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Role Play 3
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

o o o ****** Welcome To The Role Play NO #3!****** o o o

# After you Role Play please go record your character(s) Daily doing in the TImelines

# Please know that Role Playing is not juts chatting but Playing the Life of The Characters. The setting where your character(s) currently are is in 2013 August in Washington or anywhere else Morgan says in OK.


Show that you are on by doing this: *Character1/Character2/etc. Open*

Character1@Character3: *eating sandwich* Hello.

For actual talking to other PEOPLE do this. (Hello, Sally, how are you?)

/@@@@ The Current Role Play News@@@@/

...A Reminder On Rules...

And. I don't care how big your power is as long as you don't misuse it. If you try to take over the world, I will find some way to kill of your person.(said by our Loving Admin .)

No Ignoring! All members new or experienced, Admin/Mod or Just member are expected to greet each other fairl, Saying "Hey!" or "Bye" to someone new or old. The Role Play is supposed to be friendly and smooth. Please respect that.

Upcoming Event

Maria from the Mexican Coven is after Jasper Whitlock-Cullen-Hale (anything). so There will be a Newborn Battle and a training Topic is open for anyone who wants to Kick some A$$ :) Morgan and The Mods are working on when and how to hold this. and as soon as we're done ALL of you will get a PM? :)


We have now an MUC List, for we

are limiting the number of OCs to be added. PM Morgan or a Mod below for any questions about the Characters or Relationship, Pregnancies or Deaths.

Any Questions or concerns? please PM The Admin or a Mod- Thanks you and Just HAVE FUN!

9/11/2013 #1 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

Topic will be locked until The Admin or a Mod unlocks it when The Current Play: Role Play 2

Has reached Page 400 . Thank you. Please do not Post here for all posts will be deleted :c

9/11/2013 . Edited 9/11/2013 #2 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight


9/14/2013 #3 Report

Carlisle@Esme: Are you okay?

9/14/2013 #4 Report


9/14/2013 #5 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

Esme@Carlisle: *sighs softly* I'm fine darling...

9/14/2013 #6 Report


9/14/2013 #7 Report


9/14/2013 #8 Report

Carlisle@Esme: What's wrong? *wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her closer*

9/14/2013 #9 Report
Noel Madden


Chris - Lauren:*asleep on the couch*

9/14/2013 #10 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19


Esme@Carlisle: I'm just a bit confused....

9/14/2013 #11 Report

Carlisle@Esme: Why? Lauren@Chris: *gets home from work*

9/14/2013 #12 Report

Olivia@Josh; *smiles and continues to walk* So...

9/14/2013 #13 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

Esme@Carlisle: Sophia said I look.... tired. *looks up to him* Do I?

9/14/2013 #14 Report

Carlisle@Esme: She said you sounded tired. You look fine, better than ever if you ask me.

9/14/2013 #15 Report

all open)

9/14/2013 #16 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

Esme@Carlisle: *leans into his arms* But I do a bit tired...

9/14/2013 #17 Report

Ally/Lexi/Maria/Emmett *open*

9/14/2013 #18 Report
Noel Madden

Josh - Olivia: swim time *picks her up and jumps to the water*

Chris - Lauren: *stirs awake*

9/14/2013 #19 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

Esme/Daphne/Carmen/Eliza: *OPEN*

9/14/2013 #20 Report

Olivia@Josh; *screams is suprise* Josh! *giggles*

9/14/2013 #21 Report

Carlisle@Esme: You look perfect. You sound perfect. You ARE perfect. Lauren@Chris: Baby, go back to sleep. I'm sorry for waking you up. *walks over, kisses his forehead, walks to her office*

9/14/2013 #22 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

Esme@Carlisle: *sighs softly* I'm not perfect darling.....

9/14/2013 #23 Report

Carlisle@Esme: Yes, you are. You are my everything, and I adore you *kisses her*

9/14/2013 #24 Report
Noel Madden

Josh - Olivia:*laughs* yes?

Chris - Lauren: no, it's okay. *stands up from the couch, walks over to her*

9/14/2013 #25 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

Esme@Carlisle: *kisses him back* And you are my perfect other half...

9/14/2013 #26 Report


9/14/2013 #27 Report
Noel Madden

(repost please Angel?)

9/14/2013 #28 Report


9/14/2013 #29 Report

Olivia@Josh; *groans* Will you put me down? *hiding a smile*

9/14/2013 #30 Report
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