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Modern AU Characters
A Iamwritergirl

Okay, guys. These characters are the future generations of current characters and others in Albion.











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Doll of You

Name: Agatha "Aggie" Norman, nicknamed "Norm" by her friends

Age: Eighteen years old

Occupation: Firstyear university student; works parttime at the local library

Class: Comfortably middle class

Appearance: A slender face with a pointed chin, a high forehead, large ocean blue eyes flecked with gold, a small upturned nose, full lips that are a little out of proportion to her thin face, round flushed cheeks, pale blonde eyelashes, darker blonde wavy, bushy hair usually tied up in a messy ponytail, a willowy figure that is slightly underweight, wears thickrimmed black glasses and modest clothing

Personality: Intelligent, quiet, inquisitive, interested in research, emotional, sometimes feels lonely, sensitive, shy, perceptive, patient, nurturing

History: Aggie does not know much about her parents, other than that they both died in a tragic car accident when she was just a few months old. She was placed in the care of the local nunnery when she failed to find anyone willing to foster her. She was later adopted and raised by two elderly lesbian nuns, Moira and Gladys

Family: Mr and Mrs Norman (deceased), Moira and Gladys (adoptive parents)

Other: Aggie owns two cats: a ginger female, Meredith, and a grey and white male, Socks. She studies a double major at university, ancient history and anthropology. She has heart disease which requires her to take medication frequently. When she was younger, she discovered that she had Will powers, similar to Rogue from X–Men, but on a greater, more dangerous scale. Not only can she absorb power, she can also steal memories, personality traits, energy, spirit, psyche, and even life. She struggles to control her abilities, so always has a pair of silk gloves with her to ensure she does not accidentally hurt anyone

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A Iamwritergirl

Name: Nora Donnelly

Age: 28

Occupation: Medical specialist (Pathologist)

Class: Middle class

Appearance:Nora is quite pale, has vibrant red hair with black roots,that reaches her mid-back and is usually styled into a braid and piercing green eyes. She has a scar across her right eyebrow, and has plenty of freckles. She always has her glasses on her person, even if she doesn't need them. She's a tall woman but she has a rather bulky frame.

Personality: Nora is a woman you could easily forget. She blends in well and is unbelievably quiet. She's very shy and stutters a lot because of this. She also gets easily embarrassed

History: She was born to scholars who raised her with unbelievable amounts of protection from the outside world and anything that isn't morally sound. She started to study at the age of nineteen and started working at 25.

Family: Linda Donnelly and Allyn Ó Donnghaile (Both living.)

Other: Her second name is legally Ó Donnghaile but she uses Donnelly because it's easier.

6/13/2014 #3 Report
A Iamwritergirl

Name: Morgan Hawthorne

Age: 23

Occupation: Jewellery maker

Class: Middle

Appearance: 6 foot tall but very very skinny. Dark brown, messily cut and styled hair, light blue eyes. Very pixie-like, and has lots of freckles. She also has a permanent blush. Often described as 'cute'. She always wears blue and green.

Personality: Very friendly but still kind of quiet. Isn't too nervous and isn't afraid to stand up for someone.

History: Morgan was born in Driftwood and lived in a gypsy caravan with her mother. She spent her childhood playing in the wild, helping her mum tend her little farm patches and gathering small gem stones, rocks, metal pieces, wood and other materials for her mum's jewellery work. At 13, she went to Bowerstone to visit her great-aunt who ran a shipping business and stayed with her for small periods of time when her mother fell ill. She spent more and more time with her great-aunt when her mother's condition got worse. This is when she started to sell her own small jewellery and knit-work pieces by the docks. She moved to Bowerstone at 19 when her mother passed away due to heart conditions and set up a proper stall in Bowerstone market. Two years later, she moved into a small home with Victor. They stayed there for another few months before moving to Victor's family home next to her old home town. She had lived there ever since.

Family: She only ever knew her mother and one of her great aunts but she considers Victor and Acelia family too.

Other: Excellent swimmer and loves camping. Has an extensive knowledge of Albion's more mystical inhabitants and knows magic and alchemy. Lives in the basement of the house. Speaks Gaelic. Did have a physical relationship with Victor at one point.


