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Non Canon Character Application 1#
A twillandbonnie


8/21/2013 #61 Report
Blue Birdy934

First Name: Scarlett

Last Name: Tricanto

Species: Vampire

Appearance: She has long straight blonde hair that stop around mid back. Pale skin and dark red eyes. She stands at 4 foot 9inch's and has a small form. She is normally seen wearing zip up hoodies but never done up with the hood over her head. Jeans and high top trainers. Baggy t-shirts, in all different colours.

Age: Born in 1000AD's. But was changed at the age of 11 making her a immortal child.

Bio: Scarlett was born in the 10000AD's and is the little sister or Kate. Kate never knew about her as she was given away at birth. As Scarlett grew up she was proved different than other children her age. She could do weird things without meaning to, she could move things without touching them and she knew things about people without them telling her.

At the age of 3 she was giving away to a orphanage and was the girl who sat in the back never being spoken to or being adopted. She hardly ever ate or slept making her very ill and weak looking more like a 1 year old than a 3 year old. She could hardly talk not knowing any words and she could hardly walk being to weak to hold herself up.

When she turned 7 she was still in the orphanage and stayed in her room still never talking and always practising her powers she had. She was threw into the street one night just after her birthday and told never to come back. She crawled to a ally way and didn't move for days until she got up and managed to smuggle food in the night and whenever she woke in the morning she would have more money than she started off with.

She looked after herself till the age of 11 when she was walking in the street one night after spending the whole day without food. A vampire caught her in the country side but didn't drain her completly changing her at the age of 11.

She travelled for a very long time alone, knowing hardly anything about what she was. When she came across the Volturi she knew already how bad they were using the power she still kept from her human life. She met with Aro, Caius, Marcus and Carlisle who was with them at the time. They wanted to kill her right then and their but whenever they got near she pushed them back as she protected herself.

Whe Aro touched her hand she felt like pins and needles had shot through her arm and read his thoughts as he read hers. Aro knew exactly what she was and told her about her power of being able to take anyone's power and keeping it through physical contact. They said she was the most powerful vampire in the world and let her keeping the guard keeping a eye on her wherever she goes.

She proved Aro right traveling all around the world taking powers from every vampire she met. She also has all the powers of the guard. Of course Aro wanted her to be crowned Queen of the vampire world but she refused everytime.

She knows about her sister and what her name is and where she is. She is currently in Folks after passing through Folks searching for her.

Personality: Scarlett is very shy and timid due to her past. She hardly ever speaks and tries to avoid most people. As she is only 11 vampires stay away from her as they think she is a immortal child and it makes her very timid around them and nervous.

Aditional info: She has the power of taking other abilties and keeping them for the rest of her exictance. She is the most powerful vampire in exictance and she is a immortal child that drinks human blood.

8/21/2013 #62 Report
A twillandbonnie

Accepted and I love her name sooooo much just saying!

8/21/2013 #63 Report
Dave Karofsky

First Name: Aaron

Last Name: Stark Dickinson

Species: Vampire

Appearance: He's tall enough to be attractive, he has several tatoos around his body that didn't disappear with the transformation, rather their colors suffered an intensification. he has sad eyes by nature which are a reddish brown color and really tender, they used to have black ink in the place of white back in human days but that did disappear with the change. He has thin lips, medium-sized nose with a septum. His body is not a sculpture but he does have a somehow build due to he playing rugby. He has black hair and a little hair in his chin like a goat, but not to long.

Age: 53, looks 18

Bio: Aaron was born in Germany, to a latin mom and a german dad. His childhood was very nice and awesome. when he was 14 he looked that his dad got a tatoo in his left hip and since then he has a complete addiction to body modifications, piercings, tatoos, anything, he loved all of that...he always had a dream of become a monster in the outside to know which people is brave enough to look in the inside. He became a tattoist as a way of gaining money and also started studying how to do piercings. He started writing poetry to release his pain and sorrow he had once his parents were absent in his life. Though he loves transformations and might be extremist, he's disgusted by people who tattoes all of their face. When he was 18 he entered the rugby team of San Diego and loved it, the pain, the adrenaline it caused, he developed a lot of teamwork thanks to it, but the night before he turned 19, one of his teanmates happened to be a vampire, he drained all of the team except for Aaron, by some reason, the guy had a soft spot for him, so he drank enough to satisfy himself but he left Aaron with enough blood to survive and suffer his transformation. The man left the room soon after and whispered "Enjoy your eternal life Aaron, I will always love you". Now that he has been a vampire for so long, he continues to do what he does, he drinks human blood not ashamed since he consider that people that are monsters in the inside does not deserve to live.

