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A PokemonJoe1

Ari coo's happily as she detects that Kana and Hana are arriving as they phase out of the shadows on the roof with Maria in tow.

"Sorry about the long wait Phantom we figured that Maria-chan would want to know the state of affairs right now in the Rifters Dimension and the reason why we left and won't return".


Aria's eyes light up with excitement with all the stuff that is happening at the festival including the food booths.


Vayla walks over to Ciel and Aria and gives some money for Aria to use while at the festival.

"Have fun and always stay with Ciel and the rest of the group if we get separated".

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M megagirlZX

"That's okay, I didn't wait that long. So what's the situation about the Rifters' dimension" Phantom ask as she turns to see the trio. ***************************** "Do you want to head down now, Mari-san?" Enfer asks as she carries Mari on her back. ***************************** "Where do you want to start, Aria?" Ciel asks as she sniffs the air briefly.

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A PokemonJoe1

"Things have gotten bad Jackal has now officially gained enough power that when he makes his move he well take command he has found the Draza Stone you know the one".

Kana explains since she is the more intelligent of the two and keeps up to date on the situation.


"Oh no if he has the Draza Stone he could drain every Rifter including the leaders and then come to Earth with that power".

Maria recalls the Draza Stone knowing it amplifies the powers of anyone it could theoretically boost a Precure's powers.


"I think that we should start with a food booth I am kind of hungry how about you?".

Aria asks Ciel.

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M megagirlZX

"Okay and Maria, from what we heard from Lekai earlier, apparently, if anyone like Jackal tries to drain my dark energy, it can inflict massive damage as well as many other effects that could harm the taker as a security effect," Phantom notes as she notices that Lekai was still there and she's writing something down in the notebook.


"I'm thinking the same thing, as well as the fact that Kid still looks like Terri when in class and Terri still looks like herself when she's working," Ciel notes as she carries Aria over to a food stand and the others follow.

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M megagirlZX

Jacques whispers something to Tai's ear and she nods back in response while smirking slightly.

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A PokemonJoe1

"That is a relief but if we get the Draza stone the power of the Precure though one of them could only use it at any given time would be doubled though we don't know for sure".

Maria replies as she recalls all the facts about the stone including that it was meant to strengthen Precure powers through the use of a second artifact.


"Maria isn't it true that your parents or grandparents created the stone and the Light Rods".

Kana asks knowing about all the information since she had managed to read all of it.


Aria nods as she smells all the different foods as she asks.

"Do you have any suggestions on what to try?".

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M megagirlZX

"Yeah and what are the Light Rods for exactly, Kana-san?" Phantom asks as Lekai walks over and lean against the fence near them after finishing up what she needs to write down on the notebook.


"We could go for the takoyaki or the BBQ squid first. Also where's Mari and Enfer?" Ciel asks as she realized that they weren't there with them.


"Mari-san, is there a particular section of the festival that you want to check out first?" Enfer asks as she carries Mari down to the ground level.

9/23/2014 #1,027 Report
A PokemonJoe1

"The light rods where something that my grandparents designed they saw through a vision that my mom and dad would cause a split and that the Rifters would be formed the Light Rods are a powerful tool meant for the Precure to use to fight off Nero and Shiro the now leaders of the group though that could change with the sudden change in the balance of power".

Maria explains as Kana lets her explain.


"That sounds good and I don't know I thought they where still with us".

Aria says as she notices that Mari and Enfer are not with them anymore.

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M megagirlZX

"I see and do you know where the Light Rods could be found?" Phantom asks as she pulls out a small dagger.


"Yeah and knowing Enfer, she could always find her way back just from sensing one of our presences to track where we are," Ciel briefly explains as she felt Enfer's presence nearby.

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A PokemonJoe1

"I kept 3 of them and for the moment they are hidden at Mari's house under some heavy spell protection the other 3 I sense faintly but not so faint to indicate they are not on earth they are here in Japan not in the Rifter dimension anymore".

Maria says as she summons one of the light rods it is inlaid with magical runes and ontop is a ruby in the top of the rod.


Aria nods as she looks at the two recommended food booths her mouth watering from the smell of the delicious food.

9/23/2014 #1,030 Report
M megagirlZX

"Okay and is there anything else that we need to find besides the Draza stone and the other rods?" Phantom asks as she looks down to see that Kid still looks like Terri in the school uniform while the festival takes place.


"Do you want to get something while we wait for Enfer and Mari?" Ciel asks as Terri was greeted by the other officers on scene.

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A PokemonJoe1

"There is the Miracle Jewel chest though that is pretty secure for now".

Maria recalls as she knows where the chest is.


"Yes please that sounds good to me".

Aria says eagerly though she notices that Terri is greeted by the police that are on the scene.

9/24/2014 #1,032 Report
M megagirlZX

"Okay and Kana-san, would you and Hana-san like to follow us after the festival to our place so we can further discuss about this matter more securely?" Phantom offers as she did a mental facepalm when she sees that the police doesn't realize the oddity of Terri being at "two places at once" with Kid. ********************* "Okay and which one do you want to start with?" Ciel asks as she notices the principal, Jacques, and Tai together by the glass box while Terri was greeted by the inspector and she hands him the briefcase with the reports in it.

9/24/2014 #1,033 Report
A PokemonJoe1

"That sounds good to us and can't the police realise that they are being duped by the second Terri who is obviously a talented magician/thief even to us its obvious".

