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Non Canon Character Application 1#
Noel Madden

(Posting on behalf of VampiricAngel90 on her request.)

First name: Aeryn

Middle Name *optional*: Evangelyne

Nickname *optional* Ryn

Last name:Whitlock-Hale

Creature -Vampire

Date of Birth:April 18, 1845

Transformation Date *Vampires*:was turned 1863, same as Jasper

Age: 18 Creator *Vampires/Hybrids*: unknown

Appearance *links are accepted*:Appearance (links accepted too): Stands at 5'5, with a slightly Athletic/lean build.Eyes: Golden (black when thirsty) blue (original color before she was changed),Hair: layered medium/short dark honey blonde

Personality *likes/dislikes, Strengths/Weaknesses*:sarcastic, temperamental and sweet.Likes: Reading, American muscle cars, country music and learning new fighting styles.Dislikes: people messing with her family and friends. Strengths: fighting (knows about four different fighting styles).Weaknesses: her temper


Mate/Imprint:none at moment


History:Aeryn was born in 1845, as Aeryn Evangelyne Whitlock, she is this the biological younger sister of Jasper Cullen. Aeryn as always been able to control fire ever since she was younger, though no one except Jasper knew about it.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

First name:Lillianna

Middle Name *optional*: Marie

Nickname *optional*Lilli or Anna

Last name: Masen-Cullen Creature -vampire

Date of Birth:January 15, 1902

Transformation Date *Vampires*: 1918

Age: 16

Creator *Vampires/Hybrids*:unknown

Appearance *links are accepted*: Stands at 5'2, petite with long hair and eyes that seem to sparkle (sorry not good with descriptions).Eyes: Golden (black when hungry), (originally hazel as human).Hair: Long reddish-brown slightly curly hair

Personality *likes/dislikes, Strengths/Weaknesses*: Lillianna is a lot like Alice, though sometimes she is like Edward, mostly she is more like Alice.Likes: Shopping, dressing up, the Cullens, Jacob's pack and Sam's pack, annoying Edward by calling him Eddy, playing piano.Dislikes: mean people, seeing people get hurt. Strengths: playing piano, has a great knowledge of medicine and the likes.Weaknesses: being short (she hates it sometimes)


Mate/Imprint: none at moment


History:Lillianna was born on January 15, 1902. Her name when she was a human was Lillianna Marie Masen, Lillianna is the biological younger sister of Edward Cullen (Masen). She was turned the same year as Edward in 1918, maybe a few months after. Lillianna as always been a very excitable girl. Her nicknames are Lilli and Anna(Edward is the only one who calls her that)

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

First name:Madison

Middle Name *optional*: Grace

Nickname *optional*Mads or Maddi

Last name:McCarty-Cullen Creature -vampire

Date of Birth:January 18, 1918

Transformation Date *Vampires*:was turned in 1936, same year as Emmett


Creator *Vampires/Hybrids*:unknown

Appearance *links are accepted*: Stands at 5'4, athletic build.Eyes: Golden (black when thirsty) dark brown (original color before she was changed).Hair: medium length, medium-brown

Personality *likes/dislikes, Strengths/Weaknesses*:kind, playful and very inquisitive.Likes: learning knew things, playing pranks and joking around.Dislikes: when people say she knows to much or asks to many questions.Strengths: has read a lot of books.Weaknesses: asks a lot of questions

Power/Gift:Astral projection

Mate/Imprint:none at moment Coven/Pack:cullen

History: Madison was born Madison Grace McCarty in 1918, she is Emmett's baby sister and was his favorite and only sibling. She was turned in 1936, she found out that she had the power of astral projection.

9/4/2013 #121 Report
A twillandbonnie

All accepted! I won't make you change anything or the relationships, but all of them have at least one sibling. Just so that you know:)

9/4/2013 #122 Report
Gomez Addams of Addams Family

Thank you so how can Brad arrive in forks to find his true mother esme.

9/4/2013 #123 Report

are mine accepted jw and thats.cool i dont mind more sibs

9/4/2013 #124 Report
A twillandbonnie

They are all accepted, and I just thought I would let you know :)

Hmm, you could.... have him win a contest in Seattle or get an opportunity of a lifetime!

9/4/2013 #125 Report

awsome thabnks um how can they.come.in

9/4/2013 #126 Report
A twillandbonnie

You could always have who they are related to or another family member bump into them and remark how much they look like whoever.

9/4/2013 #127 Report

ok that sounds good

9/4/2013 #128 Report
Gomez Addams of Addams Family

I love it the idea.

