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A LightWitch12

***Welcome to the Original Character Sheet!***

In this topic, you will be placing your accepted OC characters here for others to come and look at if they wish to know more about the life of your character. In order for you to have an OC character, you must have at least one canon character. This does not mean you can dismiss the canon character.

* OC Character Information *

OC Characters: Original Characters. OCs aren't from the series and were created by the members who role play them.

OC Sheet Format

Full Name:


Date Of Birth:





Power: (If Vampire)



Extra Info: (Including extra things not able to be included in anything above, like relatives and other things not mentioned.)

All OC Characters completely belong to the authors who created them.

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M Nyx Nuit


Full Name: Jade "The Ghost" Bones

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: October 31, 1992

Species: Human

Appearance: Stands at 5'8.5" with long black hair, pale blue eyes and slightly olive skin. She has several tattoos; a treble and bass clef in a heart behind her ear, two stars on the back of her neck to indicate her rank and a phrase in Latin tattooed on her right arm. She has a tongue piercing, a small stud in her nose and multiple piercings along her ears. [Barbara Palvin]

Personality: She's highly intelligent and a bit of a solo flyer, incredibly independent she has a hard time trusting people, though she's incredibly blunt about her thoughts and opinions on others. She's not shy and has a playful, mischievous sort of countenance, wearing a subtly evil smirk instead of a smile. Jade can be very charming and charismatic when it is required of her. When her loyalty and trust is earned she can be fiercely protective, though she sometimes has a hard time showing that she cares.

History: Jade was born in London to two lawyers who were killed when she was only four years old, leaving her in the care of her older sister Kara, who was nine years old at the time. After being placed in a group home, Kara and Jade lived on the streets for nearly five years. Kara disappeared when Jade was nine leaving her on her own. At this point, Jade was aware of her brain being akin to a supercomputer and learned how to survive. Jade was taken in by the boss of the Italian mob after breaking into his vacation house to steal food, impressed with her skills, he financed her education and schooled her in multiple forms of martial arts as well as weaponry, bringing her up as his own and she came to call him 'Dad'. Recently, he attempted to form an alliance with the Irish mob by betrothing her to the son of the Irish boss; Jade disapproved of this and shot her new fiancée in the shoulder, nearly causing a war. She's come to the United States to lay low for a while, while her father smooths things over.

Power: N/A

Imprint/Mate: Seth Clearwater

Extra: She's a little adventurous with her sexuality. Jade is multi-talented besides being super smart; having an understanding of mechanics stemming from her degree in engineering, and classically trained in piano, cello, violin, viola and harp, as well as multiple forms of dance, mainly ballet; she's also fluent in twenty different languages, including American Sign Language.

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Dave Karofsky


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Ashleigh Elizabeth


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Newfi Girl


Full Name: Davina Lea Harper

Gender: Female

Date Of Birth: March 13, 1990

Species: Werewolf

Appearance: Davina resembles the other Quileutes except for her piercing crystal blue eyes. Around the pupils are flecks of golden hues that hide within her irises. She has a small, rounded face, which compliments her wide eyes and button nose. When she smiles, one large dimple reveals itself on each of her rosy cheeks. Davina has full pink lips and high cheekbones. Her face is framed by long strands of deep black hair. There are a few natural, lighter strands of chocolate brown on the underside of her hair, but they are only visible when she pulls her hair back. If nothing is done with her hair it flows in natural, lose waves down to her mid-back.

Davina has an hourglass figure, pronounced by curvy hips and a sculpted abdomen from years of working out and keeping in shape. She is fairly average in height, standing at 5 feet, 6 inches. She possesses the legs of a runner because she is an avid one, often losing herself in a long run to clear her thoughts.

Personality: Davina is a very kindhearted soul. Once you've gained her trust, she has your back. If you lose her trust, it's hard to regain it. She's very dedicated and always follows through with her plans. She doesn't like to leave things unfinished. She is very feisty and isn't afraid to stand up for herself. Davina doesn't hesitate to fight if it means protecting the ones she loves. She also tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, but only with those she trusts. Unlike most of the pack, Davina prefers to stay in her wolf form. If you can't find her anywhere else, she'll be wandering around in the woods or patrolling the treaty line.

