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Christmas Cheer a Christmas time rp.
A PokemonJoe1


Tempest says though the competitors pass appears in her hands as she recognises Stars magical aura.


Star goes off too find a spot too watch the competition from since she knows Tempest has talent while on a Snowboard.


Aurora feels Nova move from where she is laying too nestling up under one of her wings after she realises that Aurora is closeby seeming too connect more too Aurora then Noel.

2/27/2015 #1,531 Report
M megagirlZX

Terri arrives to see that Kaito, Chikage and Tai already arrived to the area while she notices that her name was on the list of when she's going on the slope.


Ciel glances at Aurora and Nova on her tail while she looks back at Enfer with Shadow.


Phantom and Lekai returns inside to check on the group in the cabin.


Both Light and Dark Guardians watch around them as they privately uses telepathy to discuss the urgent matter at hand.


Heaven, who looks similar to Terri except she has dark grey hair instead, was near Terri and the others at the competitor's area with a similar cloak to hide her Thestral features and her two sets of armor with her chained extendable spear hidden in a gold and silver charm while she has her skis on.

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M megagirlZX

Heaven goes over to the list to check when she's supposed to be on the hill.

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M megagirlZX

The Light Guardian glances over to ensure that no one suspicious was nearby.

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M megagirlZX

(Time skip) Terri went to the starting gate once her name was called.

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M megagirlZX

Kid readily waits for his cue to appear nearby as he looks over to where Terri was while she moves to the edge of the hill by the gate.

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M megagirlZX

Both Guardians and Phantom joins Star at the sidelines while Heaven eyes on Star.

7/26/2015 #1,537 Report
A PokemonJoe1

Star cannot explain it but she feels a connection to Heaven though she also feels eyes on her.


Tempest looks at the competiters list as something on the list for later on that night.

"It can't be if it is why did her daughter come here?".

7/26/2015 #1,538 Report
M megagirlZX

Terri begins her run but turns to see a cloud of smoke that reveals Kid and he does his usual introduction with the crowd.

Peace flies over to Heaven and Heaven gives her a message to give to Star to meet her with the others back at the cabin after the competition.

Peace then flies off to Star with the message as she coos happily.

Phantom notices Heaven though she didn't perceive her as a threat since Peace was veŕy friendly with her.

Heaven turned her attention to Terri as her pendant glowed softly under her cloak.

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M megagirlZX

(Do you want to do a time skip to when Heaven meets the others after the chaos with Kid and Terri?)

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