Name: Victor König-Weatherby

Age: 28

Occupation: Forensic Toxicologist and writer.

Class: Middle

Appearance: Victor has short, neatly kept blonde hair. His eyes are a watery grey colour which is usually deemed strange. He is just a bit taller than six foot and had broad shoulders.

Personality: Quite detached from everyone else. You wouldn't be able to pick him out of a crowd. Naturally reserved, but can get irritated easily. Has a curious streak as long as the Nile.

History: Victor's life has been pretty tragic. He was adopted out at birth because his parents couldn't look after him. He went through tonnes of families until he was placed with a bachelor scholar called Berthold König at the age of eight. Berthold was an older gentlemen who had been teaching at the largest university in Albion at the time. From his example, Victor set out with high expectations and eventually, at 23 he left Medical school with a degree, a beautiful house, a wife and a baby on the way. His happiness was short lived though. His wife killed herself months after their child was born dea0d. He was evicted from his home and, to make things worse, his life long mentor and father figure passed as well. He started to study history promptly after, working multiple jobs to keep himself occupied. He met Morgan at 26 and she moved in with him promptly after their meeting. After his secondary degree, he received a letter informing him that his birth parents had left him their ancestral home. He proceeded to move there and lived there ever since.

Family: He has no biological family left, but considers Morgan and Acelia family.

Other: Has a degree in Medicine as well as his History degree, but prefers to keep quiet about it. Blind in one eye. Has a specialist knowledge of the old heroes.


Name: Acelia 'Ace' Majoria

Age: 25

Occupation: Fixes instruments

Class: Middle

Appearance: Ace is short, with black hair she can sit on, and stormy blue eyes. She has a scar along her jaw, but that is normally covered by the scarf/turtleneck/high collared jacket she's wearing and scars on the shells of her ears from when she cut her fins off. She has a set of 4 gills on her neck, (top ones are sown up.) and two on her stomach.

Personality: She is quite reserved and quiet, a follower not a leader. She very rarely talks to anyone, and if you touch her stomach, neck or jaw, she will never speak to you again. She can be a bit cheery if you are extremely close to her, but being close to her is about as likely as humans landing on the sun alive.

History: She was born to a human father and a Siren mother, and was kept in seclusion till she was 16. She was home schooled and brought up in an old fashioned style. At 17 she was ensnared by a fishing net ran through her mother's pod of Sirens and taken with the fishermen. She stayed with a local branch of Marine Biologists for two years until she went to Bowerstone. She met Victor and ended up moving in with him and Morgan. She has stayed there ever since.

Family: As aforementioned, she had a human father and a Siren Mother, that is all of the biological family she has ever been told about. She considered her mother's pod to be family too.

Other: She is a self taught Pianist. And she's pretty damn good at it. She has a soft spot for Beethoven, Saint-Saëns and Vivaldi, as the first songs she learnt (in order) were Spring (Vivaldi) Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven) Fossils (Saint- Saëns) then Aquarium (Also Saint-Saëns.) Her favorite by far is Aquarium, and it will always be. She speaks 4 languages as well as English, those are German, French, Italian and Spanish. Oh, and If you call her a 'wader' she will punch you. No matter when, where or who.

7/5/2014 . Edited 4/18/2015 #4 Report
Doll of You

Name: Aurelia Sterling

Age: Twenty six years old

Occupation: Forensic psychologist

Class: Middle

Appearance: Waist length, straggly, dirty blonde hair, grey eyes, faint eyebrows, pale skin, delicate features akin to an elf's, a slim figure. Wears loose flowing clothing.