History: Davina was born from an Indian father and an American mother, hence her bright blue irises. Her mother died while giving birth and her father, who was never the same after Davina's mother's death, died seven years later of a heart attack. Davina had been raised by her father for those seven years on the reservation, so she was taken in by the tribe and raised by various members. She never really had a specific place that she chose to call home, but she was loved by everyone nonetheless. Davina's wolf genes only surfaced about a month ago when a large amount of vampires showed up for Bella and Edward's wedding. Her father had unknowingly carried to gene. She took to her new form quickly, but decided not to cut her hair like the others had; therefore, her coat is longer, but well kept. She hasn't really gotten close to anyone in the pack yet and spends most of her time alone, which is completely fine with her.

Power: N/A

Imprint/Mate: None at the moment, but possibly in the future.

Extra Info: When in wolf form, Davina's head, the top of her muzzle, back, and tail are all a light rust color with various shades of black and brown fur mixed in. Her legs, underbelly, chest, and chin consist of a creamy white coat.

2/26/2014 . Edited by LightWitch12, 2/26/2014 #6 Report


Full Name: Erik Morgan

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: August 17, 1981

Species: Human

Appearance: He stands at about 6 foot 1, with a toned but slight frame. He has longish, slightly curly, almost black hair. He is slightly tanned, and has black eyes that look friendly and warm, despite their color.

Personality: He's really carefree; he doesn't let too much get to him, and takes life as it comes. At the same time, he doesn't allow himself to be taken advantage of. He's passionate about what he loves, whether that's cooking, poetry, or flavors of coffee.

History: Eric was born in Forks. His dad was killed by a bear in a hunting trip when he was 5, and his mother's health spiraled downwards after. His oldest brother, about 17 at the time, took care of the family after that and became his role model. They moved to Vancouver when he was 12. He went to a culinary school in New York. He moved back to Forks and got a job at the diner.

Power: N/A

Imprint/Mate: N/A

Extra Info: Two of his brothers and his mom live in Vancouver. His great-grandfather was from Sweden, explaining the different spelling of his first name, but that part of him is barely visible.

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2/26/2014 . Edited by Nyx Nuit, 2/3/2015 #8 Report


Full Name:Ashton Mary Beth Stitcher


Date Of Birth:November 19 (She's 18)


Appearance:Dark black hair and tan skin, She has dark brown eyes that turn almost stormy when she is upset, There is a scar from one part of her cheek to the start of her throat from an over excited pet, She stands at 6'0 even though with her family that's not very tall.

Personality:She is very shy and quiet, though her appearance may make it seem like she if very unapproachable, She is also very kindhearted and has a soft spot for children and the elderly. She is also a bit OCD nothing can be out of place in her room or anywhere really or she gets uncomfortable and sort of antsy.

History:Ashton was born to Kodi and Kacey of the Makah tribe , Throughout her life she was treated as the golden child her parents only expected the best from her. Being the only child came easy to Ashton, she was alone most of the time anyway. Growing up she made more and more of a line between fun and school mostly sticking to the school side of the line. She graduated high school with top honors and made her parents proud, Though due to lack of money and know how she wasn't allowed to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. She moved to the res a week after her mother's untimely death in an accident, She doesn't like to discuss it with anyone and mostly true to her nature she still keeps to herself only branching out to others when the need becomes necessary.

Her father hoped the move to the res would make her more social, his health is failing him as he gets older and he knows it, Sometimes Ashton will sit with him as he tells her how much he loves her and hopes for her to have the best life no matter what happens. While inside Ashton too knows though she will not admit it, her life will be very lonely if she doesn't get out there and talk to people more. She has decided she will try to be social for her father's sake and her own.

Power: (If Vampire)

Imprint/Mate:Possibly one day

Extra Info:

Family: Kodi Stitcher (Father) Kacey Stitcher (Mother- deceased)

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M GunnerWingman


Name: Jasmine Irene Ladin

Age: 22.

Gender: Female.

Date of Birth: May 6th, 1986.

Species: Human

Appearance: -- She stands at the height of 5'7, she earned this from her fathers side of the family. Vibrant green eyes and flowing dark brown hair she gained from her mother.

Tattoo: She has a red apple tattoo'd on her lower back with the words 'flip me over to taste my forbidden fruit' inscribed on it.

