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Character TimeLines
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

Jasper: Fought the Newborn Army, and won. Killed Maria. Jasper is now feeling sort of shaken up but otherwise he is happy to get rid of Maria and all the troubles and pains she caused him and his family.

Heidi: Over-the moon happy since she;s engaged now

Claire : Her exams are coming up so she's busy.

Alex: He got a new case, and is thinking of proposing to Daphne, but scared of how she'll react.

11/16/2013 #61 Report

22nd to 26th November:

Rosalie and Emmett had a small fight which was followed by lots of passion...

Rosalie and Alice are heading out shopping...

(I gave up Jacob and claimed Luke Anderson instead!)

11/25/2013 #62 Report

And here I go. I have a lot of ground to cover


She has become a lot closer to Josh in the past months, she is officially dating him and they had their first kiss, and he proclaimed his lobe for her, which she returned. (I'm kinda rushing! Oops! Ummmmm) she has a lot of background drama in her life that kinda happens off to the side, and not really in the rp, more like I toss it in there so she has some depth. She was walking home from school today and saw Josh playing with Christianna, and she thought it was hot how he was good with kids, not that she'd ever really say that out loud. Shes been sleeping a lot better, and for the most part, I'm pretty sure its because things with Josh are good. She has a healthy relationship, and shes doing good.


He and Adyna have been doing good relationship wise, lately, so I think he's cool. I myself, need to freaking play him more, because he's supposed to be this really awesome guy, but it hasnt really happened so... Yeah, I guess he's just not my favorite to play, even if he is a figment of my imagination....


Well. Hannah is pregnant, so THATS super fun for him! He's gonna be a daddy! *yay-but-he's-worried-about-it-so-not-yay* yeah, thats big. Umm, I think he's talked to some of the other imprints and imprinters, but I could be wrong, I'm pretty sure my memory is awful. Yeah. I need to play Embry more, as well.


So, Ralphy as he is called by his brother, is the older twin of Ness and Alfie's and he currently looks about seven, the same as his brother. Actually, not only do they look the same age, but they look the same! Like, all the way pretty much! Anyways, he's the quieter one. He's more reserved like Ness, and though he does have his dad in him in a lot of ways, he personality and such things linked to that are more like his mother. He has the power to control/conjure/manipulate ice/water stuff. Moving right along. His difference in attitude and interests with Aiden sometimes gets in the way of them getting along, but thats how brothers are, so they'll figure it out. Anyways I think thats it...


She is/was/its-complicated designing the cover of a book for Renee- Jaspers sister. She technically is, but its complicated, and I'll get into why in a minute. Ness has been busy with her family a lot lately, and is loving her life with her fiancé, Alfie. Oh, yeah! Ness got ENGAGED!! Alice is planning the wedding, and this time, the love is true, so it will all work out. Ummm, so she is/was/its-complicated totally excited for the marriage, and because she loves Alfie sooooo much, shes not even really scared about it. She knows not everybody may like Alfie, but he was already family, so really he couldn't be outcast too far, especially with Ness helping him find a spot in the family better. Anyways on to the most recent and the source of the is/was/its-complicated thingy!! So. Ness and Alfie were hunting earlier, and they strayed a little farther than normal, and Ness wasn't as familiar with the woods there. As she went for a kill, the animal moved and she was suddenly flying head first off a four foot drop, onto a hard-t though smooth- rock. She went unconscious and when she woke back up a few minutes later, her head hurt, really, really bad (no duh). Alfie had come rushing over and scooped her into his arms, to which she told him to get the f*ck away. Yeah. She said that. To her mate. There was only one logical explanation. HER MEMORY GOT ALL F*CKED UP!!!! (Dont worry, the doctors that work in my mindmind have assured, to keep me healthy and alive, that she will recover, but not before she can have a little fun, odds are, we're going to see a very different side of Renesmee for a little while... I wish you all luck, for the Ness that I keep in my mind is going to come out to play in a different light for a little, and then- *laughs evily* she won't remember any of it, but everyone else will!!! MUHAHAHAHA) ANYWAYS!! Ness and Alfie talked for a little longer, Ness realized she was not when she thought she was, since her memory got chopped back when she was on good terms with her parents and everyone else, and she'd never even met Alec. Yikes, I know. So, now she has to figure out what to do, since she doesnt even know who her mate and kids are! Btw, after Alfie left her to let her have the space she apparently wanted, because "she didn't know who the hell Alfie was", she suddenly felt very lonely *le gasp* so, idk what her deal is, but shes in a funny spot, and I'm gonna have some very funny fun with her baingnin this compromised position. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

And thats about it, I think? Yes? Okay! Thanks, i'll be back soon, I hope. Sorry I keep forgetting to do this!! This is basically a summary of the month of November, and a little of October? Yeah. So I need to do this more. Sorry!!! I'm trying!! :D tata for now, darlins!!

