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M megagirlZX

"Yeah and it's for an illusion that Kid and I have been working on for weeks," Terri adds on as she catches the card and throws it back to Phantom.


"Now then on to the next thing on the list," Tai said as she pulls out the briefcase that she had on her earlier and opens it to reveal various devices and a first aid kit.

9/2/2014 . Edited 9/3/2014 #781 Report
A PokemonJoe1

"Now that is going to be cool to see and wait if you have been practicing for a few weeks that explains the extra police presence lately in town more so then usual".

Aria and Vayla exclaim at the same time.

9/2/2014 #782 Report
M megagirlZX

"Yeah and the increased presence is from following a lead that I presented for a recently reopened case but I wasn't able to pursue it personally due to school and other activities including magic practice sessions with Kid at my place," Terri adds on as she continues to catch and throw the card to Phantom.

9/2/2014 #783 Report
A PokemonJoe1

"So which of your old cases did you reopen though there are not a lot of them though".

Aria says as she follows the throw of the card between the two.

9/2/2014 #784 Report
M megagirlZX

"Yeah that's true and the case that I reopened was an old massive serial murder - robbery case from about 2 years ago when the culprit left a sword and star symbol with spray paint at every scene of the crime and I found something relating to that mark recently to a new corporation that opened up just a couple of months after the case gone cold and uses the exact same mark according to what I have found so far," Terri explains as she adds a second card to the first and continues to catch and throw both cards to Phantom.

9/2/2014 . Edited 9/3/2014 #785 Report
A PokemonJoe1

"A corperation with that same mark a serial murder/robbery case from 2 years ago that was a pretty big case back then but the robberies/murders stopped for awhile".

Aria recalls the info from all her knowledge of of Terri's past cases.

9/2/2014 #786 Report
M megagirlZX

"That's true but the lead came from rechecking the evidence from before from the new ones that were found recently and several other incriminating details that matched perfectly from the corporation and crime scenes including the founder who one of the original prime suspects from before which I find way too coincidental," Terri explains further as she continues to catch and throw the cards to Phantom.

9/2/2014 . Edited 9/3/2014 #787 Report
A PokemonJoe1

"So the company was formed after the murders or before and the founder was one of the suspects suspicious and more suspicious".

Aria says with a contemplating look.

9/2/2014 #788 Report
M megagirlZX

"Yeah and in a couple days, I'll be checking in on the progress with the new lead with the officers assigned to the case," Terri replies as she starts to make the cards change suit as she catches and throws back the cards to Phantom.

9/2/2014 #789 Report
A PokemonJoe1

"I hope that you catch the culprits that case was big and very terrifying in how it happened so why did the case drop did the evidence fall through or was it because the robberies/murders stopped?".

Aria asks as she follows the suit changing cards tossed back and forth by Terri and Phantom.

9/2/2014 #790 Report
Spirit Dragoness

"Are you nervous about something Mari-san?" Ciel asks as she leads them to where the others are.

Mari sighed and nodded.

"It's the Precure meeting at the end of the month, I'm really nervous about meeting so many!"

9/3/2014 #791 Report
A PokemonJoe1

Vayla speaks up as she remembers her first time meeting all the Cures.

"My first time meeting the other Precure it was during the Bottom incident where he resurrected a bunch of old villains the other Cures had fought against when there town was endangered by the groups in question I was very very nervous all the Cure teams for the most part don't realise they are not the only Cure Team out there and are never truly alone".


Aria seems excited as her feet leave the ground with her emotions.

9/3/2014 #792 Report
Spirit Dragoness

Mari nodded.

"I mean I only just become one and I feel like a total rookie. I mean I've only beat one monster!"

9/3/2014 #793 Report
A PokemonJoe1

"Don't worry about it every cure has had this kind of experience but got better with time no one is truly perfect".

Vayla says as she recalls her first actual fight as a Cure with the Fresh Precure team as she groans at the embarrassing results of the fight.

9/3/2014 #794 Report
Spirit Dragoness

Mari tilted her head at the groan.


9/3/2014 #795 Report
M megagirlZX

"Yeah I agree with her, everyone has their rookie moments and it's fine since you can treat each one as a learning experience for becoming better," Ciel reassures her as she waves her tail happily.


"The case dropped after the police couldn't find the evidence to connect the suspect to the crime fully," Terri explains as she continues to catch and throw the suit changing cards.

9/3/2014 . Edited 9/3/2014 #796 Report
Spirit Dragoness

Mari finally seemed to cheer up.

"Hey! You're right!"

((So how are we doing the meeting?))

9/3/2014 #797 Report
M megagirlZX

(I'm not too sure about that yet but PokemonJoe1 and I have the consensus that the new Precure All Stars movie will be the base for this and it'll probably take place about a couple days after the festival.)


"Yeah and it looks like Kid is here again," Ciel notes as they join the others and she sees and was aware of Terri and Kid appearance switch.

9/3/2014 . Edited 9/3/2014 #798 Report
Spirit Dragoness

"Hey guys!" Mari called loudly.

9/3/2014 #799 Report
M megagirlZX

"Hi Mari!" Phantom replies joyfully as she throws the cards to Terri and they change suit everytime. Also she is also aware that Mari doesn't know that Terri and Kid have switched in appearance as Kid follows the cards with his eyes.

9/3/2014 #800 Report
Spirit Dragoness

Mari blinked in confusion.

"'re acting strangely today..."

9/3/2014 #801 Report
M megagirlZX

"Ah sorry for that, I am just still happy for the fact Terri have letted me try one of the acts with Kid for the first time in while. Also can you tell what's different about Kid and Terri?" Phantom asks as she catches herself with the sudden attitude change and continues to throw and catch the cards.

9/3/2014 #802 Report
Spirit Dragoness

" both are acting really weird." Mari dead-panned.

9/3/2014 #803 Report
M megagirlZX

"Yeah but that's not only thing different Mari," Phantom replies as Kid who looks like Terri at the moment just shook his head and Ciel and Enfer just observe how long it will take for Mari to figure it out.

9/3/2014 #804 Report
Spirit Dragoness

Maris eyes widened.


9/3/2014 #805 Report
M megagirlZX

"We are not in each other's body but it is actually a very detailed disguise we're using," Kid explains calmly using Terri's voice as Terri looks at Kid and face palm as she manages to continue with the card throws with Phantom who looks at Ciel and Enfer as if they knew that was going to happen.

9/3/2014 #806 Report
A PokemonJoe1

(Yeah the meeting well be based off the new movie).

"When I fought my first bad guy monster I was a big nervous wreck the rest of the team ended up saving me and made me realise to find my inner strength to go on".


Aria giggles when she see's that Mari figured it out well mostly.

9/3/2014 #807 Report
Spirit Dragoness

Mari dis a spectacular anime flop onto the floor.

9/3/2014 #808 Report
M megagirlZX

"Are you alright Mari?" Terri and Kid asks at the same time as the two approach Mari with their disguises still on and Phantom catches the cards before putting them away.

9/3/2014 #809 Report
A PokemonJoe1

Aria looks concerned not sure what caused the flop.

"Are you alright Mari?".


Vayla moves closer as well.

9/3/2014 #810 Report
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