Personality: Aaron is a softie, despite his appearance, he's caring with people, he may appear cold but if you show him love, he'll show you love. He wants to be sure that you're not a monster inside though, and he won't care if you're a monster outside, he is extremely non-judgamental.

Additional Info: I plan him to be like Bree on Maria's army, just being there to survive, he will be like Maria's personal spy.

He was conceived by a brother of Felix Volturi. He has the power to look into your true intentions

8/23/2013 . Edited 8/23/2013 #64 Report
A twillandbonnie


8/23/2013 #65 Report

First Name: Elyse

Last Name: Masen

Species: Vampire/Human hybrid (doesnt know it!)

Appearance: Dark brown hair,and a hint of an olive tone to her chalky complexion. She is 3'2' tall. Very attractive. her eyes are green but has scars on her body

Age: 6

Bio: When Edward left Bella in newmoon, Edward slept with Elsyes mother and caused her pregancy to her. She died giving birth but when elyse's step father figured out elsye wasnt his he rapped and abused her. her step dad was kille dby avmaprie and she saw it, she ran off to her grammies and she told her the truth about Edwrad an dall. She went to forks lost an dehlpless.

Personality: a very kind and gentle person. The people around her are genuinely drawn toward her gentle personality.She hides her emotions away an dhas never been loved causing her very traumatized life style.

Additional Info: Edward's biological child.

8/24/2013 . Edited 9/12/2013 #66 Report
A twillandbonnie


8/24/2013 #67 Report

First name: Alexandra (every body calls her Lexi)

Last name: Weir

Species: vampire

Appearance: Lexi has really long dirty blonde hair that ends At her the bottom of her spine. Lexi has a tiny nose in the middle of her oval face. She has dreamy cheek bones. She has her ears pierced twice and always has peril earrings in them. Lexi is tall, people always say the she could be a model. Lexi is skinny but quite muscle.


Bio: Lexi grew up with her mom, dad and older brother. They lived in California until Lexi was 6 years old. When Lexi moved she became Ally Clearwater's best friend. They grew up being just like sisters. But lexi never knew she was a wolf or that Vampires were real. Lexi was turn by Maria as a bet. Lexi is now part of Marias army. Lexi is very loyal to Maria.

Personality: Lexi is real sweet and loyal. She would never hurt on propose. Lexi loves a good party. She is always around her friends. She loves to surf and skateboard and shop of Crouse.

Additional Info: Lexi is a newborn vampire.

8/24/2013 . Edited 8/24/2013 #68 Report
A twillandbonnie

Accepted! And I know her... :)(:

8/24/2013 #69 Report

First Name: Olivia Taylor

Last Name: Fuller

Species: Shifter

Appearance: Has tan skin and dark brown hair. She's just over five feet. She has a bright smile and pretty green eyes.

Age: 14

Bio: Olivia was born in La Push, but moved with her mom after her dad (Brady's uncle) died. She grew up in Beavorton Oregon in a small house. She was raised well, though her mom constantly had work so she didn't see her much. They moved back to La Push after the whole Volturi thing- which neither of them knew happened because they were oblivious to the supernatural world- and moved into a small house near the woods.

Olivia is still getting used to being back to her home town, but is adjusting well. She's glad to see her cousin (Brady) more often than before when it was just on holidays, though she's started to notice the strange events going on throughout the area due to the supernaturals and is getting suspicious.

Personality: She's a typically happy and spazzy girl, but since she's been back to the Forks area, she's been more glum and is looking to somehow fit in with all these people that seem different than the people she was friends with in Oregon (because they're not human!).

Additional Info: She is Brady's cousin and is going to phase once I start using her probably.

8/24/2013 . Edited 8/24/2013 #70 Report
A twillandbonnie


8/24/2013 #71 Report
A twillandbonnie

(Wait! Didn't Ever and Sky decide and having Alec and Demi together? Did they change their mind?)

8/24/2013 #72 Report

(Ummmmmmmmmmmmm they didn't tell me? I don't know... I'll ask ever...)

8/24/2013 #73 Report
A twillandbonnie

(Sky said she got it approved by Ever I think, but I am sick so I might be delusional. Look on the relationship sheet.)

8/24/2013 #74 Report

(Yup. Okay, well I edited it out xD sorry about that!)

