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Quileute Bonfire - Meet&Greet
A LightWitch12


Sam invites all Shifters and their Imprints or dates to join him in the front of his home for a bonfire.

Stories will be told.

Everyone should have a good time.

May 17th - 5PM EST

3/2/2014 . Edited 4/9/2014 #1 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob: *puts the last of the driftwood on the large pile, then sits back against a rock waiting for Sam to come and light the fire*

5/17/2014 #2 Report
A LightWitch12

Sam@Jacob: *holds out a small can with lighter fuel* Here. *strikes a match* Spread some of this around and I'll toss this in.

5/17/2014 #3 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob@Sam: *Squirts a small amount at the base of the stack, then steps back*

5/17/2014 #4 Report

Emily/Paul: *open*

5/17/2014 #5 Report
A LightWitch12

Sam: *sniffs, takes a step back as he tossed the match into the pile of wood and watched it spread* Pour more into it if it dies out, I'll get some snacks for the others.

5/17/2014 #6 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob@Newcomers: *Nods* Hey, Paul. Em. Who's got the baby, Emily?

5/17/2014 #7 Report
A LightWitch12

Sam: *sets the cooler down on the bench pulling the top open, he grins and rubs his hands together* Hot dogs and beer!

5/17/2014 #8 Report

Emily: He's in his stroller sleeping off the rest of his nap soon. He'll want to see his Unkey Jakey soon

5/17/2014 #9 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob@Sam: *Grins* Niiiiice! Where are the rest of the pack? Fashionably late? *Chuckles and grabs a beer*

@Emily: Just so he doesn't make me phase! He sure does love the wolves!

5/17/2014 #10 Report

Emily@Jake: He does *chuckles* You should see him with Sam. Those two are quite the pair when he's in wolf form

5/17/2014 #11 Report
A LightWitch12

Sam: Ehh, forgot those idiots. if they don't show its on them. *shrugs*

5/17/2014 #12 Report
M GunnerWingman

Seth: Whoo! Did I hear someone say beer? *scrunches his nose as he pats Sams shoulder* Dude, that stuff smells so gross.

5/17/2014 #13 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob@Emily: *Laughing* I can just imagine that little kid pulling that huge wolf's ears.

5/17/2014 #14 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob@Seth: Ahhh, here comes one of those idiots now! *Punches Seth's shoulder* There's Coke in the other cooler, kid. *grins*

5/17/2014 #15 Report

Emily@Jake: Yep. *thinks back with a smile* Sam's amazing with him.

5/17/2014 #16 Report
M GunnerWingman

Seth: *huffs, pushes at his friends shoulder with a grin* Dummy! I said it smelled bad, never said I wouldn't drink it. *he takes the coke instead* I just...prefer the taste of pop.

5/17/2014 #17 Report
A LightWitch12

Sam: *snorts, he slips his arm around Emilys waist* beer is for men that can grow hair on their chests. *smirks* But some of our ladies prefer the bare and smooth feel. *kisses his imprints cheek* Right babe?

5/17/2014 #18 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob@Sam/Emily: Would you two like to get a room? *Laughs and drinks his beer* We cooking the hot dogs on sticks, Sam? I'm starving!

5/17/2014 #19 Report

Rebecca: *Arrives, looking around*

5/17/2014 #20 Report

Emily: Exactly. You get hairy enough as it is *looks up at him and smirks as she leans in to his side, taking a sip of her pop*

5/17/2014 #21 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob@Rebecca: *Waves*

@Seth: *Hands him a smooth stick and starts skewering hot dogs on another one*

5/17/2014 #22 Report

Rebecca@Jacob: *Walks over to him but stops when she sees Sam and Emily, she hands Emily a boquet of flowers* Long time no see *smiles softly*

5/17/2014 #23 Report

Emily@Rebecca: Oh my goodness! *takes the flowers them wraps her arms around her* When did you get back?

5/17/2014 #24 Report
A LightWitch12

Sam: *pushes the boys heads* Paul get your a** over here and help the guys cook up the hot dogs. *cracks open a beer* This, right here, is a special kind of beer. It cost me ten bucks more. *laughs*

5/17/2014 #25 Report

Rebecca@Emily: *Hugs her back* A few weeks ago, I've just moved into my own place in Forks and got a job ...

5/17/2014 #26 Report
M GunnerWingman

Seth: *chuckles* So the more you have to pay the better the beer? Thats weird. You can pay the same for pop and its still good. Lots of sugar water and carbon dioxide. *smiles*

5/17/2014 #27 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob@Sam: *Wanders over to him, looking at the bottle* What's so special? That's a lot of money for a beer!

5/17/2014 #28 Report

Emily@Rebecca: That's awesome. So you're sticking around? --- Paul: *rolls his eyes as he walks over* Hey, don't go gripin' to me, I was talking to Rach. Kira wasn't feeling too good earlier so they're staying home for a bit

5/17/2014 #29 Report

Rebecca@Jake/Emily: *Puts her finger up and stating to Emily to give her a second before running up to Jacob and jumping on his back*

5/17/2014 . Edited 5/17/2014 #30 Report
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