Kana replies as Hana rolls her eyes at how dense the cops seem to be.


"Hum I always wanted to try the Takoyaki I keep hearing how good it is".

Aria says excitedly.

9/24/2014 #1,034 Report
M megagirlZX

"Yeah and normally they use the pinch test to see who's Kid but I don't think that will work in this case," Phantom notes as she counts how many officers who are being duped at the moment and she mentally facepalm as the number increases. ************ "Okay and that smells good," Ciel notes as she walks over to the Takoyaki stand with Aria on her back.

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M megagirlZX

Lekai looks over the festival as she puts away her notebook.

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A PokemonJoe1

"The illusion is pretty good that even a physical test would not work because its an inversion Illusion combined with normal illusions".

Kana recognises the technique as she is one of the more talented illusion specialists from the Rifters.


"Sis you always where the illusion expert I didn't see that it was inverted illusion till you pointed it out though truthfully I am more direct magic use over illusions".


"Yeah this well be my first time having Takoyaki though I have heard its very good".

Aria says as they arrive at the stand.

9/24/2014 #1,037 Report
M megagirlZX

"Yeah and he and Terri have been at it for a long time so it was actually very easy for both of them to look like each other if they wanted to," Phantom briefly explains as she pulls out a rune covered card.


"Yeah and it really looks like the police respects Terri very much from what's happening over there," Ciel notes as she glances over at Terri who was being briefed by the inspector on how many leads they have followed up so far on the recently reopened cold case.

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A PokemonJoe1

Vayla had wandered off to do some things by herself feeling safe that Aria is safe with Ciel and the others as she wanders the stalls a short distance away.


"That is an impressive feat to pull off I don't know many people that could pull that off without a few mistakes".

Kana admits as she is impressed by Terri and Kids ability to fool people.


Aria orders a double order of Takoyaki when the order is done and she pays the person she carefully holds the hot food.

9/24/2014 #1,039 Report
M megagirlZX

"Yeah and it took both of them years to perfect the techniques used to create the illusions and disguises," Phantom explains as she brings out a small ceremonial knife made out of stone.


"Where do you want to eat it?" Ciel asks as she carefully walks back to where they were with Aria on her back.

9/24/2014 #1,040 Report
A PokemonJoe1

"Somewhere with a good view of the stage its pretty rare for me to see a live performance from Terri and Kid with all my obligations back home before the invasion".

Aria says as she looks for a good spot.


"I can create some impressive illusions though one's like Kids and Terri's are on a whole other level but I am glad I got to see it".

Kana thinks on one of her best Illusions known for her and her sisters tag team battling when fights broke out between Rifter factions the illusion is simply known as Black Reaper that combines with Hana's Dark Soul's power.

9/24/2014 #1,041 Report
M megagirlZX

"Oh I see and do you see a particular spot that you like to go too?" Ciel asks as she looks around the area for a spot as well. **************************** "Okay and actually they fooled the police so bad that Terri was the one who they taken down and handcuffed instead of Kid and ten officers piled up on top of her after that," Phantom explains as she pulls out the newspaper picture of the incident with Terri underneath 10 officers.

9/24/2014 #1,042 Report
A PokemonJoe1

"Hum the stage is pretty much in the center of the courtyard so hum its hard to say".

Aria furrows her eyebrows.


"The officers had to have been really embarrassed after they found out it was Terri and not Kid".

Kana and Hana reply yet again in unison.

9/24/2014 #1,043 Report
M megagirlZX

"That's true though they would also be on roofs of the buildings as well," Ciel notes as she looks around the area.


"It was very embarrassing for them though they were let off easy since they were new to Kid's heist and they thought she was Kid since they simply just swapped the Fedora and the top hat in the middle of the chase," Phantom explains as she pokes a hole into the card with the knife.

9/25/2014 . Edited 9/25/2014 #1,044 Report
A PokemonJoe1

"There are four roofs though one does not give a good view of everything below so why not watch from there".

Aria jumps when she sees Vayla standing behind them.


Kana nods as she observes the goings on below them.

"So back then was more a normal trick then magic to fool them but they seem a bit smarter now though not really if they are fooled right now".

9/25/2014 #1,045 Report
M megagirlZX

"Yeah we could and it looks like Terri's mom will be filming this," Ciel notes as she notices the slow motion capture camera in Tai's hands.


"Yeah and it always seems that Terri and Kid are always one step ahead of them too," Phantom notes as she notices Ciel down below in the crowd.

9/25/2014 #1,046 Report
M megagirlZX

Lekai pulls out a small clear gem and hold it up to the sunlight.

9/26/2014 #1,047 Report
A PokemonJoe1

"So which roof then since only one does not have a direct view of the stage".

Aria asks as she soon points to the one closer to the entrance seeing that it has quite the view.


"They would have to be the police are no laughing matter when they are intent on catching the bad guys".

9/26/2014 #1,048 Report
M megagirlZX

"It's your choice though we could check out and see what kind of view we're expecting to get if we were to stay at each one," Ciel suggests as she notices the set up on a couple of the walls of the school.


"Yeah though Kid seems to always have been able to make a comeback if they were to corner him," Phantom notes as she creates another hole in the card with the knife.

9/26/2014 #1,049 Report
M megagirlZX

"Mari-san, can you see the others?" Enfer asks as she feels their presences but doesn't see them.

9/27/2014 #1,050 Report
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