9/4/2013 #129 Report

Name: Janet Halstrom

Date of Birth: 10-21-86

Age: 21

Personality: Kind, funny, brilliant, good with kind, outgoing, a little OCD

Appearance: 6'4", has long semi-curly blonde hair, feminine, pretty, thin, has deep violet eyes

Power (If vampire):

Species: Human

History: She was born to a wealthy family. Her parents were called Ginny and Peter Snow. She was beat as a child, but ran away. She met and fell in love with Brad

(Sry about the different format...)

9/4/2013 #130 Report
A twillandbonnie

Accepted as long as you don't exceed the character limit. :)

9/4/2013 #131 Report


9/4/2013 #132 Report

(I apologize for the spacing)


LAST NAME: West SPECIES: Vampire/werewolf hybrid

APPEARANCE: ( ao1_500.jpg ) He stands at 6'1" and has a rather fair skintone,not really pale like your standard vampire.He has sharp fangs like vampires and he has honey gold eyes which turn black when hungry and red when he's on human blood.He has brown hair and he is well built muscle wise.His skin is warmer than a vampires but not warmer than a werewolves

so it's in between the two.

WOLF APPEARANCE: Large sleek white wolf but is a little bit smaller than your average quileute werewolf.



BIO: Both Elias' parents were burned in front of the town after being accused of witchcraft.His mother was a werewolf and his father a vampire.Elias could do nothing but watch as his parents were ignited and engulfed by the flames.Elias was spared by the town seeing as he was only 8 years old at the time of his parents death.He was taken in by his mothers closest friend and lived with her family until the age of 19.That's when he left and traveled around.Elias didn't know what he was until the age of 23 where he stopped aging and blood started becoming somewhat a craving.Elias,over the years had a blood issue and struggled in keeping it in check.He sometimes would snap which would then send him on a blood frenzy,killing mass number of people in a town or city.He has been known to wipe out towns back in the 1700's which spiked the attention of The Volturi.The Italians of course came after him and brought him to Aro back in Italy.Aro saw the unique species Elias was and instead of killing him,he made him serve as a guard in the Volturi for some years.After serving his sentence Elias left The Guard but never fully controlled his bloodlust.Around the 1920's,Chicago Elias was at it again.He created a few vampires and he was back to his ripper ways.Though this time he was clever about how he operated.Him and his clique of vampires covered up any human deaths committed by them well as to not spike the attention of The Volturi

PERSONALITY: Elias can be quiet cocky and big ego-ed at times.He is highly confident and almost never doubts himself.He is brave and he shows no fear no matter what he's faced with.He loves women and he has left a trail of broken hearts behind him over the years.

ADDITIONAL INFO: He can see the future

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A twillandbonnie


9/7/2013 #134 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

(sorry about the spacing, I'm on my phone) First Name: Eliza Lauren

Last Name: Cullen

Species: Half vampire/half human hybrid

Appearance: Soft blond hair and brilliant brown eyes. She's pale, but not as pale as vampires. Her skin doesn't sparkle in the sunlight, but just glows. Since she has blood in her vein, her cheeks and palms were soft pink. (If you want to see her other pictures, just Google 'Mia Talerico')

Age: Just a few days but looks like a few weeks.

Bio: She is Carlisle's and Esme's biological daughter, and considered as a miracle by her mom. Of course, vampires can't get pregnant, but thanks to Ethan's (Emmett's brother) talent, Esme was able to conceive a child. After about four months of waiting, Eliza was born in the Cullen family. Personality: Eliza is a very cheerful and warm-hearted. She's also compassionate and cares for others, just like her parents. She likes when she got her family's attention, especially from her parents. She loves her parents and her brothers and sisters, as well as the extended family.

Additional Info: Her talent is the 'Sleeping-Beauty curse', meaning she can make people around her fell asleep at her will, even vampires. She even can use her gift ever since she was still in Esme's womb.

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A twillandbonnie


9/7/2013 #136 Report
Morticia Frump Addams

First Name: Cher

Last Name: (none if that's ok)

Species: Vampire

Appearance: Cher has long, jet black hair that goes halfway down her back (but she likes to wear wigs in different styles and colors). She is 5' 8" and has golden eyes because she feeds on animals (as a human she had dark brown eyes). She wears brown contacts when she is singing at the club.

