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Non Canon Character Application 1#
A twillandbonnie

This is the application:

First Name:

Last Name:







Additional Info:

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L'Amour veritable

First Name: Megan Samantha

Last Name: Black

Species: Werewolf

Appearance: Long waist length light brown hair. This is also the colour of her fur which is also quite long fur. And light green eyes. She is quite small so Jacob towers over her lus she is quite skinny. She is 5,4

Age: 20 (Jacob is 23)

Bio: Megan grew up in Forks, Washington in La Push. Her Father and Mother were werewolves along with her brothers and sisters, Kai Thomas (Her Twin), Reyna Zoe (younger sister) and Theo Sebastion.

She met Jacob at a summer barbeque where he inprinted on her immediatley and they got married soon after.

They now how twin girls, Eve Isabelle and Georgia Leah who are both two and also werewolves though they haven't learnt how to transform yet.

Jacob and Megan live in a small house near the beach of La Push. Megan is also pregnant but they don't know it yet.

Personality: Megan is a quiet shy girl and likes to stay in the background but people keep pulling her out into the light. She is kind smart and caring to everybody. She loves spending time with her girls but they are serious daddy's girls.

Additional Info: Jacob and Megan are together if you didn't notice XD

3/28/2013 #2 Report
A twillandbonnie

First Name: Renee

Last Name: Whitlock

Species: Vampire

Appearance: She is a female, petite, brunette version of Jasper. Her eyes are the same butterscotch as him, too. She is much shorter than him though at 5' 1. She was very few scars even though she was in the newborn wars with him.

Age: She looks 16

Bio: She was Jasper's little sister in his human life. When he went missing, she was heartbroken. A month later, she ran into him in the forest. He had no choice but to change her. She was ranked right after Jasper. She was one of the most skilled fighters in the army. Many say that she could take Jasper himself. She had a certain grace about her that many thought to be a power itself. She earned her many nicknames from her ballerina like grace. Unlike Jasper who is feared for his scars, she is feared for her lack of scars. Due to their inseparable nature, many other newborns began to call her 'The Major's Ballerina.' The name caught on, and southern vampires fear it. Not many vampires who don't know her personally refer to her as Renee. Even though she is most skilled in avoiding, she is an excellent fighter.

Personality: She is rebellious. She can often be deemed as cold but is really sweet once you get to know her. She is headstrong and unlike Jasper who is quiet and reserved she is outgoing.

Additional Info: She is Jasper's sister.

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First Name: Ally carter

Last Name: Clearwater

Species: werewolf

Appearance: Alley has light brown eyes, piercing eyes. her hair is naturally dark brown, but is ombre so the end are light brown. Her hair is more than half way down her back. She is tan just like her brother and sister. When she is a wolf her eyes darken in color. As a wolf she is light tan with brown line running down her body.

Age: 14 years old

Bio: Ally is Seth Clearwater's twin. She did not change until 6 months after Seth. Ally does not want to believe all the supernatural stuff. She doesn't want anyone to know. She wont take any of her friends to her house. Her whole life she has been like this. When everything was happing with the Volturi she didn't help that much. she went to school worrying about everything all day. Some nights she wont not go home, just because she did not want to know/believe/see vampires and werewolves. When her dad died, she was heartbroken. She loved him and his stories that he would tell her. For days she would leave; after sometimes weeks she would come home But she learned to live with it. At school, ally has many friends, but none of them are wolves, at school she wont talk to her brother or sister. Sometimes she will play mind games but not very often. Personality: Ally is sweet and positive most of the time. But sometimes she will switch and get mean, and rude. She will leave quit quickly if she is around her friends. At parties she is an animal(no pun intend).

Additional Info: She is seth's twin sister.

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A twillandbonnie


8/1/2013 #5 Report

(I will finish tomorrow)

First Name: Adyna

Last Name: Cullen (But really Uley but she doesn't know)

Species: Wolf/vampire

Appearance: Adyna has long black curly hair, thick, and silver eyes. She is very tan and around 6'0 feet tall. In her wolf form, Adyna has thick golden fur.

