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A LightWitch12

***Welcome One and all to Introduce Yourself!!***

WOO! :D Welcome! Welcome! In here you will be telling us your dirty secrets. *evil chuckle* No I'm kidding....Maybe. ;) In this thread you tell us a little bit more about you so we can all get to know this new person who has joined our happy little group!

Side note: PM LightWitch12, Gunnerwingman or Nyx Nuit about joining this Role-play. We will then hold an audition for whichever character you would like.

1/2/2014 . Edited by Nyx Nuit, 11/24/2014 #1 Report

ELLO LOVES! I am your ever gracious Queen Lilly, or Anne if you want. Im like super weird and random and you can call me those things I take them as complements :) uhhhhh yeah. I'm a 15 year old sophomore in high school, currently with no job but im hoping to start volunteering at one of my local animal shelters just to...yeah *shrug* hopefully that won't take up too much of my time but eh *shrug* Well that's me! :D I LOVE EVERYONE DON'T BE AAFRAIDTO TALK TO ME AND BE ALL RAAAH! Yeah im done now xD

1/7/2014 #2 Report
M GunnerWingman

My name is Connor, but I also go by Cookie. I've joined this role play for the hell of it and the have some creative fun with a few friends I've made on this website. So far I'm enjoying myself, and the lovely people on here. I listen to a variety of music, all depending on what I'm in the mood for. Uhm, I'm bisexual but I lean more towards the ladies unless some guy has caught my attention. *shrug* Love animals, I go crazy when I see a dog and I need to pet them. Pathetic, I know, but it's how I am.

1/7/2014 . Edited 2/11/2015 #3 Report
Aunt Bran

Hi, I'm Barbara and I'll be playing Jacob -- just for something different! I like to be up front about my age -- I could be a grandmother to most of you. But I love Twilight, and I just retired last year from my job as a school district bookkeeper, so I have lots of free time. I'm loving it! I'm in my fourth year on fanfiction as a writer and a role player. Sure wish they'd had this when I was in school!

1/8/2014 #4 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Hey I'm Bajita, the rping crazy ninja. :D

1/8/2014 #5 Report
Newfi Girl

Hello everyone! I'm Newfi Girl obviously, but you can just call me Taylor if you would like! Newfi is also fine. I guess it just depends on your preference. Weird username, huh? I'll briefly explain. I have three huge, fluffy Newfoundland dogs that basically run my life. You can definitely label me as a dog freak. Anyway, Newfi is short for Newfoundland, hence my username! I'm also a competitive tennis player so if I'm not here, I'm either on the courts, dealing with school related things, hanging with friends, or messing around with my precious pups! I've been a member of FF for over two years now, probably almost three. I love to write stories, but I have to be in the right mood to produce my best work. RPing is a fun hobby that I've been doing for a little over four years now, maybe longer. Who's counting? Anyway, can't wait to RP with all of you! Oh yeah, how could I forget to mention this? I'll be playing Alice Cullen. :)

1/9/2014 #6 Report
Her Ability To Love

Hi! My name is Crys. I created my screen name based on my love my combined loves of romance & mystery. I'll be playing Esme Cullen. She is my favorite character, probably mostly because she is the one to whom I can most relate. In real life I'm a hopeless romantic, a housewife, & stay at home mom to a beautiful new miracle baby. I was a literature major in college; I'm not sure if it is ironic or sad that I'm a terrible speller & not that great with grammar! I love classic literature, poetry, romance novels, history, vintage fashion, pencil skirts, pink lipstick, long walks, & yoga. I believe in having good manners & that chivalry isn't dead. I'm interested in history, &, as I said, love doing research, especially for my writing. My favorite color is purple. I love writing & RPing, which are sources of fun, creativity, stress relief, & a way to talk to new people for me. If there is anything else you want to know don't be shy about striking up a conversation: I love to talk to people!

