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Role-Play II
A LightWitch12

****Welcome to Role-Play 2!!***

Please do remember to Check in. Yes, it is a hassle to remember and we can all be forgetful but it helps me to keep count of who has been on and whom I need to send a notice to. Check In

Remember to greet those coming on and tell them if you can Rp with them or if you are filled up. It shows respect and that you have noticed them. No one wants to be ignored.

When you have something you'd just love to share with everyone please take it to the The Random chat and you may tell the others about it in the RP.

Anyway guys have fun!

2/15/2014 #1 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(Hey hey! :D)

Rachel/Embry: *open*

2/15/2014 #2 Report


Emily@Rachel: (?)

Paul@Rachel: (?)

2/15/2014 #3 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Rachel@Emily: *knocks on her door* Helloooo? Emily?? *laughs*

Rachel@Paul: (continue or new? :)

2/15/2014 #4 Report

Emily@Rachel: Rach? *smiles* *waddles to the door* Rach!

Paul@Rachel: (Continue? You remember where we were?)

2/15/2014 #5 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Rachel@Emily: Hey girl! How's my favorite Momma to be? *grins as she walks through the door*

Rachel@Paul: *takes a bite of her food, crosses her legs and scoots closer to him* I hope you didn't have a dessert planned. *smirks*

2/15/2014 #6 Report
M Nyx Nuit

Jade@Jacob: *sighs* French Angel fish Jacob. They mate for life. *pulls the keys to her borrowed car out of her clutch then looks at his girlfriend* You're welcome to help too. They are beautiful fish.

2/15/2014 #7 Report
M Nyx Nuit

(Hi Bajita! Hey H! I'm open for you guys.)

2/15/2014 #8 Report


Edward@bella: Soon. *Chuckles*

2/15/2014 #9 Report

Emily@Rachel: Ugh, I feel like I'm the size of an elephant, and there's still another month. *opens her arms* I need a hug, it seems like forever since I've seen you

Paul@Rachel: *blinks, his mouth too dry to say anything just yet* *realizing she's expecting an answer, he takes a quick gulp of his water, hoping his tongue will remove itself from the roof of his mouth* U-uh *clears his throat* Maybe? *honestly can't remember right now, probably wouldn't even be able to tell you his name at this point, completely entranced by her*

2/15/2014 #10 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(Hey Nyx! :D)

2/15/2014 #11 Report

(Hey guys)

Bella@Edward: Right. The reception. *reaches up on her tiptoes to kiss him again*

2/15/2014 #12 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(Hi Sage! I'm open for whoever. :D)

2/15/2014 #13 Report
M Nyx Nuit

Jade@Embry: (continue or new?)

2/15/2014 #14 Report
Aunt Bran

Jake@Both: I gotta see this. They're real fish? *Takes Leah's hand*

2/15/2014 #15 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Embry@Jade: *out for a run, has his tunes blasting in his headphones*

2/15/2014 #16 Report

Edward@bella: forgetting thing now are you? *chuckles and walks down some of the steps* you look beautiful by the way.

2/15/2014 #17 Report

(Hey all coming on :))

2/15/2014 #18 Report

Leah@all: fish*Groans* i gota get the gifts from the car. ill meet you back at the reception

2/15/2014 #19 Report

Bella@Edward: *leans into his arm* Thanks.

2/15/2014 #20 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Rachel@Emily: I'm sorry I haven't gotten over here sooner. *hugs her* Work has been intense as I've started the new position but I think I have things finally straightened out.

Rachel@Paul: *leans into him, smiles up at him* Cat got your tongue Lahote? *her eyes sparkle with mischief*

2/15/2014 #21 Report
A LightWitch12

(Here until I am dragged away for a movie :P )

Emmett: *at the reception standing in a group with a few of the high school students that had come because Bella invited them* *open*

Sam: *keeping his eyes and ears open, standing outside his home in wolf form protecting his wife in case one of the leech friends to the Cullens decides to have a snack* *open*

2/15/2014 #22 Report

Edward@bella;*SMiles and sighs*

2/15/2014 #23 Report
M Nyx Nuit

Jade@Jacob/Leah: *nods, leading them to the borrowed Audi* An old colleague of mine, she's a miracle worker. Was able to get the fish here all the way from Australia in forty-eight hours. *opens the door, gesturing to the large bowl* They'll have to get a bigger aquarium of course but, they're pretty happy in the bowl for now. *gestures to the fish swimming around lazily*

2/15/2014 #24 Report
M Nyx Nuit

Jade@Embry: *out for a walk to clear her head, having left the wedding early, still all dressed up*

2/15/2014 #25 Report

Bella@Edward: Do I have to let go of you now?

2/15/2014 #26 Report
M GunnerWingman

Seth: *open*

Peter (sub): *open*

Luke: *open for CD*

2/15/2014 #27 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob@Jade: Dang, Jade, that's the perfect gift! I'm impressed -- and I can carry it. It must weigh a ton!

2/15/2014 #28 Report
M Nyx Nuit

Charlotte@Peter: *stands up, tugging on his hand* Let's go pretend to drink champagne and mingle.

2/15/2014 #29 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Embry@Jade: *sees her as he rounds a turn, he slows down, wondering why she was all dressed up and then has a Duh moment....the wedding, jogs over* Hi Jade. *smiles shyly*

2/15/2014 #30 Report
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