Age: 16



Additional Info: She has two powers, changing her appearance, and temporarily copying someone's power, which she can use in her wolf form also.

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A twillandbonnie


8/1/2013 #7 Report

First Name:Hannah Mae

Last Name:Swan


Appearance:She has pale skin and dark brown hair big doe brown eyes that add on to her innocent look and her cheeks are covered in freckles


Bio:Hannah Swan is one of Forks biggest mysteries at the age of two she was left on Charlie's steps with a note pinned to her little dress saying "Take care of her" to which Charlie had a DNA test done to find that she was in fact his little girl. Growing up along side her sister Bella who she really admired they also had a few slight problems, Bella gravitated towards the Cullens while Hannah was more into the pack to which Bella did not approve of at all. Hannah being the youngest Swan quickly made friends on the rez so she wouldn't be alone during Charlie's fishing trips. She also has a huge crush on Brady Fuller but is terrified he doesn't feel the same so she keeps it to herself only telling Seth her most trusted friend about it as he tries to persuade her to come out of her shyness and actually talk to him. Meanwhile she feels so drawn to Embry one of the quiet older boys in the pack that she is starting to forget Brady and see him as nothing more than a perverted brother but even so she still cant seem to break down her walls long enough to see just what is right in front of her eyes. Most everyone knows why she feels this way but per Bella's request no one but Embry is allowed to tell her why and he hasn't saw that its the right time yet as he knows she has a crush on Brady and doesn't want to take her freedom away.

Personality:Shy and quiet very sweet and loving almost child like in a sense

Additional info:She is Embry's imprint

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A twillandbonnie


8/4/2013 #9 Report

First Name: Sterling Kae

Last Name: Moon

Species: Shifter (He's a woofie)

Appearance: Sterling is a buff guy, he even has an eight pack. He is a tall 6'6" and weighs in around 170lbs. He has sandy brown hair and captivating grey eyes. He is a 'cutie.'


Bio: Sterling's parents played a large role in his life; his mother was a singer and his father- after he left his family in La Push- was a director. He grew up with his older sister Lauriah. His parents made a lot of money and provided for the small family easily. They lived in a 8800 square feet beach house in California. Despite the luxurious living standards he was raised well and didn't become spoiled. His sister was somebody he had always looked up to, a role model. She was a talented muscisian from a very young age and by the age of 14 she was playing her violin at a professional level. She had disapeared after one of her rehearsals when she was seventeen and didn't reappear for a very long time. Sterling and his parents didn't know where she was and after sending out searches they still didn't find her. Sterlings life went on as normal as possible until one day he was at his house with his parents and he heard the door open and close. Moments later- before he realized what was going on- both of his parents were in front of him dead, and at their neck was his sister. With his parents dead and his sister being a vampire his shifter gene kicked in and he phased in the middle of the livingroom, but calmed down before he could hurt Lauriah. The two came to a mutual trust and fell back into a brother sister relationship as they moved to Forks and bought a house with their parents money- which they stole all of. The two have just moved there to a small house near the forest. Sterling found out about the alternate vampire diet and insisted Lauriah start on it and she did. As of now they are adjusting to new life in forks and as wolf/vampire siblings.

Personality: Sterling is a quiet and reserved guy. He isn't shy, but is one of the people you don't see really talking a lot. He is not the life of a party- he doesn't have those popularity points with him.

Additional Info: He is two years younger than Lauria. He is a dark black wolf with a line of white down the center of his back with faint grey lines going down his sides perpindicular to the stripe. He is a distant cousin of Paul"s.

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(Sorry, I posted this off my mobile, do you mind editing it for me so it's in lines? Thanks :)

8/4/2013 #11 Report
A twillandbonnie

Accepted! I hate that they don't let you make lines in mobile. :(

8/4/2013 #12 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

First Name: Daphne Esme

Last Name: Platt-Cullen

Species: Vampire

Appearance: Daphne is 5'9" almost 6' tall, with billows of soft waving, mahogany colored hair. She has dimples on her cheeks that showed every time she spoke. She's slender and has long legs. Her human eye color was green.


