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Character TimeLines
A twillandbonnie

******* Welcome To Character Timelines! ******

This Topic is where the members Post the timeline of their Character(s). Meaning, they have to Update their daily happenings to their character(s). You can look back and read/find out about what's happening to your fellow Characters. It's like a Journal :D

#Format For The TimeLines#

Put here the current Day/Month/ and 2013.

Character(s) Name: What happened to Him/Her today, how he/she felt about it and what they are going through. Anything Important or Not is to be posted here.



Bella: She didn't have a very eventful day. Bella spent a lot of time talking to Edward about Renesmee and her relationship with Alec, and went shopping with Alice and Kate. She met a another Hybrid though he didn't say his name or anything about him. Emmett said that her birthday is coming near soon even though She said it's about a month away. He just laughed and went away singing.

If you have any questions contact The Admin or one of the Mods. Thank you.

8/18/2013 . Edited by SiennaTheDark.Knight, 11/30/2013 #1 Report
Nefarious Red

Ethan and joanna are dating XD

8/18/2013 #2 Report
Blue Birdy934

Brady imprinted on Noelle!

Ethan helped Esme get pregnant using his power and started dating Joanna.

8/18/2013 #3 Report
A twillandbonnie

August 18, 2013 (This was yesterday.)

Alice: She attended the meeting and has been looking into Maria's decisions. Alice went to Italy for some reason and went shopping with Jane where they discussed shopping, war, and Porsches. She took Alfie on a tour of the house. She was attacked while out in town and went psycho crazy on them afterwards. She did however not succeed.

Renee: She attended the meeting and talked to Marcy afterwards. She was given red pens.

8/19/2013 #4 Report
Blue Birdy934

August 18th 2013

Alfie: He has spent alot of time in the forest today and has spoken to his sister Noelle for the first time in a long time. She told him that she was imprinted on and he started a fight with her which the both ran off furious. He also met Alice in a clearing where she told him about the battle and he agreed to help protect Bella using his power. He spent alot of the day with Ness working on his control and anger. She also helped him concentrate on chenging his diet. They also went swimming for a while.

Edward: He went to the meeting and came up with a few idears for fighting and how to protect Bella. He got annoed and left when his family voted for his little girl to fight which he really doesn't want. He spent the rest of the day speaking to Joanna about their family and figured out her power

Ethan: He had a argument with his brother Emmett because he wants to leave just because of Rose wanting a baby. He went back to the cottage were he is staying with his mate Joanna and her family.

Jane: She spoke breifly with Felix that she is kind of has feelings for but doesn't know how to tell him and is slightly nervous causing her to snap at him. She spoke with Alice about Alec and Renesmee getting married and she is thrilled for him.

8/19/2013 #5 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight


Garret: Went to The new born training

Jasper: Went to the training. and lost control...almost ripped Carlisle, not sure of his instinct now. but fought Edward and Rosalie.

Claire: Met Delilah, and had fun with aunt Emily. she ate Chocolate Muffins. she's very excited about her new friend and Deli as she calls her.

Heidi: Talked with Jane and Sulpicia

Alex: didn't rp

8/19/2013 #6 Report
A twillandbonnie

August 19, 2013

Kate: She went to newborn training.

Alice: Alice went to newborn training where she helped calm Jasper down. She talked briefly to him afterwards and to Edward later on. She told Edward about what had happened with Zach. They started talking, and he joined her Freaks Among The Freaks, club. He gave her the idea of coffee which Noelle took her to get. She was later hyper and tackled Edward with a hug when she came home. He got her more coffee which she loved. But then she crashed, Edward was mean to her. Finally, Ness made her feel better.

Renee: She went to newborn training.

8/19/2013 #7 Report
Blue Birdy934

August 19, 2013.

