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The Guide to Twilight Universe
A LightWitch12

**Welcome to The Guide to Twilight Universe**

* Procedures and Terms *

Aging: If you are a role player who has a Quileute or Vampire character and they have a child, the aging process will go like this: On the day that the child was born he/she will age 2 months. We don't want them growing up to fast on us.

BABY OCs: Characters can have children on the role play, but there are limits. We don't allow third-generation births for the few characters who aged abnormally. Characters can get pregnant only when in a permanent relationship unless the baby won't become an actual character. This role play only allows one female character pregnant at a time to keep limits and unless the character is supernatural, the pregnancy lasts for three months and is time-skipped through. Baby OCs are counted as characters and if both members rp'ing the partners having the child have three characters, someone else will have to role play the baby as of three days after the character's birth.

CHARACTER ADDITIONS: Members are allowed a second character ten days after they have joined and settled into the role play having been frequently on, and if the role play is accepting second characters at the time.

CHARACTER DROPPING: Members are free to drop characters they don't use often at any time.

CODE: The code, or participation code, is only used for moderators to put in to become a moderator. Members will not need a code. A member was a member once their name is on the character list as an accepted character.

CRAZY DAYS: This day is a limit of a full 48 hours where you can allow your characters to be out of character. On the days of Friday 12Am to Sunday 12AM. US Eastern Time. One these days Twilight logic does not apply. If you wished for your calm and collective character to turn wild and be a party animal, you may do so on the two days where the rules are meaningless. Also, whatever happens on crazy days stays on crazy days. Once the time is up you continue with the normal lives of those on the forum.

DATING: Dating is simply temporary couples. If members have two characters that they want to date, they get accepted. Characters date for a month or two at maximum, although they could break up earlier if you wanted. After that, characters can get back together 15 days prior to the break up, or act as a couple during crazy days.

DELETING POSTS: Deleting posts is something only moderators are able to do. Posts are only deleted if they couldn't be edited or are posted by a non-member causing a disturbance.

EDITING POSTS: To edit a post, click the gray gear beside the 'reply' button on your post, change what you need, and click save. Members can only edit their own posts while moderators can edit anyone's post, if necessary.

EMAIL ALERTS: If you check the box in the left hand corner in the reply area when you respond in role play, you subscribe to be alerted to your account's email whenever someone posts on rp. To stop getting these alerts, go to your profile. On the left hand side with all the tabs, hit 'Alerts.' Then go to 'Setting/Guide' and scroll down to uncheck the boxes to be alerted to forum alerts. They should stop after that.

IGNORING: Ignoring is what we call a member who posts and no other member acknowledges their post. This is a problem that can happen due to the size of the role play and pace. However, it is easily solved by asking all members to pay attention to others coming on the role play to make sure that everyone was involved, emphasizing that this is a friendly place.

PAUSING: Pausing happen's a lot in role play scenes. Pausing is when members have to sign off, but didn't want to end the scene yet. So, members can call the scene "paused" until both people decide to continue it and then go about role playing in different conversations until the scene could be continued.

REMINDER: A PM sent from a moderator to a member when a member hasn't participated for a while.

REPOST: Copy and pasting a post to post it again.

SPLITTING: Splitting just means starting another new conversation with a different character.

SUBBING: On the role play, subbing is available for characters that are not taken. Subbing is the temporary role playing of a character that isn't taken by another member, who will role play as that character until the character is taken by another member. This is the only time a member might have three characters to use, though its only temporary. Members can only sub one character at a time. On the role play, only open characters that are needed to be role played (such as a character's mate) are available for subbing if a member asked. Once the character was taken, the character would be role played by the new member.

TEMPORARY CHARACTERS: Temporary characters are characters that are used briefly for a situation in role play. They are generally not named, not drawn out, and only used for one situation when needed. If they aree named, drawn out, and used often without acceptance, they should be used as crazy day characters. Most of the time, people role play them without names, like this:

Vampire@Jacob: *hisses*

Or, if they do name them, they state that they are temporary in every post, like this:

Axel(temp)@Jacob: *hisses at him, baring his brilliant, sharp white teeth*.

However, members do not control other's characters, so the temporary role play of available characters are not allowed, even on crazy days, as it was controlling someone else's character or a character a new member might be taking that could become their character. Only the brief use of random, insignificant characters on normal days or OCs on crazy days are allowed.

TIME-SKIPPING: Time skips are necessary when a role play conversation starts to head towards the edge of the "T rated zone" and the members need to fast forward through the rest of the scene. Putting "*time skip*" in a post makes that skip. The time skip is used to fast forward other scenes as well, such as a character falling asleep.

TWILIGHT LOGIC: In the role play, every happening is backed up with logic by the books, with the exception of conversations on crazy days. Vampires can't have more than one power or mate, no wolf is allowed more than one imprint, and all characters were required to be role played in-character to the best of a member's ability. There was few exceptions to illogical happenings to characters, and any exception was backed up by some logic of a character's species. The basics of species are located in the species sheets on the Topic 'Species Information'

WEDDINGS: On this role play, characters marrying is an event accepted by moderators. Weddings happen in separate topics, meaning there is to be time, dates, and a plan for who will do what. The role play only has one wedding per month due to time and effort put in. Weddings are not allowed to happen when characters first start role playing because when members rush everything with their characters, they'd probably get bored with them and have nothing to do since they were rushing everything and not developing their characters like RPing was made for.

Disclaimer: (Yes, this is from the Original Twilight Role Play, I do not take credit for the posts that were used to help set up on this RP.)

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