Age: Changed at the age 16.

Bio: Daphne is Esme Cullen's niece, her late much younger brother's daughter. Esme didn't know that Daphne exist since she was already ran away to Ashland before her brother's wife was pregnant. Years later young Daphne grew up at the family farm with her parents and grandparents. Daphne adored Esme, even when she never sees her before, from her father's story about Esme. Daphne always got suspicious to Charles Evenson, Esme's ex-husband, since he was the last known person that involved to Esme after her cousin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

One night, Daphne came home late from her friend's house, which not too far from the farm. She walked passed Charles' room, which was staying there at the moment, and overheard that he called Esme with dirty languages and that she was now pronounced dead. Shocked, Daphne took a step away from the room's door, but tripped and made her fell. Hearing this, Charles came out from the guest's room, drunk, with a knife in his hand. He started to scare Daphne, so she ran out from the house, with him chasing her and swearing he would kill her because she accidently eavesdropping.

Arriving at the forest, Daphne can't see where she was going because it was dark. Charles somehow caught up with her and stabbed her at her lower abdomen. Charles then left the dying Daphne on the forest ground.

Carlisle and Esme that were visiting Columbus at the time, of course without the Platts and Charles knowing, smelled the blood and decided to check it. They found Daphne, her heart still managed to beat faintly. Esme noticed that the girl resembled her younger brother so much and the fact that she was not far from the family's farm. Esme pitied the girl and asked Carlisle to change her, which he did, and they added her to the Cullen family.

Personality: Daphne is an outgoing girl. Her playful and mischievous nature often got her into trouble. Her Father even said that she resembled Esme so much, which where her middle name came from, both to honor Esme and that she reminded them about her a lot.

Additional Info: She has no special power, but skilled at fighting and also a prankster like Emmett and Alice.

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A twillandbonnie


8/4/2013 #14 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

First Name: Alexander Jason

Last Name: Carter

Species: Human

Appearance: He's 6'3 and has dark brown hair with green eyes, fair and a one dimple smile.

Age: 21

Bio: Alex grew up in a tough family. His parents fought a lot and they didn't have much time to care for their only son. he had a good education though. Alex moved to the Seattle with his mother when he was 13 years old because his father hung himself. Alex's mother had many boyfriends. He turned into a player, his High School years were spent exactly how a Womanizer would spend. Alex graduated High School and College Left his mother's. Alex majored in Law, He moved around a lot and finally he took the job of working as a Attorney. He finally settled in Port Angles.

Personality: He had a passion for leaf-whistling and guitar playing. He's a bit out-going and fun. He's Kind and very passionate once you get to know him. He's also sweet and flirty.

Additional Info: uh..None

8/7/2013 #15 Report
A twillandbonnie


8/7/2013 #16 Report

First Name: Alora

Last Name: Sanders

Species: Human

Appearance: Long black hair that reaches her waist. Has a beautifully curvy figure. Light brown eyes

Age: 19

Bio: was born on the Rez to an unknown mother and father, they put her up for adoption and she was adopted by a wealthy white couple who couldn't have children of their own. They didn't spoil her too much, they taught her how to save money, and how to turn little money into a lot of money through investing. Over all they made sure she was well loved and also well grounded in case something ever happened.

Personality:Kind in nature but if pushed to far she will explode

Additional Info: She loves the beach. And is a black belt in tae Kwon do. Speaks 3 languages

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A twillandbonnie


8/8/2013 #18 Report
Dave Karofsky

First Name: Tygert (Ty)

Last Name: Lovestorm

Species: Shapeshifter

Appearance: Ty stands 1.70 mts. tall, he has a spectacular body, he's not beefy but he's muscular, slanted eyes but not chinese-like, rather latin, his skin is a rich copper but a little pale in his torso and forearms. His eyes are a very light-brown, almost hazel. he has reddish black hair and thick eyebrows, his lips are appealing and his teeth finishes the job.