Edward: He went to the newborn training and helped Jasper with showing the others how to destroy a newborn. He left early with Bella after Jasper lossed control and Bella began to worry for his safety. Spoke to Bella for a while back at the cottage before they were cutt off by the door. As Edward opened the door he came face to face with Zach who was out to get his sister, Joanna. He called Ethan and told him to get Joanna, when Zach started to hurt Bella. Watched as Joanna used her power and fainted. Made sure his mate was okay and stayed with her. He also spent some time with Ness speaking about Alfie and what had happened. COFFEE with Alice was.......eventful!

Ethan: Has spoken carefully to Joanna today and is very angry and upset that she has choosen to leave him. He hasn't spoken to Emmett yet and is started to get uncomfortable. not really planning on staying much longer. He meet Alison who used her power to persade him to help her have a baby. He didn't really understand and doesn't really like people using him just becasue of his power.

Jane: She spoke slightly to Felix about going on a mission with her and is slightly scared of the growing feelings she is having towards him.

Alfie: He has had a very confusing day today. He went to the newborn training and spent his time joking around with Ness, trying his best to keep his walls up. Quickly fleed afterwards not really wanting to see anyone. Spent the rest of the day with Ness and went swimming and messing about before letting her help him with his control. They chilled out for a while talking about their lives and he couldn't help but notice how much they were alike. They started flirting and ended up sleeping together. They talked afterwards and he was really confused about how he felt. He went to the mainhouse and spoke to his Dad, Carlisle. Alfie knew he would be the last person he would go to for help but he had really messed up.Carlisle told them what he had to do an he left shortly after to sort his head out.

8/20/2013 #8 Report
Nefarious Red

August 19

Bella: went to the newborn training and watched Jasper with Edward, showing the others how to destroy a newborn. She left early with Edward after Jasper losses control and bella began to worry for his safety. once they got back to the cottage they spoke and made love, they were cut off by the door. after pulling on her underwear and Edwards shirt, Edward answered the doro and was flung across the room and firue ditr was Zach. Zach hurt her by slowly tearing her arm off, hurting her while Edward watched in horror. Ethan and Joanna came t her rescue an d zahc fled.

Zach: Edward answered the doro and was flung across the room and firue ditr was Zach. Zach hurt her by slowly tearing her arm off, hurting her while Edward watched in horror. Ethan and Joanna came t her rescue an d zahc fled.

Aro: wasnt used

joanna: Saved Bella, btut hen talke dtoe than afetr waking up. Told him she was leaving, he blew pu on her and made ehr die inside. she left then, not wantking to hurt and destor yEthan an dedwards life

8/20/2013 #9 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

Esme: Got pregnant, thanks to Ethan's talent, and really happy about it. Though, she couldn't fight the newborns now due to her pregnancy, which made her a bit upset that she can't stand by her family in the battlefield. She did insisted a few of her 'children' that she could fight even when she's pregnant. But eventually Alice made her agreed that she won't fight and just sit in the house where it's safe for her and her baby girl, Eliza.

Carmen: Didn't do much things. Just joined training to fight with the Cullens and other Denalis, though Eleazar was not presence, which made her a bit disappointed.

Daphne: Told Alex about her real self as a vampire and her family being vampires too. She explained to him about their 'vegetarian' diet and the fact they don't kill humans and just animals. Began to get even closer to him and spend a lot of time with him when she didn't have to train for the newborn battle.

Sulpicia: Doing what she usually did, sitting around in the wives' tower. Can't do much thing due to the over-protectiveness of her husband.

8/22/2013 #10 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight


Jasper: He talked with Alice about seeing Maria and she told him about Mary. He also talked to Nessie about being in Love with Alfie.

Garret: Didn't RP

Claire: She spent her day with Quil. had very much fun seeing how he went away fro a while and she missed him. She sang the alphabet and got five dollars.

Alex: Spent his day with Daphne, talked to her and kinda made out.

Heidi: She met Esme and found out she is somehow...pregnant, talked to Alice and the hybrid Renesmee. she's grown-up now. She also met Luke, and kissed him. She felt this weird pull she had about being with him but ignored it enjoying the Kiss.

