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------------------------Welcome to Made Up Character (a.k.a MUC) List!-------------------


The German Coven

Adrian: is the leader of the German Coven and was turned into a vampire in his early mid-20s. He was turned by force under Volturi law since he befriended a vampire that he met early on in life. Adrian's human past isn't spoken of much, if it all. At first, Adrian was able to travel with his friend, but after committing multiple crimes, the Volturi killed him. All alone, Adrian began his search for a mate in hopes of being able to start his own coven. He luckily stumbled across Karsten, a human, after a hunt. They had a long history, until once again threatened by the Volturi, was forced to turn Karsten, although she obliged willingly. He traveled with her and his coven started from there. Adrian tends to be calm and collected, but not afraid to step up and eagerly will if the chance is presented to him. Adrian doesn't have a power and he doesn't tend to get along with others easily. Human Look alike: d9b3347bb7bdb77f73 0aa1.jpg

Kerstin: is Adrian's mate and was turned into a vampire by him under the threats of the Volturi at age 20, only a year and a half after meeting Adrian. Since she has heard of the Volturi threatening Adrian and has experienced it herself, she is protective of her family and will do what she can to ensure their safety at any costs. Her personality is also somewhat similar to Esme's. Recently she has travelled with her coven to the Cullens. She's musical, but has no power; is watchful of the newest and youngest coven member, Gisela. Human lookalike: pg

Gisela: is a dancer, and was taken by Karsten and Adrian like a daughter. She was turned at 15 also by Adrian when found nearly dead. She's the opposite of Karsten as she's very bubbly. Human look alike: pretty_girl.jpg

The South African Coven

Dominick: is a very old vampire who was around during the down fall of the Romanian's rule. He hates the Volturi for they are power hungry, but agrees with their rules. One day on a hunting trip, he came across a poor village. Dominick set prey on a pretty young woman, attracted by her happiness. For some reason, he couldnt finish off the girl and changed her, later becoming her mate. Human lookalike: AAAAAAAAN2o/Scr1-RM7dYo/s400/sexy%2Bblack%2Bguy.jp g

Abri: used to live in an African village full of poverty and crime. When her parents were shot for hoarding food from the fields, she took on the caretaker of her younger siblings. Life was rough, but she remained cheerful, which attracted Dominick. After being transformed, she knew she couldn't return, and left with Dominick, falling in love with Dominick and becoming his mate. It was hard for her after her change at first, and still is, because due to the sun, her and her mate can only hunt at night and must control themselves during the day. Human lookalike: intospotlight/3.jpg

The Australian Coven

Beck: was a hardworking human with a very persuasive mind. He convinced his boss to let him work in the blistering Australian heat from sun up to sun down just to keep his tiny little hut; it was all he had. One day, Beck fell from the heat, and didn't get up. The next thing that he remembers is waking as a vampire within a shed; a thirsty vampire had attacked and fed off him but never finished the job. Beck tried not to feed, in confusion, but when he came across another wounded worker, he couldn't help himself, and fed from him. Later, Beck learned to accept his vampire life and continued to feed on humans. He gathered his coven and took leader role, finding a mate in Angel. Beck also has the power of mind control, which probably transferred from his persuasion as a human. However, he cannot control minds for an extensive period of time. Beck also led his coven to the Cullens, out of curiosity. After living in Forks for a while, both him and his mate, Angel, converted to a vegetarian lifestyle. Human lookalike: illlover2008/One%2520tree%2520hill/james.jpg

Angel: ed basic life. She was the quiet girl in the back of the room with her nose in a book. While walking one night, Beck found her and was amazed by her beauty. He changed her and loved her sarcastic sense of humor. They became mates and Angel treats Beck as her mate, but doesn't pay much attention to the rest of the coven, as they roam the landscape but aren't very connected. Converted to a vegetarian lifestyle with Beck after living in Forks for a while. Human lookalike: /2009/10/blonde-girl.jpg

Sibelle: always was one that stood out of the crowd. Due to her temper and freaky flame colored hair, she was always left out. At age nineteen, Sibelle was out drinking when she caught sight of vampires feeding. She was amazed by them and stumbled over to them. Angel didn't want trouble with the Volturi and convinced Beck to change her and she joined their coven. Sibelle goes through relationships fast, using men to get into new hunting grounds for blood as well as pleasure, and is glad for the acceptance of her coven. Appearance: c1caf4148f44dca6ceabc48fe 578a-d2lj96e.jpg

Cassandra: liked to study mythology, which led her to believe in the existence in vampires. Beck was amused by this, and his coven kept an eye on her in case the Volturi tried to get involved. In the end, Sibelle lost control around her and changed her. She was a stuggle to contain, but the coven managed it and taught her Volturi law and to hunt by night not to reveal herself. She then made it through her newborn year and ventured off on her own, living a nomadic lifestyle to continue her studies and roam Australia.. Human lookalike: aks1101/fotofreaks110100068/8667395-young-pretty-t een-girl-looking-pensive--sunny-outdoor-shot.jpg

