remaining frozen physically at 17 years old, though he is technically over a hundred.

Edward is usually described as brooding, stubborn, and sometimes pessimistic, but also very kind, polite, sometimes charming and compassionate. He always puts Bella's safety, humanity and welfare before anything else, and goes to great lengths to protect her from what he sees as danger. Edward is also a bit of a romantic at heart. He often over analyzes situations and has a tendency to overreact, especially in situations where Bella's safety is potentially at risk. He retains some of the traditional mindset and outdated speech from his human life in the early 20th century. Edward puts his free time to great use. Since vampires don't sleep, he employs the night hours reading books and studying languages, science, business and music, becoming a virtuoso on the piano he owns in his house. Edward enjoys listening to a wide range of music, though he mostly enjoys music from the 50s. He has a gift of mind reading. He is mated to Bella Swan and is married to her.

Role Play History (Changes): Edward had sex with Bella before he left, resulting the birth of Edward Jacob, whom Edward didn't know about. When he did he fetl very resentful and hateful towards his son and Bella for a while though he excepted him. He also loves a little girl names Esyle whom he rescued. and he adopted Esyle as well.

*Emmett Dale McCarty-Cullen

Emmett McCarty was born in 1915 and grew up in the small town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, part of a large Scotch-Irish family. He had what his parents considered to be a wild adolescence, never one to worry about consequences and preferring to gamble, drink, and womanize. However, he was a loving child of his family who always kept them supplied with game. He worked on the railroad with his older brothers in Gatlinburg.

Emmett was changed into a vampire by Carlisle Cullen in 1935, two years after Rosalie Hale had been changed. When Rosalie came across him, Emmett was being mauled by a black bear in the mountains of Tennessee. He had nearly died from the attack, but Rosalie saved him and carried him over a hundred miles back to Carlisle. Rosalie was noted as saying that it took nearly all her strength not to kill him. She also said that she brought him to Carlisle so that he, with his stronger endurance to human blood, could save Emmett, being afraid that she would kill him, instead. Emmett describes this experience as "being saved by an angel who brought him to God". Many years later, Rosalie confessed to Bella that she saved Emmett from dying because his innocent look, dimples, and curly hair had reminded her of her best friend, Vera's child, Henry, and that ever since the day she saw the baby, she had always wanted a child of her own that would be just like him. While going through the change, Carlisle attempted to inject painkillers into his system to numb the pain, but the venom burned it out before it could spread.

Emmett is described as being very tall, very muscular, and very intimidating. Standing at 6'8, he is the tallest of the Cullens, towering over Alice by two feet. His strength gives him a rather filled out form, but he is not regarded as being overweight, just muscular. His height helps spread out his weight. He is described as very handsome, with dimples and short-cut black hair. Like the rest of his family, he has pale skin and golden eyes that darken to black as he becomes thirsty. He wears a band with the Cullen crest on his wrist.

Emmett was born in December of 1915. His loyalty is with the Olympic coven and he doesn't necessarily have a power, but is known to be much stronger than your average vampire. He was imprinted on by Jordan Uley-McCarty, and has married her on August 22nd, 2007. Emmett is basically a confident, fun-loving jokester. Outwardly, Emmett is very intimidating with his deep, loud voice, impossible strength, fighting skills, and love of action. Emmett is very impulsive as far as his instincts go, but he is also optimistic--he is always the one to be cracking a joke in the middle of a serious situation, never worrying about little threats. He is mated to Rosalie Hale and married her several time.

Role Play History (Changes): None Yet

*Rosalie Lillian Hale

Rosalie Lillian Hale was born in Rochester, New York, in early 1915; she had two younger brothers, a housewife for a mother, and her father worked at a bank. Her father's job helped keep the family wealthy during the Great Depression. She was born beautiful and constantly praised, making her vain and self-centered as a result. Her parents took pride in her looks, which she enjoyed. She also enjoyed her father's pleasure in buying her beautiful clothes, her girlfriends' envy, and the admiration of every man she passed. The result of all this attention was that Rosalie was self-absorbed, shallow, and materialistic. However, unlike her social-climbing parents, who always wanted more out of life despite their already elevated status, Rosalie was just happy in the knowledge that she was Rosalie Hale, and that she was very beautiful.

One day, Rosalie's mother had her dress up to deliver her father's forgotten lunch to his job, in the hopes that the son of the bank's owner would take notice of Rosalie, and it worked. Royce King II sent roses to Rosalie and, after making a comment that her eyes were like violets, Rosalie began receiving them, too. Their relationship was solely based on physical attraction, as Royce was often too busy at the bank. They became engaged and one week before the wedding, Rosalie visited her good friend Vera, who Rosalie envied for her baby boy, Henry. At one point, when Vera's husband kissed her, Rosalie finally noticed the lack of love in her relationship with Royce that was so obvious in Vera's. While walking home, shaken by her thoughts about her loveless relationship, Rosalie stumbled across her drunken fiancée and his equally drunk friends; Royce bragged about his fiancé's beauty, which eventually led to Rosalie being brutally gang beaten before being left in the street to die.

Rosalie was found by Carlisle Cullen, the scent of blood having attracted him to the dying girl. He carried her to a room where he turned her into a vampire, worsening the pain she was already in. She awoke to the voices of the Cullens arguing with Carlisle about him saving Rosalie. Edward Cullen was unhappy with the idea that Carlisle had changed her in the hopes that she could be his mate. Rosalie was furious at Edward's rejection, even despite her own lack of feelings for him as well. Her vanity still needed feeding and she was surprised and hurt that Edward didn't seem attracted to her. Upon seeing her reflection, Rosalie's unhappy mood increased with her now improved vampiric beauty. Rosalie soon avenged her death by killing Royce's friends. Having saved Royce for last, Rosalie donned a bridal gown for dramatic effect and found him locked in a windowless room with a thick, vault-like door guarded by two men. Killing the guards, Rosalie entered the room where she tortured Royce to death. Though she killed seven men, she was very careful to not spill even the smallest drop of their blood, knowing that she wouldn't be able to resist. After her transformation, Rosalie became a permanent member of the Cullen family. Carlisle had intended for Edward and Rosalie to be like he and Esme were, but Edward only loved Rosalie as a sister.

Two years after her transformation, in 1935, Rosalie stumbled across a young man named Emmett McCarty being mauled by a bear outside of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Emmett's features reminded her of Vera's young son Henry, and, as such, Rosalie chose to rescue the dying man. Rosalie resisted the urge to drink Emmett's blood and carried him over one hundred miles to Carlisle, who turned him into a vampire. Edward had once told Bella that they were always together, and it was hard to be in a five mile radius of them. The pair would marry often and sometimes lived separate from the rest of their adopted family so as to live as a newlywed couple. In 1937, while living in Forks, they were discovered by Ephraim Black's pack of shape shifters. To secure both sides, the Cullens and the pack made a treaty: they shall not attack or expose the Cullens unless they bite a human or cross over to the Quileute traditional lands. They moved away sometime after the agreement was made.

By 1950, the family welcomed two new additions, Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale. Due to their similar features, Rosalie and Jasper would often play the role of biological siblings, twins, who had been adopted by Carlisle and Esme Cullen. During the long decades of her life, Rosalie developed a passion for collecting cars, akin to her adopted brother, Edward, and is a brilliant mechanic, even though she had never practiced those skills in her human life. She has attended several high schools and universities, earned degrees in electrical engineering, business, and astrophysics, and has also studied medicine, to help Carlisle keep up-to-date with the latest advances.

Rosalie is a very self-centered, temperamental woman. She is beautiful and knows it, and thinks of herself as royalty. Her temper is short and she snaps often. She had been depressed at her vampire life and would trade anything to be human.

Rosalie is described as being the most beautiful person in the world, as she is astoundingly gorgeous, even for a vampire. She is statuesque, with an elegant figure similar to a model's. She has long, blonde, wavy hair that goes down to the middle of her back. Her eyes are golden. Rosalie was born in 1915 and is the mate of Emmett Cullen.

Role Play History (Changes): None yet

*Alice "Mary Alice" Brandon-Cullen

lice was born into a middle-class home in Biloxi, Mississippi, in 1901. Her father was a jeweler and a pearl trader. Alice's mother tended to their home, while her father traveled often. Alice has had premonitions of the future ever since she was a child, although they weren't always correct. Though she rarely spoke of her power, people talked a lot during her adolescent years. On two occasions, she tried to warn a friend and a cousin with her predictions, but they refused to listen and when the predictions came true, she was blamed for cursing them, earning her the epithets of "witch" and "changeling" from the townsfolk.

Alice had a horrifying vision of her mother being murdered by a stranger, and tried to warn her about it. Though she believed her, her father did not. After months of precautions with nothing serious happening, her mother put her guard down, and was eventually killed. While Alice saw it happen, and tried to explained that it was murder, it was declared accidental and her father silenced her.

Within six months, her father remarried a blonde Yankee from Illinois whose father was a promising customer. Alice's stepmother treated her coldly, while idolizing her sister, Cynthia. Alice suspected that the marriage and her mother's murder were all planned, and carried out by, her father who raged at her for suggesting ill of his new wife.

Then, Alice had a vision of her father and her mother's killer planning to kill her, revealing the true face of her father. She tried to hide in her closest relatives' house, but they drove her away as they still blamed her for the death of their son. Alice then rushed to the town's marshal, but her father was already one step ahead of her. He told the townsfolk that his daughter had gone mad, and had her trapped in a mental asylum two counties away.

While in the asylum, her head was shaved during the threat of typhoid outbreak. She also endured electroshock therapy, which rendered her with total amnesia, but it also restored her naturally cheerful and humorous self. A vampire, who worked at the asylum, befriended Alice, and treated her like a daughter. He also frequently visited her with objects hidden in his hands, to test her powers, and shielded her from other horrifying treatments as best as he was able to.

One day, she had a vision of a powerful tracker named James coming after her, which occurred the moment he caught her faint scent. The vampire immediately bit her, took her away and went to distract James, sacrificing himself in the process. When James finally found her, her blood was already fully turned and he decided to let her live a savaged existence to see how she might turn out in the future. When she woke up, the pain of the venom erased all of her memories, just like the shocking treatments did. But her premonitions were also intensified and her first vision was of Jasper Whitlock becoming her mate and of a happy future with the Cullen family.

She and Bella are the only two people to ever escape James. Unlike most of her adoptive family members, she developed a conscience on her own, which kept her from feeding on humans, though her success was sporadic. Knowing that she and Jasper would join the Cullen family in the future, she started practicing a vegetarian lifestyle while waiting for Jasper to show up.

In 1948, she had waited for him to arrive at an empty diner in Philadelphia, by now, her self-control is comparable to the Cullens'. She was very excited when he finally arrived, and Jasper reciprocated her feelings very quickly. In 1950, they joined the Cullens' coven and got married sometime after.

Alice had come to love everyone in her adopted family, but grew increasingly fond of Edward, who understood her burdens of being able to see the future.

Alice is the shortest of the Cullens at 4'10. She's described as "thin in the extreme" with small, "pixie-like" features. She is also described to have large eyes and long, delicate eyebrows. Her hair is cropped short, spiky, and inky black. She moves gracefully, continually cited as dancing, with a carriage that would "break any ballerina's heart", as described by Bella.

Alice was born in 1901, has the power of seeing the future, is loyal to the Olympic coven, and mated to Jasper.

Alice is optimistic, usually ignoring other's advice and doing things her own way. She is always guided by her visions. She's also very into music and fashion things, and treats money like it's paper. Alice is generally friendly when there is no threat and is very close to her adoptive brother, Edward. She likes to joke and laugh, but she doesn't give up when she wants something; she'll even beg or bribe if she has to. Alice is rarely in a sour mood and usually is very, very energetic and quirky. However, Alice is not hyper and immature; she is very bright.

Role Play History (Changes): Alice was one of the main causes of the issues with Renesmee, Alec, and Alfie due to a flaw in a vision, but she has supported Renesmee through it all, defending anyone she chose. She found a young deaf boy named Cameron in the woods whom she and Jasper adopted. She is very protective of him and worries about him terribly when things tend to go wrong including forming a short lived acquaintanceship with Kayto Whitlock in exchange for him bringing her son back though it was short lived and she fought to kill with him in the Newborn Battle. She has learned to cook for Cameron and tries her best to be a good mother.

*Jasper Dean Whitlock-Hale-Cullen

Jasper Whitlock was the youngest major in the Confederate Army in Texas (having joined the army before he turned 17)He had a line of sibilings. Renee and Aeryn, whom he was very close to, until he was turned into a vampire by Maria and two other female vampires, Lucy and Nettie, who had recently lost their respective territories. Maria used him and other newborns to reclaim her place and later claim dominance over others. Nettie and Lucy were later destroyed by Jasper when they tried to rebel against Maria. Jasper and Maria seemingly shared a short romantic relationship, but she never got over her first mate. When Jasper became a vampire, he gained the ability to feel, and manipulate, people's emotions, which was very useful in controlling the younger newborns. Jasper commanded Maria's newborn army that participated in the Southern vampire wars. Since Maria wouldn't keep vampires that proved themselves useless after their first year, Jasper was responsible for the disposal of them, which he did feel remorse for. While in the army, he befriended a newborn named Peter, whom he persuaded Maria to keep.

When Peter ran off with Charlotte, a newborn that they were supposed to kill, Jasper let them go. After a few years living as nomads in the Northern U.S, Peter and Charlotte came back and told Jasper about the way vampires could coexist in the North, and he left with them. A few years later, he left their company, as he was still unhappy, since he could feel everything his human victims were feeling while he killed them. He tried to kill less often, but the thirst always grew overwhelming. He was also reeling from his years with Maria, which had almost turned him into a savage.

Later in 1948, he ran into a diner in Philadelphia and met Alice Cullen. At first, he was puzzled by her happy behavior and treatment of him as if they were close friends, but nevertheless, her joyful emotions impacted him greatly. As it turned out, she had been waiting for him. When she held out her hand, he took it, and felt an unfamiliar emotion for the first time: hope.

She also told him about the ability to survive off of animal instead of human blood, as well as their future with Carlisle Cullen and his family. He didn't know such a thing could exist, but he followed her. With the help of Alice's 'sight', they searched for the Cullens, and eventually joined them in 1950. Sometime after that, he and Alice married. When he joined the Cullen family, Jasper changed his surname of Whitlock to his adoptive sister Rosalie's surname of "Hale," and poses as her twin, due to their physical similarities. Out of the whole coven, Jasper has the hardest time being around humans, due to his untrained upbringing as a young vampire in an army environment. He was not taught to control, or how to regulate, his blood lust, and this imperfection continues throughout the next 50 years.