Age: 19

Bio: Ty was born out of the rez, in an exotic country of Central America, he was born and raised there, he grew up as a latin man, he speaks spanish and studied till he became senior. Her mother told him it was time to return to United States, because she was aware that she had shapeshifter blood and that he wouldn't be able to handle it alone, so he left his family to join the tribe in Forks, he struggles with English but he can manage it. He phased first when a leech tried to cross the border and he out of instinct ripped its head off.

Personality: Caring of his family, loving to extreme but he's no jerk and he can be temperamental if he gets provoked, He loves animals and protects them everytime he can, he also tries to live a green life-style

Additional Info: He's cousin of Quil, he's the one he is the closest to, he is still very shy with other people in the Rez. His fur is a midnight bluish color, almost black

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Dave Karofsky

First Name: Luis Alfredo

Last Name: Campos Sylvester

Species: Vampire

Appearance :Luis isn't either too tall or too short, he has an average build, his body is not that one of a fat man but holds a coarse body due to him being fat in his teenage years, and starting to lose weight in his 17s. he has russet brown eyes which are wide, a rounded yet with good facets' face, a really caring grin and described by his mother as "the angel of my life". His asperger syndrome gives him a very interesting voice.

Age:35, looks 20.

Bio: Raised in Costa Rica, he was never a normal child, he almost became autistic, but his mother prevented it, but he remained with Asperger syndrome, one night when he was dying of asma, he was changed by an unknown vampire, he went away thinking of him as a monster, he still calls her mother once in a while to keep her up, but he knows he can't come back. He know lives in Forks, only feeding when he gives in into his thirst since he hate killing humans.

Personality: Luis was raised by his mother as a man of good principles and ethics, as well as very caring personality, he's also very nice and insecure of himself, he's not socially awkward however. He has a value for humans, considering himself philanthropist, and has a very hard time killing someone. He's devoted and loyal and will fight for his loved ones if neccesary, though he's a peacekeeper. he's a pure sweet person and enherited her mother's spoiled side.

Additional Info: He knows almost nothing about the vampire world, he feels really alone and wants to have someone help him

His power is making any vampiric power useless through willpower alone

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A twillandbonnie

Both are accepted

8/9/2013 #21 Report
A twillandbonnie

Both are accepted

8/9/2013 #22 Report

First Name: Marcy

Last Name: Jones

Species: Human

Appearance: 5 foot 8 inches, curvy figure, long black hair, dark brown eye, her left eye is covered constantly by her hair.

Age: 18

Bio: Born to an abusive mother and unknown father, she had a little sister named Jen but one day her mother pulled a knife and killed Jen and then stabbed Marcy in her left eye.

Personality: Generally a cold person, not very trusting. But once you get to know her she's very nice and caring.

Additional Info: To be an imprint...hopefully

8/9/2013 #23 Report
A twillandbonnie

Accepted! :)

8/9/2013 #24 Report
Nope Not Here Anymore

First name: Delilah

Last name: Seymour

Species: Half shape-shifter (werewolf), quarter vamp, quarter human (I'll explain in bio)

Aliases: Deli (only by her mother)

Appearance: 5 foot 7 inches, long curly light brown hair with dark streaks, ice blue eyes, pale Quileute-ish skin. Fur is pure white with a few tiny caramel coloured patches, when in wolf form. She normally wears native Quileute clothing to feel closer to her Quileute roots.

Age: 19

Bio: Her mother who was a hybrid (vamp-human) had a fling with a werewolf shape-shifter but woke up to find him gone and herself pregnant. Delilah grew up with her mother until she was killed by some vampires who thought she was a human. Delilah wasn't there at the time but came to find her mother's discarded dead body.

Delilah has the same abilities as a hybrid but can shape shift into a werewolf only when she is really, really angry. She's only shape shifted twice in her whole life.

Personality: Her mother's death has made her more wary and mistrustful of the world. She's level-headed and slow to get angry. Despite her carefulness, she can be gullible.

Additional info: Is currently a nomad. She's as fast as a vampire because of her wolf genes. She's travelled to Forks to find answers about her parentage. Her gift is telekinesis - she can control objects. She can only control small objects but is trying to develop her gift.