1/9/2014 #7 Report

Hello! I'm Mel! I enjoy Reading Drama, Mystery, Romance, and Sci-Fi Fanfic or stories! I'll be playing will be playing Edward Cullen. In the past, I've played Jacob Black, Isabella Swan/Cullen, Aro, Cauis, Embry and Emmett Cullen. I particularity play Edward Cullen as my main character. I find him my suitable character. I devote a lot of well being into my character and hardly let them go OOC. Maybe i find him the best to whom i relate to, in alot of ways. I'm a spunky kind of girl, i know what to say and how to say it. I'm not afraid to speak my mind and speak up. i can be a loner sometimes and be very mad at my self. Writing and RP'ing are my very life. everything I musty do evolve around these things. Fanfiction introduced me to wonderful people i never knew existed! i can't wait to meet the people of this forum and begin roleplaying with you!

- Mel (MyClairtyIsYours)

1/10/2014 #8 Report

Hello to all my name is keegan, but I go by carlisle, hence my charecter. I'm writing a book series and I love vampires. Ive played as carlisle, ej, edward, aro. I am in high school and I love to draw. Ive drawn the twilight characters together and apart. I want to be a doctor one day (again why I'm carlisle) and I can't wait to rp with all of you

1/10/2014 #9 Report
M Nyx Nuit

Salutations, I am known on this delightful site as Nyx and I play Charlotte and, possibly at the end of the month, an OC of my delightfully twisted creation. I'm off-kilter, a higher-functioning sociopath and a Grammar Nazi as well as a writer when I can find the time. I look forward to interacting with you all.

1/10/2014 #10 Report

Hi. I'm Sage and I play Bella Swan/Cullen. I've been on Fanfiction for about 4 years now, but I've only been RPing since May. I love mysteries and sweeping romantic gestures. I spend most of my time reading and rereading books. I look forward to roleplay with you all

1/12/2014 #11 Report

Yello! I'm Pix or Pixie... I love to read, write and Role Play. I also like Comedy sitcoms, purple flowers and Drama. I'm a hopeless Romantic. :)

I RP as Claire Young cuz' she's so adorable, and I sub Jasper Hale for now. That's about it and look forward to rp'ing with ya'all!

1/13/2014 #12 Report

Hi Hi! I'm Ever! I enjoy almost everything Twilight, but I must admit I am a complete Harry Potter Nut.

I Rp as Kim Cameron and Jen Ford and I really look forward to rping with everyone!

1/13/2014 #13 Report
Dave Karofsky

Holla holla holla! :3 Luis here, I'm a sentimental boy who loves to roleplay, I've always enhoyed it. I have a lot of fandoms going in my mind and a HUUUUGE obsession with the movie Brokeback Mountain. I'm gonna roleplay my all time baby, Benjamin from the Egyptian coven and possibly in February my fellow new OC Donnie :)

1/13/2014 #14 Report

Hello! I'm H or HaBL and I RP Paul. I haven't been roleplaying long, but I absolutely LOVE it. I'm kinda quirky but it works! :P

1/14/2014 #15 Report

Hi, I'm Marina or Rina for short. I'm new here to forums period. I'm 16 soon to be 17 and my bestfriend Ona told me about this forum and she's like my twin we have the same birthday. I roleplay as Tia and hopefully someone else. She's Benjamin's mate and is apart of the Egyptian Coven. Well thats all...

1/19/2014 #16 Report
Ashleigh Elizabeth

Hellur! I am Ashleigh. Ive been called by so many names I cant count. Aly or Ash are the most common. . Uhm uhm uhmmmm... I am not a mind reader. I love reading and have been known to read 300= pg books in an hour and 1/2. I also love swimming, Lacrosse, and gymnastics. I watch Anime, and play video games, but that is normal now-a-days. I think. Actually, everyone is different so I don't believe in normal... Whelp... Ill be role playing with Emmalyn. Wish me luck!

2/1/2014 #17 Report

Hello! i'm woona, or barbie, or pinkie or princess -.- My friends just give me nicknames and they stick so whatever! I'm really wanting to roleplay some vampires but every forum i went onto was dead so here i am now! well i hope atleast i will be here, i hope i am welcome.

