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A twillandbonnie

YAY! Pix got 100 followers! We need to celebrate! Good luck on your exams :)

11/6/2013 #121 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

Thanks Morgan!

11/14/2013 #122 Report
A twillandbonnie

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (if you celebrate)

11/28/2013 #123 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

You know it's sort of a good thing this didn't fill up :P

1/4/2014 #124 Report

Hello everyone. I know it has literally been forever since basically any of you have seen me in the rp world lately, but... I've found something: I like real life acting a billion times more than online acting! You guessed it! I was in a play! Well, maybe you didn't guess it, but eh. Anyways on to my point. I also found two new stories and plots to write down when I'm too emotional (whether thats happy or sad) to read or rp. These two new plots have been posted here as stories and I want to share them with you 'cause they're awesome! (If I do say so myself :P)

The first is a Twilight/HarryPotter crossover. Its mostly about a witch from the wizarding world who goes to the Cullen's for help "When Adriana is targeted by the re rising Death Eaters, and everyone else is already dead, she is forced to go to America where she can be protected and trained for another wizarding War which can't be far off. But what happens when the people she's staying with are vampires, who know nothing of the wizarding world? Rated T for Tragic." Were my exact words, I believe. Sound cool? Check it out!


The other one is a Frozen fanfic. But it doesn't take place after the great freeze, quite the contrary actually, as it takes place in Elsa childhood "Elsa had a childhood, but we don't know what kind of trials she went through. Is it really possible she made that giant castle on the mountain without ever using her power before? What did Disney not tell us about the newest most popular character?" Thats what I have as the official summary. It has two chaps currently up ands almost at 5k words! Check it out! :D


Okay now this feels like spam. ): review? Yep, definitely spam... So, how is everyone on this lovely rp doing?

5/19/2014 #125 Report
A twillandbonnie

I'm good! I got into a college psychology camp through Duke TIP for the summer which I'm excited about.

The RP... is dead. *sigh*

5/19/2014 #126 Report

I know... I'm sad, but I really don't have time to rp... Except now its summer, so maybe I'll be able to make a come back! :D hopefully.......

5/19/2014 #127 Report
A twillandbonnie

O.O But I posted that I'd cloooose it! Eh, I'll probably forget and end up bringing the RP back to life....

5/26/2014 #128 Report

*sniffle* really...? Thats's so sad Morg... I thought... always and forever! JK, yeah, I think a lot of people are drifting away from Twilight in general. Like I finally found a new series worthy of reading instead of reading fanfics. Though rp'n taught me a lot about writing in general; how to make realistic convos between characters, how to incorperate feeling, humor and overall creativity. I believe that even if I never role play anywhere ever again, I will always remember this rp and the first I was on, because in the long run, even though I ended up leaving, I left for a reason; to continue my writing in a way that I can eventually inspire thousands, maybe millions, and have a book of my own that people will want to read and even maybe write about! Role playing has raised me from a vague unsuccessful writer to a more detailed awe inspiring author (or... will someday) and for that, I will always honor what it means to play in roles in writing. It means to learn to write with others, develop characters and relationships correctly. Understand dynamics of scenes and characters with others. To make friends that can help you along the way in your career as an author. And sooooo much more. So, thank you. Thanks to everyone for helping me become the author I am and the rp I once was. Thank you for letting me rp here with you all. It has been an honor, and won't forget it.


(P.S. idk why I just wrote all that... seems a little random... but seriously, thanks to everyone :)

6/1/2014 #129 Report
A twillandbonnie

I love you all, but I, like many, have just outgrown Twilight. If you'd like to know about my fandom activity, I've been ridiculously active as a Harry Potter fan. I have a blog, make edits, make GIF sets, write FanFiction. If you haven't read Harry Potter, go read it. Now. It's a lvoely book written by a genius, and now I'm off topic.

I love you guys so much, and I'm sad to say goodbye. Love ya!


P.S.) I'm not locking the topics 'cause I'm too lazy.

6/5/2014 #130 Report

Wow... it's been so long. We should have an rp fam reunion. See where everyone's at... all the things we haven't been together for like I'm being serious, but also, this post is mostly me seeing if HTML formating works on the mobile site or not.

6/10/2016 #131 Report

Does this change the color, or does color HTML not work...?

6/10/2016 #132 Report

*gasp* talk about a blast from the past! Hi Lamby!!! Wow...looking back at this is wow.

6/10/2016 #133 Report

*gasp* talk about a blast from the past! Hi Lamby!!! Wow...looking back at this is wow.

6/10/2016 #134 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

I don't know why I'm even- Wow... I just got weirdly emotional reading all the previous RPs... Hey guys. Wow... haven't talked to you guys in... so so long. I miss you guys.

11/6/2016 #135 Report
A twillandbonnie

God, it's weird looking back at this. This was such a huge part of, I don't know, me, I guess? Looking back on it is nostalgic, but I also think to myself about how much better I could have done with handling or writing or... It's just crazy.

3/11/2017 #136 Report
A twillandbonnie

It seems like the time since this began and ended was so long ago but also such a short time ago at the same time. It's honestly crazy looking back at this forum not only because I was at a very different point in my life but also in my writing. I scrolled through some old topics, and I want to go back and shake myself.

Still, I'm beyond grateful for this forum. It got me into, if nothing else, writing everyday without fail. I had people that I needed to post replies to and plots to set into motion. I'm sure it's taught me a lot about short story writing, but I mostly write poetry these days. (Actually if you look for Morgan Gage on The Write Launch, you'll find some of my poetry from about a year ago.)

I'm currently applying to schools to study English and creative writing now! If anyone sees this, feel free to message me with how life is going for you.

8/1/2018 #137 Report
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