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M megagirlZX

"Yeah and also we both found out how to create daggers out of the Reishi as well," Mizuki mentions as they arrive at the second building.


'Yeah and one of our parents is a Quincy while the other is a Shinigami,' Ashe explains as she puts away her Lieutenant badge.

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A PokemonJoe1

"Reishi is very versatile its how I strengthen my wire when I use it the wire can be enhanced for defense and withstand significant damage".

Mion demonstrates as she pulls some regular string she keeps with her at all time and adds some reishi to it and it takes on a hardened sheen from before though it could cut as well as defend.


'I know from what my parents told me that its rare for a Shinigami and a Quincy to get together but when they do there children are stronger then if two of either group where to have children'.

Yuki says as they enter the building.

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M megagirlZX

"Ah that's cool and we will be able to try a couple of other uses for Reishi at our place since there are other uses for it besides offensive and defensive uses," Mizuki mentions as she notices that Seirei Shugo was holding an intricate charm in her hand.


'I see and it didn't look like either party mind it especially if it helps them to cooperate more with each other,' Ashe notes as she looks around for their next class.

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A PokemonJoe1

"I kind of figured there are other uses for Reishi but in my families line of business we use it for protection mostly".

Mion replies as she draws the particles back into herself as she rewinds the string back up.


'Good cooperation helps in any situation the Soul Society might need all the help it can with the coming threat'.

Yuki points out the science room as its a couple of doors down this hall.

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M megagirlZX

"I see and at least we would have something to defend oursleves with," Mizuki notes as her cross charm on her bracelet begins to glow noticeably and levitate sightly upward.


'I agree and it looks like I won't be able to sleep much tonight with the packed schedule I have with the Gotei 13 and my Bankai test,' Ashe notes with a slight sigh as they enter the science room.

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A PokemonJoe1

'Achieving Shikai is no easy task either but Bankai tests can be very challenging even more so if you have two Zanpakuto'.

Yuki replies as she herself has had Shikai for 5 years and both Kotetsu no Kaguya has not shown interest in testing for Bankai.


Mion nods as she knows some decent defensive powers from channeling Shikigami spirits.

"In most cases defense is the better choice then to attack or hurt someone with your power with some its harder to protect then to destroy".

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M megagirlZX

'Yeah and hopefully I can achieve it within the next couple days,' Ashe replies as she sets down her things at her desk. *************************** "That's true and sometimes it even difficult to do either in some cases," Mizuki mentions as she notices that her cross charm was still glowing a bit and levitating.

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A PokemonJoe1

"Does your cross charm always do that?"

Mion asks as she notices the levitating of said object.


'I wish you luck in mastering Bankai I have Shikai which for the most part is almost all that I need'.

Yuki sends back.

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M megagirlZX

"Sometimes though it usually means that Seirei Shugo's twin wants to come out for a bit," Mizuki explains as summons Cure Quincy from her charm. ************************* 'Thanks and it looks like Seirei Shugo's twin is here,' Ashe notes as she notices Cure Quincy.

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A PokemonJoe1

'A twin now that is very interesting'.

Yuki says.


"So your charm there has a spirit contained within it?".

Mion asks now curious.

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M megagirlZX

'Yeah and for some reason, they look like an older version of us,' Ashe notes as she glances at the time.


"Yeah and you could say that Ashe's cross charm and sword as well as my cross charm are part of one complete set," Mizuki explains as Quincy made eye contact with Seirei Shugo.

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M megagirlZX

Seirei Shugo simply pulls out a card and passes it to Quincy.

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A PokemonJoe1

'Hum that is very interesting that they look like older versions of yourselves'.

Yuki sits in her usual seat as the few student that have arrived notice that Yuki and Mion came with the new students.


"That is cool that your charms are part of one complete set".

Mion sits in the middle row as she see's 2 seats open one behind her the other over near Yuki.

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M megagirlZX

'Yeah and fortunately, they don't usually cause any sort of problem though a charm activates to render them invisible from most people like a normal spirit since they are visible by others and can't return to the Mindscape until 24 hours have at least passed,' Ashe explains as she takes out her notebook for science after Mizuki also takes a seat by her.


"Yeah and they are actually a lot older than it looks especially for the fact that they are just over half of a century old," Mizuki replies as she also takes out her notebook.

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