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The Character List
A LightWitch12

***The Character List!**

In this Topic members or future members may come here to see who we have available, couples that have been accepted and information about the Quileute Pack and Vampires.


In this Role Play we will be starting at the end of Eclipse and working our way forward after that. This is the year 2009, so when you give a reference to something, you want to play a song, make sure it was in that time period.

*Canon Characters*

The Olympic Coven.

Bella Cullen - Taken by clairvoyantPlume

Edward Cullen - Taken by MyClairtyIsYours

Emmett Cullen - Taken by LightWitch12

Alice Cullen - Taken by Newfi Girl

Jasper Hale Cullen - Taken by XxMrs-Bella-GreyxX

Rosalie Hale Cullen - *OPEN* (subbed by Newfi Girl )

Carlise Cullen - *open*

Esme Cullen - Taken by JigsawRose

The Quileute Wolf Pack.

Jacob Black - Taken by Aunt Bran

Sam Uley - Taken by LightWitch12

Jared Cameron - *OPEN* (Subbed by LightWitch12)

Paul Lahote - Taken by horseandbooklover

Leah Clearwater - Taken byMyClairtyIsYours

Seth Clearwater - Taken by GunnerWingman

Embry Call - *OPEN*

Quil Ateara - *open* ( (Subbed by Bajita) )

Brady Fuller -Taken by: crazychick456789

Collin Littlesea - *open*

The Volturi.

Aro - *open*

Marcus - *open*

Caius - *open*

Jane - Taken by Kat Royal.

Alec - *open*

Demetri - *open*

Felix - *open*

Heidi - *open*

Chelsea - *open*

Afton's - *open*

Sulpicia - *open*

Athenodora - *open*

Corin's - *open*

Santiago - *open*

Renata - *open*

The Denali Coven.

Eleazar - *open*

Carmen - *open*

Tanya - *open*

Kate - Taken by OblivionIsOnlyInevitable

Irina - *open*

Garrett - *open*

The Egyptian Coven.

Amun - *open*

Kebi - *open*

Benjamin - *open*

Tia - *open*

The Amazon Coven.

Zafrina - *open*

Kachiri - *open*

Senna - *open*

The Irish Coven.

Siobhan - *open*

Liam - *open*

Maggie - *open*

The Romanian Coven.

Stefan - *open*

Vladimir - *open*

The American Nomads.

Charlotte - Taken by Nyx Nuit

Peter - *open* (subbed by Gunnerwingman)

Randall's - *open*

Mary - *open*

The European Nomads.

Charles - *open*

Makenna: - *open*

Alistair's - *open*

Quileute Humans and Imprints.

Billy Black - *open*

Rachel Black - Taken by Bajita

Rebecca Black - Taken by JigsawRose

Emily Young - Taken by horseandbooklover

Kim Cameron - Taken by xXFallinginReverseXx

Claire Young - *open*

Sue Clearwater - *open*

Lucas Uley - *open*

Allison Uley - *open*

Tiffany Call - *open*

Joy Ateara - *open*

Canon Humans.

-Forks High Humans-

Mike Newton - *open*

Jessica Stanley - *open*

Angela Weber - *open*

Ben Cheney - *open*

Tyler Crowley - *open*

Lauren Mallory - *open*

Eric Yorkie - *open*

Austin Marks - *open*

June Richardson - *open*

Whitney - *open*

Conner - *open*

DJ Garrett's - *open*

Amanda - *open*

Emmalyn - *open*

Katie Marshall - *open*

Lee Stephens - *open*

Samantha Wells - *open*

Lizzie - Taken by xXFallinginReverseXx

Jen Ford - *open*

Rob Sawyer - *open*

Ashlee Dowling - *open*

Baby OC:

Cedric: *open*

Kira: *open*

***Accepted Character Couples***

Canon Character Couples.