8/22/2013 #11 Report
Blue Birdy934

21 August 2013

Edward: Spoke to Bella and his Mother Elizabeth for most of the day before going out to hunt alone where he met Vanessa who he couldn't remember at all. She gave him his memories back and he had to explain that things were different between them now and he loved Bella and his family more.

Alfie: Spent the day with Ness before taking a quick trip to speak to Aro briefly as it had been around 200 years. Then returned home and spent the night with Carlisle just messing about and Ally.

Jane: Spoke to Chelsea and hung out with Felix for a while laughing around and joking with him.

Ethan: Mad up with his brother and mad jokes about one another. Is missing Joanna alot but is trying to hide it knowing it is killing him being away from her*

Quil: Played at the beach with Claire after being away for a long time.

Scarlett: Spoke to her sister Kate about who she was and how she is a immortal child and how Aro lets her live. Showed Kate, her past leaving out alot of it not really wanting to share. Spoke to Esme who was very cautious of her still being a immortal child. But Scarlett just shrugs it off getting it all the time and it doesn't really bother her.

8/22/2013 #12 Report
Nefarious Red

8- 21- 2013

Bella: Her,edward and Elizabeth talked for a little while before giving them privacy.

Elizabeth: chatted with Edward and bella before bella left to give them privacy. Him and her discuss over edwards first mate, Vanessa.

Aro: Gave Joanna a place int he volturi.

Charlie: Wasn't RP'd with

Zach: Wasn't RP'd with

Joanna: joined the Volturi for a short time.

Vanessa: Seen Edward again after a very long time and felt, anger, happiness and lust. She honestly couldnt control any for her emotions. She is feeling things for Edward but he says he loves Bella and his family more now. they they continued to talk and talk about their past together, explaining everything they did together.

8/22/2013 #13 Report
Dave Karofsky


Luis: Had a little breakdown with Renee and met Esme in a weird circunstance

Aaron: Met Alice as commanded by Maria, he is extremely doubtful on what Maria said since he sees Alice's intentions as pure ones.

8/23/2013 #14 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight


Jasper Cullen: He spent time with Alice and talked with Esme about the baby, and talked to Renee about Battle strategies, He met a sick girl called Esyle, she had Cancer and Edward looks after her. He also talked to Him, and spent time with Emmett.

Heidi Volturi: Saw Luke and admitted that she missed him, it was confusing to her...anyhow, she doesn't want Aro or Jane to find out.

Alexander Carter: He talked with Daphne and saw her Sparkle like diamonds in The Sunlight, he also met Her sister Alice Cullen and had coffee, Daphne tol him that they don't know that he knows, and not to go to Town till she says since a Battle will take place...She said she'd be fine but is anxious for her to be Alright.

Claire Young: ( Claire is Sixteen years old) She talked with Quil...she's starting to notice him differently, she doesn't know why but she's confused. she also saw Ness...She saw that She's done It with someone named Alfie.

8/26/2013 #15 Report
A twillandbonnie

August 26, 2013

Renee: Not used today.

Alice: Alice spent time talking to Edward about Elyse among other things. She talked to Olivia, and the two of them went bungee jumping. She talked to Jasper about the family growing and Elyse. She drew a family portrait. She has argued with werewolves that she does in fact smell like vanilla.

Kate: She swam to Hawaii with Daphne after discussing what they should do and left a note for Garret. She talked briefly to Carmen.

8/26/2013 . Edited 8/27/2013 #16 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

Esme: She met Aaron in the woods, not trusting him at first since he's with Maria's army. Then a few newborns attacked and he defended her because she can't due to the baby in her womb. A few next days he came to her and asked her how she got pregnant, he also told her that Maria said she's an easy target. He also told her that Maria said that her family is the most soulless vampires and she used to kill children, a very opposite thing to the reality. She also talked to Jasper a bit then with Elsye. She told her that she's sick and asked if she's going to die, which Esme denied.

