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Jasper's Training Field
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

****** Welcome To Jasper's Training Field*******

It will be almost Everyday Till the Battle. with or without Jasper The Vampires need to Train.

Rosalie Hale-Cullen- (please PM or just start subbing after asking S'Morgan)

8/19/2013 #1 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

We start Training in another 3 hours? RSVP for the next Meetings....this one is like the Demonstration.

8/19/2013 #2 Report
Nefarious Red

Bella, Joanna, Tanya will be attending;

8/19/2013 #3 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

Garret along with her family will attend. Jasper must be there otherwise the rest will probably roast marshmallows.

8/19/2013 #4 Report
Nefarious Red


8/19/2013 #5 Report

Adyna will attend the meetings of course!

8/19/2013 #6 Report
Nope Not Here Anymore

Leah and Demi will be attending. Maybe Delilah, but I haven't decided whether she's going to help or not.

8/19/2013 #7 Report
A twillandbonnie

Alice, Renee, and Kate will be there.

8/19/2013 #8 Report
Nefarious Red


8/19/2013 #9 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19


8/19/2013 #10 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight


8/19/2013 #11 Report


8/19/2013 #12 Report
Nefarious Red

(hey y'all!)

8/19/2013 #13 Report
A twillandbonnie


8/19/2013 #14 Report
Nefarious Red

Bella@all: *Standing next to Edward*

Joanna@all: *standing away from everyone.*

tanya@all: *tranding next to anyone XD*

8/19/2013 #15 Report
Blue Birdy934


Edward: *Walks in to the field with Bella and stands beside her*

Ethan: *Sighs deeply as he stands next to Joanna, watching*

Alfie: *Pulls his hood up over his eyes and stands further away from the others, watching cautiously*

8/19/2013 #16 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

Jasper: *pacing in the clearing looking very impatient*

Garret: *jumps down from a nearby tree and walks to Kate*

8/19/2013 #17 Report

Ness; *walks in and sees her family and sighs, knowing most don't even want her there. She sees Alfie and gives him a small smile*

8/19/2013 #18 Report
Nefarious Red

Rose: *Walks intot he field*

Bella@all: *smirks, looking at Edward* about time.

Joanna@all :8looks at hima nd sighs*

8/19/2013 #19 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

Esme: *sitting on a big rock* --- Daphne: *srmtanding near the rock* --- Carmen: *standing next to Tanya*

8/19/2013 #20 Report
A twillandbonnie

Renee: *standing and rocking on her feet* //// l Alice: *smiling* ///// Kate: *standing next to Garret*

8/19/2013 #21 Report
Blue Birdy934

Alfie@All: *Looks at Ness and nods once*

Edward@All: *Rolls his eyes and kisses her softly* Had to speak to Joanna.

8/19/2013 #22 Report
Blue Birdy934

Ethan@Joanna: *Wraps his arms around her and kisses her head*

8/19/2013 #23 Report
Nefarious Red

Bela@all :*kisses back and nods*

8/19/2013 #24 Report

Ness@Alfie; *rolls her eyes and walks over to him* Can I stand over here, or is the ground reserved?

8/19/2013 #25 Report
Nope Not Here Anymore

Demi@All: *Walks to stand next to Rose and smiles ruefully at her*

8/19/2013 #26 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

(where's Kresta?) (thanks Bella..for subbing Rose)

Jasper@All: *looks around and nods* Everyone here right?

8/19/2013 #27 Report
Nefarious Red

joanna@Ethan: *smiles and snuggles into him*

8/19/2013 #28 Report
Nefarious Red

(Np :)

8/19/2013 #29 Report

(So...Adyna's going to blurt out her secret here)

Adyna: She looked around nervously. She was debating whether or not to blurt out her secret. Adyna glanced around and saw Edward and thought, Please don't be reading my thoughts.

8/19/2013 #30 Report
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