8/24/2013 #75 Report

First Name: Anthony

Last Name: Dethen

Species: human

Appearance: Black hair,crimson red eyes. he is very built, his height is around 7"0. Making him very tall and towering. (for facial features google David leon)

Age: 28

Bio: He was spoiled as the First child of the family, even over his other two brothers. He was chose the favorite child, giving him everything after his parents death. His family always hated him. As he got older her got richer, causing him to be one of the richest people in Oregon. He is also very cruel, he helped his brother help rape his daughter Esley. About amonth ago he heard that one o fhis brothers died an dthre his funeral, but his daughter, Esley, wans't anywhere to be found. To this week he hears shen is supposedly in forks, Washington and is on a hunt to find her and punish her.

Personality: cruel,manipulative, convincing, cockey, actually he has good side, a veyr kinda, complaisant an dpolitie side but hasnt came out for a long time.

Additional Info: In forks Washington looking for Esley

8/25/2013 #76 Report
A twillandbonnie


8/25/2013 #77 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

First Name: Cece Spencer

Last Name: Hollows

Species: Human

Appearance: She has Blonde hair wavy towards the end, she curls is..it's smooth and thick, Small Blue Eyes and 5"4 Tall. Pink lips and a beautiful smile. She has a great fashion sense, shoplifts.


Age: 22

Bio: She lived in Ohio with her Single mother and bother, as her father left them when she was 5 years old, Her brother Masen died when she was seventeen. She went to University Penn and was kicked out of a stunt when she was 20, in her second Year. She works as a stylist now. She's very cunning. Her BFF Lilly died in a car accident when she was 17.

Personality: Cece is very scheming, and uses people's secrets against them, getting what she wants. She has ability to know things she shouldn't and cannot know about. She shoplifts, she has a very Charismatic personality. she isn't mean and Evil, Can be very Kind and Generous when she wants to be.

Additional Info: None Yet.

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A twillandbonnie


8/26/2013 #79 Report
Nope Not Here Anymore

First name: Fiona

Last name: Cullen

Species: Vampire

Age: Turned at 18

Appearance: Long auburn hair tied back into a loose braid, strong build, beautiful face. Her skin has a tiny bit of a tan, though she's pale like other vampires. She hates fashion, so she usually wears practical clothes and always has a backpack or a satchel.

Bio: Was born in the 1940s. When she was 18, she rebelled against her parents and ran away from home. But she was attacked by a gang and left to die until Carlisle found her and changed her.

Personality: She's very feisty,brave, and strong. She's always away having adventures in different countries. She's also witty, blunt, and mischievous, but can be reckless and impulsive.

Additional info: She can possess other vampires for any length of time. Her agility and strength is pretty good for a vampire because she uses it a lot.

8/27/2013 . Edited 9/2/2013 #80 Report
A twillandbonnie

Accepted as long as she doesn't run around posessing everyone in sight. :)

8/27/2013 #81 Report
Nope Not Here Anymore

OK, I think she only does it when she needs to. :)

8/27/2013 #82 Report

First Name: Lucy

Last Name: Unknown

Species: Vampire

Appearance:Lucy had fair, blonde hair, and was 5'6" tall (taller than Maria and Nettie) with a slender build. Her voice was described both delicate and lovely, like wind chimes, and her skin was "snow white".

When Jasper first saw Lucy, along with Nettie and Maria, he thought they were angels, "all having beautiful angelic faces with pale porcelain skin".

Age: Unknown

Bio: Lucy was born in Northern Texas.

As a vampire, her coven (which only consisted of herself and her mate) had come under attack from another coven that was expanding its territory into northern Texas. Her mate was killed, but she managed to escape. After that, she came across Maria and Nettie. Lucy wanted a new hunting range and the power to keep it. Maria had a good vision for how to accomplish it, so Lucy followed her lead.Lucy and Nettie helped Maria build her newborn army. She, like Maria, wanted vengeance for a fallen mate, and reclaim her territory. After Nettie persuaded her to turn on Maria, because they felt that she had too much power and did not want to surrender their territories to her and seek another place. She was able to run off before Jasper and Maria killed her, but left Nettie behind. After more then 3 centuries, she hears about maria plotting to get jasper back but deices to go help jasper and be on his side to help kill Maria.

Personality: Caring and compassionate, kind. But also is seductive but manipulate,thirst for power, control, punish, actions are driven by one singular place deep inside. alone, and she hates it.

Additional Info: She has been more kinder and plans on helping jasper beat maria, after all she wanted to kill maria.

8/27/2013 #83 Report
A twillandbonnie


8/27/2013 #84 Report


8/27/2013 #85 Report

First Name: Edward Jacob (or Jr)

Last Name: Swan- Cullen

Species: Hybrid?

