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A twillandbonnie


# Characters that are Important to be Taken:

CULLENS (Olympic Coven)

Carlisle Cullen- Taken by Keegan

Edward Cullen- Taken by Mel

Esme Cullen- Taken by Rania

Rosalie Cullen- Taken by Av

Emmett Cullen- Taken by Emily

Alice Cullen- Taken by Morgan

Jasper Cullen- Subbed my Pix

Bella Cullen- Taken by ReviewWhore

Renesmee Cullen- Taken by Lamb


Jacob Black- Taken by Logan

Quil Aterea- Taken by Blue

Embry Call- Taken by Lamb

Seth Clearwater- Taken by Luis

Leah Clearwater- Taken by Alexa

Sam Uley- Taken by Angel

Jared Cameron- Subbed by Blue

Paul Lahoute- Taken by Logan

Brady- Taken by Korra

Collin- Taken by Caleb


Billy Black- (Open for Role Play)

Sue Clearwater- (Open for Role Play)

Emily Young- Taken by Logan

Kim- Taken by Bubbles

Rachel Black- Taken by Bri

Rebecca Black- Taken by

Claire Young- Subbed by Pix

Charlie Swan- Taken by Keegan

Renee Dwyer: (Open for Role Play)

Phil Dwyer: (Open for Role Play)

J Jenks- (Open for Role Play)

Mike Newton: (Open for Role Play)

Jessica Stanley: Taken by Bubbles

Angela Weber: Taken by Mae

Ben Cheney: (open for role play)

Eric Yorkie: (Open for Role Play)

June Richardson: (Open for Role Play)

Whitney: (Open for Role Play)

Amanda: (Open for Role Play)

Lee Stephen: (Open for Role Play)

Samantha Wells: (Open for Role Play)

Lauren Mallory: (Open for Role Play)

Austin Marks: (Open for Role Play)

Conner: (Open for Role Play)

Katie Marshall: (Open for Role Play)

Note: Any canon humans not mentioned that you would like you can ask for still. These are just some. Thank you.


Aro- Taken by Av

Marcus-Taken by Luis

Caius- Taken by Carlisle

Athenodora- Taken by Esme

Sulpicia- Taken by Ona

Jane- Taken by Av

Alec- Taken by Ever

Felix- Taken by Luis

Demetri- Taken by Esme

Heidi- Subbed by Pix

Chelsea: Taken by Mae

Afton: (Open for Role Play)

Santiago: (Open for Role Play)

Corin: Taken by Korra


Tanya- Taken by Ona

Carmen- Taken by Rania

Eleazer- Keegan

Garrett- Taken by Muddy

Katrina/Kate- Taken by Morgan

Suzanna 'Suzy' Kate Denali: (Open for Role Play) (Played by Rania into then)

Lazarus Eleazer Denali: Taken by Blue.


Kachiri- (Open for Role Play)

Senna- (Open for Role Play)

Zafrina- Taken by Angel


Amun- (Open for Role Play)

Benjamin- Taken by Av

Kebi- (Open for Role Play)

Tia- (Open for Role Play)


Liam- Taken by Ona

Maggie- Taken by Korra

Siobhan- Taken by Esme


Note: This is a newborn army. Jasper Whitlock, Renee Whitlock, Lucy, Peter, and Charlotte used to belong to this coven. Lexi belongs to this coven.


Stefan- (Open for Role Play)

Vladimir- (Open for Role Play)


Alistair- Taken by Ona

Charles- (Open for Role Play)

Makenna- Taken by Ona

Charlotte- (Open for Role Play)

Peter- (Open for Role Play)


Joham- (Open for Role Play)

Nahuel- Taken by Caleb

Serena- (Open for Role Play)

Maysun- (Open for Role Play)

Jennifer- (Open for Role Play)

*****Original Characters (OCs)*****

Renee Whitlock- Created and Taken by Morgan

Adyna Cullen- Created and Taken by Krest

Daphne- Created and Taken by Rania

Luis- Created and Taken by Luis

Ethan: Created by Blue and Taken by Keegan

Hannah Swan- Created and Taken By Ever

Roxie: Crated and Taken by Ever

Alfie: Created and Taken by Blue

Joanna: Created and Taken by Bella

Demetria: Created and Taken by Sky

Luke: Created by Sky and Taken by Av

Alison: Created by Esme (*Open for Role Play*)

Noel: Created and Taken by Korra

Vanessa: Created and Taken by Bella

Calliope: Created by Korra

Aaron: Created and Taken by Luis

Lexi: Created and Taken by Emily

Fiona: Created and Taken by Sky

Lucy: Created and Taken by Mel

Sarah: Created and Taken by Kelcee

Dimitri: Created and Taken by

Brad: Created and Taken by Carlisle Loves Esme

Aeryn: Created and taken by Angel

Lillianna: Created and Taken by Angel

Madison: Created and Taken by Angel

Kayto: Created and Subbed by Blue for the moment.