Maria sought him out when they were in Calgary. The encounter prompted the family to move again, and Jasper politely asked Maria to keep her distance, because he was in no interest of rejoining her coven and lifestyle.

Throughout his time with the Cullens, he has attended high school and university many times, and earned degrees in history and philosophy.

Sometime in the 1980s, he started doing business with a lawyer who forged illegal documents, to help his family provide new identity certificates. After the lawyer retired, his apprentice, J. Jenks, took over.

Jasper is 6'2" and has golden, honey blond hair. He is muscular, but lean. Like the other Cullens, he has pale, marble-like skin and inhumane beauty. He has golden eyes, like all vegetarian vampires, which turn darker as he grows thirstier. He has many crescent-shaped scars on his body, face, neck and jaw from the bites of vampires. The white scars are invisible to humans unless contrasted by a strong light, but when viewed by a vampire they are said to be his most dominant feature, causing him to appear very dangerous.

Jasper was born in 1844. He's loyal to the Olympic coven. His mate is Alice and he has the power of empathy.

Jasper has a military mindset, and therefore he outwardly is cold to strangers. Inwardly, Jasper is actually a Southern gentleman; very polite, calm, and generally a good person. His power is normally not abused, and is used to calm tense situations. Jasper is very formal and doesn't put up with joking in serious situations. He's very protective of his family, and even more of Alice. He's very open to her, and completely in love with her. While he tends to be a good person, Jasper has the least self-control and has a harder time to control himself around humans. This makes him feel guilty, and he feels smug when another has the same hard time with blood.

Role Play History (Changes): Jasper adopted a son named Cameron, who was deaf. He lives Cameron very much and is very protective towards him. and adores that he loves War as much as he does and spends time teaching him things. He also learned to cook cuz' of Cameron and is now quite comfortable with Human blood around him. He met his old 'friend' Maria. Maria and Kayto led a battle against the Cullens. and he Killed Maria with the help of his sister Renee.

*Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle Cullen was the son of an Anglican pastor, born in 1640's London, England, during a time of religious upheaval. His father and other pastors hunted creatures such as witches, werewolves, and vampires, often mistaking humans for them. As his father grew older, Carlisle assumed his role. One night, he was attacked by a vampire, and left to die on the streets. Knowing that he would be rejected by society, he hid himself and silently endured the painful transformation, emerging as a vampire. Horrified by what he had become, he tried killing himself in many different ways, but all failed, due to his power. One night, unable to endure hunger any longer, he fed upon some passing deer. Subsequently realizing that he could avoid feeding on humans, he committed himself to resisting his blood lust, and to his medical studies, holding a dream of becoming a doctor. For a short time, Carlisle lived with the Volturi, though he eventually left and traveled to the New World. While treating patients with the Spanish Influenza, he met an ill woman, Elizabeth Masen, who begged him to save her dying son, Edward. Out of loneliness, Carlisle transformed Edward into a vampire, and Edward became his companion. Soon after, in 1921, Carlisle moved to Ashland, Wisconsin where he treated Esme after her failed suicide attempt, brought on by her infant son's death. Carlisle felt compelled to save her, and transformed her into a vampire, subsequently falling in love with, and later marrying, her. Carlisle then transformed Rosalie Hale, a young woman nearly killed by her drunken fiancé and his friends in Rochester, New York, and left in the street to die. Later, while hunting, Rosalie found a young man named Emmett who had been mauled by a bear, and carried him over 100 miles to Carlisle. Carlisle then transformed Emmett, since Rosalie was unwilling to do it herself, fearing her blood lust would overwhelm her. After Carlisle changed Emmett, Carlisle and his family moved to Hoquiam, Washington where the Quileute Native American tribe offered the Cullens a treaty: the Quileutes would leave them alone if the Cullen family never attacked any humans or trespassed on Quileute land. The Cullens agreed and lived in relative peace until they had to move on. Between the Cullens' first and second stay in Washington, Alice and Jasper joined his coven as well, having found Carlisle on their own. Throughout the books, Carlisle works as a doctor, acting as the coven leader and offering medical advice.

Carlisle is described as looking like a model, and it's said when he smiles it looks as bright as the sun. He has collar-length blond hair, is 6'0", with a well-toned, medium frame, and had been 23 when he had been changed. He is described as having the dazzling good looks of a movie star and Charlie said that many nurses cannot concentrate on their work while he is around. But as soon as Carlisle was settled and married to Esme, Charlie said that the admiration was quickly hushed in the hospital. Carlisle is slight, but muscular, and has a slight English accent from his youth, but can speak with a flawless American accent.

Carlisle was born 1643. He is loyal to the Olympic coven, which he leads. He is mated to Esme.

Carlisle's most prominent personality traits are his compassion and self control. He is very family motivated and loves his family. Carlisle is also very patient and non-judgmental. He has a passion for collecting art, reading, and studying medicine. He also is very curious about the unknown, such as the genetic makeup of the Quileute tribe. His peaceful and accepting nature has allowed him to make many friends easily.

Role Play History (Changes) : He and Esme now have a daughter as a result of Ethan (who has the power to create People, though it takes a lot of his energy) Eliza, she is the biological daughter of Carlisle and Esme.

*Esme Anne Platt-Cullen

Esme Anne Platt was born in 1895. She grew up in a farm on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio, where she had a very happy childhood. As a teenager, her playful, mischievous nature often got her into trouble. She met Dr. Carlisle Cullen for the first time when she was 16 years old, after falling off a tree and breaking her leg. He moved out of town not long after that, but Esme never forgot the kind doctor with whom she had gotten along so well. After initially wanting to move West to become a school teacher, she was pressured by her parents to stay and marry. At the age of 22, in an attempt to please her parents, she married Charles Evenson, but she soon realized her husband was an abusive man. Her family urged her to keep quiet about the abuse, and Esme had no choice but to endure it. Much to her relief, her husband was drafted during World War I, finally giving her some peace. Esme enjoyed a happy period of time while Charles was away, but Charles returned in 1919, the abuse returning with him. Sometime after his return, Esme found out that she was pregnant. Not wanting her child to grow up in such a dangerous home, she ran away to her cousin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When Charles found out her whereabouts, she ran away again, this time to Ashland, and posed as a war widow. In order to support herself, she became a school teacher, temporarily fulfilling her childhood dream. The child was born in 1921, only to die a few days later from lung fever. Esme was devastated. After the baby's death, Esme felt that she no longer had any reason to live, and attempted suicide by jumping off a cliff. When she was found, her condition was so bad that they didn't even attempt to revive her. She was immediately brought to the morgue, although her heart was still beating faintly. Dr. Cullen was working in the area at the time, and recognized her as the happy, beautiful young girl he treated 10 years earlier. Esme regained consciousness in excruciating pain, but she was happy to see Carlisle again. In order to save her life, Carlisle decided to change her into a vampire. When Esme first woke up from her transformation, Carlisle explained what happened and that he turned her into a vampire in order to save her life. To his surprise, Esme was not upset with his act and she easily accepted her new life. Esme and Carlisle later fell in love and got married. The real challenges for her was the blood lust, and she had lost control of her thirst a few times. In time, Rosalie and Emmett were transformed by Carlisle as well, and Alice and Jasper joined the family, becoming her surrogate children, though Esme has a special place in her heart for Edward, because he was the first of her adoptive children.

She is described as being 5'6" with billows of gently waving, caramel-colored hair. Her face is heart-shaped with dimples, and her figure is described as slender, but rounded as she was changed not long after giving birth to her son. Esme also described as having a warm, compassionate look to her face as well as the natural vampire features.

Esme was born in 1895. She is loyal to the Olympic Coven and mated to Carlisle.

Esme is an extremely warm individual - never having any negative thoughts towards another being - who is gifted with the ability to love the people around her passionately. She has always had strong maternal instincts, which is why she is able to open her heart so easily to her adoptive children and to Bella. Esme is very family motivated, and loves Carlisle, as well her adoptive children and the people close to them, dearly. She is very protective of them, and is even affectionate towards the pack for keeping a treaty between their kind and her family. She is described as being as intelligent as her husband, and a very kind and gentle person. Esme is very creative and artistic, and enjoys renovating old properties.

Role Play History (Changes): Esme has a daughter names Eliza.

The Quileute Tribe ***

*Jacob Black

Jacob Black was born to Billy and Sarah Black. Unfortunately, his mother, Sarah, died in a tragic car crash when he was nine years old, although Jacob never speaks of it. He has two older sisters, Rachel and Rebecca Black. Rebecca married a man named Solomon Sinfar and moved to Hawaii, while Rachel went off to college, but returned after graduation. He knew Bella from the summers that she came to Charlie's.

Jacob is said to be extremely handsome with dark good looks, raven-black hair, russet skin and deep-set, dark brown eyes. He is of Native American descent and used to have a childish look to his face, but, around the time when he started to phase, his body grew tremendously thick, toned and muscular, similar to that of a serious bodybuilder, though balanced by his height at 6'4 so that he doesn't look out of proportion. His face has hardened and aged slightly to make him appear fully mature and serious. As a wolf, Jacob is 9'10, has russet brown fur, and dark, intelligent eyes. He is very sunny and charming.

He was born on January 14th, 1990. He had a crush on Bella but realized it was pointless when he saw the Bella and Edward had True Love. He fought alongside the Cullens to fight off the Volturi, he... even though is an Alpha takes his duties seriously, and thinks of every Vampire as a leech and a threat to his tribe. He

Role Play History (Changes): He did NOT imprint on Nessie, therefore he has no Romantic feelings for her now. He just loves her as a sister and protective of her. He is now very laid back.

*Sam Uley

Sam is described as having long, rounded muscles, a very deep voice, an older face, copper skin, cropped black hair, and brown eyes. Like the other werewolves in human form, Sam is described as being quite tall, a little over 6'0. As a wolf, Sam is described as having black fur. He is quiet as a shadow, 8'0, but more muscular with dagger-like incisors and his eyes take on a more dark blue hue.

He was born in 1976 and imprinted on Emily Young-Uley. His pack status is fifth rank, and he was the former alpha though he doesn't have superior power over the pack any longer. Sam is very mature and thinks things through carefully, planning out things for the better of the pack and his family. He's tough, but caring and loves his family/pack and friends. At the same time, Sam can struggle and make rash decisions in times of potential threats, which might have triggered his stepping down of alpha.

Sam was raised on the Quileute reservation by his mother, Allison Uley. The stress of providing for a family was too much for his father, who left when Sam was very young. Sam took on most of what should have been his father's responsibilities, and as a result he was always very mature for his age. He had been taught the old werewolf legends about his great-grandfather, Levi Uley, but like everyone else of his generation, Sam believed they were myths.

When he was a senior in high school, Sam dated Leah Clearwater. He became the first of his generation to phase into a wolf. Having no idea what had happened to him and struck by panic, he hid deep in the forest for 2 weeks. Finally, he calmed down enough that he turned back into a human while he slept. He snuck home and told no one about his experience. He wouldn't talk to his mother or to Leah, he believed that he'd gone insane and was having delusions.

He lived in fear of another transformation until Quil Ateara III stopped by to see Allison and happened to shake Sam's hand. Old Quil had been taught to recognize the signs of a werewolf who has already phased, or is about to. Sam's high temperature and recently unexplained disappearance made the situation clear to Old Quil. That night, Old Quil, Billy Black and Harry Clearwater went to Sam's house and invited him to a council meeting and explained what they knew had happened to him and that everything that he had thought were myths were really facts, some members of their tribe have the power to transform into werewolves and that there are real vampires. The appearance of the Cullen family was the cause of his transformation. After that, he took his responsibility toward the tribe very seriously. Though everything became clear, he had trouble controlling his newfound powers. When Jared Cameron and Paul Lahote started phasing, he took the responsibility of explaining and teaching them how to control their powers. They bonded through shared experience and mutual secrecy.

His relationship with his mother and Leah became more difficult because he couldn't give away any information about what had happened to him. His relationship with Leah was strained, but not broken. When Leah's cousin, Emily Young, came to town for a visit, Sam was asked to stop by their house to hang out. He had already met Emily several times, and liked her very much. However, when he met her for the first time after he phased, he imprinted on her the moment he looked into her eyes. Fighting the urge to be near Emily, he left without a word. That night, he went to the Clearwaters' house and broke up with Leah without explanation, though he was consumed with painful guilt of breaking Leah's heart. Though she was devastated, she hoped for the future, but he told her to give up on him.

Then Sam spent 2 days waiting for Emily to return to her home in Neah Bay. He forced himself to stay away while she was with Leah, determined to keep from hurting Leah anymore than was absolutely possible. Emily was surprised to see Sam, having heard about the breakup. She was horrified when he explained that he had broken up with Leah in order to be with her. He obeyed when she told him to leave, but didn't stay away for long. Eventually, he told her all his secrets and even phased in front of her. At that point, she had no choice but to believe, but she still couldn't accept his feelings for her. However, she didn't order him to leave and never come back. So he returned, and they continued to argue. Emily wanted him to go back to Leah and try to make it work, but Sam didn't want to hurt Leah anymore.

As time passed, Emily began to spend time with Sam, letting him tell her everything from the dangers of vampires to the legends of the tribe, and was even introduced to other members of his wolf pack. But then she heard rumors about her behavior and realized what it looked like to Leah. She then ordered Sam to stay away from her and go back to Leah. Although he could agree to stay away, he couldn't agree to be with Leah again; he did not want to hurt her further by pretending. Emily, though aware of his pure caring for Leah's well-being, shoved him away and called him a liar, saying that he was running away from his responsibilities just like his father had. Hearing Joshua's name caused Sam to accidentally phase, his restraining hand turning into claws and raking down her face and right arm. Sam, believing that he had killed the woman that he loved, became frantic and could not calm himself to phase back. Jared was able to hear him in wolf form and contacted Paul and Sue Clearwater, who was a nurse and aware of the tribe's secrets. They managed to get Emily to the nearest hospital. To keep their secret safe, they told the doctor that Emily had been mauled by a bear. It took time for Sam to calm down and become human again, though he was still burned by pain. Jared kept him updated on Emily's condition, which was not critical. The next afternoon, Jared told Sam that Emily was asking for him. Sam went into Emily's hospital room and saw her face covered with bandages. They both knew that she was scarred for life. Sam asked her to tell him to kill himself so that he could escape the misery; he couldn't commit suicide without knowing for certain that this was what she wanted. But Emily had asked him to visit because she knew how horrified he would be and how unintentional his action had been. She didn't want him to blame himself for what was truly an accident. She had already forgiven him. She also had realized, as she lay there in the hospital, that the one person she really wanted there with her was Sam, as she felt lonely and incomplete without him.