Appearance: Mahogany but hints of Bronze untidy hair which he received form his father, forest green eyes. His skin is a beautiful paleness, his facial features are described as perfect and angular - high cheekbones, a strong jawline, perfect eyebrows, a straight nose and full lips. His appearance changes if he goes long without feeding: his eyes darken, becoming onyx black, and purple bruise-like shadows appear beneath his eyes, something he received from his father. stands at 6'2", and has a thin and lanky but muscular body. He usually wears light colored clothes, with black leather or beige jackets. But is also is rarely seen without his leather jackets

Age: He is 2 years but looks 15 or 17

Bio: Bella and Edward had sex one nigh before he left, when he left she gave birth to ej. Unsure she wanted a child she gave him away, but was raised around good people. His family soon told him their secrets, that even they were vampires and that he was a hybrid. He gladly accepted this, but only asked who is real family was. Only being told it was a small 18 year old girl from Forks, and that the father left that why she gave him up. He is on a search for his mother and father in Forks, WA.

Personality: brooding and stubborn, but also very kind and compassionate. as growing up he was taught t always treat women with respect, causing him to be very romantic at heart..Also raised with manner, causing him to be rather gentleman. But also has a very furious side, decided to be a alter ego of himself, such thigns like Arrogant and sarcastic, showing little to no regard for human life and using whatever people he can get his hands on as his personal playthings. taunting and cruelty is something that appears also.

Additional Info: Gift - A shapeshifter (can shape shift into anything, but likes to joke around and walk around as a wolf to do things and freak out vampires)

8/29/2013 #86 Report
A twillandbonnie


8/29/2013 #87 Report
Blue Birdy934

Name: Cameron James

Last name: Lane.

Species: Human

Appearance: He has brown hair that fly's out in all directions but if normally covered by a white beenie hat that sits on the back of his head. He has wide bright blue eyes that fit him perfectly, but they always seem to hold pain and sadness. He stands at a small 4 foot 6inchs and looks more like a 2 year old and not a 4 year old. He normally wears a small woolly red jumper that is baggy around him. He wears black jeans covering his skin down his legs. And he has no shoes so he walks around bare foot.

Age: He is 4 years old but looks more like a small 2 year old.

Bio: His parents both thought he was a normal child until the age of 1 where he would never respond to any loud noises or cry when someone was shouting and he would sleep through the night. They both took him to the hospital where after months of tests he was pronounced fully deaf in both ears. His mother knew she couldn't handle it and left a week later, never returning.

Once Cameron reached the age of 2 he was starting to learn sign language. He learnt very quickly and just in a few months he can communticate with sign language. He also learnt how to lip read and can speak small words. Just after his last lesson things started to get worse. His father ran ou of money and started betting then spending all the money on beer for his friends. He would bring his friends home every night and Cameron would always wait for them. He sat on the floor like he was told the morning before, starving and upset.

Then his father would come home with his mates and they wpuld beat him until he was black and blue and he passed out because he lost to much blood. Then he would throw him in the basement and keep him on the concrete floor until the next morning where it would happen again. Cameron gave up trying to fight his father and when he was age 4 he quit communicating all together. He knew that if he did he would be punished. A few months after his 4th birthday he left and ran away from his fathers house.

He takes to the forest, starving and devestated. He eats scraps that he can find and he like sitting in a oak tree that he found.

Cameron suffers from panic attacks badly and alo fits badly when his panic attacks reach highest point. He has a small fluffy bunny which he always has with him. The hospital gave it to him when he was first told he was deaf and he takes it everywhere with him.

Personalitly: He is very shy and very quiet mostly due to him being deaf. He is very observant and has a very good memory seeing and remembering everything about everyone. He is a very dependent child and needs a grown up to help him with everything. He loves being cuddled and loves being with the people he trusts, which isn't anyone a the moment. He wants a family he can depend on for everything. A mother who loves him and a father who wants to play with him for no reason. He loves stories and loves everything about the war and would love to learn more.

Additional information: He will be the adopted son or Jasper and Alice Cullen. Leah Clearwater will imprint on him.

(MORGAN I did have six characters but I dropped Ethan and made him open so I can play Cameron!!! :))

8/29/2013 . Edited 8/30/2013 #88 Report
A twillandbonnie


8/29/2013 #89 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

Jazzy's gonna have a son! this is great!!!! He can be...wow...Great Blue!

8/29/2013 #90 Report
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