Personality: Jasmine holds herself high and never allows anyone to trample over her. If anything, she always has the last laugh in a snippy conversation. She has a heavy barricade around her and hardly lets anyone see her true-self. Jasmine is truly kind and caring towards those she has gotten close to and future friends.

History: Jotting everything down about this girls life would be a tedious task. So much has happened to her that the story itself is but a distant memory. Jasmines life was hard, as is everyone's, but also everyone's story is different and filled with hardships. Her mother loved her, she was sure of that but she never showed it in the way a normal mother does. Her mother was abusive in the verbal sense. Highly controlling with Jasmines actions and would sometimes speak for her when in the presence of company or as her mother would put it a 'suitor' for her to marry. Jasmine didn't have that chance to live out her normal life, to be a child like all the others. Her mother molded her over the years into the woman she is today. The perfect woman any man would like to get their hands on. She was to marry a man named Issac, he enjoyed anything science and was working in the medical field.

Jasmine took a chance one night while her mother was out with Issac and ran. She packed up most of her belongings and left in her car. She couldn't take it anymore she needed to get away and be free from her mothers imprisonment. She hardly even knew the man her mother thought was the best pick out of the bunch. She saw the way he looked at her, lust filled eyes. It would be the only reason he wanted her and she wasn't even attracted to him. She wasn't attracted to most men in fact.

After a few nights of being alone Jasmines father called her. She was so happy to hear his husky voice over the phone she let her walls come down and cried tears of sadness and joy. He had separated an account and gave his daughter a fund to help her achieve whatever goal it was she had in store. She thanks him repeatedly and whispered a soft 'I love you daddy' before they hung up.

Jasmine had fallen asleep with the phone pressed against her ear sticking to her face, hair matted and make-up a complete mess. She took her time to think about what to do next, and the idea came to her instantly. Jasmine fixed herself up, put on her best suit and left the motel. She would get a job in journalism, something she went to college for and her mother allowed it only to humor her. This time she was in charge of her life, not her mother. This is what she wants. This freedom.

On the road as she passed a sign that read 'Welcome to Forks,' and odd name for a town; her 1996 BMW 328i start shutting down and making obscene noises. A loud pop sounded from under the front hood. It frightened Jasmine to the point that she pulled over and turned the car off, fearing it would explode. With a heavy sigh she called a tow truck and was taken to the nearest auto shop that so happened to be located on a reservation. A younger man told her with a cheery grin that it was going to take a month to get the part she needed and she was welcomed to stay in town. Jasmine agreed and gave a politicians smile before leaving to the apartment she was renting out near the auto shop and close tot he beach.

For now she will stay until her car is fixed. once that is done she will leave to the big city and apply for a job she knows she will have before the day was done.

Power: (If vampire) None. Unless at some-point I decide she will become a vampire.

Imprint/Mate: None for now and mighty stay that way. Unsure.

Extra Info: She hardly eats sugar. Goes out for a jog every morning to keep her body in shape. She has a dark pair of reading glasses she wears when she is working on her laptop or reading. She has an affinity for animals, especially horses and dogs. Sexual attractions vary from men to women. She hasn't actual put a name to her sexuality but whomever can seduce or catch her attention she follows through with trying to win them over.

3/10/2014 . Edited 3/11/2014 #10 Report


Full Name: Killian Dubnikov

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: January 27th 1990

Species: Human

Appearance: Killian stands 6' 4'' tall with striking blue/grey eyes. He had dark, usually unruly hair that he kept really short but he has started growing it out a bit. He doesn't shave every day and so he often has dark stubble covering his face. He is well muscled from years of honing his body to play hockey and even though he can't play hockey right now, he still goes for a daily run. There are scars riddling his body, most of them minor, but there are two more prevalent ones. One is just above his right eyebrow from a fight he got in during a game that required ten stitches and the second is on his left thigh from a mishap with a skate.

Personality: He's usually happy-go-lucky, like a little boy, but his accident has made him dour and gruff. He's very focused and determined – currently focused on getting better and back to playing hockey. Killian enjoys seeing new places and taking part in new experiences. He's very loyal and will support and stay true to anyone he becomes close to, especially with teammates. On occasion he enjoys sailing but hasn't found much time for it due to moving. He loves sweets.