Sam never completely forgave himself, but he put those feelings aside as much as possible to make Emily happy. Emily no longer fought her feelings. Though Leah was furious with them, their relationship progressed easily as they found it effortless to be close both emotionally and physically.

Role Play History (Changes): None Yet.

*Jared Cameron

Jared is described as being at least 6 feet tall, having impressive muscles, red-brown skin, brown eyes, and cropped black hair. He has full, light lips and a crooked smile. As a wolf, Jared is described as having brown hair, being gigantic, and also is said to have short, but thick, brown fur. His wolf stands at 9'5 exactly.

He is the beta of the pack. He imprinted on Kim, and was born in the 1980's. Jared is a gambler and makes many bets. He is joking and light-hearted, but with many events his personality has also shown a rash temperamental side. He is sensitive at hard times, especially when it involves Kim, his daughters, or the wolves he's close with. Jared is focused with his responsibilities in the pack and works hard

. *Paul Lahote

Paul is known to be tall, at least 6'0, and very muscular, with brown eyes, black hair, and of course, russet skin. His eyes are also slightly narrowed and his lips are almost constantly in a smirk. His wolf form is silver, a little thicker than most other wolves. He's tall and usually has a focused, angry look on his face; threatening like a snake about to strike. His wolf stands at 8'0.

Paul was born in 1989. He is rank 6 in the pack and has imprinted on Rachel Black. Paul can be kind of annoying at times, as he's cocky and dominating, along with his temper. Paul's temper shows a lot and is hard for him to control other than when he is around Rachel. In the company of the pack, Paul is fun loving and sometimes even childish. Paul knows his place in the pack and is usually rather smug about his dominance even though he isn't very controlling. Paul hates vampires guts which is why he jumps at any chance to get into a fight.

Paul Lahote was born in Tacoma. When his parents divorced (Paul was eight), his father took him back to La Push, back to the tribe. He still lives there with his father. He wasn't close to either Sam or Jared, though he was in the same year of school as Jared. He changed into a shape-shifter after Sam and Jared, about the age of sixteen. He had his own circle of friends, so when he abruptly stopped hanging out with them and instead became inseparable from Sam, it drew attention. Since he was temperamental as a human, he had a hard time controlling himself and frequently phased by accident, which forced Sam to stay close to him to keep his transformation from attracting notice.

After Emily was injured by Sam, Paul began to take his temper problems more seriously and improved somewhat, though he still found control more difficult than the others.

*Leah Clearwater

Leah as a human is described as beautiful in an exotic way. She has perfect copper skin and eyelashes "like feather dusters", and being around 5'10". She wears her sleek black hair in a short pixie cut after phasing, for the same reasons that the males shave their heads: long hair means longer fur. Her wolf form is light, dusty gray, and slim with a feminine build. Her wolf stands at 7'0.

Leah was born in 1986. Leah is rank 10 and is the fastest wolf in the pack. Leah is nearly always bitter and has a short temper, phasing often around every species, although when she sees vampires she does her best to ignore them until they come close to the river/treaty line, then she will chase them off. She often reminds the pack of things they don't want to think about, though most is directed to Sam. She shows acceptable loyalty to them and protectiveness over her brother. Leah can be competitive and shows a smile every now and then, but is usually bitter and also is not completely able to trust a man again—.

As children, Leah was very close to her cousin, Emily Young. As a freshman in high school, Leah began dating, and then fell in love with, Sam Uley. They were involved in a serious relationship for three years. During her senior year of high school, Sam disappeared and Leah's life was thrown into upheaval. Two weeks later, Sam reappeared, but gave no explanation for his absence, and from that time forward he was a changed person. Leah tried to give him space to resolve his problem.

When Emily came to La Push for a visit, Sam saw her for the first time since his disappearance and he imprinted on her immediately. That same night, he went to Leah and broke up with her, and later Emily told her that Sam was pursuing her. She became furious with him and relied on Emily's rejection. But when Emily and Sam became a couple, she turned completely bitter and blamed them both for her pain.

Role Play History (Changes): She Imprinted on Cameron Lane. (Jasper and Alice's adoptive son) who is still 5 years old. the Imprint shocked some of the Cullens and Jasper doesn't like this though as long as Cam is happy he would be fine. The Relationship is like what Quil and Claire used to have.

*Seth Clearwater

Seth Clearwater was born as the son of Harry and Sue Clearwater and younger brother of Leah Clearwater in October of 1992. Seth is rank 9 in the pack, with the best hearing out of all the wolves. Seth has a gangly build, standing at 5'10, with typical Quileute a cropped black hair, copper skin, brown eyes, finished off with a huge, happy grin. As a wolf, Seth remains tall and gangly, and has sandy colored fur. His eyes are still dark, but a little brighter than others. His ears seem to be more perky. His wolf stands at 7'5.

Seth is one of the more upbeat wolves of the pack, generally being very cheerful and energetic. He's childish, and sometimes very emotional, being one of the softer wolves of the pack. He idolizes Jacob Black, wanting to turn into the man he's become, and does all he can to please the four high ranks, following orders without question which makes him one of the most loyal wolves in the pack. He's also self-assured and determined when given even the smallest task to take care of it in a heartbeat. Seth is very fond of Edward and Bella, thinks the Cullens are very Interesting. Seth doesn't like to kill, but when there is a threat near (whether it's a vampire coming too close to the borders or something chasing after a human that can't defend itself) Seth doesn't hesitate or question to attack and help the pack get rid of the threat to keep things safe. Seth isn't very violent, but with the few years of experience, he can be hostile and persistent enough to force any threats to go running when necessary.

Seth was born and grew up in La Push with his family. As a child, he has always been happy, optimistic and purely kind. His parents had always known that he had werewolf genes of the Black, Ateara and Uley family lines, and would someday become a shape-shifter to protect their tribe from vampires.

*Embry Call

As a human, Embry is described as being tall and slender with russet skin, almost rounded muscles, cropped black hair and brown eyes. He has a slightly dimpled chin. He also has three long trails of scars from his chest down his front that are healed, but still remain. In wolf form, he is described as having gray fur with black spots with a thin face, and has the same eye color. The black strip on his muzzle sets him apart from the rest of the pack. His wolf stands at 7'5.

Embry was born in 1990. He is rank 7 and has the best sense of smell in the pack. Embry is usually quiet and shy. He is playful, but also reserved. Around the pack, he bets with the other wolves, and is always up for a challenge. He gets upset when those he is close to are harmed, and is caring to all of them.

Embry's mother, Tiffany Call, was a woman from the Makah tribe who moved to La Push when she was pregnant with him, and it was assumed that she had left his father with the Makah. Some time during his early life, Embry became friends with Quil and Jacob, remaining close to them throughout their teenage years.

*Quil Ateara V

Quil is described as being 6'0, being shorter than Embry, but a little "beefy" when compared to other wolves, with brown eyes, dark skin, black hair, an impish grin, and a buzz cut. In wolf form, his wolf stands at 7'5 with chocolate brown fur and lighter fur on his face and the same eyes.

Quil was born in 1990. He imprinted on Claire Young and is rank 8 in the pack. Quil is serious, but likes to joke around. He rants a lot around vampires and tends to ramble at times. Quil also is caring and careful in everything he does and is very loyal to the tribe and pack. He Imprinted on Emily's Two-year-Old Niece Claire Young, and is very Protective towards her.

Quil was born and raised in La Push. His father, Quil Ateara IV, died in a storm when he was a child, leaving his mother, Joy, to raise him on her own. She had the help of her father-in-law, Quil Ateara III. His grandfather had always been aware of his grandson's legacy and potential destiny. Quil grew up as best friends with Embry Call and cousin, Jacob Black.

*Brady Fuller

Brady is just under 6 feet tall at 5'11, with curly short black hair, russet skin, and nearly black eyes. His wolf is one of the smaller ones at 7'0, with a younger looking face and ash-brown fur that almost looks grey.

Brady was born in 1993. He is rank 11 in the pack. Brady phased young, but was serious about the pack. He dedicated time and loyalties to the pack. He can be somewhat of a flirt, but also hostile when needed.

Brady was born and raised in La Push, Washington. He is assumed to have been friends with Collin Littlesea for a very long time.

*Collin Littlesea

Collin is the exact same height as Brady at 5'11, with slightly spiky black hair, russet skin, and brown eyes. In wolf form, he has reddish brown fur with darker markings. He's a just a tiny bit shorter than Brady, standing a little below 7'0, but looks more intimidating.

He was born in 1993. In the pack, Collin is rank 12. He is louder than Brady and not as quiet. He's not good with girls and tends to get nervous when around them. In the pack, he always wants to participate, and is disappointed when he is left out.

Collin was born and raised in La Push, Washington. He first joined the pack after Leah and Seth Clearwater started phasing after Brady.

The Volturi


Aro is described to have an average build, being 5'10" and having almost translucent skin, which throughout the series is repeatedly compared to onion skin. When Bella first meets him, she feels compelled to touch his skin to verify if it is smooth and cold, like Edward's, or powdery, like chalk. His hair is very long and jet black. When he moves, it appears so graceful that it looks like he is floating. His eyes are a milky red color that has a tendency to unsettle people. In the books, he is described to have been transformed into a vampire in his mid-40s. He was born in 1300 B.C, is the leader of the Volturi, and has the power of tactile telepathy. Aro is mated to Sulpicia and has Renata as his personal guard.

Aro normally carries himself in a cheery disposition and has shown to be polite to the point of being at complete ease even in the most objectionable of situations. Beneath this facade of optimistic giddiness, he is power-hungry, smart with his actions and highly manipulative. He holds power over everything and is willing to go to any length to secure his status, even if it means killing. He sees himself and his kind as soulless monsters. Aro also is a collector of vampires with powers. The Volturi do abuse their power, but when it boils down, Aro is afraid to lose that power and will do whatever it takes to protect it, himself and his coven. He is akin to a frightened child and does not feel safe without his Guard. Aro is not an entirely cruel person and, unlike Caius, will avoid a fight, or killing, if possible.

Aro was born in Greece after 1300 BC. He was transformed into a vampire in his mid-forties and joined forces with Marcus and later, Caius.

Approximately a decade after becoming a vampire, Aro changed his sister Didyme, in the hope that she would possess an ability related to his, as well as his future wife, Sulpicia. However, Didyme was blessed with an ability not as useful to him; the power to make people happy. Aro's colleague Marcus fell in love with her, and she with him. However, Marcus and Didyme eventually became discontent. In order to prevent their leaving the Volturi, Aro killed Didyme; Marcus was too integral to his plans to lose. Aro had Chelsea use her ability to ensure that Marcus remained loyal to the Volturi, and Marcus never found out the truth.

By 500 AD, the Volturi had usurped control of the vampire world from the Romanian Coven. Along with Marcus and Caius, Aro ruled the Volturi, although he generally acted as its spokesperson.

To exert control over the world of vampires, Aro plotted against the opposing covens and made other vampires believe that it was necessary for them to live in the shadows among humans, and over time turn their species into legends and myths instead of actual facts. To further continue this plan, he and his companions created their own vampires and taught them the laws before letting them go on their own. He feigns that the Volturi is necessary for the survival of the vampire species, with its bylaws that hold secrecy of the existence of vampires being of the utmost importance. Due to humanity's continuously advancing technological prowess, to the point where there are already weapons in existence that can kill vampires, he speculates that it is only a matter of time before they create more devastating constructs that may be able to wipe out the entirety of vampire-kind on Earth.


Marcus is noted to have been transformed at the age of 59. He has black hair to shoulder length, standing 6'0" tall, with an average build and, like Aro and Caius, is incredibly graceful in his movements. His white skin is translucent with a papery texture, and his red vampire eyes have an overlying, milky film. As the co-leader of the Volturi, he wears a black cloak. He was born in 1350 B.C, is the second leader of the Volturi, and has the power of relational empathy.

Out of all the leaders of the Volturi, he is the most sympathetic and empathic to the members of the guard. He has also noticed a slight shift in his bonds with those closest to him and he has noticed that he is willing taking members under his wing in a paternal manner making him fiercely protective of those who he believes are in need of someone to support them. At times his caring can be considered to be 'pushy' but he truly has everyone's best intentions at heart. He spends most of his time studying the bonds of those around him and finds himself playing 'Cupid' as he tries to guide those around him to their mates, wanting everyone to have the happiness that he had once again found with Leandra. He also gives his opinion more freely. Though there is not much that could anger him, Marcus' anger is something to be feared and only surfaces when someone has crossed the line. He is not opposed to dealing out punishments to those who have broken the vampire laws but does not take a great pleasure out of time. He sees punishment as a necessary evil. When it comes to the Volturi, he has no intentions of leaving and sees Chelsea and Aro's attempt to force-feed him loyal as nuisance. Many times, Marcus has found himself shouldering most of the weight of the Volturi since Aro gets pulled into his own ideas.

Marcus became a vampire at age 59 and acquired the power to read the emotional ties between people. Aro first met him after his own transformation. Together with Caius and Athenodora, they formed the Volturi before meeting Didyme, who was Aro's biological sister, and became her mate. Marcus and Didyme eventually became discontent. In order to prevent their leaving the Volturi, Aro killed Didyme. Aro had Chelsea use her ability to ensure Marcus remained loyal to the Volturi, and Marcus never found out the truth.

Marcus, as well as the rest of the Volturi, are both feared and respected throughout the vampire world as the guardians who keep the human world ignorant of the supernatural. He is also known to be respected in the human world as "Saint Marcus", the holy priest who drove all the vampires from Volterra. His national holiday, St. Marcus Day, on the 19th of March, is celebrated each year by the people of Volterra. The legend most likely developed out of the fact that the Volturi do not permit hunting within the walls of Volterra.


Caius is described as having "skin so white that it's almost translucent" and comparable to an onion's skin. His eyes are dark red, though cloudy or milky like Aro's and Marcus'. His snow white hair is shoulder-length, and very close in colour to his skin tone. He was transformed in his late 40s, with an average build and is very graceful; almost looking like floating when he moves. As one of the leaders of the Volturi, he wears a pitch black cloak. He was born in 1300 B.C and is the third leader of the Volturi. He is mated to Athenodora.

Of the three Volturi leaders, Caius can easily be considered the cruelest one, and is seen as never extending mercy to anyone. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, he advocates for more draconian methods of handling situations, and is usually in favor of executions. He is always at the head of any punitive missions, much to his pleasure. He also enjoys using Jane's power to torture offenders of Aro's law before he has them executed. This depends on the fact that he is actually a very intimated individual and that he enjoys abusing his power over the vampire world to feel powerful. He has shown on occasion some willingness to argue against Aro whenever he disagrees with his decisions, however he is ultimately subservient to his superior's wishes. Caius also thinks that animal blood is repulsive and a vegetarian lifestyle is "warped." This thinking may also be supported by his deep hatred of werewolves.