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Nope Not Here Anymore

My OC:

Also, no mate. I'm easy if anyone want her for a mate. :)

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Blue Birdy934

Name: Ethan Joseph

Last Name: McCarty

Species: Vampire.

Appearance: He has dark brown hair almost black with blonde specks in it, which he flicks over to the right side over his forehead. He has a strong jawline and is just a bit smaller than Emmett with a strong build. He has golden eyes, with green specks in them.

Age: 15 years old, before he was changed.

Bio: Ethan was born in 1934 Gatlinburg Tennessee. He was only 1 years old when his older brother Emmett went missing. His parents always concentrated on finding Emmett other than looking after him. When he turned 6 years old he pretty much looked after himself. He always grew up loving his older brother and lived with the few memories he had left.

When Ethan turned 15 he got a girlfriend called Mia, and one night they got into a big fight and Ethan ran of into the near by forest. A loca vampire was feeding and he saw. Scared to death he tried to move away but fell back and the vampire got him. But just as he was about to finish him off the vampire's singer caught it's attention and he ran off, leaving Ethan in so much pain.

He woke only a day later not feeling any different and only remembering the pain. He finally figured out who he was and what he was. He went to his brother gave that held no body and layed flowers down and a message.

He then left Gatlinburg went to find his brother. A few years later he came across the Denali coven and worked out he had the power of Life and Death. He can create new life for anyone inclueding vampires and he can also control the life and death cycle for humans. He has never tried out creating new life and is staying way clear of Italy at the minute.

The Denali coven told him to travel to Folks to find the Cullen's. So right now he is travelling around in Folks forest, working on his power and still looking for his brother.

Personality: he is very playful and acts like a child much like his brother. He is easy going and loves a good fight. Sometimes his mood changes and he gets very tired when using his power. He also gets very moody and annoyed quickly if someone if bothering him.

Additional Info: He doesn't exactly know if Emmett remembers him or not but he still wants to find him. He wants to know why he left him or even if he is alive but he just has a feeling he is.

8/17/2013 #27 Report
A twillandbonnie

All new sheets Accepted

8/17/2013 #28 Report
Nefarious Red

First Name: Joanna

Last Name: Masen

Species: Vampire

Appearance: Long bronze hair, which travels down to her lower waist. Her eyes remain amber color, as shes only beginning the animal diet. Her beautiful pale skin goes beautifully with her bronze hair. Her clothing style is slightly modern, tomboy, but then again chic. She's healthy weighed, not to skinny not to plump. When thirsty her eyes get punished with a bruise like color.

Age: 17 (Changed in 1920)

Bio: She's the daughter of Elizabeth and Edward Masen in 1903, but she couldn't be handled. So she was given up to a adoption agency and never saw her parents again. Being raised with 2 different families, she had a hard life. when she aged 17 she went out and left her family. She hated that she was always treated like the adopted child (she was) but hated it. she went out into town one night and was changed. She fell inlove with the vampire that changed her but he died in th elate 60s. Devastated, she went back to Chicago, Illinois, and went to the adoption agency and asked about her name, only saying it was her great grandmother. Only learning her brother and parents died of the Spanish influenza she went the the place where her birth family lived. Only to find it was bought by the new heir, she convinces the agency to tell the name of the new heir and only to find his name was Edward Masen.... interested, she goes on a search for him. to find his true name is Edward Cullen, and he lives in forks Washington. She is on the move to forks,WA to meet the new heir. unsure of what she might find.

Personality: brooding and stubborn, but also very kind and compassionate. Also charming, polite, and determined. Though, she was raised with the wrong people she still is a amazing. She Believe to be pessimistic, she always thought of herself as an abomination of nature, not deserving happiness. Wishing to be once loved again and hopefully find the masen families new heir.

Additional Info: only believes that Edward is a new heir and knows nothing about him being a vampire.

(Can she have a gift?)

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A twillandbonnie


8/17/2013 #30 Report
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