(Side note, this took me more than a half an hour to write out xD and I'm kinda glad, because if I dont write it down, I feel like its not real :O lol. That and I was bored. So very bored. :P)

11/29/2013 . Edited 11/29/2013 #63 Report
A twillandbonnie

As of late my darling little characters have...

Alice- She obviously fought in the Newborn Battle and killed a few newborns. She returned to her peaceful (As if. These are the Cullens we're talking about) life as usual. She's talked to Alex Mordor a few times and still has no clue as to who he really is. She's been taking care of Cameron, how sweet. :) She's talked to many people because she's my most used character and I honestly never remember who all she speaks to. She is considering banning Emmett from seeing her son and talked to Jasper about it briefly, but we all know that won't happen! She spoke to Emmett about him adopting a child for Rosalie and is willing to help him. She just recently realized that one day Cameron will look older than her, her grandchildren will look older than her, and so on and so forth.

Renee- She's spoke to Korra and Jasper briefly. She's still suspicious of that Alex person. She helped Jasper kill Maria! Hooray! I haven't used her too awfully much.

Kate- She's talked to a few people about not much and participated in the newborn battle. She spoke to Lenka about her relationship with Darien.

And my early New Year's Resolution is to remember to do this every day. I'm such a bad example for new members, being the admin and all.

12/2/2013 #64 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

Esme: She fought in the Newborn Battle with her family and killed a few newborns, even though she didn't really enjoy it. She got bitten once by a newborn on her wrist, but other than that she's fine. She returned to her peaceful life with her family and friends.

Eliza: She's now looks like a five years old toddler and learned many things. She's glad that her family is safe again, especially her parents.

Daphne: She fought alongside the family against the Newborn and win (obviously). Alex proposed her and she was more than happy about it.

Carmen: She has gave birth to her, surprisingly, twins babies, a girl named Suzanna Kate Denali and a boy named Lazarus Eleazar Denali.

12/2/2013 #65 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

Jasper Cullen: He fought in the Newborn Army, against Maria and Kayto. He killed Maria though he does feel relieved there is some un-recognized emotion as well. He has been spending time with Cameron trying to get him to stop sliding down from the Banister. He's been talking to Lenka. Maggie came over for a Visit and they talked about Mating and he said tat one day she too will find someone.

Alex Carter: He Proposed to Daphne and she said yes. They're getting married soon and they're telling everyone they know and he's very very excited about getting married (he might get cold feet :)

Heidi Anderson: After being married to Luke, she is now being even worse that before. She is visiting Forks not cuz' Aro told her but she loves taunting the wolves and doesn't understand how they can resist her... advances. she ofcource doesn't know about Imprinting.

Claire Young: Claire met Sarah, a vampire and is worried about Korra who is sick of a bite mark. though she has no Idea why. Claire is spending more time with the rest of the pack and haven't seen much of Quil. which made her sad. somehow she's got it into her head that chasing boys in not right. she should be like Jane Eyre.

12/3/2013 #66 Report
inactivated since July 2014

Kim: Kim spoke to Emily about the boys and to Claire about sea-shell collecting.

Jessica: Not yet RPed.

12/12/2013 #67 Report
A Girl Named Logan


Jacob: He's spent short bursts of time with several people. He hasn't had a significant event yet. He wanted to put Christianna's bunny in a pie though.

Emily: pretty much just making coffee and muffins for people that come round.

Eleazar: has BABIES! and had a super cute little session with Laz, all giggly and cuddly and aww.

Paul: I think he's said Hi to one person so far...

not really had any significant events.

12/12/2013 #68 Report

keep forgettin this)

Aeryn,Lillianna,Madison:have done alot

12/16/2013 #69 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

Past Few weeks of December:

Jasper Dean Whitlock: He has been spending time and is worried about Cameron and school, Jasper had also been worried about Carlisle who has been acting quite strange and they decided to forget the matter as Christmas Spirit. He is also searching to get his hands on Emmett who thought, it would be fun to throw snow all around the yard resulting in Jasper having to clean the whole Yard.

Claire Arianna Young: Claire was collecting sea-shells and putting up decoration in Emily's house and Quil's house. She talked to Kim about sex. she's got her eye on the new Ipad thingy is and is planning to ask Quil on buying it to her, even though she received a beautiful and expensive necklace from him for her birthday. she also met Sarah.