2/8/2014 #18 Report

Hey I've been on this site since I was 14 under different accounts. I am now in college and come on here to get through homework without breaking down and crying. As of right now I am playing Jared. On this site people have always called me Prez. that's it I guess

2/17/2014 #19 Report
find me at blodreina

Hey, I'm Morgan, but I also get called "Melly," "Forever," "Days," "Morgs," so whatever you come up with is good. I'm sixteen and a sophomore in high school. :P My penname is a reference to The Fault In Our Stars.

Umm I know most people on this RP from various others, mainly The Original Twilight Roleplay. I started roleplaying two years ago and I'm hopelessly addicted.

I'll be playing the nomad Peter.

2/22/2014 . Edited 2/23/2014 #20 Report

Hello everyone

Some of you may know me, some of you might not. I go by Rose and I have been RPing for about a year now. I started out in The Original Twilight Roleplay and now I am making my own RP forum, however it is still in the development stages and is not active yet. I am a University Student, I'm British and I study Drama.

I will be RPing Esme Cullen and Claire Young :D

3/2/2014 . Edited 8/23/2014 #21 Report

Hello. I am BlackMisanthropist. My username basically describes who I am. I like the color black and I am a misanthropist. It's very rare for me to be social, so this is very uncharacteristic of me. The only reason I'm here is honestly because I want to be here.

3/19/2014 . Edited 3/19/2014 #22 Report

Yello! My name is crazychick456789, my friends call me Jo, Jovie, and Jay-J/Gigi (Means Jay Jay in French :P), I like all the colors in the rainbow except pink. I love to write like most people here and I hate yogurt :)

3/25/2014 #23 Report
Nefarious Red

Eller! I am Bella. I love RPing - Its more of a passion now. I love RP'ing. I RP for multiple Fandoms. The such fandoms im into are - Twilight, Fifty Shades, TVD, Zelda, Frozen and a few others.

I will be playing Jasper Hale!

5/1/2014 #24 Report

HELLO WORLD!!! MY NAMES JASMINE *echos*! Lol I'm in college in my second year, and I've been on fanfiction ever since I could remember (which is...idk lol), but I love it. My passions are writing, dancing, and listening to music, and acting—I loooovvveee acting lmao. I'd like to say art too just because I'm practically listing all the arts lol but I haven't drawn since I was in 7th grade, so that ones out completely.x3 Another insider is this is my second time RPing!:D However if I would have known about RPing a long freaking time ago, I would have totally done it! *makes a pouty face*

Anyway, that's all folks! I just hope we can get along!:) *waves goodbye* See you inside!

8/21/2014 . Edited by GunnerWingman, 9/2/2014 #25 Report
Unpredictable Easty

I am Poorvi. I am actually a current fan of Naruto (Anime) But i thought of recreating my interest in Twilight. I am not a sap person. I am real philosophical and i can make people comfortable around me really fast. I think, that's it

11/24/2014 #26 Report

Hiya I am Bree. You can call me either Bree or Secrets. I am over 18 and in my first year of law school. I am very friendly and kind of goffy. Lets see I love Twilight and think Jane is just killer lol.I also love Rosalie her attitude is just awesome. I have unusual obsession with coffee and muffins. I can't go a day without it. Well thats about it!

12/10/2014 #27 Report
Katalin Kat Royal

I'm Katalin, but everyone just calls me Kat. I'm a singer, dancer, and color guard. I'm currently a sophomore in high school, studying veterinary science, and is almost 16. I work at a local animal sanctuary as a student lead for the baby animal department. If I have to poof or leave for a long amount of time, it will be because of my job. I'm member of 4 other forums, mod for 1 forum, and admin of 3 forums. These consist of Ever After High, Power Rangers, Rise of the Guardians, Dragon Ball, and Seven Kingdoms which isn't based off of anything.

12/27/2014 . Edited 12/27/2014 #28 Report

Hi everybody,

I signed up for this forum a long time ago, with plans of releasing my inner fangirl, but I guess real life got in the way... I'm new to forums, so if any of you have tips or anything like that, I would be really grateful. I live outside the US, but am planning to move back soon. I am a girl obsessed with music and if any of you have time to message me, I would probably write back as soon as I could.. I think that's about it... Anyway, I hope I can post some more details about me soon, but this is it for now, bye!


1/18/2015 #29 Report
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