History: His father, Dimitry, is full-blooded Russian and his mother, Scarlett, is full-blooded Irish and then met after their families immigrated to the United States. Killian was born in Minnesota, where his parents were married. Having spent his youth there, Killian quickly grew to love hockey and by the time he was four years old, his father was taking him skating on the pond behind their house while his mother laughed and cheered from the sidelines – these are some of the earliest memories Killian has – and Killian hasn't stopped staking since. Hockey was everything Killian focused on and his parents fully supported him, traveling all over the state and even other states so he could play on the best teams and continuously get better as a defense man. When his draft came along (Killian was 19 at the time), he was not picked very highly and thus sent to the farm team for the Michigan Titans. He and his parents were disappointed, but not discouraged, and the family moved to a new town with the hopes that Killian would get the call from the Muskrats that would bring him up to the NHL. This didn't happen for five seasons, though. During the last portion of his fourth season with the farm tea, he got into a horrible, season ending accident which resulted in his left arm being burned from just under his elbow down to his hand. While the burn isn't career ending, he hasn't been able to play and won't be able to until next season if the physical therapy and medical treatments continue to work as planned. He will forever bear the burn marks but with physical therapy he has been told that he will be able to regain full range of motion again, and hopefully, be able to play with no history. Because of the long term injury, however, the Muskrats traded him to the Seattle Timberwolves, where he is on their Injured Reserve Roster. Currently, he is settling in to his new home as he attends his physical therapy appointments. He has not gone back to skating yet because it doesn't feel right to him, although he does go to a rink and just sit in the stands, sometimes while others skate and sometimes just to see the ice.

Power: N/A

Imprint/Mate: None currently

Extra Info: He speaks fluent Russian.

4/16/2014 . Edited by LightWitch12, 4/16/2014 #11 Report


Full Name: Mari Nighteningale

Gender: Female

Date Of Birth:December 20, 1910 (19 permanently)


Appearance:Mari has ash-blonde hair and golden eyes. She has a mandala tattoo in the middle of her back that means more than it seems.

Personality:She is the sweetest thing once you get to know her. She's not prejudice, and loves and accepts all types of people. Mari is what we like to call a hipster. She loves to party, and she loves peace. However, get on her bad side, and she will strike. She has a nasty temper, and a deadly hand made out of diamonds...literally.

History:Mari was created into a vampire at the age of nineteen while aboard the Titanic. She was a wealthy women with plenty of men bowing at her feet showering her with diamonds. She was supposed to choose one of them to marry and live off of, when she had caught sight of a very attractive man, one she instantly fell on love with for his looks. Eventually, it turns out that the man she had fallen madly in love with was none other than her creator. He had bit her turning her into what she is today.

Power:She can turn her body into a very strong and rigid diamond suit of armor.

Imprint/Mate:Hasn't found him yet, but hopefully it's soon.

Extra Info:She's a distant relative of Caius.

8/21/2014 . Edited by GunnerWingman, 9/20/2014 #12 Report
Just Lil Ole T


Full Name: Skye Youngblood

Gender: Female

Date Of Birth: Feb 7, 1991 (making her 18 yrs old)

Species: shifter

Appearance: russet skin, short hair, brown eyes with gold flecks

Personality: somewhat reserved until she gets to know someone, she loves to read and would rather read than interact with other people most of the time, slow to anger...most of the time

History: She was born on the Res but her parents moved to Seattle soon after, wanting a better life for their daughter. They lived there until she was in high school. Skye started having issues with the other people in her school, being bullied and getting into fights. She withdrew emotionally and socially to the point that her parents felt that moving back to the res so that she could be with "their" people would help her. About 6 months ago, she was driving back onto the res after a trip to Port Angeles, when something "pushed" their car causing it to hit a tree. The car spun several times before the impact. Being in the back seat, Skye saw several blurs flash by, two of which looked huge and furry. A week later, she woke up in the hospital to find out that both of her parents had died. She was now all alone, living in her family home, wondering what to do with her life.