Caius was born around 1300 BC, and at some point became a vampire. He was born at least a century before Aro and was transformed into a vampire in his late 40s.

He met Athenodora after running afoul of the Romanian Coven, and they began traveling together as a bonded pair, with her later becoming his wife. When they came across Aro, he was quite taken of the vampire's ambitious, but long-ranged plans of domination. By the time they met, Aro had already formed a coven with a talented vampire named Marcus. Caius was immediately attracted to the idea of joining forces with the gifted vampires. Though Caius had no psychic gift, Aro was drawn to his ambition and passionate capacity to hate; which was a great potential for manipulation in what could be both a weakness and a strength.

Aro's sister, Didyme, joined them quickly afterwards; and later, Aro's wife, Sulpicia. Aro and Caius were in agreement after that the wives must be protected at all costs. By bringing more vampires into the Volturi as subordinates, they brought about his ultimate goal: a war against the Romanian coven. After the Romanians were mostly destroyed, Caius became satisfied to spend his time punishing offenders of Aro's law due to Chelsea's power that kept him bound to the coven.

Some 2000 years before, he was nearly killed in a fight with a werewolf, which prompted him to hunt them to near extinction. He also took part in the extermination of the immortal children and cleaning up after the Southern Vampire Wars, making sure that newborn armies and their creators were destroyed. When he feels bored, he has Corin use her power to make him happy.


Jane is described to be tiny with lank, pale brown hair trimmed semi short and pale skin to match it. Her figure is rather slim. Her face is angelically beautiful in its childlike appearance, and lovely when it is animated. Her eyes are wide and her lips full, while her voice is described as childlike. As with the rest of the Volturi, her eyes are dark red in color and they become darker when thirsty. Her childlike voice is high and thin. Jane and her brother Alec wear the darkest cloaks amongst the Guard. She was born in 800 A.D. and is among the Top Guard in the Volturi, with the power of mental torture. Jane has a very dark and sadistic personality, and she takes great pleasure in using her gift to torture others. She worships Aro and is happy to be in his presence. Jane enjoys her gift, and the respect and fear that it brings her, and she never wastes an opportunity to use it on someone. But, despite her personality, she seems to have a very strong as well as loving relationship with her twin brother, Alec, and besides Aro, Alec seems to be the person she is closest to. It also seems that Jane has a jealous side.

Jane was born in England around 800 A.D, daughter of an Anglo-Saxon woman and a Frankish soldier. She was born a few minutes before her fraternal twin brother, Alec. Both Jane and Alec had strong psychic abilities that were evident even in their human state. Aro was made aware of Jane and her brother through the thoughts of a visiting nomad. Aro had shown interest in Jane and her twin brother since they were toddlers, but decided to wait until they were old enough to turn them (the Volturi had already instated its rules about immortal children) so left them in the care of their parents.

Their talents had not taken a focused shape at that point, but bad things happened to people who were unkind to the twins or their family, and good luck followed those who were friendly to them. Eventually, the superstitious locals found the twins to be too frightening to endure. They were accused as witches and condemned to be burned at the stake. Aro was apprised of the situation by a nomad who knew of Aro's interest in the twins. Aro hurried to the village, arriving just in time to interrupt the execution. Transformed at the age of about 12 or 13, they are the smallest and youngest in appearance, as well as the most prized members of the guard due to their incredibly powerful gifts.

It is said that they are the cornerstone of the Volturi's offensive abilities. Due to the pain Jane experienced during her burning at the stake and the anger she felt towards the villagers, after her transformation from human to vampire, she gained the supernatural talent of inflicting the mental illusion of pain on others (the illusion of burning). Jane has since become one of the most prized members of the Volturi Guard. It is unknown whether or not Jane's human name was 'Jane' as well, but the chances are high that it was. Her and Alec's surname remains unknown. She was also abused at home.


Alec is described as looking very similar to his sister, though his hair is a darker brown, he is taller in stature, and his lips aren't as full as hers. Alec, along with his sister Jane, is also described as being angelically beautiful. As high-ranking guards, he and his sister wear almost black cloaks. Alec was changed at the physical age of thirteen and has the power of sensory deprivation, where he releases a ground-level creeping cloud of mist that cuts off the senses. Alec found a mate in a fellow young guard by the name of Lucinda.

Alec is more lively, less sadistic, and calmer than his twin sister, Jane, but Alec has nevertheless proven to be just as ruthless and self-interested as she is. He can be considered the "sane" half of Jane, looking at him from Volturi standards. He shows no remorse for taking anyone's life and carrying out the Volturi's frequently violent missions. There's a quiet confidence about him as well. Unlike his sister, Alec is not easily angered because instead of being apathetic like most of the Volturi Guard, he takes delight in teasing Jane and the others when necessary. Alec is more of the calculating type, the one who will attack without warning.

Alec was born in England around 800 A.D, the son of an Anglo-Saxon woman and a Frankish soldier. He was born a few minutes after his fraternal twin sister, Jane. Both Alec and Jane had strong psychic abilities that were evident even in their human state.

Aro had shown interest in Alec and his sister since they were toddlers, but decided to wait until they were old enough to turn them and so left them in the care of their parents. Their talents had not taken a focused shape at that point, but bad things happened to people who were unkind to the twins or their family, and good luck followed those who were friendly to them. Eventually, the superstitious locals found the twins too frightening to endure. They were accused as witches and condemned to be burned at the stake.

Aro was apprised of the situation by a nomad who knew of Aro's interest in the twins. Aro hurried to the village, arriving just in time to interrupt the execution. Transformed at the age of about 13, they are the smallest and youngest in appearance as well as the most prized members of the guard due to their incredibly powerful gifts. It is said that they are the cornerstone of the Volturi's offensive abilities.

About one decade after they joined the coven, Alec and his sister displayed their powers for the first time in battle and annihilated the Romanian coven's army of over one hundred recruits. Aro was satisfied and Jane and Alec both remained in the Volturi, bonded by Chelsea as Aro's most prized possessions.

Role Play History: Alec was led to believe through Renesmee and Alice Cullen that Renesmee was to be his mate only to find that it had all been a flaw in her vision when Alfie showed up disrupting the timeline that was foresaw when Alfie and Renesmee mated.


Demetri is described as having an olive complexion with a chalky pallor, and frosted, spiky brown-blonde hair. He is described as tall and lean. His eyes are burgundy in color due to his diet on human blood. Demetri is described as being hard and lean as the blade of the sword.

Demetri was born in 1000 A.D and is the Tracker for the Volturi Guard. Demetri is not very talkative, but he is reasonable, polite, and formal. He is very elegant and charming. It appears that he and Felix share a close friendship. Demetri is also very loyal to the Volturi and enjoys working under them.

Demetri was born in Greece and was transformed by the Egyptian Coven's leader, Amun. They were very close at the time, and worked together to develop his power. When the Volturi heard of his powerful gift, he was offered a place in the guard, and he obliged due to Chelsea's power over emotional bonds. Ever since then, he has been the Volturi's tracker; whenever anyone tries to elude the Volturi's grasp, usually out of fear of punishment, Demetri tracks them down. As a tracker, he is significantly more talented than both James and Alistair, and known as the best tracker in the world. He catches the "tenor" of a person's thoughts or from anyone who had met them in the past, and uses it to follow his targets until he finds them. No matter where his target escapes to, he can find them anywhere. It is believed that he would not be able to track Bella, since she is protected from mental abilities..

Role Play History:


Felix is hulky and menacing. He is described as having a slight olive complexion which looks odd combined with his chalky pallor. He also has short, cropped, black hair. He has the red eyes of a vampire that drinks human blood. He was born in 1000 A.D. and is a Fighter for the Volturi Guard. Felix is serious when need be, but otherwise is somewhat of a jokester. He jokes sometimes, but is normally cold.

He was created by Aro and had been within his guard for centuries.

Role Play History: He is mated to Jane, though their love didn't progress till much later they are now in love.


Heidi is described as gorgeous and statuesque with long, lustrous mahogany hair and long legs that make her 5'10" tall. By wearing blue contacts over red irises, her eyes become violet. Her voice is described as silky. She was born in 1550 and is the Hunter for the Volturi. Heidi has a power of physical attraction. Heidi is persuasive, but dark. She's loyal to the Volturi and likes to "play with her food." Heidi is unaffected by death and goes with the Volturi.

Heidi was born in the 16th century in Germany. She was changed by a vampire named Hilda and lived with her coven for several years, before the Volturi accused them for attracting too much attention to themselves. In truth, Aro wanted to acquire Heidi to his "collection". Right after Hilda was executed, Chelsea bound Heidi to the Volturi and made her betray her own coven. Heidi has the Ability to Attract anyone she ever wanted at her will and is very manipulative, but very loyal to the Volturi. she doesn't really understand mating and Imprinting and loves messing up people and Vampire's affairs and is somewhat of Aro's pet.

Role Play History:


Chelsea is described as being short, with an hourglass figure. Her hair is light brown, and her eyes are crimson. Her height is 5'3". She was born in 1100 B.C. and is a Guard in the Volturi with the power of bond control. She is mated to Afton. Chelsea is much like Heidi in that she's manipulative. She doesn't agree with the whole concept of love, although she has a mate.

Chelsea, originally named Charmion, was born in Greece, before 1100 BC though not not long after the original Volturi members. She changed her name a few times over the millenia to keep it from attracting attention while frequently interacting with humans and vampires outside the city of Volterra. In the 1950's, she changed her name to Chelsea, and will use it until it becomes out of fashion.

Aro discovered her in the midst of a difficult time for the Volturi, since his brother-in-law, Marcus, failed and became suicidal. Aro had Chelsea use her power to tightly bind Marcus to the Volturi. Since then, Chelsea became the linchpin in the Volturi, as she keeps the other guards unified and the coven more functional. Because of her vital role, she often gets what she desires from Aro, who also uses Corin's gift to keep her in the Volturi.

Much of her history remains unknown throughout the series. However, what is known is that Aro used her gift to bind Marcus to himself and Caius (thus making him remain loyal to the Volturi). With this it can be assumed then that Chelsea was with them when the Volturi first began and later rose to power, and found a mate in Afton of the guard.

Role Play History:


Afton is a vampire and a member of the Volturi guard. He is listed in the index in the back of Breaking Dawn, and has the gift to make himself invisible to his attackers. His mate, Chelsea, is much more gifted, and he is only kept within the guard due to this fact.

Afton has basic vampire traits. He has black hair, mid length, and an average build. He was born 1000 A.D and is a Guard in the Volturi with the power of mental invisibility. Afton is mated to Chelsea. Afton likes violence and is serious about his guard-duties, not paying much attention to anything else.

Afton's gift is to make himself mentally invisible to his pursuers. Someone who hides behind him will also be invisible. However, his power is much more limited than most of the other Volturi guard's gifts; it cannot protect from the user, also a person with enough focus can easily see through his "shield". Which is why he is not considered a guard or even as a member worthy of a place within the Volturi.

Since this power works on a mental basis, it can be rendered impotent by Bella Swan's shield.

Chelsea is Afton's mate, recruited by Aro a long time ago as a means to bind other vampires to the Volturi. Chelsea's powerful gift makes her a prominent member of the coven, which is why she is kept around. She enjoys using this position to get what she wants, and Afton is kept within the Volturi for this reason.

Role Play History:


Sulpicia is tiny. She has blonde hair that stays flat to her head, chalky skin, and milky red eyes. It is unknown when she was born. She is a Wife of the Volturi, and is mated to Aro. Sulpicia is taunting and goes with whatever Aro says.

Sulpicia was a lovely young orphan girl, chosen and created by Aro, as she was what Aro had in mind for a mate. After successfully courting her, she agreed to be transformed into a vampire and become Aro's wife. She stays in the castle with Athenodora and Didyme, before she was killed, as company, but doesn't object as long as Corin is apart of their guard.

Role Play History:


Athendora has powerdy skin, fair-hair, misty red eyes, and an average build. It is unknown when she was born. Athenodora is a Wife in the Volturi, and she is mated to Caius. She has shown to be content and completely loyal with the Volturi, but once allowed to leave always on guard and questioning things. She's also shown a temper.

Her and Caius started off as nomadic. She and Sulpicia joined Aro and Caius before their rise of power in around 500 A.D. She lives in Volterra, Italy, and rarely leaves the tower, even during important times of vampire history, such as the hunting of the immortal children.

Role Play History:


Corin is tall for a woman with short hair, chalky skin, and crimson eyes. She was born sometime in the B.C. era and is a Guard of the Volturi with the power of addictive contentment. Corin is a thinker--she is very manipulative.

When Corin was invited to join the Volturi, she was already a vampire leaving her creator. She became a member of the guard. Aro hoped that she could help Marcus recover somewhat from the loss of his wife, but when Marcus refused to accept Corin's gift to ease his pain, Aro found that her gift was more useful to console the Volturi wives. Corin then spent most of her time associated with the wives, and is also the reason why they never leave the tower.

In the Volturi, Corin's main responsibility is to protect the wives of Aro and Caius, Athenodora and Sulpicia. However, she doesn't guard them so much as ease them into complacency while other, more physically imposing guards do the actual job of protecting the wives. The wives are so closely guarded that they have become virtual prisoners in Volterra. However, Corin's ability keeps them satisfied with their afterlife.

Aro also instructs Corin to use her gift upon Chelsea, another high ranking member of the Volturi, making it nearly impossible for Chelsea to leave the Volturi, because of its drug-like side effects. Though Marcus has repeatedly refused to allow Corin to relieve his depression, Caius frequently exposes himself to Corin's gift between punishing expeditions and battles.

Role Play History:


Santiago is burly. He stands at 6'3 and has brown, curly, cropped hair. Santiago was born in the 1800's and is a Guard in the Volturi. He is dark and calm, sometimes even boring. He is very violent and unpredictable.

Not much is known about Santiago's history. It's assumed that he joined the Volturi of his own free will and hasn't been there longer than a few decades.

Role Play History:


Renata is scrawny with small red eyes and black hair that is usually in a bun. She was born in the 1240's and is Aro's personal body guard. Renata has the power of a physical shield and is challenging and dark. Sometimes, she is cocky and protective.

Renata was born around 1240 in Malta. She was born into a vampire-friendly family that has produced several vampires over the centuries, one of whom included a nomad named Makenna. She was changed into a vampire by her great-uncle, Luca, on her 20th birthday.

She initially intended to help her family perpetuate their family line, but her unique talent caught the Volturi's attention and her uncle encouraged her to join to avoid conflict. From then on, she became bound by Chelsea's power and became Aro's personal bodyguard.

