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Roleplay #2
A BuBuWinter

if by chance it's too awkward to join the first roleplay, we can start a new one here. Remember to bold or bracket anything that's not part of the roleplay

5/8/2014 #1 Report
Majestic War

((Alright if I start? I will be using Valdus.))

5/8/2014 #2 Report
A BuBuWinter

Go ahead. :P I'll join in a little while. I'm staying home today (being sick really sucks) so I'm just going to let the IPAD charge for a bit and take a nap. xP

5/8/2014 #3 Report
Majestic War

(Okay. This is better than retaking a math test at school..) Valdus swept his arm across, inhaling as he felt his pool of mana that rest dormant inside him stir restlessly. Four undead warriors rose from the ground, brandishing war hammers similar to the one that Draconian had about a month earlier.

5/8/2014 #4 Report
The Dimenssionalist

B.L.A.S.T eyed the battle scene. Specifically, the wounded wizard.

"Target: located. Status: injured. Additional notes: hostiles surrounding target. Response: defend target."

B.L.A.S.T charged for the undead soldiers. With their backs turned to him, he had no trouble destroying each one with a few sweeps of his blazing fist.

"Target: status unconfirmed. Confirm status."

5/8/2014 #5 Report
Majestic War

Valdus whirled around. "Who the hell--" he began. He clutched his bleeding arm, gazing at the...thing with eyes that searched for some form of recognition.

5/8/2014 #6 Report
The Dimenssionalist

"Confirm status" the robot repeated.

5/8/2014 #7 Report
A BuBuWinter

Shina watched from afar, ice blue dragon eyes piercing and war-hammer ready in hand. She didn't trust robots. At all. Slowly, she began to inch forward, lightning sparking around her weapon in preparation for an attack.

5/8/2014 . Edited 5/8/2014 #8 Report
Majestic War

Valdus held up a hand, signaling her not to. "Whoa there, Shina, wait. He could be related to someone we don't want to get involved with." Turning his attention back towards the robot, Valdus spoke. "I'm alright."

5/8/2014 #9 Report
A BuBuWinter

Grudgingly, reluctantly, Shina lowered her weapon, standing at her full length and moving to stand beside Valdus, arms crossed.

She wasn't going to lie, robots freaked her out. They weren't...natural. She didn't trust many unnatural things, from flaming rocks of doom falling from the sky to strange machines who could shoot fire out of its hands.

5/8/2014 #10 Report
The Dimenssionalist

whoops I was late. Ignore that post

5/8/2014 #11 Report
A BuBuWinter

I'll jus remove it if that's alright :P

5/8/2014 #12 Report
The Dimenssionalist

"Target status confirmed. Preparing stage two: secure area."

With that, B.L.A.S.T walked off inspecting the surrounding area. He occasionally turned back to remind the two "do not leave area. Awaiting Directors order"

5/8/2014 #13 Report
Majestic War

Valdus turned to Shina, who had a quizzical look etched into her features. He placed a hand on her shoulder reassuringly. "Hey, it's a freaking walking furnace. I'll take care of it." He was silent for a moment. "Peacefully." He added.

5/8/2014 #14 Report
The Dimenssionalist

B.L.A.S.T noticed his main target move, which was apparently all the incentive he needed to respond violently.

"Target is not to leave area. Respond with defensive force"

B.L.A.S.T began moving his arms to trace the fire symbol before summoning a magma colossus to attack Valdus with.

5/8/2014 #15 Report
A BuBuWinter

"Because that sure is a peaceful way to settle this..." Shina hissed, her weapon already drawn as she charged at the attacking walking furnace, lightning once again sparking around the head of her hammer as she moved in to defend her friend...comrade...person.

5/8/2014 . Edited 5/8/2014 #16 Report
Majestic War

Valdus held his hands up in defense. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Just talking to my friend here--no harm done--" he began.

5/8/2014 #17 Report
Majestic War

"Dammit." He sighed as he watched Shina charge the robot, her hair flowing behind her. Geez.. (Does Shina look more human than dragon?)

5/8/2014 #18 Report
The Dimenssionalist

"Situation: minor. Resume area securing"

once again B.L.A.S.T walked around the immediacy area, making sure to destroy ever suspicious looking bird or insect that happened to move by, only stopping to repeat his early warning of not to leave.

oh wait, he didn't stop the fight? Never mind then.

B.L.A.S.T followed suit and charged at the the armed woman preparing to burn her alive.

"destroy hostile! Furnace fist"

5/8/2014 . Edited 5/8/2014 #19 Report
A BuBuWinter

She's like a more humanoid draconian, I guess... Look back at her appearance thing on the OC thing because I really don't know how to explain it at 9:00 at night xP

5/8/2014 #20 Report
Majestic War

Valdus found himself staring intently at the battle, leaning casually against a tree, his gaze locked on Shina as she clashed with the robot.

5/8/2014 #21 Report
A BuBuWinter

Shina's war hammer collided with Walking Furnace's fiery fist of mechanically-induced flame, refusing to believe this thing could use actual Pyromancy. As the steel hammer clashed with the iron, sparks of lightning shot through the mechanical being.

5/8/2014 #22 Report
The Dimenssionalist

I gotta sign out, it's getting late see ya guys

5/8/2014 #23 Report
A BuBuWinter

See ya Di!

5/8/2014 #24 Report
Star Pirate

((Is this located in Marlybone or Wizard City?))

5/9/2014 #25 Report
Star Pirate

((Is this located in Marlybone or Wizard City?))

5/9/2014 #26 Report
Star Pirate

((whoa double post....))

5/9/2014 . Edited 5/9/2014 #27 Report
The Dimenssionalist

I'm assuming Dragonspyre... Also guys, a heads up, my IPad seems to have gone on a time travel adventure since last I saw it. It's telling me things that have been posted hours ago have been posted seconds ago. I'm not sure how that'll affect my actually posts, but it's certainly confusing for me. Also, who's turn is it?

5/9/2014 #28 Report
Majestic War

It's your turn, Di. My phone is acting up as well, so I'm doing this from my laptop.

5/10/2014 #29 Report
The Dimenssionalist

Lost my Ipad. Which is why it took me days to reply. Sorry.

B.L.A.S.T was knocked back by the electric hammer, which stopped his initial attack. Unfortunately for the female wizard, a machine like B.L.A.S.T couldn't be defeated with one hit from a war hammer. B.L.A.S.T attacked again, this time with more force to prevent the same mistake.

5/16/2014 #30 Report
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