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Introduction (Say Hello!)
A twillandbonnie

Here is where you can introduce yourself. Just what you would like to be called, who you play as and a random fact about you!

Hi! My name is Morgan and I like French Vanilla Cappuccinos! I play Alice 'cause apparently I'm her human twin according to many who have experienced me when I am hyper which is most the times. I also play Renee Whitlock because she is JASPER' SISTER! OMG!!! I lastly play Kate for she has a shcoking nature. Lol, I'm so corny. :p As you probably noticed, I'm the admin. If you need anything, don't be afraid to ask. :)

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M SiennaTheDark.Knight

Ciao! I'm Pix or Pixie or Elena! I love FF and writing and Role Playing! I play as

Jasper Dean Cullen, Heidi Melissa Anderson, Claire Arianna Young, Gale, Alex Jason Carter!

I play the guitar, I love Reading and writing, I love to give middle names and I am Bisexual. so deal with it ;D

Update: I'm a mod. so If you have any problem or Qs...PM me, I'd be happy to help _

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HERRO! Meh name is Lamb, and I loooove rp'n since I started back in April....

Umm, something you guys should know about me is that (according to previous conversations on a different forum) I was once a normal spirit warrior until one day I got pissy cause my friend killed me while I was in spirit form and so I randomly jumped into a lamb's body and gained meh true human form. Yup.

I play a number of charries on here. There's Renesmee, and Sterling, my OC woofy, Embry, and Olivia my other woofy who is Bradys cousin. I think as of now they're all in relationships though! :3 I am also now playing Ralph Cullen the oldest child of Ness and Alfie Cullen. He's shyer than Aiden(his twin) though. He's awesome ;)

Thats all for now... Anything new shall be edited in at a later date....

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Elsa the SnowQueen19

Hi ya'all! Me is Rania, and I'm addicted to Roleplaying and Twilight! Me like Esme and hope I get her! Um... my birthday is June 19th, like Mia Maestro! I LOVE Elizabeth Reaser and I'm a Lizter! I think that's for now!

8/3/2013 #4 Report

Hiya! I am Ever and I loveeee twilight and everything about it! Although I must say most of my love goes to the wolf pack and La push I shall hopefully be playing an OC Hannah Swan Bella's little sissy (If she is approved) well that is all!

8/4/2013 #5 Report
Dave Karofsky

Hello Everyone!!!! My name is Luis, and I'm in love with life, I love Benjamin the egyptian vampire though I decided to make a little change here so, I'll be roleplaying as Felix, Seth and my OC's Ty and Luis :3 Hope I can rp with you

8/9/2013 #6 Report
Blue Birdy934

Hiya! My name is Amelia but everyone knows me as Blue. I shall be playing Cameron Cullen- (Alice and Jasper's adopted son), Alfie Cullen, (Carlisle Son and the mate of Nessie), Aiden Cullen, (Son.of Alfie and Ness Cullen and twin brother of Ralph Cullen), Quil Ateera- (shifter and has imprinted on Claire), Kim Cameron, (Imprintee of Jared Cameron), Kayto Whitlock, (youngest brother of The Whitlock Clan) and finally Lazarus Denali, (The son of Carmen and Eleazar and twin brother of Suzzy)

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Hello! I'm Esme (my real name...long story), and I'm obsessed with Twilight! I also love any moving vehicle, my fiancé, and my dogs!

8/17/2013 #8 Report
Nefarious Red

Hiya! I'm bella or bellas :) I have Joanan(OC Edwards sister) and Chalrie swan! I hope i can ahve a greta time here as i do any other forumn and i hope this wil become a un placE!

8/17/2013 #9 Report
Nope Not Here Anymore

Hi! I'm Soph, but you can call me Sky! I am in love with things like: good music, whipped cream, trilbys (it's a hat), Lego, and the three flavours cornetto trilogy (best films ever!). I also like Harry Potter and the Hunger Games trilogy as well as Twilight. I RP Delilah, Demi, Leah, Fiona, Keira and Luke :D

Update: I'm now a mod so if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

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Hello! Im Mel :) im unsure who il be playing at the time but i LOVE EVERYONE XD

8/24/2013 #11 Report
Aisling Sophie Hale Whitlock

Hi everyone! You can call me Aisling and I'll be role playing Renata :)

8/27/2013 #12 Report

Hi, my name is Emily. I play emmett, ally,Lexi,Maria at the moment!