Alexander- Created and Taken by Pixie

Alora- Crated and Taken By Adri

Elyse- Crated and Taken By Mel

Cece: Crated By Pixie (Open for Role Play)

Anthony: Crated and Taken By Mel

Marcy- Crated and Taken By Adri

Cameron Lane- Created and Taken by Blue

Lauren Madden- Created and Taken by Esme

Miaka: Created and Taken By Sakura

Darien: Created and Taken by Sakura

Kimiko: Created and Taken by Sakura

Julia Chan: Created and Taken by Sakura

Janet: Created and Taken by Esme

Tori Greyburn- Created and Taken by Ever

Emelia Jackson- Created and Taken by Jenna

Evie Smith- Created and Taken by Bubbles

Jim Raylen- Created and Taken by Muddy

Mallory Nightingale- Created and Taken by Logan

Ally- Created and Taken by Emily

Christianna: Created by Korra

Ty- Created and Taken by Luis

Sterling-Created and Taken by Lamb

Kinsie: Created by Korra

Josh Anderson: Created and taken by Korra

Olivia Fuller: Created and taken by Lamb

Zach: Created and Taken by Bella

Noelle: Created and Taken by Esme

Lenka: Created by Korra

Chris: Created by Korra

EJ Swan-Cullen: Created and taken by Mel

Ralph Cullen: Created by Blue and Lamb. Taken by Lamb

Aiden Cullen: Created by Blue and Lamb. Taken by Blue

Grace: Created and Taken by Esme

Electra Volturi-Cullen: Created by Sky (Open for Role Play)

***** Made Up Characters*****

German Coven:

Adrian: (Open for Role Play)

Kerstin:Taken by Esme

Gisela: Taken by Lurv

The South African Coven :

Dominick: (Open for Role Play)

Abri: (Open for Role Play)

The Australian Coven:

Beck: Taken by Av

Angel: (Open for Role Play)

Sibelle: (Open for Role Play)

Cassandra: (Open for Role Play)

The Western Coven:

Bailey: (Open for Role Play)

Brooklynn: (Open for Role Play)

Snow: (Open for Role Play)

Julius: (Open for Role Play)

The Asian Coven:

Avaline: (Open for Role Play)

Nalin: (Open for Role Play)

Keshi: (Open for Role Play)

The Volturi Coven:

Alessia: Taken by Av

Jackson: (Open for Role Play)

Daniel: (Open for Role Play)

Joshua: (Open for Role Play)

Andrew: (Open for Role Play)

Luke Lahote: (Open for Role Play)

Brayden: (Open for Role Play)

Henry Aterea: (Open for Role Play)

Gabriel: (open for roleplay)

Colton: Taken by Lurv

Keenan: Taken By Ever

Gale: Taken by Pix

Clara: (open for role play)

Carrie: Taken by Story

Clyde: (Open for Role Play)

Loretta: (Open for Role Play)

Faith Young: (Open for Role Play)

Raven Uley: (Open for Role Play)

Adeline: (Open for Role Play)

Maya: (Open for roleplay)

Dilan: (Open for Role Play)

3/17/2013 . Edited by SiennaTheDark.Knight, 2/1/2014 #1 Report
L'Amour veritable

Can I be Rosalie and Jacob please!

3/21/2013 #2 Report

Could I play Renesmee?

7/29/2013 #3 Report
A twillandbonnie

Of course!

7/29/2013 #4 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

Can I get Esme pwease?

8/3/2013 #5 Report
A twillandbonnie

(Of course! Start whenever you're ready.)

8/3/2013 #6 Report

Can I take Misser Embry Call?

8/4/2013 #7 Report
A twillandbonnie

Oh, why of course, dear. *says in British accent while sipping tea*

8/4/2013 #8 Report

*raises hand* I don't play Ally, that's owl...

8/4/2013 #9 Report
A twillandbonnie

Gosh darn it! It didn't copy and paste right! . Thanks:)))

8/4/2013 #10 Report
Dave Karofsky

Can I have Seth and Felix?

8/9/2013 #11 Report
A twillandbonnie

Of course

8/9/2013 #12 Report

Can I have Alec?

8/13/2013 #13 Report
Nope Not Here Anymore

Could I be Leah and Chelsea please?

8/17/2013 #14 Report

Can I be Bella?

8/17/2013 #15 Report

Can I be Bella please?

8/17/2013 #16 Report

Carlisle, please

8/17/2013 #17 Report
Blue Birdy934

Can I be Edward, Jane and Brady please.

8/17/2013 . Edited 8/17/2013 #18 Report

Bella, also?

8/17/2013 #19 Report
A twillandbonnie

O course!

8/17/2013 #20 Report
A twillandbonnie

Okay, I've gotten tons of requests to play Bella, so we're holding an audition. *sigh* So go to the audition topic with anyone and start playing her.

8/17/2013 . Edited 8/17/2013 #21 Report
Nefarious Red

how many are we allowed to have? And charlie?

8/17/2013 #22 Report
A twillandbonnie

As many as you'd like if you play them. You can have seven for all I care or just one. As long as you play, there are no limits! :) You got him!

8/17/2013 #23 Report
Nefarious Red


8/17/2013 #24 Report
A twillandbonnie

Welcome! You can start whenever, but you need to look at the most recent announcement on the announcement page.

8/17/2013 #25 Report
Nefarious Red

ok :) im creating a oc thne ill tlke a looka round!

8/17/2013 #26 Report
Nefarious Red

Oh! Could i get tanya and aro?

8/17/2013 . Edited 8/17/2013 #27 Report
Nefarious Red

Zachfrina? formt he amazon coven maybe?

8/18/2013 #28 Report
A twillandbonnie


8/18/2013 #29 Report

So, we have to audition?? Sorry, but I don't think I'll be playing here. I'm not going to battle against other people to get Bella.

8/18/2013 #30 Report
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