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O.C. Almanac
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Hello! We know it's hard to remember stuff about other OCs so we created an almanac to help.

It's in alphabetical order, and is split into the categories: Vampire, Hybrid, Werewolf, Human, and Other.

Editing only for forum staff. If anyone wants to change their character's summary, please PM me. I just took bits from the OC application for the summary, so they aren't perfect.

Aaron Dickinson:

Created and Taken by Luis

Originally from Germany, when he was 18 he entered the rugby team of San Diego. One of his teammates was a vampire, who killed the team except Aaron, who he changed. Now that he has been a vampire for so long, he drinks human blood. He can see people's true intentions.

Aeryn Whitlock:

Created and taken by Angel

Aeryn was born in 1845 and she is this the biological younger sister of Jasper Cullen. She can control fire, though only her and Jasper knows about it.

Alfie Cullen:

Created and Taken by Blue

He was born in 1662, and is Carlisle's son. His father left one night to look for vampires and never returned. His mother died when he was 14 and he ran away from London. Alfie was bitten by a vampire and he travelled to America, then heard about his father and left for Forks quickly. He's mated with Renesmee, and they moved in together. They now have twin boys, Aiden and Ralph. He has a extremely short temper. He has the ability to control fire.

Alison Bryn:

Created by Esme

She's the oldest living female vampire in existence. She was changed at 25, and is one of Alice's ancestors. She was abused during her childhood, and has a daughter because of it. She believes her daughter and husband are dead.

Brad Cullen:

Created and Taken by Gru Loves Lucy

Brad is the adopted son of Carlisle and the son of Esme from her human life. He is a doctor like Carlisle.


Created by Korra

Not much is known about her life story. Her power comes from the agonizing pain she felt during her change and she is the first vampire ever. Her power is mostly dark magic.

Daphne Platt-Cullen:

Created and Taken by Rania

Daphne is Esme Cullen's niece, her late brother's daughter. She ran away from her home and was stabbed by Esme's ex-husband. She was found by Carlisle and Esme, who changed her and added her to the Cullen family.

Demetria Cullen:

Created and Taken by Sky

She was Rosalie's fraternal twin sister and when Rosalie supposedly died, Demi didn't believe it and ran away to go looking for her. She was in the woods when she collapsed, having been searching for a week without any food or water. She was found by Rosalie, who changed her. She is mated with Alec Volturi, and is engaged to him. She has the ability to control the weather.

Dimitri Belikov:

Created and Taken by Sakura

He was two when his parents disappeared, then he lived in an orphanage until he was ten. He left, and lived on the street until he was changed.

Ethan McCarty:

Created by Blue

Ethan was born in 1934 and he was one when his brother Emmett went missing. When Ethan was 15, he got into a fight with his girlfriend and ran off to a forest, where he was bitten by a vampire. He then left to find his brother and was told where he was by the Denali coven, so he's now in Forks. He's mated with Edward's sister Joanna. He can create new life for anyone and he can also control life and death for humans.

Fiona Cullen:

Created and Taken by Sky

She was born in the 1940s. When she was 18, she rebelled against her parents and ran away from home. But she was attacked by a gang and left to die until Carlisle found her and changed her. She can possess other vampires for any length of time.

Joanna Masen:

Created and Taken by Bella

She's the daughter of Elizabeth and Edward Masen in 1903, but she couldn't be handled. She was adopted and one night, she went out into town one night and was changed. She fell in love with the vampire, who was her great-grandmother, that changed her but she died in the late 60's. She's travelled to Forks to find Edward Cullen, who she thinks is the Masen family's new heir. She can torture other with their worst fears.

Lexi Weir:

Created and Taken by Emily

Lexi grew up with her mom, dad and older brother. They lived in California until Lexi was 6 years old. Lexi was turned by Maria as a bet and is now part of Maria's army.


Created and Taken by Mel

She in Maria's newborn army and was present when Jasper was turned. But she and Nettie rebelled against Maria and unlike Nettie, she made it out alive. She's now on Jasper's side to get back at Maria.


Created and Taken by Luis

Roxie: Crated and Taken by Ever

Luke: Created by Sky, Taken by Av

Noel: Created and Taken by Korra/Katara

Vanessa: Created and Taken by Bella

Scarlett: Created by Blue. (Open for roleplay)

Sarah: Created and Taken by Kelcee

Lillianna: Created and Taken by Angel

Madison: Created and Taken by Angel

Alexander- Created and Taken by Pixie

Alora- Crated and Taken By Adri

Elyse- Crated and Taken By Mel

Anthony: Crated and Taken By Mel

Marcy- Crated and Taken By Adri

Cameron Lane- Created and Taken by Blue

Lauren Madden- Created and Taken by Esme

Miaka: Created and Taken By SakuraDragomir

Darien: Created and Taken by Sakura

Kimiko: Created and Taken by Sakura

Julia Chan: Created and Taken by Sakura

Kiera Harper: Created and Taken by Sky

Janet: Created and Taken by Esme

Hannah Swan:

Created and Taken By Ever

When she was two, she was left on Charlie's steps, and was revealed to be Charlie's biological daughter. Hannah made friends on the reservation so she wouldn't be alone during Charlie's fishing trips. She also has a huge crush on Brady Fuller, but was also drawn to Embry, as she's his imprint.

Ally- Created and Taken by Emily

Christianna: Created by Katara

Ty- Created and Taken by Luis

Sterling-Created and Taken by Lamb

Kinsie: Created by Katara

Josh Anderson: Created and taken by Korra

Delilah: Created and Taken by Sky

Zach: Created and Taken by Bella

Noelle: Created and Taken by Esme

Lenka: Created by Katara

Chris: Created by Katara

EJ Swan-Cullen: Created and taken by Mel

Ralph Cullen: Created by Blue and Lamb.

Aiden Cullen: Created by Blue and Lamb.

Grace: Created and Taken by Esme

Adyna Cullen:

Created and Taken by Krest

***** Made Up Characters*****

German Coven:

Adrian: (Open for Role Play)

Kerstin: Taken by Esme

Gisela: Taken by Savannah

The South African Coven :

Dominick: (Open for Role Play)

Abri: (Open for Role Play)

The Australian Coven:

Beck: Taken by Av

Angel: Taken by Av

Sibelle: (Open for Role Play)

Cassandra: (Open for Role Play)

The Western Coven:

Bailey: (Open for Role Play)

Brooklynn: (Open for Role Play)

Snow: (Open for Role Play)

Julius: (Open for Role Play)

The Asian Coven:

Avaline: (Open for Role Play)

Nalin: (Open for Role Play)

Keshi: (Open for Role Play)

The Volturi Coven:

Alessia: (Open for Role Play)

Jackson: (Open for Role Play)

Daniel: (Open for Role Play)

Joshua: (Open for Role Play)

Andrew: (Open for Role Play)

Luke Lahote: (Open for Role Play)

Brayden: (Open for Role Play)

Henry Aterea: (Open for Role Play)

Gabriel: Taken by Blue

Colton: Taken by Savannah

Keenan: Taken By Ever

Gale: (Open for Role Play)

Clara: Taken by Korra

Carrie: Taken by Story

Clyde: (Open for Role Play)

Loretta: (Open for Role Play)

Faith Young: (Open for Role Play)

Raven Uley: (Open for Role Play)

Adeline: (Open for Role Play)

Maya: (Open for Role Play)

Dilan: (Open for Role Play)

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