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A Firestorm Nauralagos

What music are you listening to right now? Discuss your favorite songs/artists, tell us all what you're listening to right this very second, or post lyrics*. Whatever you want to do.

*Please star out curse words like this: s***.

6/17/2013 #1 Report
M BuBuWinter

I found theme songs for all my Lightning Gaze main chars, or tried toXD

Stephanie: Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO

Serena: Winter by Tori Amos (we don't know much about her in the story, but this song inspired her back-story, which I plan to get in later ;))

Travis: Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast

Rosie: This Is War by 30 Seconds to Mars

Lord Shadow: Guradian by Alanis Morissette

Kiley: Pale by Within Temptation (this will be explained later ;))

Cori: Invincible by Destrom ft. Chester See and Ray William Johnson (A popular youtube song XD Cori should listen to the chorus.))

Heat & Cyrus: Broken by Seether ft. Amy Lee (Parts make me think of one or the other, and then other parts make me think of their relationship. Kinda confusing but I don't feel like physically searching for songs XD)

And that's all I have so far .. :D

8/12/2013 #2 Report
A Firestorm Nauralagos

Cool idea! :D :D I will have to go listen to those sometime ... except the first one O_o I've heard that one before ... xP

Currently listening to: Evolution of Music by Pentatonix (Coolest thing EVER!!!)

8/13/2013 #3 Report
M BuBuWinter


XD Winter by Tori Amos is one of my favorite songs :3 It's dedicated to her father. Guardian's also really good...and so are all of them XD You'll find I have a wide range when it comes to music.... :3

Currently listening to Stairway to the Skies by Within Temptation (a theme song for one of my characters I want to use in an original story XD)

8/13/2013 #4 Report
A Firestorm Nauralagos

:O Another Pentatonix fan? *Hugs* You are officially my best friend XD

Same here; when someone asks me what type of music I listen to, I just stare blankly at them for a minute and then ask if they'd like me to list the genres. XD

8/13/2013 #5 Report
M BuBuWinter


I'll listen to Three Days Grace one second(heavy rock stuff I should think XD) then listen to Les Mis or Opera-ish music XD

"Hey what are you listening to?"

"Break by Three Days Grace! :D Oh wait, it just changed to If I Could Cry (such a beautiful song my gosh....) by Paul Byrom. Heard of it?"


8/13/2013 #6 Report
A Firestorm Nauralagos

OMIGOSH I'M THE EXACT SAME WAY XD I have opera music, positive message, heavy metal, Green Day, A capella, classic rock, all sorts of random stuff on my MP3, and my cousin was looking through it a few weeks ago; she gave me this really weird look. XD

8/13/2013 #7 Report
M BuBuWinter

:DD XD I get so scared when I take my MP3 player anywhere (partly cause its a lil' broken xP) but it has all this music most people never even heard of XD Really the only genres I dont have are rap (Invincible by DeStorm is rap and I love that song for its lyrics and the message so I'm not completely against the genre XD) And screamo..O_o

8/13/2013 #8 Report
A Firestorm Nauralagos


8/13/2013 #9 Report
A Firestorm Nauralagos

Firestorm is currently listening to The Phantom of the Opera full movie soundtrack. (I have yet to find a Broadway cast where I like both the Christine and the Phantom; either I dislike one or the other, but I never like them both :( )

2/5/2014 #10 Report
M BuBuWinter

Nice :P I'm currently listenting to nothing though I do have a song stuck in my head. Perhaps you've heard of it? It's quite viral on Youtube I belive. *clears throat*

Dumb ways to die!

So many dumb ways to die!

Dumb ways to die-ie-ie...

So many dumb ways to die!

I don't know. We watched it in scriptwriting and it's been stuck in my head since xP It's called Dumb Ways to Die obviously. x3 Catchy tune with jellybean characters dying left and right :'D

2/5/2014 #11 Report
A Firestorm Nauralagos

@BuBu: Hahahahaha niiiiiiiiiice xD

2/5/2014 #12 Report
A Firestorm Nauralagos

The Phantom of the Opera- Think of Me

2/6/2014 #13 Report
M BuBuWinter

@Firestorm: Nice x)

A Bird Without Wings - Celtic Thunder (I think the singer is 13 in the version BEAUTIFUL SONG. BUBU RECOMMENDS)

2/7/2014 #14 Report
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