The Western Coven

Bailey: was a farm girl living in the West. One night, she went out to get some supplies from the shed, and was attacked. She tried to fight back, but was too weak. When she awoke after days of crying out with the unbearable pain, she ran, and settled within the forests. One time, while out hunting, she attacked a vampire who tried to steal her prey. After arguing, the two realized what they were doing. Bailey was horrified that she was becoming so defensive, since she was so laid back. So Bailey ended up befriending this vampire, and formed a coven with her. Her name was Brooklyn. She hunts with her and tries to stay close. Later on, a similiar incident happened with Julius with the same result. Human lookalike: tos/group1/subgrp260/blanka-vlaic-the-mos_71754.jp g

Brooklynn: was changed by her will, although she doesn't remember much. She's generally happy, and very collected. She was in love with Alec Volturi for a while and ventured away from her coven to chase after him, only leaving to hunt on her own, not saying anything to her coven mates before she left. Brooklyn also longs for a child, even though she can't have one, which is why she thinks of her coven mates as children. Human lookalike: AAAAAAAAASE/klJ4ZDYbVDg/s1600/latinPrettyGirl22.pn g

Snow: is young, having been changed at fifteen, a few days before she was 16. Snow is more dark than others and has no memory of her past, not even muddy images. Snow keeps to herself and travels alone, never trusting anyone. At the same time, she's also very emotional. She has the power to control the temperature of the area around her although she hides it and only uses it when hunting. Human lookalike: d2335811.jpg

Julius: is an old vampire who was, at first, a part of a coven of other ancients but left among their separation. While traveling along, he discovered a power of controlling another's senses, not cutting them off but making them see something else. He found the Cullens and attempted animal diet but quickly gave up on it. Julius comes from the Western states and is familiar with the coven. However, he is distant and heads out to visit only every few decades. Human lookalike: o/2700/2700,1234097180,17/stock-photo-closeup-port rait-of-a-handsome-young-man-looking-away-24727357 .jpg

The Asian Coven

Avaline: was a Normal Teenger, she was changed at the age of 19 by an Un-knwon Vampire, when she was stumbling through the woods near her house. She had a rough time adjusting to the Change, and hated herself for having to feed on Humans however sixteen years later she found Her mate Nalin, a Vampire of 130 years old. they travelled together around the world. Avaline (Ava) was much happier after she found her mate. She has a love for Nature and Books, is usually very quite but very observant. Human Look alike: oads/2012/07/Right_Asian_Hairstyles_11.jpg

Nalin: Does't remember how or when or by whom he was changed, but he even at his human life was very good humored and cheerful, he fed on Humans. He met his mate while on Hunting, immediatley attracted to her he followed her and got to know her. He and Ava made a Coven. Nalin changed their last Coven mate Keshi, he and Ava along with Keshi travel around. This coven is civilized. Human look alike: ads/2012/10/hairstyles-for-asian-men1.jpg

Keshi: Keshi was changed by Nalin when she was Fifteen. up until that she led a difficlut life. She was bit by a poisonous spider and to prevent her from dying Nalin changed her. Ava welcomed Keshi with a motherly love. Keshi is a steady and loyal person. she loves to observe people, humans fascinate her now that she can look at them from a different veiw. She is also feeding on Humans though she regrets this like Ava. she loves music. Human Look alike: 013/08/Curly-Hairstyles-For-Round-Face-For-Asian-P eople.jpg

The Volturi Coven

Alessia: Alessia was found dying and changed by Aro. She had originally come from Austria, but was kidnapped with several other girls, raped, then tried to escape but was beaten and left for dead. She's very loyal to the Volturi and would do anything for them. She has mid-length wavy chestnut hair and wide red eyes. She has the creepy gift to control other people's bodies; make their appearance age, hair grow, even change species. She secretly hates her gift and prefers not to use it on other people.


Jackson: has just phased at the age of 20. Around the tribe, he is a pleasant man that likes to joke, but once he is working, he is completely serious and focused. Jackson is fierce and aggressive towards vampires and makes no exceptions. Jackson is rank 13. His wolf stands around 6'0 and has yellowish-white fur. Appearance: ver-take-up-the-shirtless-tag-20244384134a6335446f 66f7.63006473.jpg