Aurelia: Extremely quirky, a serene disposition, many eccentric beliefs and qualities, a complete nonconformist, lacks self consciousness, isn't afraid to show who she truly is, unusually perceptive, witty, bluntly honest, unflappable, rarely seems anxious or under stress, has difficulty making friends, nonjudgmental, accepting of others, enjoys artistic pursuits, very loyal, brave

Morgan: Intensely sadistic, brutal, violent tendencies, highly intelligent, a fierce and dangerous temper, narcissistic, imperiously arrogant, obsessed with death, ruthless, manipulative, cruel, incapable of affection

History: Aurelia was born in Millennia City, a place nestled on America's West Coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco, suffering from slight retardation that makes her behave in a childlike manner. Her older brother Declan acted as her carer. Her parents, two police officers themselves, were jailed for life with no visitation rights in a maximum security prison facility when they accidentally killed a criminal, sentenced by the corrupt Judge Victon, who received a pay off from the dead criminal's daughter. Aurelia was seven, Declan was fourteen. Her surname was changed from Tricamo to Sterling to protect her from the paparazzi due to her minor status. She, Declan, and their Grandma moved to England to get away. She later on became a forensic psychologist. Declan disappeared soon after. Recently she has been on the case of a serial killer. The trauma of losing her parents at such a young age caused her to develop split personality disorder. Most of the time her normal personality is Aurelia, yet sometimes she will switch to Morgan without warning.

Family: Mother and father (alive, in prison), Grandma (alive, lives with her), Declan (alive, whereabouts unknown, presumed deceased)

7/13/2014 #5 Report
A Iamwritergirl

Name: Tyson Carr

Age: 21

Occupation: Grave digger / Morgue assistant

Class: Middle /Low

Appearance: Dark shaggy hair that covers his face a bit, bland grey eyes. A plain face with nothing too distinguishable. He's pretty tall and has a bit of muscle but not bulky in any way. He tends to dress in old mucky clothes.

Personality: He's quiet and tends to stay on his own. He doesn't really do friends. He's pretty creepy too, and overly violent.

History: Tyson's had a hard time. His mother was a single parent who slept around and was a well known drunk. He was abused by her when she was drunk and when she wasn't, he was abused by the guys she was fucking. He was known by his class mates as antisocial and really weird. He was also spotted by neighbours killing and burning small animals in his back yard at the age of ten. No-one likes to talk about the two hamsters and the puppy that only made their way into his household. When he hit his teens, his dislike of people slowly started to focus into a dislike of women and people in relationships. He flunked a tonne of his classes, the only ones he managed to enjoy were biology and history. When he left high school, he moved into a tiny apartment in the sketchy part of the city, starting work as a grave digger. As it wasn't the best paying job, he picked up work at the local morgue and funeral home. He spent the rest of his time drinking, staying in solitude or having violent romps with hookers.

Family: His mom who he knows will end up dead in an alley one day

Other: N/A

7/13/2014 #6 Report

Name: Vince Blackmoor

Age: 27

Occupation: Security chief at a bank.

Class: High

Appearance: Tall, reddish brown hair, bright indigo eyes, comfortable yet fancy clothes that change daily.

Personality: Lazy, laid-back, a little classy, can be a bit of a smart ass at times.

History: He's the second born of a wealthy family that spent some time in the military when he got out of school. After a few (surprisingly uneventful) years in the military, he came home to live in luxury. He inherited a sizable fortune from one of his grandparents, and only works these days because it would be boring to sit at home all day.

Family: His parents are majority stockholders in several large company's and his father specifically is an active politician. His older brother Petrus is heir to their small empire and his youngest sister, Rhea, is being groomed for life as high society socialite. Vince has relatively good relations with his family, though there's a slight rivalry between himself and Petrus. The imperial heir versus the smart mouthed younger prince and all that.

7/16/2014 #7 Report

Name: Kody Vrbada

Age: 17

Occupation: goes to school, looking for a job

Class: middle, heading towards lower

Appearance: white hair, green eyes, very good-looking,

Personality: for the most part serious or business like.

History: his mother was very ill and died a few months ago. His father is heartbroken and has turned to alcohol to cope.

Family: his father

Other: he is bisexual. He feels awkward about it and doesn't tell anyone because he knows his father wouldn't allow it. If only his mother was here...

