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Roleplay #1
A BuBuWinter

Here is where your roleplaying adventure begins. Remember to bold or bracket off anything not part of the actual roleplay.

10/1/2014 #1 Report
A BuBuWinter

Scurvy was undeniably bored. She leaned up against the wall, tapping her wand against the floor. Maybe she could go do a match at the Arena? Or maybe chit-chat with Diego? Annoy new students? Or help them?

Decidedly, none of them were very good ideas.

10/1/2014 #2 Report
Majestic War

Talon coughed, crimson eyes filled with emotional steel, hardened from his stay in prison and his rough, extensive training headed by the ruthless dragon Shina. Dworgyn was helpful enough, and noted that he had enough magi potential that he would be able to use a spell that only most Legendary and Exaltan Necromancers dared to use, despite being technically novice level. Talon sighed again. He had no experience fighting others, so he might as well head to the arena.

10/2/2014 #3 Report
A BuBuWinter

Scurvy finally settled for a match at the arena. Grabbing her short sword, she swung it around lazily, chopping various vegetation and whistling a tune as she walked into the main lobby of the Arena, flashing a smile at Diego before proceeding to go in. She signed her name on the practice match log, preparing herself for a one-on-one match.

10/2/2014 #4 Report
Majestic War

Talon stared at the ground as he walked, tiltin his head upwards right as the door popped in front of him. He gave it a bleak gaze for a moment, then decided to open the doors, and slipped into the arena lobby, signing himself up for a practice match, figuring it'd be natural to push his limits.

10/2/2014 #5 Report
A BuBuWinter

As per-usual with one-on-one matches, it was quick to start. Scurvy, making sure her sword was in its scabbard, made her way toward the referee who called her, following him to the Dragonspyrian-themed pit. This'd better be good...

10/2/2014 #6 Report
Majestic War

Talon followed the ref to the Dragonspyre-esque pit. He'd never actually been to Dragonspyre, and his jaw hung at the sight of the arena. Breathtaking. He glanced back to the woman in front of him, who shouldn't have been much older than himself, shrugged and mentally checked his spells, telling Thalomir to hush.

10/2/2014 #7 Report
The Dimenssionalist

I'm game for this RP but I'm gonna wait a bit. This seems like a good 1v1 scene and I don't want to interfere. Yet.

10/2/2014 #8 Report
A BuBuWinter

Scurvy ran a quick, analytical eye over her opponent. He couldn't have been that highly ranked, but he had an aura of power about him. Hef mana was practically boiling inside her, so he was a Necromancer. An easy bout as far as she could tell, but she was neved one to judge skill by appearance. She gave her sword a few practice swings. "So Darky, how many battles you been in?"

10/2/2014 #9 Report
Majestic War

Talon coughed dryly. "Darky? You mean me?" He pointed to himself, a look of incredulity playing across his dark skin. His black hair was longer than it had ever been, and threatened to reach his thighs.

10/2/2014 #10 Report
A BuBuWinter

"No, your shadow." Scurvy drawled, giving the referee a thumbs up. The countdown began. 30 seconds of final preperation. Scurvy grunted; she hated fighting lower ranked Arena combatants for the half-minute wait. "Yes you. How many? And I dont mean little scuffles, I mean legit fights."

10/2/2014 #11 Report
Majestic War

Talon shrugged. "I dunno. Maybe four. I was in prison. I'm that kid who everyone seems to hate." He felt the presence in the back of his mind and shoved it away hastily, licking his dry lips, nervousness hanging over his head like a storm cloud intended to rumble with voracious Thunder and crackle with plasma when the battle began.

10/2/2014 #12 Report
A BuBuWinter

"Well if you were in prison at your age, isn't it obvious people hate you, and for good reason I assume." Scurvy shrugged indifferently. 10...9...8...7 "Ah, well, the past is the past, right?" 3...2..."Here, you just need f To worry bout keeping the hair on your head." And the whistle blew.

10/2/2014 #13 Report
Majestic War

Talon scowled darkly at her statement and blew a strand of hair from his vibrant red gaze. "Try to keep your tongue in your mouth." 'B***ch.' He heard Valerian conclude within his mind, and Talon's eyes narrowed, glowing faintly. He felt the magic pour into his hand, and he crouched low, in a half-sprinting position.

10/2/2014 #14 Report
A BuBuWinter

"Hey man, no offense, but you're a tad too young ro be causing enough trouble to be in prison. Be realistic. If you're once a prisoner, people don't like you. Or if your a bitch." Scurvy clicked her tongue and winked at her opponent. She swung her sword around lazily, plodding around the dirt ground like a drunk person. "Its how society works."

