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W101 Roleplay Character Submission
M BuBuWinter

Here's where you place the characters you'll be roleplaying as for the Wizard101 RP. You can do more than one character, but everyone you're playing as must be posted here UNLESS they're an NPC. Please use this only for submitting characters, and keep it relatively free from any chat-like replies. You do not have to wait for us to accept your character; once the character's submitted, you can join the RP. :)

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M BuBuWinter

Name: Kerstin Whiteshard

Nickname: Scurvy (she always goes by Scurvy; only her enemies/rivals call her Kerstin, or if someone's mad at her/trying to get her attention)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Eyes: Almond shaped with long eyelashes, often wears eyeliner (though not a lot). She has two different colored eyes. Her right eye is a brilliant sapphire blue and the left is a deep shade of red

Hair: A grayish-silver; looks white in bright light, reaches to mid-back, thick, layered, somewhat wavy, often held in a ponytail, her bangs are always brushed over to cover her red eye; when her hair is down it's parted on the right side of her head; very natural, sometimes wild looking as she simply runs a brush through it, if that.

Height: 5'2"

Body Form: A nice, petite hourglass form; skinny but not necessarily scrawny, lean and well-muscled with slight muscle definition,

Skin Tone: a pale, peach-colored complexion

Wizard Outfit: A dark green Jester's Motley with a silver trim, matching Elegant shoes and the male-version of a Swashbuckler Hat (or in hat at all); two gold rings engraved to look like gryphons and a gold watch/locket necklace

Non-wizard Outfit(s):

Casual Attire - A white tanktop, somewhat baggy brown jeans, brown leather buckled boots that go to about mid-calf; wears the same jewelery as her wizard outfit

Formal Attire: A sleeveless navy blue dress with a slightly poofy skirt, silver embezzlement going across the top of the dress and blue-and-silver flats

Sleepwear: A large grey sweater that's too big on her and falls off one shoulder and short green shorts

Overall Appearance: Because of her odd silvery-grey hair color and her two different colored eyes (one of which is a very intimidating red), she's very much a "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" when it comes to how she's viewed. Some people think she's absolutely stunning, others think she's a walking atrocity. To her, she knows she is - in fact - model worthy, having been asked on several instances and she thrives on the compliments and ignores the others. Looking past the odd and unfortunate coloring, she has a very elegant appeal with a nice facial structure and well defined muscles, two facts that cause people to get a second glance to see she wasn't as ugly as she might have seemed at first. Most people believe she was a dancer at some point, which explains both her muscles and her grace.

Personality: Witty and sarcastic, Scurvy loves to prove that despite her finesse and grace, she is very much a tom-boy. Most of her friends in fact consist of boys, her belief being that "most girls are too scared or fragile to do something fun". She is a daredevil and isn't afraid to complete ridiculous and sometimes dangerous dares and tasks. She'll never hold back a sarcastic comment no matter the circumstance and has a very easy-going, laid back view on life. She's very open with her opinions and isn't afraid to tell friends what she really thinks about something. She is very judgmental of others and will find reasons to criticize them in the most mundane ways, from the way they talk to the way they walk. However, she mainly keeps her thoughts to herself or to her close friends, and while she doesn't like people in general she will treat everyone respectfully and with compassion (until someone peeves her off that is). Despite her outlandish and tomboy attitude, she is a hopeless romantic and longs to meet the guy of her dreams (not that she'd tell anyone that). She's a realist-optimist, looking for the good things in life but never freaking out if something goes wrong. She's very sociable and never shies away from making a new friend (or enemy). She's very hot-headed and will argue if she's pushed the wrong way, and while she's not leadership material because of this she's clever enough to advise others and - depending on the situation - an overall calm person with a level head. She's quick to apologize to a friend if she hurts them in some way and is always willing to help.

However, despite her being outgoing and overall quite friendly, she is in fact very secretive, never telling anyone besides her best friend what she really feels. No one knows everything about her. On the inside - depending on the situation - she can be a nervous and terrified wreck but will never show it outwardly because she wants to be strong. She has excellent self-control over her emotions and actions, quite aware of everything she's doing, and she's terrified that one day she'll lose that control and fall apart, revealing the pent-up anxiety and stress inside her and ultimately losing her sanity.

Likes: debating, fighting, making new friends and/or enemies, judging people, helping people, dancing, showing off, making jokes, poking fun at others, being in control

Dislikes: over-dramatic people, people in general, losing a fight or argument, getting annoyed/pestered, people probing for her innermost secrets, losing control; she fears going insane and losing those she loves

Magic Element: Life (secondary Storm)

School Status: Popular/Loner-ish (she has a lot of friends and everyone knows her, but she prefers hanging out with a small group of friends over very large groups)

Background: Born to a middle-class family, Kerstin - aka Scurvy - was raised by her dance-instructor mother and her chef father in Wizard City. As an only child of the two busy parents she had to find things to entertain herself with, creating various playthings out of random household objects or reading various books (including the dictionary, poor thing). Despite her lack of toys and her parents always being away, she was happy with her life. When she was 5 her mother enrolled her into her dance class, which was a mix of ballet (her favorite), and tap. It was there she would meet her first friend Clyde, a 6 year old tap dancer prodigy. The two became not only dance partners, but best friends, always playing together and performing for small groups of people in the Commons. He nicknamed her Scurvy after a complicated dance move they created together. However, because she was so young she didn't realize that Clyde had cancer, and when she turned eight years old he lost the battle. Heartbroken, Kerstin refused to dance in public anymore, sulking in her room and imagining her and Clyde dancing together in the mirror. When the mourning stage passed, she began to ask her relatives to refer to her as Scurvy, and began introduce herself by that name. Later she would join Ravenwood, requesting to join the Life school instead of her natural school (which is Storm) because she wanted to learn to save lives. She became a popular and starred student, and putting on a persona of a sarcastic, tomboy girl, she refused to tell anyone of her secret anxieties and her ultimately lonely past.

Extra: - Currently, her closest friends are all boys, namely the NPC's

- She's the only one in her dorm, though it can fit two

- She's always fights with Storm magic, though she prefers Life magic

- She thinks it's the most hilarious thing when guys flirt with her and never takes it seriously

- She never dances in public, though she will in the privacy of her dorm

- She's a troublemaker/class clown, however, she passes her classes with flying colors because she knows what she's doing

- She hates getting dressed up, and when she has to put on a dress she'll complain almost no-stop

- She's a problem-solver, and can find ways out of any situation (and complain to herself about the situation while doing so)

- She can be utterly disgusting at times, especially when it's just her and the boys

- She doesn't get along very well with girls, especially girly-girls. Why should be pretty obvious. xP

- People's first impressions of her when they meet her are often "what's her deal?", but most end up warming up to her

- She can be incredibly smug about her talents at time. Not all the time, but she knows where her strengths lie and isn't afraid to show off.

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