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Role Play IV
A LightWitch12

Well friends it looks like we have finally made it to our fourth role-play topic! This is exciting and I hope its been as fun for you as it has for me. Things are moving along swimmingly. ;)

Remember to check in at least once when you show up. Click here: Check In

Be nice to one another and do not ignore anyone that comes on.

9/18/2014 . Edited by GunnerWingman, 9/20/2014 #1 Report
Aunt Bran

(Yay!!! Movin' on up :) Anybody here? And if you're using Roman numerals, isn't this IV??)

9/19/2014 . Edited 9/19/2014 #2 Report
M Nyx Nuit

(Shiver me timbers and ahoy!)

Charlotte/Jade/Leah(sub): *open*

9/19/2014 #3 Report

('Ello mates!:3)

Kate: *open*

9/19/2014 #4 Report
Aunt Bran

(Hey :) We seem to be signing on one at a time today!)

9/19/2014 #5 Report
M Nyx Nuit


Leah@Jacob: *sitting on the couch, watching a movie*

9/19/2014 #6 Report
Aunt Bran

(sorry, Nyx, the internet at this hotel stinks!)

9/19/2014 #7 Report
Aunt Bran

Jacob@Leah: *Grabs a beer and sits next to her, his arm around her shoulders*

9/19/2014 #8 Report

Kate@Charlotte: *Walks through the cool dark streets* Are you staying with the Collins right now? Or are you just passing through?

9/19/2014 #9 Report
M Nyx Nuit

Leah@Jacob: *automatically leans her head on his shoulder*

Charlotte@Kate: Neither. I'm visiting. *flicks ash off the end of her cigarette*

9/19/2014 #10 Report
Aunt Bran

(Sorry, I've re-connected to the internet 3 times since your post -- I give up! It seems to work better during the day -- will try again tomorrow :( )

9/19/2014 #11 Report
M Nyx Nuit

(Yikes, fairfarren Barb!)

9/19/2014 #12 Report

(Awh. That sucks.:( Hopefully it gets better for u tomorrow.D:) Kate@Charlotte: What a coincidence. So am I. Although the fam doesn't know it yet. *smiles* I'm making it a surprise *puts finger to lips in a playful and shushing manner*

9/19/2014 #13 Report
M Nyx Nuit

Charlotte@Kate: *raises an eyebrow at her* Good luck keeping your surprise from Alice.

9/19/2014 #14 Report

Kate@Charlotte: Oh I doubt she'll tell...*blinks in thought* You think she will? *smacks forehead* Who am I kidding? She probably already has! And there goes my good surprise *pouts bitterly*.

9/19/2014 #15 Report
M Nyx Nuit

('Tis dinner time for me! Fairfarren!)

9/19/2014 #16 Report

(Bye bye!:3)

9/19/2014 #17 Report
Just Lil Ole T


9/20/2014 #18 Report
M GunnerWingman

( Boop. Crazy day!!)

Jasmine/Seth/Edward(sub): *open*

Prince/Travis: *open*

9/20/2014 . Edited 9/20/2014 #19 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(*pokes her nose in* Hewwoooo?)

9/20/2014 #20 Report
M GunnerWingman

(*pokes your cheek* Heey)

9/20/2014 #21 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(COOKIE! *pounces*)

Alex@Travis: *walking back to his apartment, has a black eye and a cut on his arm, he's grumbling and muttering to himself*

9/20/2014 #22 Report
M GunnerWingman

(Oh dear *falls* xD)

Travis@Alex: *somehow he had gotten himself a job over at the pizza shop that he and his friend went to eat the last time they were together. Cleaning the mens restroom*

9/20/2014 #23 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Alex@Travis: *passing by the pizza place, sees him through the window, stops, mutters to himself a bit more before walking in, headed in his direction* Hey.

9/20/2014 #24 Report
M GunnerWingman

Travis@Alex: *rubs the back of his long sleeve over his forehead as he sighed and moves the mop bucket out of the restroom with him. As he puts it away in the closet he turns to face the voice, his eyes widen seeing the black eye* Alex...*reaches his hand out to touch his wound, he flinched and lowered his arm back to his side* Were you in a fight?

9/20/2014 #25 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Alex@Travis: *he shrugs, his face not changing expression* Doesn't matter...*his eyes flicker over the customers in the restaurant, no one familiar or suspicious* What's up with you? *he digs his hands into the front pockets of his jeans*

9/20/2014 #26 Report
M GunnerWingman

Travis@Alex: *pursed his lips and loops his arm with his* Come with me. *tugs him into the restrooms*

9/20/2014 #27 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Alex@Travis: *follows begrudgingly* What are you doing? *stops inside the bathroom, watches as another guy finishes up his business and heads out after washing up, the guy ducks his head after one look from Alex*

9/20/2014 #28 Report
M GunnerWingman

Travis@Alex: *waiting until the other man leaves the restroom to continue what he had intentionally wanted to do* Stay still, *cups his cheeks and slowly shut his eyes* Do you trust me?

9/20/2014 #29 Report

Katerina@Seth:*struggling to pull her luggage to Kim's house grumbling the whole time*

9/20/2014 #30 Report
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