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A PokemonJoe1

1) No Flaming.

2) No being rude to anyone. 3 times and you are banned for a while, 6 and you are banned forever.

3) You can have 3 characters. Unless, you get permission from me to make more.

4) Please try to spell correctly.

5) Before you pair someone up with another character, make sure it is ok with the other persons character and me.

6) Have FUN!

12/1/2013 #1 Report
True Lonely Royalty

I agree!

3/22/2014 #2 Report
Celestial Guard


4/11/2014 #3 Report
A PokemonJoe1

Welcome to the rp go ahead and make your characters the Cure are themed after jewels.

4/11/2014 #4 Report
Spirit Dragoness

I agree aswell. Does anyone still come on here? (And Gold is a jewel right?)

5/17/2014 #5 Report
digi next gen

i agree

11/30/2020 #6 Report
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