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Quileute Bonfire - Meet&Greet


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Aunt Bran

Jacob: *Takes a drink of his beer and continues with his tale* Taha Aki the Great Wolf led the tribe for many years and did not age. He raised many sons, and some of them found they could transform into wolves. Some of them became warriors, but some chose not to. These began to age. Taha Aki lived the span of three old men's lives. His first two wives grew old and died, and in his third wife he found his true spirit wife. He decided to give up his spirit wolf so he would grow old and die when she did. He was an old man when trouble began with the Makahs. Some of their young women had disappeared and they blamed it on the wolves. The wolves could read each other's thoughts, and they knew none of them was to blame.

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Aunt Bran

Jacob: *Looks around the fire at the eager faces. He smiles and continues* Taha Aki charged his oldest wolf-son, Taha Wi, with finding the true culprit before a war could start. He led five other wolves on a search for the missing women, and they came across a strange scent that burned their noses. They followed the scent.

They had traveled so far that Taha Wi sent half the pack back to the harbor; the other three brothers never returned.

The younger brothers went back and searched but found only silence. Taha Aki approached the Makah chief in his mourning clothes and told his tale. The chief believed him, and the tension between the tribes ended.

A year later, two more Makah maidens disappeared. They again called on the Quileute wolves, who found the same scent. They went hunting again, and only the youngest one came back. He brought a strange corpse back. It was hard and cold, and he carried it in pieces. It smelled horrific.

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M GunnerWingman

Seth: *whispers* Whoa...*his nose scrunching when he described the cold ones*

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Xavior*walks up alittle late* (hey guys)

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Aunt Bran

Jacob: *Grins at Seth* You know that smell, right? The young warrior explained what had happened. They had found the creature with the Makah women. One girl was already dead, and the other was in the creature's arms, his.mouth at her throat. It snapped her neck when they approached His lips were red with her blood, and his eyes glowed red.

He described the strength and speed of the creature, who ripped one of the warriors apart. They learned from his mistake and were more careful. Only their teeth could damage it., so they began to rip it apart while they fought it.

As it was killing his brother, he found an opening and lunged, tearing its head off with his teeth. The hands continued to kill his brother, even without a head.

He tore the creature into chunks, but he couldn't save his brother.

He laid the reeking remains out to be examined by the elders. They saw it trying to reassemble Itself, and they burned it. They separated the ashes and spread them far and wide.

*Here Jacob pulls out a leather thong from around his neck. Hanging from the end is a small bag, blackened with age.*

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Aunt Bran

(Hey Kee)

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Just Lil Ole T

(Hey K)

Rachel@Xavior: *waves, smiles*

Embry: *sits sullenly off to one side, not feeling social at the moment*

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(Hey barb, hey bajitA okay so I've been testing all week what have I missed*

xaviorhey guys*walks over quietly*

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Aunt Bran

Jacob: *Smiles and nods at Xavior* There was only one wolf protector left, and the creature's mate came seeking revenge. The Cold Woman was the most beautiful thing human eyes had ever seen. The sun glittered off her white skin and lit her long golden hair.

Some of the tribe fell to their knees to worship her, thinking she was a goddess. One small boy had some of Taha Aki's blood, and he began to scream that the smell was hurting his nose.

One of the elders heard and realized what was among them. He yelled for the people to run, and she killed him first.

Of the twenty witnesses, two escaped and ran for Taha Aki.

Yaha Uta, the only remaining Wolf son, ran first to destroy the thing, followed by Taha Aki, his sons, the third wife, and the elders.

Some of the Quileutes had run to the ships for refuge. She swam after them like a shark and killed them all.

(I know this is long, guys, but the next post is the last one)

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Xavior*becme engrossed with the story curious * wow *blushes at his outburst*

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A LightWitch12

Sam@All: *stares into the fire as the wood sparks and cracks, falling onto one another* *he can almost see the story playing out int he flames*

Jared@Jake: *raises his brow when Jake moved the ouch into view, always wondered what was up with the bag around his neck*

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(I hey light I am only on for a bit, testing will be done Friday and I'll be out of school so I'll be on more I promise )

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Aunt Bran

Jacob: *Looks around the circle, noting that everyone is on the edge their seats even though they've heard it all before* When she saw the great wolf on the shore, she swam back so fast she was a blur. They fought, and when she defeated him Taha Aki screamed in defiance.

He shifted into an ancient wolf. His rage made him strong, and the fight began again.

Taha Aki's third wife had just watched her son die. She grabbed a knife from the belt of one of her sons. She knew they would be killed when their father failed.

She ran toward the cold woman with the knife held high. She smiled, having no fear of the old woman.

Then the third wife did something completely unexpected.

She plunged the knife into her own heart. Blood spurted through her fingers, and the cold woman could not resist the smell of fresh blood. She turned to the dying woman and Taha Aki's teeth closed around her neck.

Two young sons felt such rage that they sprang forth as their spirit wolves, and they helped Taha Aki finish her off.

Taha Aki never changed back to a man again. He went into the forest and never returned.

*He walks over to the cooler to get another beer*

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M GunnerWingman

Seth@Jake: You think he's still out there in the woods? Watching over us when we go out and do our job? *sets his empty plate down inbetween himself and becca*

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Just Lil Ole T

(My adrenaline and energy are gone for the night. BBT. :)

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Xavior@all*like a young child* jake why didn't he return*he hadn't heard this story before*

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Aunt Bran

(Night, Bajita)

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(Night bajitA)

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A LightWitch12

(Night Bajita! And its all right Kee :) )

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A LightWitch12

(Alright everyone we can move this back to the regular topic. Expect a small yet awesome surprise for next week. :) Have a good night!)

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Aunt Bran

Jake@Xavior: His third wife, his soul mate, was killed. His life as a man was over. And that's an interesting thought, Seth. *Absent mindedly handles the pouch around his neck*

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