9/20/2014 #8 Report

Name:James Age:25 Occupation:bounty hunter Class:middle class Appearance:wears a bandanna to cover his mouth up to his eyes. Black hair, wears a trench coat and black boots Personality:quite distant from other people because he doesn't like people but will be friendly to those he recognises History: he was born in blood stone so he learned to fight for himself at a young age. Was later in prison for killing 5 people and one guard since 18 and just let out today Family:all dead Other:never lives in one place he in constantly moving from place to place

10/15/2014 #9 Report

Name: Jannet Chrona

Age: 1,693 (looks only 20)

Occupation: College student/resident party girl

Class: Middle Class (but loaded)

Appearance: Standing at just under 5'9, she has a thin frame that belittles the power that her limbs are capable of performing. Her flaming ginger hair flows elegantly down her back, framing her young, yet hardened face and displays prominently her (usually) dark green eyes. As a Hero, one which has been on many quests that involve out in the beating sun, she has gained a noticeably tanned complexion, one which only extenuates her natural beauty. Soft luminous blue Will lines swirl over her skin like snakes, usually remaining still around her body, but occasionally shifting over her body like tendrils which remain carefully hidden under her clothing.

Personality: Is a very laid back character, the only reason that she decided to become a college student was because she heard that there was parties and various narcotics sold in college and was glad that the rumours were indeed true. After living for as long as she has done, she's not really surprised or frightened by anything, mostly being quite 'meh' about things like that. Although always a little detached from the world as it is, she can be sweet and kind when she wants to be and can also be, 'Suck it up buttercup, we all got problems' as well.

History: To be seen/talked about in the story.

Family: Aeon Chrone (Father, dead), Momen Chrona (Mother, dead), Epoch Chrona (husband, dead)

Other: Time Control - Has become a master of time, her only focus on that making her able to sort-of bend time to her will. When I say sort of: She can slow time, for about 10 minutes or so. She can even reverse time, about thirteen seconds into the past. She has even been able to revert her body back to it's prime age. However, she cannot go into the future or the past beyond about a minute. However, she can create a small bubble of fast-forwarded time which is her primary weapon (essentially, stop someone in place for what would be hundreds of years for them, but only seconds for the rest of the world).

6/10/2017 . Edited 6/10/2017 #10 Report

Name: John Drahmin (Raiden god of Thunder)

Age: 20

Occupation: Mental Asylum Patient

Class: N/A

Appearance: Is completely bald, a small scar a few centimetres above his left eyebrow whereupon they had attempted to 'correct him'. He stand about 5'6 with a very slim build. His eyes are shining blue (only helping his assumption that he is his universals counterpart) with soft, blond thin eyebrows.


History: John never did know who his parents were, but he was adopted at a young age by the Drahmin family, a middle class hardworking sort. Being okay at both school and his social life, he lived and breathed video games, a favourite of his being Mortal Kombat. Getting up to Deception, he was perfectly normal until one day lightning just seemed to erupt from his hand and destroyed the TV. Amazed and slightly disbelieving he attempted the feat again outside, his lightning managing to burst a tree on fire. Not knowing about 'Heroes' or the like, he foolhardedly believed that he could have been this universe's version of Raiden. After all, he never knew who his real parents were and no one knew who he was before he was adopted by the Drahmin residence.

However, when he told his parents the news they simply looked at him with humour, until he yelled at them that he was, his mind forcing that image over his own. After all, Raiden was cool and had lightning powers, hence he must be Raiden. Asking for a demonstration, them not believing that he had actually destroyed the TV with electricity (a hammer) or lit the tree with his powers (petrol and a match), he was unable to show them. Unbeknown to him, he had depleted his Will energy in his testing (his Will being weak considering his 16 year old age).

Being sent to a therapist for checking up, he continued to claim that he could fire lightning from his fingers. However, due to fear that he may get violent they gave him a mild sedative, one which blocked his Will. Soon, never able to discount his story he was placed away in Sunny Heights for the Mentally Disturbed, were a combination of drugs, therapy and mild lobotomy have kept him docile and unable to show them his lightning powers.