Role Play History:None Yet

Denali Coven

*Tanya Denali

Tanya was born in ancient Slovakia sometime around 1000 A.D and changed by Sasha sometime in this time period. She was Sasha's biological great-niece, and when Sasha yearned for companionship, she chose Tanya to join her. Tanya had been around longer than her adoptive sisters who joined later. She was the most impacted when Sasha was executed for creating an immortal child but understood why she left her in the dark when the Volturi spared them. The experience traumatized her and caused her to stay firmly within the rules of the vampire world.

The pain of Sasha dying had her wanting companionship more than ever. She distracted herself with the flirtation and seducing of vampire but usually human men earning her and her sisters the reputation of the original succubus. However, none of these pursuits ended with the human men living. Some of them she genuinely cared for and it began to take its toll on her conscience. She looked for ways to prevent killing the objects of her affections. She eventually concluded that it was the steady diet of human blood that made it harder to resist. She abstained from human blood before having a revelation similar to that of Carlisle Cullen's. She showed the method to her sisters and they took on the diet.

She naturally fell into the position of leader of the coven and became good friends with the Olympic Coven, viewing Carlisle as an equal or kindred spirit of sorts. She pursued Edward Cullen in a light romantic fashion though she never held any deep affections for him. Tanya was rather was attracted that he wasn't attracted to anyone.

In the Volturi confrontation, she held her ground prepared to fight displaying her loyalty to her family and the Cullen family.

Tanya is described as being playful, insightful, and emotionally strong. She is a capable fighter displayed when she was one to help Bella train for the Volturi confrontation. She has long curly, strawberry-blonde hair and most likely closer to Carlisle's age than that of the Cullen "children." She is 5' 5 and unusually beautiful even for a vampire.

Roleplay History: None Yet

*Kate Denali

Kate was born @1000 A.D in Slovakia and was basically a bodyguard for a high standing female of her war-like Slavic tribe. She was protective of her mistress and was guarding her caravan when Sasha and Tanya attacked it. Sasha was impressed by her fierceness and bravery in defending her mistress and changed her due to this and her physical resemblance to Tanya.

She was heart-broken when Sasha was executed and seeked out the attentions of human men though it always ended in their death. She had genuinely cared for many of them and was saddened at each death she caused. When Tanya told her of a way to live on animal blood, she agreed to try it immediately with excitement in doing so.

She is described by Bella as having hair that is, "long, pale blond, straight as corn silk." She is 5' 6 and considered graceful and beautiful even for a vampire attracting the attention of many though she found her mate in Garrett, a nomad she met in preparation for the Volturi confrontation. She tends to stay with the rules due to Sasha's death. She is less serious than her sister Tanya, brave, and would rather die than betray those she is loyal to. She's laid-back and rolls her eyes often and when asking if she'll stay to fight she just replied casually, "I'm in."

She has the gift of producing an electric current that can put the strongest of vampires on their back in seconds through physical contact.

Roleplay History: None yet.

*Eleazar Denali

He was born in Spain sometime in the 1700's and is therefore fluent in Spanish. He is a former member of the Volturi due to his ability to detect the power of a vampire or potential power in a human if it strong enough. He was a pacifist by nature and wasn't fond of many methods the Volturi used but felt it was for the overall good to work for those who upheld the law. He was sent around the globe in search of potential members to bring to Aro.

He eventually met Carmen and found his mate in her. He tried to keep both his love life and Volturi duties balanced, but Carmen was troubled by the work he did and the violence of it. Eventually, he requested that he leave. Aro wasn't fond of the idea but agreed, believing he would willingly return if ever needed as he had no use for his power at the time.

Him and Carmen lived as nomads before finding the Denali sisters and their vegetarian lifestyle. In awe of this, they adapted the lifestyle as well. They were welcomed into the Denali coven with open arms.

He is 5' 11 with dark hair that goes down to his collar and skin with a slight olive cast to it. He is most likely in his mid-twenties judging by his description. He is a very protective person when it comes to shielding those he loves from danger as shown when he shielded Carmen from Renesmee, whom he believed to be a threat. He has a strong belief in upholding laws and is a gentle and compassionate person naturally.

Roleplay History: He has twins, Lazarus 'Laz' Eleazar and Suzanna 'Suzy' Kate Denali.

*Carmen Denali

Carmen is a native of Spain and was changed sometime in the 1700's. Not much is now about her past, but she was what caused Eleazar to leave the Volturi as she was troubled as well as worried by his everyday life with them. She was happy to join the Denalis and adapt their lifestyle.

She is 5'5 and a hint of a chalky complexion to her olive tinted skin. She has long, dark brown hair. It is assumed that she was changed in her mid-twenties. She is fluent in Spanish due to her heritage. Carmen is less concerned of laws than the other members of her family, moving forward to talk to Renesmee when she first met her. She has a kind, maternal, and gentle personality that could be compared to Esme Cullen.

Roleplay History: She has twins, Lazarus 'Laz' Eleazar and Suzanna 'Suzy' Kate Denali.

*Garrett Denali

He was born in the mid-1700's and grew up during the time of the American Revolution. He was a hot-headed Patriot who fought willingly for his cause, which was the picture perfect image of the American dream. He was transformed around the 1780s, during the war when a vampire who was taking advantage of the war as it gave a cover for inconspicuous feeding began to drink from him. He was already sated and now just drinking for pleasure. He couldn't finish off Garrett and left him, believing he was dead, to go through his change.

He was always looking to investigate a mystery and strived to know exactly what had happened to him. Sometime after his change, he met and befriended Carlisle Cullen. In the movie, it is said the met during the Siege of Yorktown. He was there for every American battle, once nearly biting Custer, but the Indians killed him before he had the chance.

He came in Breaking Dawn to help the Cullens with their fight against the Volturi, meeting his mate Kate Denali in the process. He always looks forward to a challenge such as when he wanted Kate to try her power on him just to see if he could last. He is shown to have an amazing pain tolerance, being the one to restrain Kate when she tries to kill Caius, having to endure her shocks at full blast.

He's a curious and adventurous soul and always one to take a challenge. He retained his rebellious spirit from his human life, always cheering on the side least expected to make it out on top. He has a strong belief in free will and has immense bravery. He is hot-headed and always up for a good fight. In the movie, he is shown to have an extreme hatred towards British men, going as far as hating the Beatles because of his history with England. They were his preferred victims. Whether this is book canon is unknown.

Roleplay History: None yet

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The Egyptian Coven


Amun is described as having black hair, being 5'8 tall and has a slight olive pallor to his pale skin. His eyes are crimson. He was born before 2500 B.C. Amun is the leader of the Egyptian Coven and is mated to Kebi. Amun has a strong survival instinct and does what he has to do in order to survive. He is bitter towards the Volturi but respects them in order to save his own life. Amun is selfish and doesn't think much of others, finding everyone to be ranking below him.

Members of the Egyptian Coven, including Amun, existed as individuals for centuries before the Romanians' rise to power. After the Romanians began to grow as a coven and dominate their part of the world, several solo vampires and vampire couples joined forces to protect their dominance in the Nile River Valley. Unlike the Romanians, they did not form a guard of subordinates or try to overthrow other vampire covens. Similar to the Romanians, they kept many human slaves and lived as gods, although none of them possessed any particular gifts.

The Egyptians and Romanians coexisted; they were cordial to one another, though not friendly. Had the Romanians continued the expansion of their empire, eventually they probably would have tried to overthrow the much smaller Egyptian Coven. Before the Romanians had time to move that far south, however, the Volturi attacked.

A century later, after the Volturi soundly won the war against the Romanians, they continued their march against other covens that lived ostentatiously. Their next target was Egypt. Again, the Volturi began with an attempt at diplomacy. Their sent ambassadors to the Egyptian "gods", explaining their cause and asking the Egyptians to comply. For the most part, the Egyptians were furious and refused to grant the Volturi any power over them. Only one Egyptian pair changed sides - Amun and Kebi. Amun knew that if the Volturi were able to overthrow the Romanians, the more peaceful Egyptians would be totally decimated within five years.

Amun had a very strong survival instinct, and he was willing to bow to the Volturi if it kept him alive. Kebi followed Amun's choice without question. However, Amun was always bitter at having to surrender his former lifestyle. He loved the worship, the towering desert monuments, and the excess. He knew that he could not plot against the Volturi, because Aro would find out, but he retained hoped that, over time, he could gain the strength to oppose them. He had learned from the Volturi methods, and he sought out talented humans and vampires.

Unfortunately for him, Aro was well aware of Amun's true desires. He felt the need to let Amun survive in the first place as an example to other covens, so they could see the truth of the Volturi's offer: As long as they did as the Volturi commanded, they could live. Aro always kept a close eye on Amun's movements afterward, so Aro was able to identify individuals Amun was trying to integrate into his coven and - if they had a valuable talent - invite them into the Volturi guard first. Demetri was one of Amun's acquisitions. But with Chelsea on his side, it was not hard for Aro to woo people away from Amun. In many other cases, Aro would simply accuse a coven of a crime when he wanted one of their talented members. He'd kill the rest and save the special one. But Aro enjoys toying with Amun too much to end his life that way.

Over the centuries, Amun had given up trying to create his own talented force. However, when he stumbled across Benjamin - who, as a human, was performing "magic" tricks in the streets of Cairo - he began to dream again. He became a total recluse, keeping Benjamin a deep secret by avoiding contact with any vampire or human who might possibly cross paths with the Volturi. He treated Benjamin as a son, and Benjamin viewed him as a father. The only big falling-out they had in the early years of their coven was when Benjamin left briefly to create his own mate, against Amun's wishes. Benjamin was quickly forgiven when he returned, with no harm done.

Role Play History: None Yet


Kebi is described as having long, curly black hair and an olive toned complexion. Her eyes are bright red. She was before 2500 B.C. Kebi is loyal to the Egyptian Coven and is mated to Amun. Kebi is rather blank, feeling little emotion to anyone other than a need to serve Amun. She is smug when things go the way she wants them.

Kebi was chosen by Amun from his human slaves because of her beauty and total loyalty to her master. Even after her conversion, their relationship was never one of equals. When Amun decided to bow to the Volturi's demands, Kebi followed his lead without question. She would have done the same had he decided to defy the Volturi and end both their lives.

Kebi has little emotion for anyone besides Amun. Benjamin she tolerated, because he made Amun happy, but she was somewhat jealous of the boy. When Benjamin brought Tia home, Kebi was pleased; she hoped Amun would be less entranced with the boy when it was clear he loved Tia more than Amun. Kebi's hopes about that rift were not entirely fulfilled, as Benjamin continued to love Amun as a father. But Amun's jealousy of Benjamin's affections, though well concealed, was enough to make Kebi content.

Role Play History: None Yet


Benjamin is described as having a young, boyish looking vampire with midnight hair, olive pallor, red eyes, and an oddly cheerful look. He was born in the 1790's. Benjamin is loyal to the Egyptian Coven while mated to Tia. He has the power of atmoskinesis. Benjamin is more independent, not wanting to belong to anyone. He works for himself and does what he wants to. He is thoughtful and curious and not one to see things in a negative way.

Benjamin grew up in the slums of Cairo. He lost his mother at a young age and had no knowledge of his father, and so was raised by his mother's extended family. After being passed around between family members who could feed him, his mother's uncle, a street performer, took him in and taught him different things like dancing and singing for money or selling trinkets and picking pockets.

His uncle, after finding out his strange ability of controlling fire, taught Benjamin how to do tricks. Benjamin became the most profitable member of the family, and was therefore very dear to him.

Among the children in his uncle's care was a girl named Tia, a distant relative. They grew very close to each other. His performances on the streets drew attention of both mortal and immortal. Amun wanted to make an immortal of great power while keeping him hidden from the Volturi in hopes of someday conquering them, and did not hesitate to kill his uncle and snatch the boy from the street.

He was kept in Amun's underground, undiscovered temple for five years, where Amun and Kebi brought him "food" and prohibited from leaving the temple. Amun became extremely overprotective of Benjamin, terrified of the idea of him joining another coven. Despite this, Benjamin is very independent of his creator and refuses to be used as a weapon, though he does not show any strong desire to leave Amun.

After five years, he began to think more and more of Tia. After an unsuccessful conversation to persuade Amun to let him go out and find Tia, he escaped the temple and tracked her down. He managed to remain in complete control in human crowd, without drawing too much attention. Eventually he found her in the city of Suez, where she was married to an older man. After seeing her married and safe, he was willing to go away. Tia then decided to become a vampire to keep him company and help him face any potential threat from the Volturi. Benjamin granted her wish, and after her transformation and first hunt, brought her back to Amun's temple.

Role Play History : None Yet


Tia has an olive tone and midnight colored hair with big crimson eyes. She was born in the 1790's and is loyal to the Egyptian Coven while mated to Benjamin. Tia is shy but doesn't give up easily especially when something sparks her interest. She sticks close to Benjamin and follows his lead.

Tia came from a very large family with many children. Her mother was overwhelmed and financially distraught, and so started placing her children into the care of her second cousin (Benjamin's great uncle) when she could not feed them. Tia was 5 years old when she was given up.

She had a good singing voice and nimble fingers, so her uncle kept her with him. When she was 7, she met Benjamin, and although he was 3 years older than her, they became close friends. She was the first person who Benjamin confided in about his power to control fire, and she suggested that he show it to their uncle so that he wouldn't send either of them away. As the years passed, their relationship became closer than friendship, and they secretly saved up their money to someday run away together.

When Benjamin disappeared and her uncle died, Tia was devastated. Since everyone believed that he had died after finding their uncle's body, she went back to her mother and used the money that she and Benjamin had saved up to help her family, and subsequently continued to perform and steal for a living. A few years later, Tia's mother was offered a dowry for the girl, which she accepted. She was married to a clerk for a shipping company in Suez. Her circumstances were better than at home, and she was happier. However, she did not love her husband. Her love for Benjamin never faded.

Benjamin sought her all the way to Suez. When she saw him in her house's garden, she didn't question for a second that she would be leaving with him. Though she was unprepared for his changed appearance or revelations, none of it made a difference. When she realized that she couldn't effectively stay with him as a human, she was willing to become a vampire.

Tia never embraced Amun or Kebi as fully as Benjamin had. She could see that, like their uncle, Amun was interested in Benjamin's power. But as long as his goal was to keep him safe, she was willing to stay with his coven.