Age: 33

Bio: Cher was born Cherilyn Sarkisian in El Centro, California, on May 20. Her father, John Sarkisian, was an Armenian truck driver with drug and gambling problems, and her mother, Georgia Holt (then Jackie Jean Crouch) was an occasional model and bit-part actress with Irish, English, German, and Cherokee ancestry. Cher's father was rarely home when she was an infant, ultimately divorcing Crouch when Cher was ten months old. They married and divorced twice once more, though. When Cher was about five, her mom gave birth to her sister Georganne. As Holt remarried and divorced, the family moved from place to place (including New York, Texas and California) and often had little money. Cher at one point was using rubber bands to hold her shoes together. Cher has always wanted to be an actress since she was four; she even started practicing her autograph at age 9. Also age 9, she had developed an unusually low voice (her singing pitch is contralto, the deepest singing pitch for a female). Eventually, she turned 16 and ran away from home because she was tired of her mother telling her what to do. She visits her mother often and lives in her own two story house. She has been a singer since she was a teenager. At age 33 she had plastic surgery and changed her name to Cher. One night, when going out to her car after singing at a night club in Port Angeles, she was bitten by a vampire and transformed. Now she sings at nightclubs because she knows as a vampire she isn't able to tour without people noticing.

Personality: She's a really sweet, down to earth person. She can get mad or frustrated, but you have to do something really bad to her to make her blow up. She is known for having a beautiful voice, and a commanding presence.

Additional Info: Cher dropped out of High School a few days after her junior year began. She never really liked school. She also never really believed she was beautiful, which is why she had plastic surgery when she was 33. She also doesn't have a mate (yet).

9/7/2013 #137 Report
A twillandbonnie


9/7/2013 #138 Report

sorry for spaces)

name:Daelyn davis leeston


age:22/ power:mimicry / mate: open for requests/ personality: hard to get to know,trust issues and a bit egotistical at times. /look;emo stlyees black hair,holden eyes, lean athletic build

history:daelyn was a hunter as a human.one night while hunting he was attavked and turnesmd, he travels alone and will only stau in one place if he finds someone wroth it

born:he don't remember


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A twillandbonnie


9/8/2013 #140 Report

First Name: Luca Bella

Last Name: Madden

Species: Hybrid

Appearance: edragon1004/purpledragon100400033/6791012-a-cute-y oung-child-shot-on-a-white-background.jpg




Additional Info: edragon1004/purpledragon100400033/6791012-a-cute-y oung-child-shot-on-a-white-background.jpg (for now.)

Age: 2 weeks (looks 3 or 4)

Bio: She is Lauren and Chris's child. She was supposed to be 1/4 vampire, but a gene mutation caused her to be 1/2. Lauren died during the birth, but Chris changed her.

Personality: Kind, Cute, Funny, Really really smart

Additional Info: Chris and Lauren's daughter (eventually going to be with Noelle's son Anthony Peter :)

9/10/2013 . Edited by twillandbonnie, 9/10/2013 #141 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

I'm sorry Esme but you cannot play her, someone else would have to Take her. you already have seven characters right? :)

9/11/2013 #142 Report

First Name:Cassidy

Last Name:Lee


Appearance:Blonde hair green eyes 4'11


Bio:Cassidy has just moved to Forks after living in england for most of her life to live with her bestfriend Hannah Swan until she can find a place of her own.

Personality:Shy Quiet and Sweet

Additional Info:Is to be Conner Tate's girlfriend at some point!

9/11/2013 . Edited 9/11/2013 #143 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

(Please Accept Morgan!)

9/11/2013 #144 Report

First Name: Mary

Middle Name: Ann

Place of Birth: A Little town just outside Washington

Age: 6 and a half.

Date of Birth: January 6, 2005

Appearance (links accepted too): 43.imageshack.us/img843/6607/tek5139348a5d8a497976 52.png

Eyes: brown eyes with some speckles of green on them

Hair: almond brown hair

Personality: playful, caring, lovers animals and likes to be with people. Shy around new people.

Likes: animals, to pass time with people who like her, walk around.

Dislikes: bad people who hurt others and people who judge only by apperance.

Strengths: surviving on her own

Weaknesses: if she thinks someone is nice she owuld trust completly on him/her

History: Doesnt remember much about her life as she was born in an orphanage where her mother left her, unable to take care of her, went to a few foster homes but all of them gave her back. Escaped one of her last foster homes taking with her camping stuff to try live in the forest. Wasnt sure she would even survive in her own for a week but lived like that for a few months. Lives now around forks and La Push where people at stores give her some food. Wishes to find someone that takes her in.

Species: Human

Mate: none yet

9/11/2013 #145 Report
Blue Birdy934


If you want I can ask Morgan if Alice and Jasper wants to adopt her.

9/11/2013 #146 Report
Noel Madden

or one of mine can :3

9/11/2013 #147 Report

That'll be great thanks :)

9/11/2013 #148 Report
Blue Birdy934

Okay I'll PM her and you are free to start roleplaying!!! :)

9/11/2013 #149 Report


9/11/2013 #150 Report
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