10/2/2014 . Edited 10/2/2014 #15 Report
Majestic War

Talon scoffed. To young to be causing trouble? I stabbed a man in the eye, threw fire down his throat and listened to him suffer until he died. I crushed the skull of a Pyromancer, fought a Legendary Thumaturge, leanred Magic from one of the strongest Necromancers of this age, was trained by a ruthless Draconian and had to fight my best friend who is a partial cyborg. I've been through a lot; things that no other kid should go through. Don't call me young." Talon's eyes flashed, and he raised his palm into the air, his shadow seeming to darken with energy.

10/2/2014 #16 Report
A BuBuWinter

"And no one made you kill a man, or crush a skull, or fight a Legendary, or fight your best friend. No, you made those choices yourself, regardless of if someone told you to or not." Scurvy shook her head. She was speaking matter of factly, but there was a strong note if sympathy in her voice. "Believe me, kid, every student, every teacher here has been through hell and back. Its getting over it that makes a child grow up, not your age or your experiences. Its something called free will, hot-shot." Suddenly, she sent a burning ball of Lige energy in his direction, striking hin squarely in the chest. "Im nit here for a life story, I'm here for a fight."

10/2/2014 #17 Report
Majestic War

Talon took the hit of energy head on, grinning darkly and pausing his incantation. "Please tell me you're stronger than this. So I can go all-out?"

10/2/2014 #18 Report
A BuBuWinter

Scurvy laughed, throwing her back and giving her sword a few more lazy swings. "Honey, you really dont know how PvP works, do you?" She skipped around childishly, giggling.

10/3/2014 #19 Report
Majestic War

Talon shrugged again, a confused look spreading across his face. He raised an eyebrow in skepticism. "To the death?"

10/3/2014 #20 Report
A BuBuWinter

Scurvy shrugged. "Something like that." Suddenly she burst forward, striking Talon in the face with her and kicking his feet from under him. She placed a foot on his chest and tip of his sword at his throat, winking before sending burning energy through the blade.

10/3/2014 #21 Report
Majestic War

Talon yelped at the flame that flew across the enchanted metal, wrapped his bare hand around the sword, eyes flashing. Talon swept himself Ito a roll, and twisted the metal of the blade as he did so. In a fluid motion, he swung upwards, flipped over and landed three feet away. He gave a wink and a small grin.

10/3/2014 #22 Report
A BuBuWinter

Scurvy clicked her tongue. "Not bad newbie." She tossed her blade aside and whipped out two daggers, both fizzling with Storm magic. She jerked her head to the side, daring him to make a move.

10/3/2014 #23 Report
Majestic War

Talon grinned. "Are you a weapon's master or something? Why use magic artifacts when there's magic? You know..." He raised his hand to the sky. "I used to deny magic. I used to hate it. And then I met Dworgyn." Talon's skeletal arm seemed more ominous that it already did as a bolt of black lightning struck his palm, and a spear formulated from complete darkness materialized and solidified in his hand. He clenched his fist. "Don't belittle me, friend." Talon's eyes flashed and he succumbed to Thalomir's influence.

10/3/2014 #24 Report
A BuBuWinter

"Now now, deary, don't get ahead of yourself. I'm much more than a weapons specialist. And relying purely on any one thing is foolish, magic or not. I have my tricks, you have yours. Stop barking and bite me already."

10/3/2014 #25 Report
Majestic War

Talon's tongue slid over his canines. "Fangs are out." He twirled the spear in his fingers and strode towards her.

10/3/2014 #26 Report
A BuBuWinter

Scurvy was willing to dance. She was a ballet prodigy in her day after all. She tiptoed around the dirt fiekd, humming a tune.

10/3/2014 #27 Report
Majestic War

Talon smirked and knelt on the ground, scooping up a fistful of dirt and weighing it in his hand. He glanced back up at his opponent and then darted towards her, leaping into the air and galvanizing into a series of spins, spear flicking towards her face.

10/3/2014 #28 Report
A BuBuWinter

Scurvy somersaulted away from the attack with practiced ease, rising in a handstand and flipping back onto her feet. "This is my sport, Darky. Stop being so standard." She purred teasingly, once again skipping around the field.

10/3/2014 #29 Report
Majestic War

"It's not my fault I'm used to fighting crowds." Talon retorted and flicked the dirt from his hand. He placed a hand on the ground, and sent his magic avidly coursing through the earth. Valerian stirred in his mind, causing Talon to blush in slight embarrassment. Maybe she was his age.

10/3/2014 #30 Report
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