Role Play History: None Yet

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The Amazon Coven


Zafrina is a wild, unsophisticated vampire of the Amazon, leading her coven of three. She is dark-skinned with black hair and animal skin for clothing. She stands at 6'1 with long limbs and a rough voice. Zafrina has a power of visual projection which allows her to take over the mind of one target of her focus and make them see something else as if it were reality. Zafrina appears to be the most outspoken of the Amazon coven, and generally serves as their spokesperson. She is often prone to wild movements and doesn't pretend to be human at any given time. Despite her wild appearance and movements, Zafrina proves to be very kind and caring despite her diet of human blood.

Zafrina, Senna and Kachiri were best friends and natives of the Pantanal wetlands as humans. After Kachiri was changed into a vampire, she went back for Zafrina and changed her. They have been together ever since, hunting only along the fringes of the Pantanal, never interacting with humans unless hunting, and never bothering to act human. Zafrina is the only talented member in the coven. She and her sisters first met the Cullens in the 1940s when they were on a hunting trip.

Role Play History:


Kachiri is the first changed and the founder of the Amazon coven although she allows Zafrina to lead. Along with the rest of her coven, she is described as being dark skinned, 6'1" tall with long limbs, and has wild black hair. Kachiri is the quietest of the three, and sometimes prefers to hunt alone although she has a very close bond with her sisters.

Kachiri used to belong to an ancient native tribe located on the fringes of the Pantanal. After she was changed, she went back for her closest friends, Zafrina and Senna. They've been together ever since, rarely leaving the wet lands, hunting in the habitations along the fringes. Her idea of a self-sufficient way of life has kept them a secret from most other vampires.Carlisle and his family discovered them in the 1940's while on a hunting trip. The Cullens' interest in large animal game brought them to an area other vampires dismissed for its lack of human prey. The Kachiri trusted Carlisle because of his gentle, friendly manner and befriended him.

Role Play History: None Yet


Senna was the last changed of the three Amazons. Similarly to her sisters, Zafrina and Kachiri, Senna is dark-skinned and very long-bodied with wild dark hair, and wears nothing but animal skins. She also tends to wear her long black hair in a braid. As a non-vegetarian, her eyes are generally burgundy. She, along with her coven mates, are shown to be feral in appearance. She tends to keep her thoughts to herself and is a silent, quick hunter.

Senna was best friends with Zafrina and Kachiri since they were little. They were all from the same tribe in the South American wetlands. When Kachiri returned after a few years of disappearance to find Senna as soon as she learned to control her urges, she changed her and Zafrina into vampires. They have been together ever since, hunting along the fringes of the Pantanal, only interacting with humans when hunting. On the meeting of the Cullen coven in the 1940s, Senna attempted to befriend them all.

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The Irish Coven


Siobhan is the leader of the coven and is mated to Liam. She is thought to have a power of outcome manipulation, though she doesn't believe it. Siobhan is described as being 5'11 tall, with a body that moves in smooth undulations and defines her lustful figure. She has strikingly attractive facial features and red eyes. She has a beautiful radiant smile that could light up an entire room. She has thick black hair and a feminine build despite her height.

Despite her physically impressive appearance, Siobhan is an independent, kind and caring person. She is quite happy with her coven because they are always telling each other the truth. After stumbling across the Volturi, she became curious with gifted vampires, never knowing that she was one of them, and had always wanted to create one of her own. Once she created Maggie, her curiosity was satisfied.

Siobhan was the only daughter of a blacksmith and his wife. This made her unusual in a village where most families were very large. Though she was exceptionally beautiful, she was unlike the other women in her village. At the age of 14, she was taller than any other woman there and taller than all men (except for her father) at the age of 16. She was also stronger than many of them. As an only child, she helped her father at the forge. He died in an accident when she was 17, and so she took over his business. This was unheard of, and many people disapproved. But she eventually won people's approval and became an accepted part of village life. Her name spread to the surrounding areas as the "big blacksmith girl". This, however, repelled other men from her, even though she had no desire for a husband.

Her fame attracted the attention of a vampire who searched for unusual women to add to his vampire harem. He traveled throughout all of Europe with his human servants, looking for exceptional women. Siobhan's beauty and strength were heard of by the vampire in his travels. He sought her out and was excited to find a woman like none he had seen before. He abducted her in the middle of the night, raped her, bit her, and took her back to his home while she experienced the painful transformation.

The vampire had difficulties in dealing with this newborn vampire. Siobhan was incredibly strong, even for a newborn, and also had no love for the vampire. He tried to keep her distracted with ample amounts of blood, but before the end of her year as a newborn, Siobhan killed the vampire, along with three of his most faithful servants. After that, she traveled alone and learned the vampire lifestyle before she returned to Ireland. During her travels, she learned about the Volturi and the laws they had created in the vampire world, but what made her curious the most was the extra gifts they possessed.

She started her coven when she met newborn Liam, and taught him how to kill inconspicuously and about the laws among vampires. As they traveled together, they became a couple. Her coven was later joined by Maggie, whom Siobhan changed herself because she believed that she had found a special human who would develop a supernatural talent after being turned. Though her mate was reluctant about the idea, she persuaded him to give her a chance. Eventually, Maggie's addition turned out better than she expected, and she treated her like a daughter of her own. Her creation of Maggie had also satisfied her curiosity of gifted vampires.

When Siobhan and her coven came across the Cullens, they were quite taken with their unusual generosity and became friends. Carlisle noticed that Siobhan seemed to possess some subtle gift to influence reality, though she didn't believe it.

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Liam is the mate of Siobhan. He is described as a man in his mid-30s, with a hard-face, lean body with an imposing countenance, and is 6'3" tall, and with dark brown hair and crimson eyes. Liam is usually very quiet, and very possessive of Siobhan. He can, however, be kind. While hunting, he mostly prefers to prey on English men due to his history with them. He is also described as very fierce and focused during a hunt, which manifested clearly when he was still a newborn. Unlike Siobhan, he was not as fascinated by the stories of talented vampires, but learned to grow fond of Maggie after Siobhan accepted her as a daughter.

Liam was an Irish warrior who fought in the Irish Rebellion of 1641, and later against Cromwell's reconquest of Ireland. Liam became a vampire through one of the most common types of accidental transformation: battlefield excess. It was common for nomads to seek out human wars as an opportunity to feast. Once a vampire was totally sated, they might continue to feed for enjoyment rather than need. They might not drain enough blood from the victim to kill, and thus the victim would begin the transformation process.

Liam met Siobhan during the first six months of his vampire life where she instructed him on vampire rules, thereby stopping him from drawing attention from humans and the Volturi. Liam was very taken with Siobhan's independence and beauty. They joined forces quickly and became mates.

When they found Maggie and Siobhan wanted to make a supernaturally talented vampire of her own, but Liam was opposed to the idea, partly because he did not want the Volturi to resent the imitation, and more importantly, he did not want to share Siobhan's attention with anyone else. However, she pleaded him to let things play out in time and give Maggie a chance, and he reluctantly agreed.

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Maggie was the final member of the Irish coven, changed at the age of fifteen and possesses the power of lie detection. Maggie is described as small, standing 5'2", thin and with bouncy red curls that match her eyes, and not as physically imposing as Siobhan or Liam. Maggie is very righteous and believes in justice. Whenever someone lies to her, she will loudly point it out even when it got her into trouble, usually with authority, both on a parental and a community level, which punished her severely for it. This is why she feels comfortable with Siobhan and Liam because they are always honest both to themselves and to her.

Maggie was born in 1832 in Ireland. She had difficulty dealing with authority, on a parental and community level; she was born with the gift to sense when someone was lying, and in those situations, she felt compelled to point out the lie. Her accuracy made people uncomfortable around her, especially close ones. Though this often led to punishments, sometimes quite severe, she did not relent her nature. Certain people thought of her as a devil because of her gift.

The Great Famine in the 1840s decimated her village, and her family was forced to leave for America in search of a better life. Her family didn't have enough money to transport every member and Maggie was subsequently left behind to take care of her maternal grandparents, mainly - as she knew - because her parents felt uncomfortable with her sensibility to lies. Siobhan and Liam found Maggie alone on the road to Cork, nearly dead from starvation. She was almost immediately able to recognize them as non-human. Siobhan, curious with her ability, offered to make her strong enough to live. Maggie sensed that she was telling the truth and so agreed. Siobhan's mate, Liam, was not convinced about having her with them, but Siobhan persuaded him otherwise. She deeply enjoyed their company because they were routinely honest both with themselves and each other. Over time, even Liam had warmed up to her.

Whenever they encountered another vampire or human, she could use her gift to sense their honesty, and so Siobhan and Liam trusted her judgment.

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The Romanian Coven


Stefan is described as being a slight, dark-haired man, dressed in simple black clothing that barely fits with the modern times, being 5'3 tall and with eyes that are dark burgundy in color; he possesses the same powdery skin as the Volturi. He speaks in a smooth tandem. He was born over 2000 years ago and is the leader of the Romanian Coven. Stefan is calm and doesn't have much of a temper to him. He stays out of things and is an observer. Stefan is always on the move to stay out of the Volturi's grasps and he is forever seeking a way of revenge against the Volturi for killing his mate in battle.

Stefan and his fellow Romanian vampire, Vladimir, once ruled the vampire world, thousands of years ago, with their coven, along with ten other Romanian vampires, one of which Stefan's mate. The Romanians were formed in a way similar to the Volturi: a group of ambitious vampires calling a truce to the usual squabbling between small covens and then joining forces for the purpose of gaining power. This prevailing desire to rule allowed them to overcome their competitive drives and cooperate. Not even bothering to keep the secret, they let the Romanian people in their city know that they were vampires, instead of acting under the pretence of being Christian saints (referring to St. Marcus Day in Volterra).

The eventual downfall of the Romanians was their focus on brute strength. They created a guard-like entity - a pattern later copied by the Volturi - composed entirely of vampires like Felix and Emmett. Perhaps because none of the ruling members of the coven possessed supernatural abilities themselves, they underestimated the advantage such abilities could give them in battle. They ignored talented vampires in favor of strength. This blind spot was understandable, as no one had ever used talents the way the Volturi eventually did. Talents have also grown stronger over the centuries; the talents exhibited by vampires during the Romanian rule were not as potent as the talents that developed in modern times. Much of that is due to vampires learning to seek out talented humans to transform, and also understanding how to focus and improve their talents after the transformation. Aro's innovative focus on talent over strength was the reason the Volturi were able to defeat the Romanians, though it took them more than a century, and they never wiped them out completely.

Their castles were burned and their coven destroyed when the Volturi finally overthrew them. Stefan lost his mate in the third decade of the initial battle, which ensured his permanent drive for vengeance.

When the Volturi defeated the Romanians, most of their coven was destroyed, leaving only Stefan, Vladimir and his mate as survivors. The Volturi copied many aspects of the Romanians' way of life - the formation of a permanent guard, the stationary home, and the eschewing of hunting in favor of prey being rounded up and delivered to them. The difference was that they did all of these things while remaining hidden to humans' eyes.

Stefan, Vladimir and Vladimir's mate made many attempts during the centuries to regroup, repopulate, and topple the Volturi. The Romanians amassed an army of more than one hundred new recruits and were confident that the Volturi would fall. This ill-fated assault occurred a decade after the Volturi had acquired Jane and Alec. It was the first time Aro had displayed their powers in battle. Stefan and Vladimir were planning to spring a trap for the expected Volturi retreat, and so escaped slaughter when their recruits failed. After this, they made no further attempt to create more vampires for their coven, and decided to disappear until the Volturi weakened or another power presented itself.

They are particularly bitter toward Jane and Alec, because even though they were not involved in the initial fight, they had provided much more power to the Volturi, to the point of invincibility.

Every few decades, the Volturi would send Demetri and others after the remaining Romanians, so Stefan and Vladimir are constantly on the move and always on their guard. If the Volturi focused their efforts, they would be able to wipe out the survivors, but since these two pose little threat, the Volturi have never committed their assets to a drawn-out chase. Later, Stefan tried again to capture the wives, but the confrontation when the Volturi got involved was unsuccessful and he had to start over again after escaping.

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Vladimir has ashy blonde hair that almost looks pale grey and he is 5'4 tall. He wears simple black clothes that could pass for modern, but hint at an older design. Vladimir's skin has the same powdery complexion as the Volturi and his eyes are milky red. He was born over 2000 years ago and is loyal to the Romanian Coven. Vladimir needs revenge from the Volturi. He is the mouthpiece between Stefan and himself as he is a persuasive one. He stays with the human diet, believing it will keep him strong.

Like Stefan, Vladimir was one of the original twelve ruling members of the Romanian coven. Vladimir was the head of a coven of four large-by-normal-vampire-standards, when he joined forces with the other Romanian vampires. His big, successful coven was one of the inspirations for the notion of coexistence to pursue power.

During their rule - which lasted nearly 1000 years - the Romanians lived brazenly and decadently. For thousands of miles in every direction, they were known and feared. They ruled over humans and vampires alike, demanding slave labor and copious human sacrifice. Occasionally humans would create armies to try to overthrow what they considered to be beautiful demonic overlords, but all such attacks were futile, resulting in an easy feast for the Romanians. Obedient humans were spared death, if not labor, and a few lucky individuals pleased the Romanians enough to earn immortality. Vampires were a well-known fact in the human world when the Volturi began to rise. Their contention that vampires should conceal their existence was scoffed at.

When the Volturi defeated the Romanians, most of their coven was destroyed, leaving only Stefan, Vladimir and his mate as survivors. The Volturi copied many aspects of the Romanians' way of life - the formation of a permanent guard, the stationary home, and the eschewing of hunting in favor of prey being rounded up and delivered to them. The difference was that they did all of these things while remaining invisible to humans.

Vladimir's mate was killed around 810 AD, during the last of many attempts the Romanians made during the centuries to regroup, repopulate, and topple the Volturi. The Romanians amassed an army of more than 100 new recruits and were confident that the Volturi would fall. This ill-fated assault occurred one decade after the Volturi had acquired Jane and Alec. It was the first time Aro had displayed their powers in battle. Stefan and Vladimir were planning to spring a trap for the expected Volturi retreat, and so escaped slaughter when their recruits failed. After this, they made no further attempt to create more vampires for their coven, and decided to disappear until the Volturi weakened or another power presented itself.

The two were constantly on the run and on their guard from the Volturi's agents, but since the two never posed much of a threat anymore, their efforts were not put at their best.

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Nomad Vampires


Charles is thin but muscular, standing 6'0 tall and has dark blond hair. His eyes are crimson and his skin is powdery white. He was born in 1922 and is loyal to his mate, Makenna, as well as the Volturi and his family. Charles has a slight temper, but is loyal and sarcastic. His thirst is stronger than most vampires.