8/29/2013 #13 Report
Noel Madden

HI!! I'm Korra (not literally), but I go to another nicknames :D *points to profile page* anywayssssss, nice to meet y'all!

PS: if anyone doesn't know what FlashForward and ATLA/ALOK are.... then see it :D (jk, but they're awesome :D)

Characters: Noel, Lenka, Chris, Calliope, Madeleine, Marianne, Anya, Kinsie, Brady, Kim and Maggie. In the future, Christianna, Katie and Korra

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Hey, I'm Story. I play Carrie, a MUC.

8/31/2013 . Edited 11/4/2013 #15 Report

Hi i'm Sakura.I love anime.I have my oc's Dimitri,Miaka,Darien,Julia,Kimiko. I roleplay on many forums. If you want to get to know me,you can go on my profile.

9/2/2013 #16 Report

forgot to to this srry!)

hey im vampiricangel90 yall can calll me angel. i like reading,writiing,music,muscle cars. i play sam,zafrina and my oc aeryn,lillianna and madison

9/7/2013 #17 Report
Morticia Frump Addams

Just found this, so I'll introduce myself here (even though I already have). You can call me Morticia or Tish if you would like (that's obviously not my real name, but sometimes I wish it was. people call me Morticia/Tish anyway because of my pale skin and somewhat dark personality), Twilight is one of my obsessions and so is a series called The Addams Family. My character is named Cher, a vampire who sings at a nightclub in Port Angeles. By the way, if Cher says something like "What do you mean?" that means I'm having trouble comprehending something because of a disability that makes it difficult for me to comprehend things.

9/7/2013 #18 Report

Hey, I'm Caleb

9/22/2013 #19 Report
Tigress Dream111

Hey, I'm Tigress Dream111 but you can call me Tig, like the game :D I am obsessed with Twilight and love roleplaying in Twi-forums. But I also like Doctor Who and Parks and Rec, though I've just finished the second season.

10/19/2013 #20 Report
Runaway writer

Hi, I'm liv. And I play Sarah.

11/30/2013 #21 Report
A Girl Named Logan

Hey guys, I'm A Girl Named Logan, and I'm a girl... named Logan.

I'm gonna be stealing the role of Jacob and i might adopt some others when I've figured out what I'm doing.

A random fact about me? uhh... I have a special needs puppy :3

12/3/2013 #22 Report
Alexa Skywalker

Hey! Obviously my name is Alexa and I like to write. If you want, you can check out the stories on my profile. I'm going to be playing the role of Leah because i think there was a lot more to her that could've been explored in the books; she was a character that was neglected till the middle of the last book, then kinda thrown to the side once Jacob fell in love with a baby. So, yeah, I think it'd be cool to explore her character a little bit more.

12/9/2013 #23 Report

Hiya I'm Jenna :D imma be playing my OC Emelia Jackson! I know some of the people on here but not all of you so yeah lol. Uuuuuuum I love music and writing and drawing and yeah now you know a little but about me XD

12/10/2013 #24 Report

Hey everyone! My name is Harley, i am playing as Jared Cameron. I am a huge Twilight and Percy Jackson fan! i also aspire to be in the military and someday own my own business or be in the WWE (i'm a dreamer) i am engaged to be married, i like martial arts, stand up comedy, football, lacrosse and hockey and i run a charity which you can check out at https://www.facebook.com/fight4hope4673?ref=hl click the about to get a link to our website. i am an aspiring writer who may not have the best grammar at some points so plz don't hate me for any errors my stories may have or anything lol.

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inactivated since July 2014

So hi there. My name varies... From Bubbies, to Bubbles, to Bubblies (thank you, Pixie xD) so yeah. Call me which ever. Or Dakotah! :D. I play Kim Cameron and Jessica Stanley because they're cool. So, yeah. *high five* See ya!

12/11/2013 #26 Report

Hello! My name is muddy. I'm homeschooled, have a lot of siblings and am a lesbian. I use to rp a lot but haven't in awhile and am excited to start again.

12/14/2013 #27 Report
Review Whore

Hey, I'm Ona. I act old for my age and play Bella!

12/31/2013 #28 Report


my name is keegan I'm in high school still (almost a junior). I am still kind of new to rp ing. But I play carlisle because I like is personality and all my friends who have read twilight call me Carlisle. I want to be a doctor one day and I guess thats about it :)

1/1/2014 #29 Report

Hello my name is Bri and I play Rachel Black. I love to read different kinds of stories. My favorite animal is a penguin

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