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Role Play 3

(yes) Lauren@Chris: Yeah? *continues* Noelle@Brady: *murmurs in her sleep* I..... Want them back.....

10/20/2013 #11,971 Report
Noel Madden

Korra - Grace?

Chris - Lauren:*massages her back slowly* take a break baby. *kisses her cheek*

Brady - Noelle: we'll get them back. *rubs her back softly*

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(sure!) Grace@Korra: *training* Lauren@Chris: *shakes her head* I can't.... Noelle@Brady: *moves closer to him*

10/20/2013 #11,973 Report
Noel Madden

Korra - Grace: Mind if I join? *tense*

Chris - Lauren: please?... *murmurs*

Brady - Noelle:*hugs her close*

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Grace@Korra: Uh, sure *smiles* Lauren@Chris: I can't.... It's the only thing keeping my mind off of.... Well..... You know..... Noelle@Brady: I want them back.... So bad.....

10/20/2013 #11,975 Report
Noel Madden

Korra - Grace:*smiles back* sorry for the random. Name's Korra, you probably saw me around Noel's place sometime.

Chris - Lauren: Yeah.... I know... *takes her left hand on his*

Brady - Noelle: I know.... I do too....

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Darien@Korra:Hi.How are you? (I know.I seen korean dramas.) - Kimiko@Chris:Okay.

10/20/2013 #11,977 Report

Grace@Korra: Who...? Sorry, I don't get out much.... I'm Grace Carroll. *smiles* Lauren@Chris: *grimaces, minimizes the window on her computer, sits back in her chair, sighs* Noelle@Brady: I couldn't live with losing them.......

10/20/2013 #11,978 Report
Noel Madden

Korra - Darien: If there weren't any living things in this forest, I'd have probably burnt this down by now.

Chris - Kimiko: How about you?

10/20/2013 #11,979 Report

Darien@Korra:you are really angry. - Kimiko@Chris:I'm alright.

10/20/2013 #11,980 Report
A twillandbonnie

(Sorry I poofed, and we can move to Role Play 4 now! :))

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10/20/2013 #11,982 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

Please Move To Role Play 4

Thank You.

10/21/2013 #11,983 Report
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