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Nefarious Red

@@@@****** Welcome To The Role Play NO #6!****** @@@@

# After you Role Play please go record your character(s) Daily doing in the TImelines (This is very Important!)

# Please know that Role Playing is not juts chatting but Playing the Life of The Characters. The setting where your character(s) currently are is in 2013 August in Washington or anywhere else Morgan says in OK.


Show that you are on by doing this: *Character1/Character2/etc. Open*

Character1@Character3: *eating sandwich* Hello.

For actual talking to other PEOPLE do this. (Hello, Sally, how are you?)

/@@@@ The Current Role Play News@@@@/

...A Reminder On Rules...

And. I don't care how big your power is as long as you don't misuse it. If you try to take over the world, I will find some way to kill of your person.(said by our Dear Loving Admin (Morgan) .)

No Ignoring! All members new or experienced, Admin/Mod or Just member are expected to greet each other fairl, Saying "Hey!" or "Bye" to someone new or old. The Role Play is supposed to be friendly and smooth. Please respect that.

Upcoming Event

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Any Questions or concerns, any Problems you are having? please PM The Admin or a Mod-

Thanks you and Just HAVE FUN!

4/10/2014 #1 Report
Alexa Skywalker


4/11/2014 #2 Report


4/12/2014 #3 Report
A twillandbonnie

(Shay la la)

4/12/2014 #4 Report
A twillandbonnie


4/13/2014 #5 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight


4/15/2014 #6 Report
A twillandbonnie


4/16/2014 #7 Report


4/22/2014 #8 Report
Review Whore


4/23/2014 #9 Report


4/23/2014 #10 Report


4/25/2014 #11 Report
A twillandbonnie

(*sigh* Anyone?)

4/28/2014 #12 Report

(Hey guys)

5/2/2014 #13 Report
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