Charles was a law student in Barcelona when he met Makenna, and they fell in love. After some time, Makenna told Charles about the unusual characteristics of her family, and that she was approaching some big changes. Charles said he would be there through anything. Makenna told him she had to leave for awhile, but would come back. If Charles wanted to wait, he could. If not, she would understand. When she returned more than a year later as a vampire, Charles was still waiting. After hashing through all the pros and cons, Charles decided to join her. They waited three years so that Makenna would be able to stop herself from killing him, and then he was successfully transformed.

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Makenna is short, standing at 5'2, and is thin with black hair. Her skin is pale white and her eyes are crimson. She was born in 1920 and is only loyal to her mate, Charles. Makenna has a sarcastic, good sense of humor. She is unflirty and easily scared.

Makenna comes from a Maltese family with a very unusual link to vampirism. One of her ancestors, Luca, was converted to vampirism around 400 BC. Luca remained with his family, ensuring his family's prosperity and safety. With a vampire on their side, the family prospered greatly. The next generation grew up with an entirely different perception of vampirism than was usual. A tradition began in the family, where every other century one child would be chosen to join Luca as a protector of the family; Makenna was one of the chosen ones. She looked forward to her fate until she met Charles in Barcelona. Luca told her that she could give up her heritage if she wanted to, but she never did. She told Charles that she was leaving for awhile, but promised to come back.

After becoming a vampire, she waited a few years before going back to Charles, and telling him everything about vampirism. Eventually, she changed Charles herself, and ever since then they have been a couple. They live a nomadic lifestyle for the most part, but Makenna visits her family often.

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Alistair is described as 6'2, is slender and dark-haired, with red vampire eyes. He was born around 1300 and has no loyalty, although he does have a power of sensory attraction. Alistair is a loner but can be alluring when he wants to, serious, easily-angered, and would rather observe than challenge.

Alistair was born during the turbulent and confusing reign of Edward II. At the time, the aristocrats and the barons were very seperated, and hated the other. Alistair's father and older brother were into politics, were minor aristocrats, and were also allies with the barons who sided with the King. Alistair wasn't interested in politics, however. He was an avid hunter and falconer, and grew to be one of the best hunters in the country. while perfecting his hunting skills, Alistair's brother was executed for being caught in the act of betrayal of the King. Distraught and bitter, Alistair's father was angered at his death. He became distrustful of the barons who had killed his son, and became obsessed with dealing revenge against the people responsible. Behind Alistair's back, his father devised plans and schemes to get Alistair seated upon the throne in place of Edward II. One night, a very important meeting was held, in which a single vamipre was in attendence among other minor aristocrats. Kidnapped by peasants, Alistair was dragged to the tunnels of London, where the secret meeting was taking place. Alistair's father explained how he could finally deal revenge against the people who had hurt him so. Alistair knew, despite his father's words, that this was a plot to get the power, the money, and the glory that the throne of England held. Then, after giving a few pointers upon living a vampiric lifestyle, the vampire in attendence, George, stepped forward and bit Alistair.

When Alistair woke up, the first thing he did was slaughter all the humans in the vicinity. When his thirst was under conrtol, his father approached him and tried to inform Alistair of the next steps in the plan. but poor Alistair, not understanding his Newborn strength, and also feeling very angry at his father, shoved him away, which ended up killing him. Alistair was upset. He returned to his family home to discover tha it was empty. He then tried to do the things that he was once so good at, like falconing, but the falcons flew away from him, sensing what he'd become. Alistair had been scarred be the choiced of his family, and was never able to properly fit in with society, seeing as it reminded him of his father, whmo he had killed. He avoided civilization, only coming out of the shadows of the forest at nighttime to hunt. Carlisle Cullen and Alistair crossed paths in the 17th Century. Although Alistair had grown very antisocial over the centuries of solitude, Carlisle somehow gained his friendship. Even still, Alistair can only tolerate a visit every Century or so.

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@@Imprints/Quileute Humans and Canon Humans @@

*Billy Black

Billy is heavyset, with a deeply wrinkled face and dark russet skin with black eyes. He is currently wheelchair-bound as a result of nerve damage due to complications from diabetes. He was born in 1956. Billy is the father of Jacob, Rachel, and Rebecca Black and was the husband of Sarah Black. He is involved in a romantic relationship with Sue Clearwater. Billy is a wise Quileute elder who takes his tribe's history and legends much more seriously that some kids in the tribe believe it. He is very mistrustful of the Cullens due to the previous encounters between the Quileutes and vampires. When Bella became romantically involved with Edward Cullen, he also tried to talk her out of it, without telling her how much he knew. None of his attempts succeeded. Aside from his role in the tribe, he is a family-loving father who cares for his children more than anything. He is also mentioned to be good at carving wood figurines.

Billy Black has lived in La Push his entire life. One of his earliest childhood memories is being held in his father's arms while he watched his wrinkled, stooped grandfather explode into a giant russet-colored wolf along with his two best friends, Quil Ateara II and Levi Uley. All three seemed ancient to Billy; their wolf forms were ancient, too, with grizzled muzzles and stiff joints. Yet Billy remembers them making a noise like laughter as they went for one last run through the woods.

Because of this experience, Billy grew up in a different world than most - a world where magic was absolutely real and lived in his blood. It was a world where evil was real, too. As a teenager, Billy always hoped a vampire would be foolish enough to cross Quileute land. He dreamed of being a powerful wolf, a savior to his tribe. Around the time he turned twenty, he realized that he would never have the chance to be a superhero, and for many years, that was hard thing for him to accept. Most of the time, however, he was happy. After all, it was a good thing that vampires had learned to stay away from La Push. He became a man with a family, and he learned to treasure the peace of his small town and the safety that it promised his wife and daughters. When Jacob was born, he saw the curse of his wolf heritage for the first time. He fervently hoped that vampires would never trouble the Quileute tribe again. He wanted his son to have the same peaceful life that he'd had.

His wife, Sarah, died in a car accident 9 years later. Rachel and Rebecca had a very difficult time living around the memories of their mother, and both of them found ways to leave La Push as soon as they were old enough. Billy wouldn't leave; he felt like his children, his young son particularly, needed the stability of the place where they'd grown up. Billy was away working on his fishing boat so often, and he wanted Jacob to be with people he could trust. In the back of his mind, Billy always worried about accidentally taking Jacob away to a place where he might encounter vampires. The same thing could happen in La Push someday, of course, but at least then Jacob would have the support of a pack, and tribal members who understood. A few years later, Billy had to quit his job because of the progression of his diabetes. It was difficult for him to lose mobility, but it gave him more time with his children. With his daughters more socially active , it was Jacob who cared for his father most often. They became very close.

Billy was always a social person; he had many friends. Harry Clearwater and Quil Ateara IV were his closest friends, almost his brothers. They, too, grew up in a world with magic, and also spent a few years wishing for the chance to be superheroes. If the vampires had come, Harry and Quil would have been his packmates. When Quil's small boat was destroyed in a storm, killing Quil, it was hard for both Harry and Billy; if Quil had been a shape-shifter, he would have been able to survive the accident.

Billy was also close with Charlie Swan, despite the fact that Charlie could know nothing about Billy's secrets. Charlie did know about losing a wife, though not in the same circumstances, and they both had daughters who were often mysteries to their fathers. Billy and Charlie also shared a love for fishing.

When the Cullens returned to Forks, it was a dark time for the tribe. Billy knew exactly what this would mean for his son, and he mourned for the safe and commonplace life that Jacob would lose. The elders had taught the histories to their sons, but the entire tribe had begun to believe that the stories were only legend. Billy had warned Jacob about the signs of the werewolf - the heat, the growth spurt, the anger - but Jacob had totally ignored him, thinking Billy no more than superstitious. Billy knew that his son was unprepared for what was coming.

Billy knew the Cullens were vampires. He had no history with them, only the takes of his grandfather, as passed to him by his father. He did not believe that the Cullens were as harmless as they presented themselves to be. He feared that without a strong pack to enforce the treaty, the Cullens would take advantage. He worried for his tribe, and for his friends in Forks. He tried to warn Charlie to stay away from the Cullens, but his warning backfired. Charlie had already taken a liking to Carlisle, and he was upset about Billy's prejudice against the newcomers. When Charlie learned that members of the Quileute tribe were boycotting the hospital, it caused a rift between Billy and Charlie for a few years.

Watching Sam deal with the blows his werewolf heritage had forced upon him, Billy was even more concerned for Jacob.

Role Play History:

*Rachel Black

Rachel stands at 5'7. She is a young woman with a slender build and tanned skin. She has black hair, dark eyes and hair -- she has full Quileute looks. She was born in 1986. Rachel is the girlfriend and imprintee of Paul Lahote. She is the older sister of Jacob Black and twin sister of Rebecca Black as well as the daughter of Billy and Sarah Black. Rachel is described as caring and nice, but with a hidden temper. She gets into trouble easily, but has a good sense of humor and loves to just have a good time.

The Quileute reservation was where she grew up with her father, younger brother, and twin sister. When her mother died in a car crash, Rachel wanted to escape the reservation. She got a scholarship to Washington University and spent the summers working, as an excuse to not visit the reservation.

Role Play History:

*Rebecca Black-Finau

Rebecca stands at 5'6. She looks a lot like her twin, who is a young woman with a slender build and tanned skin. She has straight black hair, dark eyes and hair. She was born in 1986. Rebecca is the wife of Solomon Sinfar. She is the sister of Jacob and Rachel Black and the daughter of Billy Black. Rebecca is calm and collected in serious times, but when there's a party, she'll be there. She isn't completely faithful and has a bad reputation, although around Billy and family she's a "good girl."

Rebecca was with Rachel when her mother died, and the second she graduated high school, moved to Hawaii. There, she married Solomon, and never returned to the reservation.

Role Play History:

*Emily Young-Uley

Emily is described as being an exceptionally beautiful young woman, with glossy black hair, black eyes, and copper skin. She has three long scars on the right side of her face, from her hairline to her chin, which extend down her right arm to her hand. These scars were accidentally inflicted by an out-of-control Sam. One side of her mouth is distorted from her injury. She was born in 1987. Emily is the fiancee and imprintee of Sam Uley. She is the adoptive mother of Jordan McCarty and Nicole Black. Emily also is the second cousin of Leah and Seth Clearwater, niece of Sue Clearwater, and the aunt of Claire and Faith Young. Emily is a very quiet and good hearted individual. She cares about all of the pack and acts as a caretaker to all of them. She loves to cook, and does so a lot. Emily usually keeps her opinions to herself, and is very much in love with Sam.

She grew up and lived on the Makah reservation until shortly before New Moon, when she moved to a small house at La Push. Emily and Leah Clearwater are second cousins, but as children were as close as sisters. Sam dated Leah throughout high school, and they were very fond of each other. Leah, however, wasn't fond of Emily's boyfriend, whom Emily eventually found too self-absorbed and broke up with him. She dated a few boys casually later.

Sam imprinted on Emily when she was down from the Makah reservation visiting her cousins. This caused conflict between the two cousins and ruined their friendship. Her family is closely tied to the pack — Leah and Seth being wolves, while her niece Claire Young was imprinted on by Quil Ateara V. After Sam imprinted on Emily, she didn't accept him because of his relationship with Leah. Even after she found out about his newfound wolf form and new abilities, she still brushed him off, trying to convince him to return to Leah's arms. This went on for awhile when Sam visited her daily and she rejected him every time.

One day she ordered him to go back to Leah, but he refused. Emily called him a liar and said that he was just like his father, Joshua Uley. Sam, outraged, lost control of himself, phased into a werewolf and scarred her badly enough that 'mauled by a bear' was the only plausible cover story. In the aftermath of this incident, she finally gave up and accepted Sam in her life - telling Leah that she and Sam were together, which Leah had counted upon not happening.

Role Play History:

*Kim Cameron

Kim stands at 5'5. She has russet skin, dark brown eyes, long black hair, and a normal build. Kim is described as being sort of plain. She was born in 1990. Kim is the wife and imprintee of Jared Cameron and the mother of Jade and Eden Cameron. Kim is nice but still shy. She gets things done and doesn't wait for others to do things for her. Kim can be independent at times, but is in love with Jared and hates when he leaves her side.

Kim grew up on the Quileute reservation and attended school there all her life.

Kim has had a crush on Jared for a while, sitting next to him in class every day at school for a year, and also going to the extent of writing her name with his surname on to her diary. One day, after Jared phased, he imprinted on Kim in history class, nicely reciprocating her crush. Jacob explains how Jared never took notice in her until he looked at her for the first time after he changed into a shapshifter, and he never looked away.

Role Play History:

*Claire Young

Claire has the same tan skin, dark eyes, and dark hair as all Quileutes. She's small and thin, and has long, usually tangled locks of black hair. She has a dimpled smile. There's also a scar on her temple to the start of her cheek. She was born in 2003. Claire is the imprintee of Quil Ateara. She is also the niece of Emily Young-Uley and a distant cousin of the Clearwater family. Claire is giggly, laughs a lot, and is full of energy. She likes to spend time with others, and is a bit of a show off. Claire loves the pack and is amazed by the wolves, although Emily and Quil usually keep her away from them. Claire also has a little bit of seperation anxiety and hates being alone. She is also allergic to nuts.

Claire grew up on the Makah reservation with Faith, her sister.

In Eclipse, two-year-old Claire and her sister were down from the Makah reservation visiting their aunt, Emily Young, when Claire was imprinted upon by Quil. Quil acts like an older brother and a close friend to her, foreshadowing his possible romantic feelings when she's old enough to reciprocate.

Role Play History:

*Sue Clearwater

Sue has thick, dark hair and dark brown eyes. She has copper skin and a white smile and the build of a mother, although she still looks young for her age. She was born in 1964. Sue is the mother of Seth and Leah Clearwater and the widow of Harry Clearwater. She is the aunt of Emily Young and is involved in a romantic relationship with Billy Black. Sue is brave and strong—strong enough to lie to her children if that is what it takes to do what is right. When her husband passed away, she remained tough to get over her pain, and take over his place as council leader of the Quileute tribe. She stands up for herself when needed, but still is nice to those she knows.

Sue grew up on the Quileute reservation, graduated from the tribal school, married Harry Clearwater, and mothered Leah and Seth Clearwater.

During New Moon, her husband, Harry Clearwater, dies of a heart attack, leaving her a widow, and his place as a member of the tribal council. Billy states that Sue is a strong woman, as she remains unshaken for a while, despite her husband's death and her children's phasing.

In Eclipse, Sue attends the campfire night/council meeting on the clifftop in which Billy Black and Quil Sr. tell the Quileute legends to Bella, Jacob, and most of the pack and their imprintees. She appears to Bella to be really tough and to be taking on stuff bravely. She is a member of the Council, taking over for her dead husband.