Heidi Melissa Anderon (nee Volturi) : She is now married to her mate Luke, but she met Edward's son EJ and slept with him. Heidi also has taken an interest to shopping in Victoria's Secret.

Gale: Haven't seen Kinise or Katie much. He also spent time with Ally and made out and met Evie... a cute adorable girl.

Alexander Jason Carter: Alex married Daphne Cullen, who is now Daphne Carter (!!!). He's currently spending time with Daphne in their Honeymoon in Isle Esme.

12/23/2013 #70 Report
Review Whore

January 1, 2014

Isabella Marie Swan: Woke up this morning to find Edward not in bed. Went to go hunt and mostly lounged around the house. Met up with Jasper at the library and saw Heidi and had a conversation with Alex. Feels kind of bored and lonely at the moment, wonders where Edward was most of the day?

1/1/2014 #71 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

January 1st, 2014!

Jasper Dean Whitlock-Cullen: He talked with Bella about breaks, and mates. He bought Cameron some new books about War, he also talked with Alex and agrred into helping him build house for him and Daphne. Jazz spent time with Alice talking about how Heidi had been around a lot lately and worries what might happen. they also talked about New Year Resolutions.

Claire Arianna Young:Claire met up with Kim, and baked with Emily and had a convo with Quil, aslo met Gale's girlfriend Evie and thinks she is too good for Gale

Alexander Jason Carter: Alex talked to Daphne about changing him, talked with Bella about transformation.

Gale Uley: Gale is now dating Evie Smith and is falling in love with her. He made a mistake of kissing Ally... though he feels nothing about Ally, evie found out and they had a small fight. They made up eventually and declared they love each other. He is still unsure about how to procees since all this is very new to him. Gale is also afraid what might happen when Evie learns about his past life, though he vowed to leave all that behind he knows Evie should know. He also talked to Katie and went Patrolling.

Heidi Anderson:Heidi saw EJ today, which made her sort of happy (mainly cuz' she got to sleep with him) She also found out that EJ could shape shift into anything he wanted, animals, humans... anyone. she is thinking of telling Aro, or not. She also talked, or had a verbal fight with Bella.

1/1/2014 #72 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

January 1st, 2014 :D

Esme Anne Platt Cullen: She talked with Edward about his relationship with Bella and glad that it getting better.

Eliza Lauren Cullen: Wasn't used.

Daphne Esme Cullen Carter: Now married to Alex and became Mrs. Carter! She talked with Alex about turning him into a vampire and suggested Carlisle to do it instead of her.

Carmen Eleanora Denali: Being busy with her twins, got an invitation from Jasper about bringing her children over to the Cullen Residence so they can interact with the other children there, like a Family Reunion as Jasper called it.

Suzanna Kate Denali: Got into some kind of a little fight with Lazarus about her noisy toys... again.

1/1/2014 #73 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th January 2014

Jasper: He is busy with Cameron and also spent more time with Alice. He found out that Jacob Imprinted on Elsye, and Edward is really furious but did his best to calm him down. He talked with Korra, Maggie, Carlisle and Ethan for a while.

Gale: Went to the movies with Katie, spend more time with Evie.

Heidi: She met Ethan and tried to seduce him, but found out he is mated so she backed away. She also had fun with Kayto... though she is missing Luke very much. and is worried about why he hasn't called or contacted her since he went away and that has been four weeks almost.

Claire: Talked with Korra and met Lenka, not really liking her. she found out Kinsie has a daughter and is planning on talking to her about it. she spent time with Ness and her godson for a little while. she slept with Quil for the first time :D

Alex: Met Viktoria, a CoM. and met Jessica Stanely.

1/6/2014 #74 Report
Gomez Addams of Addams Family

3,4,5,6 January 2014.

Brad:He got fired and join archeaology found the ark of the covenant and the holy grail retired from archeaoloy and is now taking up music after retiring from painting.

1/13/2014 #75 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

From 8th Jan-21st January. 2014

Jasper Cullen: He talked to Aeryn, been missing Alice quite a lot. He also conversed with Eliza and Esme.

Heidi: Heidi met Daelyn had fun with him. and for the first time mentioned Luke, she's getting very bored and lonely without him, is going back to Volterra to spend time with her Coven.

Gale: Gale spent more time with Evie and Ally, met Katie for a brief moment.

Claire Young: Claire got Quil a small present, talked with Kim and Emily. toom driving lessons from Jacob and had a beer with Paul.

1/23/2014 #76 Report

(Hey Pix! Looks like Heidi is missing Luke :D)

(Yep, weird way to express it though :/ )

1/25/2014 . Edited by SiennaTheDark.Knight, 1/25/2014 #77 Report
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