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Role Play III
M Nyx Nuit

Leah@Cedric/Sam: *pokes his nose* You can help Auntie Leah get married. Would you like that?

9/18/2014 #15,061 Report

Kate@Charlotte: *Brakes out into fits of laughter* I never said it was for everyone. But koodles for trying. *applause her*

9/18/2014 #15,062 Report
A LightWitch12

Sam/Cedric@Leah: *pursed his lips and pushes them to the side* maried? *his little brows pull down and in that moment he looks like his father* Dat mean you gon be happies? Like Mooma an Da?

9/18/2014 #15,063 Report
M Nyx Nuit

(This mostly broke student has class in the morning, so its off to bed with me. Fairfarren all!)

9/18/2014 #15,064 Report
A LightWitch12

(Sleep well Nyx. As for you newcomer you did well taking on Kate. Allow me to congratulate you and add you onto the board. ;) )

9/18/2014 #15,065 Report

(K. G'night!:))

9/18/2014 #15,066 Report

(Hurray! *tears up* I'm so happy!xD)

9/18/2014 #15,067 Report
A LightWitch12

(Ack. Sorry about that but I have made a new topic for you to jump onto! Go here: Role Play IIII

9/18/2014 #15,068 Report
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