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Role Play IV
Just Lil Ole T

Rachel@Paul: *shakes her head* No, Kira really was a big help today. *her eyes are tired but not exhausted* However, I did miss you dearly at nap time. *smiles softly* I got used to those naps with you. *she lays her head on his chest, enjoying his strength and warmth for a moment*

*Aiden is still sound asleep*

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Paul@Rachel: I did too *he smiles softly, lifting a hand to her neck so he can knead the tight muscles there* But you'll be happy to know that we finished this last job ahead of schedule today so now I don't have to be on site for a few days. I can work on the new blue prints for the next project from home.

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Just Lil Ole T

Rachel@Paul: *snuggles into him* Good....because your neck rub feels like heaven at the moment. *she laughs softly, the timer beeps saying that their dinner was finished cooking in the oven* Why don't you get out of your work clothes? I'll have dinner on the table for us by the time you join us

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Paul@Rachel: Mmm, then I'm sure a full body massage will feel fantastic later. *he kisses her once more before pulling away* After dinner, I'll watch the kids and you'll take a nice bath. Then I'll give you that massage. *he promises just as Aiden starts to get fussy* *Rach starts to move towards him but he shakes his head* I'll take him with me. Kira, will you help momma finish up dinner? *she nods eagerly, happy to help out* Thank you baby girl *he says as he scoops up their boy, softly cooing to him as he goes back to change*

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Just Lil Ole T

Rachel@Paul: *watches him with their son, whispers softly* I love you, my Prince. *smiles, turning to Kira, asking her to set the table, she jumps at the opportunity and does an excellent job*

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Paul@Rachel: *smiles when he hears her and looks over his shoulder* Love you Beauty *he changes then heads back to the kitchen* You wash your hands, Kira? *he carries some of the food over to the table while still juggling Aiden*

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Just Lil Ole T

Kira: *nods* Momma say was hands afore helpin wif dinner. *smiles happily* Oh... I f'got. *runs back to her room for a moment, comes back to show him a paper* I draw dis for you. *it's a drawing of him in wolf*

Rachel@Paul: *kisses his cheek as she adds the basket of bread and the veggies to the table behind him* You're such a good daddy. *can't help but give him a proud smile as she sits down in her spot*

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Paul@Rachel: *he flushes slightly and clears his throat at her complement before he turns his attention to the paper Kira's holding out to him* *he takes it and grins* I love it *he crouches down and kisses her cheek, Aiden reaching out to grab the paper, curious, but he pulls it away just in time* *wishes he could bring it to work and show it off, but knows that would raise too many questions* Thank you, Kira. Why don't you get in your chair and tell me about your day with mommy and Aiden while we eat *he sits down, Aiden still cradled in his arms, not wanting to let go of him after having been gone all day*

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Just Lil Ole T

Rachel@Paul: *starts putting food on Kira's plate, knowing that she'll be distracted talking about her adventures for the day, then she adds some food to her plate but not as much as she was when she was pregnant, mindful of her body's changing needs*

Kira: *takes her seat, turns to him and proceeds to chatter non-stop about visiting Aunt Sue so she could look at Aiden and Rach* An I gots to play wif Seth! *he's her favorite next to her Daddy*

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Paul@Rachel: (I can't even remember the other character's stories because it's been so long since someone's actually played them... Has anything major happened with Seth?) What did you guys play? *starts eating, making sure Aiden can't grab anything*

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Just Lil Ole T

Rachel@Paul: (nope, and I understand completely. I just added him in for filler. LOL) *eats slowly, allowing herself to unwind a bit with her dinner, listens to their conversation*

Kira: We pwayed chase an he pushed me in the swing. He tell me storwies about Unca Quil n Embwy. *she grins*

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Paul@Rachel: (No imprint? Paul might be getting a little over protective ;)) I'm sure those were some very interesting stories, weren't they? They've gotten into some funny situations. *he notices she's eating around her veggies* Kira, you need to eat everything on your plate. Not just the meat.

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Just Lil Ole T

Kira: (LOL) *pouts for a moment, she had hoped that no one would notice but at least she somewhat liked cooked carrots* Ok....*eats one, chews watching Aiden* When he gonna pway? *she wants him to grow up to be a playmate*

Rachel@Paul: Uncle Seth needs to be careful because Momma baby sat a baby Seth at one time. *grins mischievously* I can tell you stories about him too. *winks at Kira, making her giggle, she eats a couple more bites before deciding she was full, she barely ate half of her food*

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Paul@Rachel: It'll be awhile before he can play with you like a big boy. *looks at her plate* Kira, you need to eat more, you barley touched your food

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Just Lil Ole T

Kira: But I tiwed Daddy. *her eyes show it too* I need my piwwow.

Rachel@Paul: *covers a giggle as their girl uses one of Rach's famous sayings* Kira, eat some more of your veggies and we'll be happy. *she brushes her daughter's hair back from her face, her other hand lays on his thigh, wanting the connection between them*

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Paul@Rachel: *puts his fork down and takes her hand in his, lifting it to his mouth and kissing the back of it* You can have your pillow soon, baby girl. Daddy'll tuck you in tonight

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Just Lil Ole T

Rachel@Paul: *notices that Aiden is beginning to root for something to eat* I think someone else is hungry. *she reaches out for the baby, without hesitation, she feeds him, holding him in one arm and sipping her ice water with the other*

Kira: Daddy, will you wead me a stowy too? *her tired eyes light up at the prospect*

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(Pause for the night and continue in PM tomorrow?? I've got to start getting ready for bed. I'm starting to resemble Kira, LOL)

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Just Lil Ole T

(We can PM tomorrow. :D G'night my dear!)

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A LightWitch12

(Hey you two, I've decided I'm going to delete this forum. Its been such a long time since I've even jumped onto this site in general. Warning you now so you won't flip when it's disappeared. :) )

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Just Lil Ole T

(Mkay Light :) (??)

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