Power: (If Vampire)

Imprint/Mate: none yet

Sexuality: hetero

Extra Info: (Including extra things not able to be included in anything above, like relatives and other things not mentioned.) She is a cousin of Jacob Black, and carries the Black gene. (*hint!* ;)

9/15/2014 . Edited by GunnerWingman, 9/20/2014 #13 Report
Katalin Kat Royal


Full Name: Margery Avia Hart

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: July 12, 1669

Species: Vampire

Appearance: Margery stands around 5'4" with a slim, but curvy built. Her hair is long, curly, and blackish brown in color. She has red eyes that turn black when she's thirsty. She also has the usual pale skin for a vampire and an innocent to her which she even had as a human.

Personality: She is intelligent, kind, careful, normally calm, She is a bit of a loner and keeps almost everything to herself because she doesn't trust anyone very easily. She has a soft spot for children of any age unless they give her a reason not to be kind towards them. She is very passionate about the performing arts, visual arts, literature, and learning about the medical field or just new things in general.

History: All Margery can remember about her human life is very little. Her father was a doctor and hardly ever came home in time to spend any time with her. On her nineteenth birthday, a vampire broke into the house and killed her father. Once he was dead, the vampire turned his attention to her and turned her into a vampire before leaving her to fend for herself. She currently travels the world to learn new things and keep out of anyones point of interest.

Power: She can mentally create anyones nightmare within that persons mind, but makes it seem so realistic that the person can see, hear, and sometimes feel what is happening.

Imprint/Mate: TBD

Extra: She currently has no one she calls her family or friends because she keeps to herself. She feels a lot of the time that she doesn't fit in anywhere that's what causes her traveling.

1/2/2015 . Edited by GunnerWingman, 1/2/2015 #14 Report

Full Name: Quinn Duke

Gender: Female

Date Of Birth: June 1, 1998

Species: Human(healer)

Appearance: An inch under 6 ft., long black hair and dark eyes, no piercings or tattoos, slender with the body of an athlete

Personality: Not too loud or too shy, but is fierce when set off, hates homophobes, like music and reading, is okay with romance, but not partial to it

History: Grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and moves to La Push in freshman year, no tragic background, learned how to heal from her aunt

Power: (If Vampire)

Imprint/Mate: No imprint/mate

Sexuality: asexual

Extra Info: Is independent, befriends the girl imprints, esp. Leah, heals the pack after battles

1/18/2015 . Edited 6/14/2015 #15 Report
The Lady Kagome

Full Name: Catori Ellen Esadowa

Gender: Female

Date of Birth/Re-Birth: June 30th

Species: Human (Quileute)

Age: 14

Appearance: Cat is shorter, only about 5'2" or 5'3", she's got tan skin, and large dark brown eyes. Her hair when seen in the sun can look a dark brown, otherwise it tends to look black. Her hair is long down to about the small of her back and usually kept in a braid or ponytail. Sometimes she lets it down when the She's thin and slightly muscular.

(Link: https: //s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/68/e6/4c/68e64c11f7deb1dae747d147182ac184.jpg remove he space between the https: and the //)

Personality: Kind, quite and shy, but once you get to know her she can be rather outgoing and loud. When she's around friends she really enjoys going out and having fun. She acts and looks older than she actually is, and so people often take her for someone older. She's easily excitable and sometimes gets a little carried away.

History: Catori was born to young parents on the La Push reservation, her mother only 15 and her father only 18 when she was born. As a result both were forced to marry and her father blames both her and her mother for ruining his dreams. She does have a younger brother who her father adores but she seems to be the bane of his existence. As a young girl her father would often go out to drink, sleep with women other than her mother and sometimes disappear for days. When her brother was born he started to spend more time at home, but the stress that he used to take out on other people when he was drinking of having sex with random women was turned inwards towards her and her mother. Soon after he began to fight with her mother, and after that he began to yell at and hit the both of them. It went on for years without stop. And even still goes on, though usually Cat flees her home, stays with friends or other places to get away from the turmoil going on in her own home.

Imprint/Mate: None yet, but always willing to make more friend.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Extra Info: Catori has four ear piercings going up the curve of each of her ears as well as a small heart tattoo on the inside of her wrist for a friend who died less than four months ago. She also has a love for being outside and listening to waves crash on the beach. She sometimes sleeps out in the sand when she can't find anywhere else to go.

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