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M BuBuWinter

The rules for roleplay here are quite simple.

1: Follow normal forum rules, obviously. If you are violating the must-follow-or-you'll-be-banned rules, then don't think that just because you're in the RP section of the forum you have exceptions. I am a strict enforcer of the rules here and will not hesitate to ban you if you are caught breaking them, no matter the circumstances.

2: Submit your roleplay character to le appropriate topic thing. This is just to give others a clear idea on who you'll be roleplaying as. You do not have to wait to be accepted to start roleplaying.

3: Follow the story. What does this mean? It means no Firecats jumping on pogo-sticks singing Lady GaGa whilst riding a Helephant into the exploding sunset is going to happen in the middle of a fight. We don't do that here. (Firestorm!edit: Awwwww, no pogo sticks? You're no fun. xD)

4: Have fun! Need I say more?

If you have suggestions on a rule don't hesitate to put them here. If I think they're good, then they'll be added. For now though, these basic rules will do. If I haven't scared you off yet, then go off and have fun! :D :D

7/2/2014 . Edited by Firestorm Nauralagos, 7/3/2014 #1 Report
Captain Jack Harkness 111

I accept these rules.

9/10/2014 #2 Report
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