Carmen: Spend her day with Eleazar, then they talked about having children with Ethan's power. But Eleazar told her that probably Ethan wanted to use his power on Joanna above all, which made her pretty disappointed. She told him 'maybe someday'. She being caught reading a human pregnancy book by Kate and Renesmee, which they suspected she was expecting, but she denied it, saying she probably will, someday.

Daphne: Spend most of her time with Alex, showing him her sparkling skin. He told her that she's like 'rock hard- ice cold- diamond'.

Sulpicia: Wasn't used.

8/27/2013 #17 Report
A twillandbonnie

August 27, 2013

Kate: She talked to Lexi, but she never learned her name.

Renee: She talked to Ness for a little while. She talked to Carlisle about letting her captive (Lexi) go. She was upset because of Lexi's threats against Carlisle and Esme. She eventually admitted that it was wrong to lock her in the house. She apologized to Lexi before arguing and threatening her. She got very angry when Lexi suggested killing Jasper and got very emotional about it.

Alice: She's talked to various people all day. She talked to Lucy about Maria and Jasper. They also spoke of Alice's theory that vampires were originally made to frink animal blood. She spoke briefly to Jazz while she hung up pictures. They talked a little about her human niece and the war. She spoke to Fiona about Elyse and her leukemia. She was found by Jane as she paced in circles. They talked about Jane and Felix's relationship, Alice and Maria's bet, and much more. Alice encouraged her to tell Felix about her feelings that it was easy.

8/27/2013 #18 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

Update for the last Couple of Days

Jasper: He talked with Lei, only briefly. and Esyle, and asked Edward what was he doing with the Little Child. and met Cameron.

Heidi: Talked more with Luke, and he said he loves her. she freaked out but didn't know what her feelings are. Tried to ask Aro a few more weeks in Forks, but apparently Jane had told Aro that he;s her mate. She's gonna have a word with Jane if she could, but Aro had asked Luke a Place in the volturi since he can repel Shields. Luke asked if he had to fight the Cullens, and that he didn;t want to fight his cousin at all...she told him it wasn't his choice.

Claire: Quil told her he imprinted on her when she was two, she freaked out and tried avoiding him. but accepted it. She's a little awkward around him still but it's a perk since she had a HUGE crush on him. They kissed. she's bit busy planning the Party. and also she talked to Leah and Ness, she;s worried about Ness and her relationship with Alfie person.

Alex: Talked with Alice, but mostly spent his time with Daphne, he's getting very tied to her.

Cece Met lexi and Daphne, knows both of them are right b***es. she's planning on getting to know some secret about them and do what she did to Lilly and Marie.

8/30/2013 #19 Report
Dave Karofsky

September 1st, 2013

Aaron Stark: Sent Lexi home, kinda attracted to her beauty, does not want her killed.

Luis Campos: Sang along with Renee to Selena Gomez's songs, he is kinda feeling something for her

Seth Clearwater: Saw Kinsie and was concerned on how she got sick and took care of her

9/1/2013 #20 Report
Noel Madden

September 4th, 2013

Noel Madden: Has spent most of her time with Andy and met Grace. Left the Illuminati, burning her necklace, coming back to reality instead being stressing all the time. She met Renee and Jasper as well.

Kinsie Clearwater: She met all her siblings, Leah, Seth and Ally. Also met Renesmee, Lauren and Edward. Found out she's pregnant as she's trying to figure out what to do now.

Katie Marshall: Met Quil, Claire and Julia. Trying to adapt to being a shifter.

Josh Anderson: Moved to Forks from Northern Canada upon phasing. Met Alice and Olivia, imprinted on Olivia. Taught her to surf.

Chris Mengele: Has been spending most of the time with Lauren. Met Renee in a book store while looking for some books. Helped her out when the employee started to mess with her. Worried about Lauren since she had been 24 hours without getting any sleep and barely eating anything at all.

Lenka Denali: Had a brief coversation with Esme and Carmen. Went bungee jumping with Kate, using her ability from the first time after the man told Kate she was too short to do so.