Sue is also mentioned to be spending a lot of time with Charlie Swan, being as shocked by his cooking as Bella was when she first came to Forks. She immediately takes on a caretaker role towards Charlie, much like Bella did. Bella suspects they have started a romantic relationship.

Role Play History:

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*Mike Newton

Mike has spiked, light brown hair. He is kight skinned with an average build, light eyes, and a dimpled smile. He was born in 1988. Mike is a friend of Bella and the boyfriend of Jessica Stanley. He is flirty, awkward, outgoing, and popular.

Mike was born in Sacramento, California. He is the only child in his family.

His family moved to Forks when he was 10 years old and opened Newton's Olympic Outfitters. During high school, Mike started working for his parents, selling camping and hiking gear. He became a popular kid in school and dated some of the most popular girls, including Lauren Mallory, and later Jessica Stanley, who already had a crush on him.

Role Play History:

*Jessica Stanley

Jessica is around 5'1" has very curly, dark brown hair, is almost pale, and has blue eyes. She was born in 1988. Jessica is a former "friend" of Bella Swan and the girlfriend of Mike Newton. Jessica is known to be a 'chatterbox' and has a very outgoing personality even though she is not loyal to any of her friends. She always acts nice toward Bella, but in truth she really disliked her and was upset when both Edward Cullen and Mike showed interest in Bella, instead of her. She was jealous of her the whole time and was known to be a fake friend, but never did anything hurtful. Edward resented her for this attitude, but warmed up to her slightly when she became worried about Bella for her being late at the restaurant that they were supposed to meet with Angela.

Jessica's family moved to Forks when she was still a small child, but Jessica has always thought of herself as being less provincial than the locals. In high school, she was a good student and fairly popular, though she wasn't as sought after by boys as Lauren Mallory.

She thinks of Lauren and Angela Weber as her best friends, though she has no loyalty to either of them. She also had a short-lived crush on Edward Cullen, with imaginations that constantly disturbed him until they ended.

Role Play History:

*Angela Weber

Angela is described as being 5'9, with light brown hair with streaks of honey and "always-gentle" brown eyes. Angela wears glasses and also has a slight tan. She was born in 1988. She is the former best friend of Bella Swan and the girlfriend of Ben Cheney. She has a gentle nature but can be snappy when irritated. She is very kind and caring. There is a shy side to her.

Angela Weber was born and raised in Forks. She is the only daughter of a Lutheran minister and his wife. Angela's unusual height made her self-conscious, and she developed into a shy, reserved person. She was a good all-around student and well liked despite her shyness, thanks to her kind, sweet, nature, and is the ex-girlfriend of Eric Yorkie, whom she dated in early high school years.

Role Play History:

*Ben Cheney

Ben is lanky, thin, and short. He was born in 1988. Ben is an only child and the boyfriend of Angela Weber. He is shy, reserved, and calm.

Ben grew up in Forks. He attended Forks and had his eye on Bella but never said much. Best friend of Eric Yorkie and graduated with the class.

Role Play History:

*Tyler Crowley

Tyler has dark skin, thin black hair and chocolate brown eyes. He is 5'9 and slightly muscled. He was born in 1988. Tyler is friends with Mike Newton and a former friend of Bella Swan. Tyler is apologetic, determined, confident, and friendly.

Role Play History:

*Lauren Mallory

Lauren is described as having long, cornsilk, blonde hair, green, fishy eyes with pale eyebrows, and 5'6" tall. Lauren also has a nasal-sounding voice. She was born in 1988. Lauren is a friend of Jessica Stanley. Lauren is jealous of something within everyone, wanting everything for herself, despite her popularity. She is standoffish and a gossiper, always pointing out flaws. Basically, she is very snobby.

Role Play History:

*Eric Yorkie

Eric is described as being of Asian descent, standing at 6'3" with greasy hair "as black as an oil slick," brown eyes, and poor complexion. He was born in 1988. Eric is friends with those that went to high school with him. He is the boyfriend of Kayla. Eric is outgoing, asks questions a lot, geeky, and flirty.

Role Play History:

*Austin Marks

Austin is lanky and stands at 5'8. He is slightly filled out, and keeps his hair longer so it almost flops over his eyes. He has dark, deep set eyes and full lips. He was born in 1996. Austin is good friends with Ben Cheney. Austin is a good guy that makes many bad decisions. He likes to joke around but can be insulting and have mood swings at times.

Austin Marks grew up in Forks, best friends with Ben Cheney, and the older brother of the freshman whom Bella Swan asks if she can buy his old motorcycles. He also lives across the street from Ben.

Role Play History:

*June Richardson

June has pin straight, shoulder length honey hair, small hazel eyes, arched eyebrows, and a tiny build. She was born in 1992. June has not many friends, but a few. She is hesitant and curious but loud, rash, and sometimes obnoxious when she's around people she's comfortable with.

Role Play History:


Whitey has sandy hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, and a small build. She was born in 1991. Whitney has family members and is friends with Forks High Students. She is shy and unsure of herself and rambles when nervous.

She went to school with the Cullens and was always nervous about them. She once tempted Jasper to drink her blood when near their lunch table, but wasn't attacked.

Role Play History:


Conner has green eyes, pale skin, copper hair. He was born in 1990. Conner is friends with people from Forks High. Conner is outspoken, judgemental, under heavy peer pressure, smart. He had quite a few girlfriends and is a certain Player and a flirt.

Role Play History:


Amanda is slightly tan with green eyes and dark hair. She has an average build and straight eyebrows. She was born in 1990. Amanda is friends with those who were in her grade. Amanda is calm, quiet, and easily impressed. She laughs a lot and worries easily.

Role Play History:

*Katie Marshall

Katie is short and thin with large, innocent grey eyes. She has caramel hair that hides her face and is hard to tame. She was born in 1989. Katie is friends with those in her year. Katie is uncertain but stands up for what she thinks. She is also shy, and can be flirty.

Katie went to high school with Bella, graduated with her.

Role Play History:

*Lee Stephens

Lee has a broad build, medium hair, facial hair and common acne. He has blonde hair, tanned skin, and is slightly muscular. He was born in 1988. Lee is friends with those of Forks High, dating Samantha Wells. Lee talks a lot, is a bookworm, and a bit of a show off.

Role Play History:

*Samantha Wells

Samantha has dark skin and eyes, standing about 5 feet tall. She is wobbly and rounded. She was born in 1988. Samantha is friends with people of Bella's grade, dating Lee Stephens. Samantha is shy, hushed, and socially awkward.

Samantha went to high school with Bella and graduated with her. She also dated Lee Stephens.

Role Play History:

*Charlie Swan

Charlie has a mustache, curly brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, stands at about 6'0" tall, and has an average build. His skin is pale and slightly aged. He was born in 1964. Charlie is the father of Bella Cullen and the ex-husband of Renee Dewyer. He is an in-law to the Cullens. Charlie loves and cares for Bella much more than he likes to let her know. He finds emotional situations awkward and usually avoids them, and is also idependent and clumsy. Bella found him easy to live with because he is protective but respects privacy. Charlie is also slightly shy and can be overbearing.

Charlie was born and raised in Forks by his parents, Geoffrey and Helen Swan. Geoffrey and Helen were both in their mid-forties when Charlie was born; they had thought they were unable to have children, so Charlie was a huge - but very welcome - surprise. He remained an only child and stayed close to both his parents. Billy Black, Harry Clearwater, and Quil Ateara IV were his close friends since childhood. During his teenage years, Charlie always felt a little bit on the outside of his circle of friends. He attributed that distance to the fact that the others all belonged to the Quileute tribe and he did not. In reality, Billy, Harry and Quil were caught up in the secret world they were forbidden to tell Charlie about. As an adult, Charlie joined the Forks Police Department. He wanted to go to college, but his parents' health began deteriorating at the time and he felt that he needed to stay close to home. His mother was in the early stages of Alzheimer's and his father's mobility was being curtailed by severe arthritis. Charlie did everything he could to help care for them.

During Charlie's first summer as a cop, he met Renée Higginbotham. She was driving up the Pacific Highway with a group of her girlfriends, and they stopped to camp at First Beach in La Push. Charlie was visiting Billy when he met Renée on the beach. There was an instant attraction between the two. They spent a few days together before her friends were ready to continue their journey. Renee promised to visit Charlie on the return trip. In her absence, Charlie realized just how much he had fallen for Renée. She returned as promised, and he convinced her to stay when her friends left. Renée was impetuous and romantic by nature, and she loved the passionate, whirlwind relationship. Charlie quickly proposed, and Renée accepted. They were married at the courthouse in Port Angeles, Washington, just a few weeks later. Charlie bought a small house down the street from his parents' home. For a little while, he and Renée were deliriously happy. Charlie was even happier when he found out Renée was pregnant with their first child a few months later.

Charlie's life took a downturn during Renée's pregnancy. Both his parents' conditions worsened, and his father needed Charlie's help with his mother every day. At the same time, depression began to take a major toll on Renée. She wanted Charlie to leave Forks with her and start over somewhere sunnier, but Charlie couldn't do that. Renée had the baby, and her depression was only compounded by the postpartum hormones. A few months after Bella was born, Renée decided that she couldn't live in Forks anymore. She left with Bella, leaving Charlie devastated. Charlie wanted to follow her, but he couldn't leave his parents. He didn't contest the divorce or the child support. All he asked for was time with Bella. He did not stop loving Renée.

Four years later, within six months of each other, Geoffrey and Helen Swan died. Charlie was alone, aside from his summer visits with Bella. He devoted himself to his job and worked his way up through the ranks to become chief of police in Forks. He maintained his longtime friendship with Billy Black and Harry Clearwater, and the three friends spent a lot of their free time fishing together. Billy, in particular, was a great support to Charlie during the difficult years following his divorce and the loss of his parents; they became even closer. Later, when Billy lost his wife, Sarah, to a car accident, Charlie was able to be there for Billy as Billy had been for him.

Role Play History:

*Renée Dwyer

Renée and Bella look alike in their features. She has medium length brown hair, innocent, childish blue eyes and a round face full of laugh lines. She was born in 1968. Renee is the mother of Bella Cullen. She is an in-law to the Cullens. She is the ex-wife of Charlie Swan and the wife of Phil Dewyer. Renee is very eccentric, an experimental chef, forgetful, and very perceptive in a childish way. She tends to shift her hobbies and interests from one to another, never completely making up her mind.

Renee was born in Downey, California. Her parents divorced when she was still a child, and she never had much contact with her father. Her mother, Marie, was a difficult and bitter woman, but also hardworking and loyal. Renée had a very different personality: fun-loving, creative and artistic, but flighty and inconsistent. She did not do well in school, despite the fact that she tested well. During her teenage years she was unable to hold onto a job for long, though she always interviewed very well.

The first year after high school, Renée worked several temporary jobs, making enough money to move in with a friend who had space available in her small apartment. Renée couldn't take living with her pessimistic mother any longer and moved out. The next summer, one of her girlfriends decided to take a month off and travel the length of the Pacific coast, camping along the way. This was exactly the kind of adventure that she loved. She went on the trip with a few other girls, having no idea where she would live when she got back, if her roommate rented the space to someone else.

On a beach, Renée met Charlie Swan. She was instantly attracted to him because of his difference from her ex-boyfriends: serious and responsible, yet funny and kind. They spent a few days together before she departed, but not before promising Charlie that she would visit on her way back. Renée missed Charlie for the rest of the trip, and when she returned to Forks, she was easily convinced to stay for a little while longer. Renée loved being in love, and she loved feeling like she was living an adventure. When Charlie proposed, getting married sounded like the perfect cap to the whirlwind romance. They were married by a justice of the peace, with only Charlie's parents and three best friends in attendance. Renée sent her mother a picture of the wedding, but she didn't respond.

At first, Renée enjoyed the novelty of being married. Charlie was easier to live with than her mother, and his passionate adoration of her was quite pleasant. She had a great deal of fun decorating their little house and loved his quiet and kind parents. While living in Forks, she worked as a waitress, where she loved meeting new people.

Renée was excited when she found out that she was pregnant, and learned to knit and decorate the nursery. She wrote to her mother again, and this time Marie sent a gift: her own mother's handmade quilt. Renée was touched. However, after a few months, everything started to get stale. The constant covering of clouds and rain depressed her, and Charlie's busy time at work and caring for his parents left her unhappy and trapped. Though she loved Charlie, there was no adventure left in their now staid relationship.

Renée gave birth to Bella Swan on September 13, 1987. After her daughter was born, she became more responsible in her ways around the house. Her unhappy time did not brighten up, though. She hated the thought of letting Bella grow up in the gloomy town and begged Charlie to leave with her, though she knew that was not a kind thing to ask. Finally, she decided to leave on her own and get her life in order, for Bella's sake. She realized that she had made some life-altering decisions without much thought, and she wanted to start over and proceed more carefully. They divorced in March 1988.

She moved back in with her mother, who was still difficult, but who doted upon Bella. She enrolled in school and got her elementary education degree - spending time with Bella had made her realize that she was good with children, and enjoyed them. Once she had her degree and a job, she moved to Riverside with Bella and found a job in kindergarten. Bella grounded Renée, who found ways to be satisfied with small changes in her hobbies and recreational activities. She made many close friends among the other teachers.

Renée's life was still chaotic, however, as she always got herself into heavy situations. As Bella grew, she began to assume many of the adult responsibilities in the home, simply because she was better suited to them than Renée was. When she took over the bookkeeping at age 10, their lives became much easier.

They lived in Riverside until Bella was 6 years old. Bella and Renée then moved to Phoenix, Arizona where they remained for 5 years, after Renée's mother passed away. She got a job there.

Though she missed Charlie, she did her best to keep herself from becoming entangled with other men romantically, worried about the impact such a relationship would have on Bella. When Bella was in her teens, she realized that her mother was lonely, and encouraged her to date. After a few failed relationships, Renée met a minor league baseball player named Phil Dwyer. They married before the beginning of Twilight, when Bella was 17.

Role Play History:

*Phil Dwyer

Phil is bald with an average build, around 6'0. He has blue eyes and an average skin tone. He was born in 1975. Phil is the husband of Renee Dwyer. Step father of Bella Swan-Cullen and step father in law of Edward Cullen. Phil is a decent man that easily accepts things. He also has an adventurous personality, like Renee, and is a baseball player.

Phil traveled around, moving from place to place as a child. Phil married Renee the same month Bella turned 17. They had planned to get married in Mexico, but that did not happen. Though Bella didn't like the fact that her mother remarried with someone younger than her, she found Phil quite decent and accepted him, and Phil adapted to Bella. However, because he is a minor league baseball player, he spends a majority of his time away from his new family.

Role Play History:

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