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Non Canon Application 2#
M SiennaTheDark.Knight


12/27/2013 #31 Report
Gomez Addams of Addams Family

First Name: Brad

Last Name: Cullen

Species: Vampire

Appearance: Brown Hair blue eyes wears 6'3 built

Age: looks 20

Occupation: archaeologist Associate Dean College Professor Adventure

Bio: Brad is the adopted son of Carlisle and the son of Esme from her human life he gets along well with his family and hopes to fall in love with a girl name Janet he loves his mother very much along with his adopted father he is also a doctor just like Carlisle he loves to prank with Emmett and loves to play music.

Personality:Charming Compassionate Good-looking Dashing Handsome Kind Clever Devoted

Additional Info: he loves to read and work on cars and model trains.

1/6/2014 . Edited 1/7/2014 #32 Report
A twillandbonnie

Good looking is not a personality. Nor is dashing and handsome. Vampires do not have blue eyes and have no need for glasses. You can only be one career reasonably.

1/8/2014 #33 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

First Name: Wyatt Carlisle

Last Name: Cullen

Species: Half human/Half vampire hybrid

Appearance: He has Esme's caramel brown locks nested on his head, Carlisle's human blue eyes, Esme's nose and Carlisle's chin. He already has perfect set of pearl white teeth since birth and he was pale, but not as pale as the vampires since he has blood running through his veins like Eliza.

Child version:

Grown up version:

Age: Newborn baby.

Bio: He is the second child of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, Eliza's younger brother. He was created the same way as Eliza did, with Ethan's power. He is loved by everyone in the family, especially Esme and Carlisle. Eliza was once a little envy that she won't be the only child but an older sister, but she got over it eventually.

Personality: He's quiet for a boy and compared to his older sister's endless energy and outgoingness. He likes to be hold and to be entertained. He also pretty smart for a young child, inheriting his father's personality.

Additional Info: He has the ability to see someone's life from beginning to end (like Alice's vision except it is concrete) with a single touch.

(He is created by me and Keegan!)

1/24/2014 #34 Report
M SiennaTheDark.Knight

Accepted (This is Mod Acceptance, Admin should accept this as well though :) Morgan hasn't been on... Hope she's okay.... :/)

2/1/2014 #35 Report
Noel Madden

(Dropping Kinsie)


Full Name: Brandon Madden

Nicknames: (If any): None

Date of Birth: August 19th, 1561

Date of Change/First Phase: Late 1941

Actual Age and Appeared Age: (Appeared Age is only for vampires, centaurs, hybrids, dryads.): 453 and 35

Origin: (Where were they born?): Germany

Gender: Male

Species: (Please be creative! This forum is NOT all vampires, shifters, humans, and hybrids!): Vampire

Appearance: (Be specific and detailed, NO picture links.): Brandon is tall, strong and blonde. He is muscular. His eyes are red.

Personality: Brandon is mostly evil. There are some moments where his defenses collapse and he becomes insecure. He's sort of bipolar

Hobbies: Exploring and travelling

Specific Likes: Running, exploring

Specific Dislikes: Weak people, humans

Scent: (Be creative! Examples: Salt water, cherries, chocolate, lemons, roses, etc.): Wasabi,

Family: Noel and Lenka

Horse Body Color: (IF Centaur): N/A

Fur Color: (IF shifter): N/A

Tree Type: (IF dryad/hamadryad): N/A

History: (NO less than two paragraphs! Be detailed and specific! There is room for creativity): Brandon was born to a strict Jewish family. They lived in Germany for centuries. When Hitler gained full power, restrictions started. They stayed until 1941 in the same house. When the Nazis arrived to their home, they noticed Brandon - a thirty five year old man, looking pure German. They were intrigued by this and offered him a place on the army. He felt disorientated and quickly accepted, not looking back. The rest of his family was taken to Auschwitz. Then he was changed, and when the war ended, he travelled all over the world. He's currently in Forks.

Sexuality: Straight

Mate/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: (if any): Aeryn

Created by: Avatar Korra in Action

2/2/2014 . Edited 2/3/2014 #36 Report
A twillandbonnie

Accepted as long as the Aeryn part is okay with Angel.

2/2/2014 #37 Report
Noel Madden

KK, thanks

2/2/2014 #38 Report
A twillandbonnie

Oops, I forgot to scroll up and accept Wyatt. This has admin approval. (Wyatt)

2/22/2014 #39 Report
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