Brady Fuller: Had a brief conversation with Alfie, his imprint's brother. Has been spending most of his time with Noelle.

Korra Madden: Was sparring in the woods and talked to Mina briefly.

Calliope: Met Darien.

9/4/2013 . Edited 9/4/2013 #21 Report
A twillandbonnie

September 4, 2013

Alice: She picked Cameron up from the hospital today much to her and his relief. She talked to Aeryn about their interests and they rode in her car. She met Brad and directed him to the house.

Kate: She talked to Corin today who noticed she was hiding something involved with whoever went bungee jumping with her. She distracted her long enough to get her to drop it though. SHe is still slightly nervous of the Volturi. She interrogated Maria asking her questions about why she wanted Jasper.

Renee: Renee met Aeryn and was extremely wary of her and made her prove that she was in fact her sister. She had eventually believed her after asking her a few questions and vaguely remembering her.

9/4/2013 . Edited 9/5/2013 #22 Report

september 4,2013

lillianna met sakura. she found her broyher edward

madison met some people today

aeryn meet alice and foubd her sisterrenee

9/4/2013 #23 Report


Lauren is pregnant with a hybrid

9/6/2013 #24 Report
Noel Madden

September 6, 2013

Chris Mengele: Spent some time with Lauren, his worry about her pregnancy growing every day. Trying to keep calm for her sake.

Corin: Talked to Kate and is still suspicious, intending to find out what Kate's hiding.

9/7/2013 . Edited 9/7/2013 #25 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

8th Sunday September

Jasper Cullen: went to the book shop with Cameron, his son and bought books. he also met his long-lost sister Aeryn, is very happy to see her... needs some bonding time with her, Is getting ready for the Battle

Claire Young: met Katie, Went to the Beach party where Jared danced like a lunatic, and met Cameron and Jake after a long time. she danced with Quil and rest of the pack. Played Truth or Dare for a while, Claire thoroughly enjoyed herself and liked being Close to Quil.

Cece Hallows: Met Brad briefly.

Alex Carter: Spent all of his time with Daphne, very amazed at her lifestyle as a Vampire. went to the Party with Daphne and met a few interesting people.

Heidi: Talked with Corin about her and Luke's relationship.

(apology to anyone who wasn't there at the party, but we decided to have it since most of us were On.)

9/7/2013 #26 Report
Noel Madden

8th September 2013:

Corin: Talked to Heidi about Kate and suspecting Kate is hiding something important and about Heidi's current relationship.

Katie Marshall: Spoke a little to Claire and was a little bit at the party.

Chris Mengele: Spent a lot of time with Lauren, his concern growing. Spoke briefly to Esme, who was comforting.

Noel Madden: Spent some time with Andy, also worried about Lauren.

Lenka Denali: Met Maria briefly.

9/8/2013 #27 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

Esme: Wanting Eliza to be born so she tried the 'making love brings labor' trick with Carlisle... Six times. After that she went to take a bath but then her water broke and she went into labor. Finally giving birth to Eliza with the help of Carlisle. ------------- Daphne: Went swimming with Alex then went to the Beach Party with him. -------------- Carmen: Talked briefly with Aeryn then met Lillianna, accompanying her to the music store. ------------- Sulpicia: Wasn't used. ------------- Eliza: Just born today!

9/8/2013 #28 Report
A twillandbonnie

Alice: She talked to Edward and Jasper briefly. She went to the party with Cameron. She met Cher. She met the new baby./// Kate: Not used /// Renee: She spoke to Esme about the baby and her book.

9/8/2013 #29 Report
Noel Madden

September 9th 2013:

Chris Mengele: Talked with Lillianna and then went home to his mate, Lauren. Changed her after their child was born.

Lenka Denali: Had brief conversations with Andy, Kate and Carmen. Spent a lot of time with Lillianna and is currently on a date with Darien, liking him a lot.

Noel Madden: talked briefly to Andy and Lenka.

9/10/2013 #30 Report
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