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A Velthrick

This is where all the OC's are created and normally accepted. Howver , I have some rules here too.


Title: Not required




Personality: ( How do they act in most situations. Who are they on the inside? What makes them tick? What are they scared of , serious about , etc. )

Appearance: ( How do they look. Please be some what descriptive. Pictures are fine but still give a small description. Include armor and weapons as well. )

Class: ( What are they? Warrior , Death Knight , Paladin , Shaman , Hunter , Monk , Rogue , Druid , Priest , Mage , or Warlock? )

History: ( Tell me about them. Don't give me every single detail but enough for me to learn the character. )

Specialization: ( Talent tree )

Powers, Abilities, Equipment: ( How do they fight? With what? How well? )

Strengths: ( What are they good at? )

Weaknesses: ( What are they lacking in , terrified of, or failing in? )

Extra: ( Little bonus stuff to had flavor and fun to it :) )

7/27/2013 . Edited 7/27/2013 #1 Report
A Velthrick

Name: Velthrick Samuel Minex

Title: N/A

Race: Worgen

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Personality: Velthrick is can be described in one way: grouchy , mean , sarcastic grizzly... unless your female. While being raised in Gilneas , Vel was taught to always respect women by his mother who enforced it with her rolling pin. If you a woman or child, he is a big teddy bear. He is kind , sweet , lovable, and has a heart of gold. Until you give him a reason not to. He is cold and calculating while fighting and has a dark sense of humor. He is very loyal and trustworthy to those who gain his favor.

Appearance: Velthrick is a large muscular worgen at around 6'5. He is built like a tank and is rather attractive. His has icy blue eyes, jet black fur, and a normally cold face. He wears full black and a cloak which hides his arsenal of knives , daggers, throwing weapons, and even a sword or two. He carries poisons and other tricks of the trade in various pockets on the belt around his waist. he speaks in a very deep voice capable of either warming your heart or sending shivers down your spine. He has a golden ring hanging on a necklace that had once belonged to his daughter.

Class: Rogue

History: Velthrick was a simple Gilnean man who worked for its military as a spy during the invasion of the forsaken and the outbreak of the worgen curse. He had a wife and daughter but both were slain during the initial worgen attack. He was infected during the attack but managed to survive and managed to regain his humanity through the help of the night elves. He , with nothing to lose now, aided in the fight against Sylvanas and managed to assist his people in fleeing their now ruined home. He is now a high ranking officer among the SI:7 and works as a assassin for the Alliance.

Specialization: Combat

Powers, Abilities, Equipment: Velthrick is incrediably strong and is rather agile. He strike with quick yet powerful blows and moves swiftly to find chinks in armor to shove a blade through. He is skilled in the arts of stealth but not as well as the average rogue. He prefers going toe to toe with his opponents. He is also an alchemist and uses potions and poisons to his favor as well.

Strengths: Agility , Strength, Knowledge of the body , killing , and herbology.

Weaknesses: He isn't skilled in stealth , has a short fuse with a bad temper , and doesn't like being ordered.

Extra: He carries a teddy bear in one of his pockets. It belonged to his little girl names Mr. No-Speak.

7/27/2013 #2 Report

Name: Charles (that's it)

Title: N/A

Race: Worgen

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Personality: he may be young however he can be very mature for his age but normally he's very kind can be a bit cocky at times. In a fight he becomes really quiet not saying much the entire fight, his personality can change on different situations though

Appearance: he has grey fur and yellow eyes he wears a white cloak that hides several weapons mostly throwing knives and daggers as well as a sword sheathed to his back he is also rather ok really thin for a male Worgen and uses this to his advantage while others call it a disadvantage

Class: Rouge

History: he doesn't have much of a history to be said he lived with his family his father and his mother one day he left to go on an adventure after some training and got bitten by another Worgen some of his mother's traits that got passed down to him prevented him from losing his humanity when he did get bitten by a Worgen

Specialization: subtly

Powers, Abilities, Equipment: he is surprisingly agile even for a rouge especially at his age he uses poisoned daggers and throws them with ok accuracy to take out enemies far away invisibility and his daggers for close up sneak attacks.He isn't nearly as strong as most Worgen so his attacks aren't as powerful but in exchange his attacks are faster anyways when he has to go head to head he uses his sword he also uses when going hand to hand he'll use short and quick jabs with his fingers which do little but rapid damage uses little alchemy to help at times although he isn't very good at it and it sometimes blows up in his face

Strengths: agility, being sneaky, delivering quick attacks, parkour, flexibility

Weaknesses: Lacks general power, his defenses aren't exactly high, he can also be a bit cocky in battle or even before a fight begins, his memory isn't exactly the best

Extra: ( Little bonus stuff to had flavor and fun to it :) )

9/4/2013 . Edited 9/7/2013 #3 Report
A Velthrick

Rogues can not wield the forces of lightning in combat. I am sorry but if he showed traits of being a shaman (which i believe is the only class that can wield such power) then he would of been made into a shaman which isn't a worgen class. Fix this and I will consider approving.

ALso I am currently busy with a few things this week and next week so it may be some time until I can get back to you for possible acception

9/7/2013 #4 Report
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