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A Velthrick

This is where we communicate and goof off :) I may be serious but only about things that need to be serious

Rules Still Apply See' Chatroom' for details

7/27/2013 #1 Report
Zero The Grimm

Hello? You there?

8/14/2013 #2 Report
A Velthrick

Yeah I'm here. Interested?

8/14/2013 #3 Report
Zero The Grimm

Yes I would. Still there?

8/19/2013 #4 Report
A Velthrick

Yep. I am. Feel free to submit a oc

8/20/2013 #5 Report
Zero The Grimm

Should I say 'accept rules' just under the rule section?

8/20/2013 #6 Report
A Velthrick

Yes. You need to read and accept the rules before submitting an oc. If you haven't noticed it isn't exactly alive here so I have to go back and reread my own rules.

8/20/2013 #7 Report
Zero The Grimm


11/7/2013 #8 Report
Lady Loki of Asgard

this still up?

1/26/2015 #9 Report

Hello any one here...I come in peace.

9/26/2015 #10 Report

hello all

10/15/2015 #11 Report
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