Daniel: is younger than most, being 15 years old and recently phased. Daniel was named after the boat that his father had died in while out at sea just off of the reservation fishing with Quil Ateara's father. He is paranoid about water and is the only one in the pack that doesn't like to cliff dive, although his is only understood by the betas, Jared and Jordan, whom have mentored him. Despite his age, Daniel has shown a deep loyalty to his pack and even a few fighting skills after training with the beta female - Jordan - herself. Daniel enjoys being a wolf after leading a normal life in the reservation, not living in the village due to his family's middle-class life. Daniel is rank 14 in the pack. His wolf has light brown fur with a white spot around his eye and stands around 6'0. Appearance: een_Boys_R_Hot_boypost.com16_thumb.jpg

Joshua: has just joined the pack at 16. He is unsure and hesitant, but likes to be around people, especially with the alphas (Jacob and Nicole Black) who have brought him into the pack and he is awed by. Joshua has heard rumors of "Cold Men" running around the village and witnessed their blood lust and is disgusted by it. Joshua is rank 15 and his wolf has lighter black fur that appears to be brown and stands a few inches below 6'0. Appearance: eo1_500.jpg

Andrew: also just joined the pack at 16. He is bold and loves thrills, but is also loyal and content in the pack. He often rants about the "Cold Ones" although he refers to them as "leeches" like most of the pack does when they go to their shared house in a small village after their daily patrol and training schedules. Andrew is rank 16 and his wolf has black and ginger fur and stands at exactly 5'9. *Sebastian is a distant relative of the Black family and age 18. He lived in a small village on the reservation and enjoyed surfing in the La Push beaches. He is more independent, but is loyal to his pack. Sebastian is rank 17 and his wolf has brindle fur, standing around 5'9. Appearance: ot-boy-13.jpg

Luke Lahote: is a direct cousin of Paul Lahote. He shares his family's money and works in the main village as a handyman when he isn't with the pack training - he also loves tattoos. He is 22 years old. Luke is rank 19 and his wolf has tawny fur, standing around 5'8. Appearance: AAAAAAAAa4s/0f1i5QGUE6s/s1600/hotty.jpg

Brayden: was born in the tribe, but is very forgetful, being only 15. He doesn't remember much about himself and is frequently punished for being late or distracted. Brayden still loves the pack, despite his forgetfulness. Brayden is rank 20 and his wolf has salt and pepper fur, standing around 5'7. Appearance:

Henry Ateara: is related to Quil Ateara, distantly, and is around the same age as him. He is a jokster and is slightly cocky, but he is also off balance and works hard training, wanting to be a fighter. Henry is rank 21 and his wolf has golden fur, standing around 5'5. Appearance: ttest-Mexican-celebs-michael-trevino.jpg

Gabriel: phased on his 18th birthday, when he became of age. He had lived in La Push all his life with his mother and father, being an only child. He was reserved for most of the time unless approached; he was friendly and accepting. But, a few days before his birthday, his friends in the tribal school noticed that he had a snappy attitude, which was extremely unusual. They also noticed that he seemed to have a fever. Rumors were spreading that he as on steroids, due to his sudden growth spurt, and many thought this was a side effect. He'd seen many men from the "Reservation Cult" (the pack) watching him from time to time when he bumped into them. This made him wary, but he brushed it off, along with his friend's concern, until eventually, one night his father sat him down to talk about the steroids he was assumed to be on and his temper burst. Gabriel nearly knocked the door off on the way out, but he made it into the forest before he phased. After that, he adapted slowly and dropped out of school. He hides things from his parents and ended up moving into the main village on the rez to live on his own with the pack as his support. Gabriel is rank 22 and his wolf is a very muted shade of brown with black markings, standing around 5'5. Appearance: 5.jpg

Colton: is a 22 year old "tough guy" who hasn't really seen the world, but seems to be well aware of the cruelty of it. He phased in a vampire invasion not long ago. Confused and disoriented, he rushed at the pale men, burning up with fever and head pounding with all the thoughts of other shape shifters like himself. He was struck down, and infected with venom; he carries a bite mark on his neck as a reminder of the attack. Ever since then, he has settled into the pack well, and worked strongly alongside the high rank pack members, even though he is rank 23. He stands around 5'5, and has blue merle fur. Appearance: AAAAAAAAAEY/2AJA0JL86v8/s1600/hrithik%2Broshan.jpg

Keenan: is a smart, impoverished boy who came from the Uley line, and has just phased at age 19. He is smart and strong, but also likes to listen, and is caring, which is shaped by his childhood having endured and grown up within horrible poverty. The pack is everything to him and he respects it completely. He is very close with Claire Young and Emily Young since they always hang around the pack. At rank 24, his wolf stands around 5'5 and has armor black/blue fur. Appearance: 55/thehungergames/images/6/61/Tumblr_ll1mh1axIA1qj rw4vo1_500_large.jpg

Piper: Piper's last name is Colson, she lives in the rez with her Aunt Sarah. Piper joined the pack at 25, she phased this late since she was away from La Push and from Vampires. Piper is known as 'Pipes' with the guys. She gets pissed of with The Pack very often but is really loyal. she is the only one without a big appetite. Piper has had a huge crush on Sam but soon put that aside once she figured out he Imprinted. Piper loves her Pack life and wouldn't leave it.

