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Does Anyone want to Plot With Me?
A Ellenyx

So recently I've been wanting to RP Fable 3, but because I just finished Fable II I'm open for Rping that as well. I'll probably most likely use my Princess, Lucille, as my main muse. And I have a wide range of pairings:

Fable 3

Logan x Princess Logan x Reaver Logan x Ben Reaver x Princess Reaver x Ben Ben x Page Ben x Princess Swift x Ben Swift x Princess

Fable 2

Reaver x Garth Reaver x Sparrow Sparrow x Hammer Sparrow x Garth


As you can tell I'm not really picky as far as pairings go.

So if you'd like to plot with me feel free to do so :D

5/9/2014 #1 Report
Zero The Grimm

Hello? Still interested?

3/20/2015 #2 Report
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