Family: Jane Drahmin (Adoptive Mother, Alive), Joe Drahmin (Adoptive Father, Alive)


8/1/2017 #11 Report
Doll of You

Name: Doctor Ingrid Elizabeth Fairfax

Age: Twenty eight years old

Occupation: Psychologist at Sunny Heights for the Mentally Disturbed insane asylum

Class: Middle

Appearance: A diamond shaped face, elfin ears, an open forehead, eyebrows that are more straight than arched, wide maroon eyes that look red under certain lights, thick eyelashes, an aquiline nose, a beautifully plump mouth, a pointed chin, a head of long dark ringlets, flawless alabaster skin, a deep scar across one of her angular cheekbones that twists her otherwise perfect smile, tall for a woman, an athletic physique

Personality: Amoral, has no concept of morality, narcissistic, egotistical, a psychopathic disregard for life, debauched, sexually improper, lacks respect for everyone, sadomasochistic, hedonistic, pleasure seeking, self indulgent, once had a soft side, used to be fragile and breakable, has a limited amount of patience, a vain disposition, flamboyant, eccentric, smug, maniacal, playful, motivated by personal gain, entertainment and survival

History: Ingrid is a very distantly related relative of the Fairfax family, in particular Ingrid Fairfax, who she is named after. This proves to be a sore spot for her. While many see her as being named after a powerful matriarch, she could think of nothing but the fact that her namesake was deemed insane and trapped in an attic like an animal until she died. That is why she prefers to be called Elizabeth, or Ellie for short.

Ever since she was a young girl, Ellie wanted to be a psychologist. She wanted to understand the madness that had gripped members of her family throughout the generations, conveniently ignoring that she was possibly the maddest of them all. During her youth, her parents knew something was wrong. She didn't act how normal children should. She was superficially charming, a pathological liar, had a tendency for manipulation, and showed a frightening lack of empathy and remorse. They once found her in the back garden torturing the family dog with a knife – it scratched her face in self defense and left a large scar. When they scolded her, she just laughed.

At the age of sixteen, Ellie's parents were discovered dead in their home, apparently killed by a home invasion gone wrong. The only survivor was Ellie herself. The police located her in her bedroom, asleep, covered in lashings of blood. She told the authorities that her family had been targeted because of their extensive philanthropic work and the perpetrators had escaped; they had spared her when she hid underneath her bed and avoided detection. There were multiple inconsistencies in her tale and fingers started to point at her, yet there was not enough evidence to prosecute her, meaning they let her go free.

Ellie completed two years of college and went to university at eighteen. Her extremely high intellect allowed her to enter medical school at twenty two. She graduated at twenty six and began a year long clinical residency working with patients. Her methods were deemed brilliant though wildly unorthodox. Then, after another year, she earned her practicing license. Sunny Heights immediately snapped her up and she grew to be their lead psychologist within months.

Family: Mr and Mrs Fairfax (both deceased)

Other: She has knowledge of and can use each of the three Heroic disciplines to a limited extent

8/1/2017 #12 Report

Name: Isabella Pilgrim

Age: 25

Occupation: Owner of multiple businesses: several restaurants, a small hotel, a garage, etc.

Class: High.

Appearance: Slightly short, and slightly busty. With silky black hair in a bob cut. And, surprisingly, naturally violet eyes (genetic quirk). Preference for low cut blouses and thigh-length skirts.

Personality: Ambitious, Highly Intelligent, Classy, Independent, Lawful, Professional, Cool, Occasionally Seductive, and Calm.

History: The Pilgrim family has a history of being well off and respected citizens, but never quite reaching the heights of true wealth. Isabella intends to change that, and has been working tirelessly since she was a teenager to do so. She majored in business at university, and has since been doing everything short of crime to expand her family's business interests. For the most part, she has been very successful. She is still a few years away from achieving the status of a 'New Money' family, but is also looking to have children soon. She hasn't decided yet whether to marry or to simply find a donor.

Family: Father- William Pilgrim and Mother- Cassandra Pilgrim. On relatively good terms with both. They don't necessarily approve of some of her personal decisions, but are very proud of her nonetheless.

Other: Isabella is actually a Will hero, particularly skilled in charming and mesmerizing others, as well as a natural empath.

8/1/2017 . Edited 8/1/2017 #13 Report
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