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Role Play 1
A LightWitch12

Welcome your face to Role Play 1!!

Hello! Welcome to the first topic that has opened up here on this Role Play! LOL Here you will play with your friends and have conversations with your characters. For those who forgot already how you Role Play on here I will give you an example:

Emmett@Edward: *smirking, hands gripping the the arm rests in his chair, his mind wonders to his special alone time with Rosalie*

Edward@Emmett: *groans, glaring at his brother* Must you always think about that?!

Emmett@Edwad: *laughs, nodding his head with that big dimpled grin of his* Hell yeah I must! Want more? *wiggles his brows*

:D See? Not so hard.

Couple of notices!:

-When you are being ignored or the others have not seen you, post in BOLD so they do notice. No need to leave thinking they're ignoring you for a reason. We all get busy and become invested in the action that is taking place for our characters.

-The Rules are still enforced. I haven't changed my mind yet and I really don't think I will anytime soon. The Role Play Rules

- Please remember to check in. Its a way for me to know that members are joining us regularly even if its for a short time. Check In

Anywho! Thank you for reading and enjoy yourselves! Play Fair. ;)

1/3/2014 #1 Report
A LightWitch12

(Ya'll are so adorable)

Emmett: *open* *playing his video games in the living room*

1/13/2014 #2 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob: *Running patrol and wondering where his relief is*

1/13/2014 #3 Report

Bella: *open*

1/13/2014 #4 Report

(Hiya! :) )

Edward:*Open**In his room, listening to some music and reading a book.*

1/13/2014 #5 Report

(hey guys )

carlisle(open) *in his study looking through case files*

1/13/2014 #6 Report


1/13/2014 . Edited 1/13/2014 #7 Report
M Nyx Nuit


Charlotte: *open*

1/13/2014 #8 Report
A LightWitch12

Sam@Jacob: *runs up behind him in wolf as well, slowing down beside him* You won't be off till later tonight, Jake.

Emmett@Carlisle: *taps on the door to his study* Papa bear? *pushes the door open*

Emmett@Edward: *breaks another controller, groans and stands up to get another from his room* Damn things need to be heavy duty.

1/13/2014 . Edited 1/13/2014 #9 Report

(Hello nyx (may I call you that)

carlisle@emmett yes son come in*puts down the case files*

1/13/2014 #10 Report

Edward@emmett:*hears him*You need to stop crushing the damn things sometimes.*Mutters*

Edward@Bella:(only if you like Sage)

1/13/2014 #11 Report

Bella@Edward: *sitting on her bed, reading, relaxed from the lack of schoolwork and exams*

1/13/2014 #12 Report

Edward@Bella:*climbs up the tree and sits there. Smiles softly at her beautiful peacefulness and knocks on her window*

1/13/2014 #13 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob@Sam: *Looks over at him, slowing and then stopping* What are you talking about, Sam? My shift is over.

1/13/2014 #14 Report

Bella@Edward: *smiles, seeing him* *places her book page down on the pillow, getting up to open the window*

1/13/2014 #15 Report
A LightWitch12

(don't be shy, just pare people up and see if the other replies. :D)

Emmett@Edward: No, they need to make them with something better than plastic. *huffs, grabbing another three just in case he broke more*

Emmett@Carlisle: Uhm, whatcha doin? *grins, holding his hands behind his back*

Same@Jacob: *sighs* I know, but Quil is out babysitting and I need you to fill in for him. You came in late any.

1/13/2014 #16 Report

(Okay ies):)

carlisle@emmett no not at all son what do you need *scans his features for anything wrong*

carlisle@edward? (Maybe?)

1/13/2014 #17 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob@Sam: *growls softly, then thinks better of it* Sorry. But damn -- babysitting? Come on, Sam. *Sighs* Nothing I can do about it, I guess.

1/13/2014 #18 Report

Edward2bella:*smiles and climbs through* Hey. *his eyes give a soft twinkle as he gazes down at her and pulls her into his arms*How are you you?

(That rhymes Haha)

Edward@Emmett:*Rolls eyes* It called paying money for the damn things not spending 30 dollars for the pathetic plastic ones for the XBox. Buy some offline.

1/13/2014 #19 Report

Edward@calrisle:(Sure kiki :) *Sitting in the living room, looking over a magazine some of the girls forced on him for the wedding*

1/13/2014 #20 Report
M Nyx Nuit

(Sorry, had to take the trash out. And yes, I is Nyx. Anyone open?)

1/13/2014 #21 Report

Carlisle@edward*coming down stairs to grab his book on the elements of the brain to read* *sees edward* hello son, how are you?

1/13/2014 #22 Report
A LightWitch12

Emmett@Carlisle: I'm just wondering if your busy. You know, since you always come up here. *shrugs, holding back his mischievous grin*

Emmett@Edward: I can do that? *sets the new ones down on the chair as he slips batteries inside of them* I'll look into it after I teach this guy a lesson.

Emmett@Charlotte: (?)

Sam@Jacob: *rubs the back of his neck* Sorry, I didn't know till last minute either. I would have someone else do it but the others are already out here and your the only one that was going home. *shrugs* Plus...Something doesn't feel right.

1/13/2014 #23 Report

(Sick Lilly is not fun Lilly...I just slept for like 8 hours...)

Whitney: *OPEN*

1/13/2014 #24 Report

(okay cool you can call me Kiki or keegan which ever works)(and I've got carlisle)

1/13/2014 #25 Report

Bella@Edward: *smiles against his skin* Fine.

1/13/2014 . Edited 1/13/2014 #26 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob@Sam: *sniffs the air and nods his head, suddenly changing direction*

1/13/2014 #27 Report

Carlisle@emmett *raises an eyebrow* no son I can make time, what's up

1/13/2014 #28 Report
M Nyx Nuit

(Hi Lilly!)

Charlotte@Emmett: *sitting on the couch flipping through the TV channels*

1/13/2014 #29 Report

Edward@Carlisle:*nods* Hello.

Edward@emmett:And break another remote..*mumbles*

Edward@Bella:*smiles, putting a finger under her chin and brings his lips to hers. The never ending feeling of her kissing him. His hard cold lips against her warm soft wet ones.*

1/13/2014 #30 Report
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