Gale: is always called the "bad guy," because of his fiery personality. He still lives with his parents, and has just phased at age 16 after an argument with his ex-girlfriend. He is a flirt to most of the female Quileutes and wolves, and is quick to jump into fights. Killing vampires is his hobby, and he dreams of being alpha male one day, but doesn't show that, or push for it, respecting Jacob. His wolf is rank 26, stands around 5'5, and has ginger fur. Appearance:


Clara: lives with her single mother in Forks. She struggles in school and hates Forks, but still lives there just to support her mother. She works at the Newton's shop where Bella used to work to help pull in money, and is sixteen. Appearance: d425967.jpg

Carrie: is the sister of Clara and is fourteen, living in Forks with her. She knows about the Cullens and insists there's something odd about them, but her sister ignores her. Carrie is bent on figuring out what's so weird about them. Unlike her sister, she likes the quiet, rainy town and plans to stay there. She is attending Forks High. Appearance: 3010b6b1-aac6-4595-b922-442cc6882e0f.jpg

Clyde: is in his late twenties. He lives in the main village of the reservation, near La Push. Clyde works as a baker in the main village and often bakes for various members of the pack when they come in. He has noticed how filled-out a lot of boys on the rez are, and how they have big appetites, but he thinks it's just a result of the Makah war that had occured a while ago. Clyde knows the Quileute legends but doesn't believe them, and tends to be carefree and joking. He is married to Loretta, another Quileute woman, and lives happily in a small house in the main village with her and their four year old daughter, Adeline, whom he often spoils with the small bits of extra money they get and loves very much. Appearance: -american-man-headshot-13cc0zn.jpg

Loretta: is a woman on the reservation who was involved with Joshua Uley, Sam's father, and was the last person to have contact with him before he disappeared, even though she was significantly younger than him at the age of twenty six. The relationship was not abusive, but Loretta was shaken by his anger. Loretta is still painfully shy although she has managed to find love with another man (Clyde) on the reservation after she came in to buy pastries as comfort food often. Loretta lives in a small house in the main village with Clyde, often oblivious to the world and sometimes to her four year old daughter, Adeline, though. she loves her she's somewhat distant with her. she sews for money and loves to sing folk songs Appearance: 12798FEOGw.jpg

Faith Young: is the older sister of Claire Young, born in 1993 and raised in the Makah reservation. After Quil had imprinted on Claire and Claire had moved onto the Quileute reservation, Faith moved as well as the Makah were growing hostile to the Quileutes. In the end, Faith and Claire's father died of disease and their mother abandoned the Makahs, disappearing in fear of war. Faith can be loud and sometimes even whiny. She craves attention and is slightly scared of the pack but terrified of vampires and insists on sticking near Emily, Joy Ateara, or a pack member at all times. Appearance: -xs.jpg

Raven Uley: is an independent, smart, and shy Quileute girl in her teens living on the reservation, born in September of 1994. She isn't related to Sam, but is instead a distant cousin of Seth and Leah Clearwater, niece of Sue Clearwater, and daughter of Lucas Uley, Sue's brother. Raven is easily frightened and because of that, her father bought her bow and arrows for her twelfth birthday though she has yet to master them. She's unaware of the Quileutes existence. Raven also attends school in the village and isn't very close to her father, though she does appreciate him. She's not very close to her cousins either, though she has a nice relationship with her aunt Sue. Raven was told the pack secret and believed the legends, staying with the pack and family during the wars. Appearance:

Adeline: is five and lives in La Push. Her family was in poverty after the Makah war, but they got through it. She is a curious but quiet girl and is content with staying on the reservation. Her parents are Clyde and Loretta, though she is more of a 'daddy's girl' due to Loretta often being somewhat distant. ppearance:

Maya: Lived alone in the rez since she was fourteen, though her Uncle and Aunt lives next door. Maya was a very quite girl who likes to stay alone without much Company. she attended the school in La Push, is not aware of the Wolves though she thinks the Pack Cult is very mysterious. Maya's whole world is Compsing music. she is now 21 and is working in a Coffee Shop out of La Push. Her only close Friend is Daniel. her Aunt and Uncle's only child. Appearance: 9/11/alicia-keys.jpg

Dilan: Is Maya's cousin, Daniel is very out-going and sharp tongued. but very smart and rather Hard sometimes. He too, doesn't know about the Wolf Pack. But he loves Women and flirts around with all Women, he has no care for his future seeing how he has a goof fortune he will Inherite from his father's Mother. Daniel is 23. Appearance: nxtZeL1r97s6do1_500_large.jpg

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