Edward Cullen and Bella Cullen. (Olympic Coven)

Carlisle Cullen and Esme Cullen. (Olympic Coven)

Jasper Hale and Alice Cullen. (Olympic Coven)

Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale Cullen. (Olympic Coven)

Sam Uley and Emily Uley. (Quileute Imprint)

Jared Cameron and Kim Cameron. (Quileute Imprint)

Paul Lahote and Rachel Black. (Quileute Imprint)

Quil Ateara and Claire Young. (Quileute Imprint)

Aro and Sulpicia. (Volturi Leader and Wife)

Cauis and Athenodora. (Volturi Leader and Wife)

Chelsea and Afton. (Volturi Guard)

Carmen and Eleazar. (Denali Coven)

Kate and Garrett. (Denali Coven)

Amun and Kebi. (Egyptian Coven)

Benjamin and Tia. (Egyptian Coven)

Liam and Siobhan. (Irish Coven)

Peter and Charlotte. (American Nomads)

Charles and Makenna. (European Nomads)

Rebecca Black and Solomon Sinfar. (Quileute Humans)

Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley. (Humans From Forks High School)

Angela Weber and Ben Cheney. (Humans From Forks High School)

Non-Canon Couples :

1. Jade Bones and Seth Clearwater










Dating Couple :

1. Leah Clearwater and Jacob Black.

2. Erik Morgan and Ashton Stitcher

3. Brady Fuller and Lizzie













*Vampires Information*

Coven Leaders.

The Olympic Coven - Carlisle Cullen.

The Volturi - Aro.

The Denali Coven - Tanya.

The Egyptian Coven - Amun.

The Amazon Coven - Zafrina.

The Irish Coven - Siobhan.

The Romanian Coven - Stefan.


The Olympic Coven.

Bella Cullen - Mental Shield.

Edward Cullen - Mind Reader.

Alice Cullen - Foresight.

Jasper Hale - Empathy.

The Volturi.

Aro - Tactile Telepathy.

Marcus - Relational Empathy.

Jane - Mental Torture.

Alec - Sensory Deprivation.

Demetri - Tracking Sense.

Heidi - Attraction.

Chelsea - Bond Control.

Afton - Mental Invisibility.

Corin - Addictive Contentment.

Renata - Physical Shield.

The Denali Coven.

Eleazar - Ability Identification.

Kate - Electrical Current.

The Egyptian Coven.

Benjamin - Atmoskinesis.

The Amazon Coven.

Zafrina - Visual Projection.

Senna - Fear Manipulation.

The Irish Coven.

Siobhan - Outcome Manipulation.

Maggie - Lie Detection.

The European Nomads.

Alistair - Sensory Attraction.

Volturi Ranks.

Leader: Aro.

Second Leader: Marcus.

Third Leader: Caius.

Wives: Sulpicia, Athenodora.

Enforcement: Jane, Alec, Demetri, Felix, Afton, Santiago.

Guard: Heidi, Chelsea, Corin, Renata.

* Quileute Wolf Pack Information *


High Ranks (Rank 1-4): 9'5-9'10 feet.

Average Wolves (Rank 5-25): 5'6-8'0 feet.

Lower Ranking Wolves (Rank 26-30): 5'5 feet and below.


Sam Uley - Emily Young-Uley.

Jared Cameron - Kim Cameron.

Paul Lahote - Rachel Black.

Quil Ateara - Claire Young.

Male Wolves vs. Female Wolves.

Males: Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Jared Cameron, Paul Lahote, Seth Clearwater, Embry Call, Quil Ateara, Seth Clearwater, Brady Fuller, Collin Littlesea.

Females: Leah Clearwater, Davina Lea Harper, Skye Youngblood.

Pack Statuses.

Alpha: Sam Uley. Black fur.

Beta: Jared Cameron. Brown fur.

Rank 2. Jacob Black. Russet fur.

Rank 3. Paul Lahote. Dark silver fur.

Rank 4. Embry Call. Pale gray and black-spotted fur.

Rank 5. Quil Atera. Chocolate brown fur with lighter patches.

Rank 6. Seth Clearwater. Sandy fur.

Rank 7. Leah Clearwater. Light gray fur.

Rank 8. Brady Fuller. Ashy-brown fur.

Rank 9. Collin Littlesea. Reddish brown fur with darker coloring on his legs, face, and tail.

Rank 10. Davina Lea Harper. Her head, the top of her muzzle, back, and tail are all a light rust color with various shades of black and brown fur mixed in. Her legs, underbelly, chest, and chin consist of a creamy white coat.

Rank 11. Skye Youngblood. Russet fur.

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